Russian senators vote to use stabilizing military forces on Ukrainian territory ~ Senators suggest recalling Russia’s ambassador from US over Obama speech

What? President Putin actually got congressional approval to send troops? What does he think, it’s Amurrika or something?

Russians definitely cannot “send troops” as easily as Amurrika does. The USA sends troops to palces like sending out for pizza. For Russians , sending troops usually ends in millions or tens of millions dead. They don’t take it so lightly as America does.

the real Syrian Free Press

Russian senators vote to use stabilizing military forces on Ukrainian territory


Russia’s Federation Council has unanimously approved President Vladimir Putin’s request to use Russian military forces in Ukraine. The move is aimed to settle the turmoil in the split country.

The upper house of the Russian parliament has voted in favor of sending troops to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which would ensure peace and order in the region “until the socio-political situation in the country is stabilized.”

The debate in the Federation Council has revealed that Russian MPs are united on the issue, with many of them sharing concerns on the recent events in Ukraine. The common notion was that since the power was seized in Kiev, the situation has only been deteriorating with radical nationalists rapidly coming to power and threatening the lives of those opposing their actions, most notably the Russian citizens living in Ukraine.

The developments…

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11 Responses to Russian senators vote to use stabilizing military forces on Ukrainian territory ~ Senators suggest recalling Russia’s ambassador from US over Obama speech

  1. ascomanni says:

    This entire Ukrainian situation is riveting to say the least. Watch the MSM go into chaos as the networks start to realize that the Ukrainian Nationalist are not exactly the same crowd as Occupy or the Arab Spring.

  2. New England Millennial says:

    Good video from yesterday’s Bill Maher I fround on Veteran’s Today.
    Anti-White liberal argues with neocon warmonger Bill Kristol on American geostrategy.
    Maher asks “Have you ever met a war you didn’t love?”

    Can you imagine the US government sending Pfc. Tariqka Sheffey to fight Russians in Ukraine?

    • New England Millennial says:

      oops…I mistyped ‘found’.

    • PB says:

      Maher, Kristol. I think I see your problem. Too many gatekeepers for some boutique politico/religious/some-say-racial loyalty running both sides of the aisle. Best way to control the opposition is to lead it.

    • Jon says:

      Sheffey probably has a relatively comfortable desk job. Actual battle zone is virtually whites only.

      • Gr8YT says:

        Yes, that’s the saddest part of all this: the closer to the pointy end you get the whiter the faces look.

        Hence the reason obama made strides a few years back for more diversity in the seals and soccom.

        Ukraine will be more of the best whites killing each other in the name of YKW. Oh, and gays apparently.

  3. Hope Russia anex the whole Ukraine.

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    Another explosive situation due to the Obammunist’s incompetence. As a matter of principle I always take Putin’s side in these confrontations inspired by Obama’s meddling. It does the white race no good if the Ukraine joins the EU and begins importing diversity in exchange of IMF loans. The IMF is the devil and it’s best not to sell your soul to him.

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    Importing nothing in exchange for more nothing.

  6. TabuLa Raza says:

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