True story of explaining to a young black why some white people seem to hate him for no reason

So at my job, I get very quick rapport with people and I’m getting better at it. I should have done this years ago. Doing some kind of dealing with the public and moving around type job is so much more bearable and interesting.

So there was a black male in his 20’s, tall, skinny, very talkative and gregarious sort. He was raised by his mom and (white) stepdad. In his words, he loves white people, and doesn’t understand why rural police called him the n word and why some white people seem to hate him for no reason. It was tormenting him not knowing why; no white people would or could tell him. It was a sort of Truman show for him, a virtual reality where something real and important is going on in the minds of white people, but no one, not even “liberals” or “allies” would tell him.

I got him talking about bm/wf pairs and about how these mixed pairs are often messed up and end very badly. He agreed very heartily, and told me that his baby mama is black and he is lifelong monogamous with her. Take it for what it’s worth, it could just be that he knows that’s what white people want to hear. He wants to impress us. Or it could be true. Who knows? The fact is, there aren’t orgies going on out there.

I talked to him about how whites are destroyed by mixing. What’s a half black half white, I asked. A black, of coures. Half white half Chinese? Chinese of course. And so on. Whites cannot mix, or it destroys us. He completely agreed.

So then I explained that when he’s in a majority white town (his mom and stepdad live in one), he’s viewed as someone who is there to contaminate the white girls and destroy the family line with a mixed kid, because a white girl with a mixed kid is unlikely to ever have white babies, and white women are the prize because a man can impregnate millions, but white survival depends on white women only being with white men.

He disagreed with the part about the girl with the mixed kid having white kids after is true because he’d seen an example of that, but I explained that a mixed kid massively lowers the sexual market value of a white girl, and he agreed this was likely, so on the average, this is what happens.

I explained that white people want to have a white only family picture. Most of them are afraid to admit this but it’s true. I’m telling you the secret of white people that no one else would tell you. White people are afraid of going extinct, and race mixing is genocide for us.

He kept thanking me and saying,”at least I know why now. You can’t imagine how bad it was not knowing WHY, WHY! Now I know.

And I told him that I had these views myself, but because I know about it, I don’t go crazy. I can talk to you about it. We have a phrase — a legitimate conflict of interest. All the races have conflicts of interest, and losing our white females to non-white men is a big conflict of interest for white men, and we need to be able to talk about it openly. We hate it. I hate it, and I’d do anything to stop it. But I’m not violent about it. The dangerous white people are the ones who can’t talk about it, haven’t discussed it with others, it’s bottled up in them, and it comes out in an uncontrollable, abusive form, rather than talking to you.

He was very expressive in agreeing with me. He said he’d rather have white people be nice to him, than have access to white girls. He kept talking about his stepdad and how some white neighbor saved him from a garage fire.

Political correctness forces whites to deny our own natures. It shames us for our legitimate and natural sexual and racial politics. Our true human nature is not offensive to any normal person.

Political correctness makes for bottled up hate among white people who are not associated with pro-white discourse or white togetherness. They feel all alone and they are full of rage. We have to be able to talk about this stuff openly. Black people (aside from professional Cultural Marxists) are not offended or hurt by our White Human Nature.

Political correctness makes white people act weird around blacks and lie to them. No one would tell the truth to this person, until I did.

And when Whites are allowed to talk about our true human nature openly, things will be better for us. We will see that the obvious solution is for us to peacefully cooperate behind the scenes to work towards our interests. The day we start working together according to our true, biologically based affinity grouping, is the beginning of the end of our subordination and enslavement by hostile elites.


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  1. icareviews says:

    Unfortunately, not every workplace is as conducive to open discussions of this sort as yours apparently is. I work for a public institution and have only one coworker of fully awakened racial consciousness. Some, even liberals, have given small indications that they harbor racial sentiments taboo even under their own belief systems, but these same people would object, probably hotly, to any overt discussion of white identity and group interest. Two coworkers in my department, one a liberal and one an average Joe Republican type, have expressed frustration with the antics of Sharpton, Jackson, et al, but they also self-edit and delude themselves with egalitarian platitudes, refusing to draw the proper conclusions from their own observations. These particular two are effectively muffled psychologically by the fact that both have mixed-race families. To concede the truth of biology would be to admit to themselves that they or their family members have sacrificed their genetic legacy on the altars of lust or egalitarian indoctrination.

  2. Hauer says:

    “What’s a half black half white, I asked. A black, of coures. Half white half Chinese? Chinese of course. And so on. Whites cannot mix, or it destroys us.”

    I can’t help but wonder why this is so universally true. I can’t think of a single mixed race person I’ve known that hasn’t identified with their non-white identity over all else. Is it more beneficial socially to identify with a minority group? Or do they just do it out of hatred of their white heritage?

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      I became racially aware once I was forced to take Latino Studies when I went back to college. My maternal line still populates the east coast of the United States and I remember, as a child, seeing large numbers of Southern Europeans like Greeks, Italians, and Portuguese populating areas.

      Neither my professor nor the largely Latin* majority would have stood out in such populations, so you can imagine my surprise when I heard them talking about Whites like they were something other themselves. So, I raised my hand and basically pointed out that they did not look markedly different from Greeks, Italians, and Portuguese, who consider themselves White, so why were they talking the way they did? Did they consider themselves Black or did they consider themselves Asian?

      The professor looked a little nonplussed and basically conceded that benefits accrued from being a racial minority in the United States of today was what made most Hispanics drop out of the White race. Prior to the USA implementing LBJ’s Great Society, Hispanics and anyone else who could reasonably be described as Caucasian checked the White box on the census.

      • StukaPilot says:

        Of course. Only the Whites are non-group entitled. That’s why we shouldn’t laugh at Elizabeth Warren claiming to be 1/32nd Cherokee. She just wants to be group-entitled. And make millions by flipping houses while railing at the banksters.

    • MrWhite says:

      ” Is it more beneficial socially to identify with a minority group? Or do they just do it out of hatred of their white heritage?”

      A mixed-race person is not “mixed race”. They are a chimera of white and non-white. A mulatto,for instance, may have white skin over negroid bones. Or negro internal organs and white genitalia, or any combination you can think of.

      Like plant hybrids, a mixed hominid has some of the racial characteristics of both parents.
      They are also far more likely to commit suicide than a racially-pure human. They probably hate the white who,usually, gave birth to them (It’s usually women who engage in race-mixing) because they are literally freaks of nature and they know it.

      • StukaPilot says:

        a good example here would be Jebediah Bush’s mestizo daughter. Crippling identity problems, spends most of her life checking in and out of drug rehab clinics.

  3. Attila says:

    A conversation like this would be impossible with most “educated” white people (especially Americans). They would probably attack YOU for trying to bring up the issue if they don’t simply run off and leave you standing there. That’s why I often don’t care if THEIR offspring is mixed, punishment if you will.

    • Trainspotter says:

      “That’s why I often don’t care if THEIR offspring is mixed, punishment if you will.”

      I agree. I think those whites that are truly, aggressively anti-white are in a distinct minority, and it is desirable for them to blend into the mud and be separated from our people forever. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      Our descendants and their descendants will look upon one another as distinct and alien peoples, just as the European looks on the mixed race slums of Latin America as something very different, or the Afrikaner looks at the Cape Coloureds. These anti-white lunatics are already alien to us in spirit, let them be alien in race as well.

      The key is that we have to achieve a homeland of our own in order to keep their hybrid descendants out of our habitat, and in that sense it’s a double edged sword. We are more likely to get our homeland if the lunatic anti-whites are no longer able to hold us back – for the simple reason that they have found the racial oblivion that they crave – but if we fail, then of course the various swarthy hybrids will find it easier to contaminate healthy white communities, and the lunatics win by spreading their poison-pill legacy amongst us. Because anti-white lunatics are extremely malevolent, that’s exactly what they want. They don’t just seek racial oblivion for themselves, they want to impose it on us. Imposing it on the unwilling is half the fun, at least.

      Therefore, failure isn’t an option. We must separate now from the anti-whites and their mud offspring, to whatever extent we can: socially, economically, psychologically, and so forth. The sorts of ways and means that we tend to focus on here. Write them off and freeze them out in the short term, with the goal of a homeland to explicitly exclude them in the longer term.

      MW makes a good point above, that normal people are not offended by our views. I’ve found this to be generally true. Anti-white lunatics really are a particular strain of the disgusting; they are not normal.

      I’ve had friends from a variety of races, countries and cultures, and I was certainly never offended that many (frankly, most) of those people definitely wanted their family lines to remain intact. Also, very few if any of them seemed offended by my desire for the continuity of my own people, something that I’m none too shy about making clear. This did not prevent us from being friends, and in fact generally didn’t seem to result in any hard feelings whatsoever.

      Normal people aren’t against us, at least not nearly as much as the propaganda would have it. A lot of normal people may have their head full of mush, and give stupid answers on opinion polls, but that’s different from actually being against us in a malevolent way. There is a vast difference between not knowing any better and malevolence.

      In a broad sense, the oligarchy (the System) is against us, because of course there is a simple conflict of interest between us and them. But in terms of real committed malevolence, our list of enemies is fairly short. YKW is against us, and beyond that, it’s mostly a malevolent and highly aggressive minority of anti-white lunatics, no small portion of which are technically white, at least for now. Let’s hope that last part changes, then it’ll be one less thing that we have to deal with.

    • mindweapon says:


      White liberals don’t need this conversation. This kid was truly hurting and asking for an answer to a burning question. Even it my answer wasn’t true (though I think it is), at least it gave him an answer, which is better than wondering why people seem to hate him for no reason at all. He had no doubt whatsoever that whites had superior abilities to make civilization happen; to him, white people were divided into two groups — the ones that were nice to him, and the ones that hated him.

      One of his stories was that when he was 7 years old his brother and brother’s friend dropped gasoline on a garage floor and it set on fire and they ran away leaving him in the garage. He said the firemen came but refused to open the garage door and rescue him, so a (white) neighbor came and opened the garage door enough to let him out. He said the white firemen wanted to let the black kid burn up since in their view his life was worthless.

      Another very good insight I got from this kid is that there is a lot of misdirected and misguided racialist sentiment that could be focused in a better direction. There is a lot of white-hot hate boiling just under the surface.

      If the “anti-hate” people really wanted to stop “hate” or mistreatment, they would at least allow white organizing to happen without destroying our lives. White nationalists have worked out these issues, and don’t feel all alone and helpless, and are less likely to lash out in abusive or violent ways.

      Heck, we are the best kind of white people, from the perspective of coloreds. Look:

      Liberals lie to them.

      Kosher conservatives who are deeply closeted and in denial racists are the ones who arrest them and scream the n word at them, or even shoot them.

      White nationalists have worked all this stuff out. We know ourselves. We know how to speak our truths without malice.

      Every racial group has legitimate conflicts of interest with almost all other racial groups. It doesn’t mean we hate each other or kill each other over it. We can agree to disagree.

      • The kid seems like a likeable young man who was sensitive and intelligent enough to appeal to enough Whites to see past his race to be friendly to him instead of keeping their distance. Of course, these factors led to good relationships with some Whites but the usual covert or even overt racial hostility from other Whites adding to his confusion.

        I think that if not for the loving White stepfather and the friendly White neighbor and some others, the young man would have already sensed the truth you told him. Black men who pursue White women KNOW they are committing bedroom genocide against the White race even as they are thumbing their noses at “uppity” Black women they may have issues with.

        One only has to use one’s eyes to see “Once you go Black, You Can Never Go Back” meme for White women in action. Very rarely do you see a White woman with Black offspring with younger White siblings. The exception may be regarding White women who have adopted a Black child. Perhaps they are more acceptable to White men with liberal leanings, but there remains something very off-putting about a White woman whose biological child is Black.

        Though the Miscegenation Maniacs in the MSM try to push her for all she’s worth, any interest in Heidi Klum on the part of White men died when she got involved with Seal. And it was the same with White women. I seriously doubt there are that many articles with Heidi Klum’s diet, exercise, or beauty secrets. She’s unofficially persona non grata in the White World. Any White man she gets in the future is some parasite that she will have to support as an unofficial paid escort. She has accrued absolutely NO real public benefit from having biological children with Seal.

        White actresses are more inclined to ADOPT Black children than give birth to them and made a big production OUT of ADOPTING them, i.e., take their entourage and public relations people and alert the media to come to some African village to witness the blessed event. That way they can still accrue all their liberal credentials, but they can still get a White husband (who is worth anything) and have White biological children.

        The question is, with all this race-mixing pushed by the media, why aren’t MORE White actresses crossing the line that Klum did? Such a media has done such a superb job shielding Hollywood celebrities from their OTHER antics, one would think that the Klums and the Kardashian Freak Show would be more common. But they aren’t.

        It’s not like a White woman who has wised up can’t have Black offspring and then have Heirloom White offspring … or can she? Are obstensibly liberal White actresses who adopt Black children but guard their wombs from Black sperm and White men who refuse to impregnate White women who have had Black offspring acting instinctively?

        I don’t know what the term for it is, but I do remember as a child, living next door to a couple that were breeding thoroughbred shelties and a mongrel managed to get into their yard and mate with one of the females. She was pregnant, but they opted not only to abort the pups, but there was some talk of keeping her from mating at all through several estrus cycles, because they believed that the mongrel’s DNA still contaminated her. Is such a thing possible with humans as well?

      • mindweapon says:

        Farmers believe in telegamy. April G, who grew up on a beef cattle farm, doesn’t believe in telegamy, but it’s a very common idea among animal breeders.

    • Landsknecht says:


      I believe the term is known as telegony. There is / was a discussion of it here on VNN.

      • mindweapon says:

        So you and Fenria are VNN’ers that discovered Mindweapons! Awesome and welcome to old friends. VNN Forum was the most awesome virtual insane asylum ever!

        The strongest swords are forged in the hottest flames, and VNN Forum was, and probably still is, of the hottest flames.

        I don’t post there any more simply because I had to branch out. There is a vegetative, horizontal growth of WN thinking.

        I came to a very simple conclusion. That we have to follow the Amy Chua strategy to go forward. The parent generation are small business owners (convenience stores, liquor stores, dry cleaners, whatever, assuming the economy doesn’t collapse). The parents then are able to afford a stay at home mom, or perhaps even a change off — one parent runs the business half the week and is with the kids the other half, and they trade off. Or even better, they get good employees, and both parents can raise their kids.

        So you take the opportunity of having a bit of extra money and a free parent, and craft a sophisticated home schooling program. It should be in or near a major metro area. The cities have the schools and instructors of things like martial arts, music, art, dance, even theater. One can also hire elderly woman who only speak Chinese and Spanish and Russian for like 10 bucks a day plus meals to sit and talk to your infants and toddlers in their language so the kids become fluent in 2 or 3 languages from earliest childhood.

        You also severely control their access to electronic devices for as late an age as possible. This will give them a huge cognitive edge over the other kids. The ones who are really into math, get them in computer programming and hacking. But also teach all of them charm — how to express themselves, how to be charismatic. I think theater is very good for that. If you have enough homeschoolers in an area, all you need to do is hire a director and tell them what productions you want to put on — Chekov, Shakespeare, Moliere. Good classic stuff. Don’t bemoan degenerate theater; create your own good theater. Some theater person, whom you keep at an arms length socially, will be willing to provide artistic direct your homeschooling theater company. You could even do foreign language productions for the immigrant communities since the kids will speak Russian/Spanish/Chinese.

        The homeschoolers will thus be very smart AND charismatic. And each one will exercise an outsized influence when they become adults and go into the world.

        Patrick Henry College is a conservative infiltration academy. The point of PHC is to train future politicians and infiltrate them into the government for right wing Christian views. It is a Fundamentalist Christian version of the movie The Departed

        The Departed is about a mobster who raises a kid to be a state police officer and be his “inside man.” PHC is trying to graduate inside men, infiltrators, spies, agents of influence.

        My city based homeschooling model would create even better inside men and women than PHC or Jack Nicholson’s character. Our inside men will have charisma and education in Idiocracy Land.

        I’ve already accomplished successful child raising once. I know that it can be done, and how it can be done. Like the Tiger Mother, but better.

  4. TabuLa Raza says:

    But the lingering question remains- where did the anti-White whites get “their” views.

    The context is an information monopoly based upon White destruction. If Whites had been in charge all along, with no YKW, would anti-White attitudes [from other whites] even be possible?
    I think it unlikely. Was part of the black freedom movement [19th century] also anti-White?

    The default position, IMO, should be that “their” ideas were implanted by the thought/information hegemoney. [neologism].

    • Trainspotter says:

      That may be true, though in the United States there was definitely a “Crazy Strain” of anti-whites that was already apparent before YKW managed to get in the catbird seat. But functionally, either way we end up with an unpleasant reality: as it turns out, a significant minority of whites are indeed highly susceptible to anti-white propaganda, and most people are at least somewhat susceptible. The Jew finds more than a few willing puppets and front row cultists.

      Perhaps it is possible that their susceptibility to this sickness could have remained dormant, but it didn’t. And in a world of instant communication and digital propaganda, it is hard to imagine a scenario where such types will be cut off from the source of their sickness entirely. We need to part ways with them as much as is possible. Not all of our people survived the Black Death, and not all will survive the modern plague of anti-white propaganda and conditioning.

      That’s the beauty of creating our own networks and micro-institutions now, and ultimately a full and sovereign homeland later. The healthy, and those who can find it within themselves to develop immunity, will tend to gravitate toward us, while the Crazy Strain (my homage to Ozzy) will tend to move away from us, where they will either not reproduce at all, or gradually descend into the mud and become utterly alien to us, therefore losing the power to stab us in the back. Shun them, cut them off, freeze them out.

      Now, there are obviously degrees of vulnerability, ranging from the mildly muddle headed (which almost all of us were at one time or another, even Pierce admits that when he was very young he once took a libertarian view of race, as to my shame so did I), to out and out malevolent kookdom. When I say Crazy Strain, I mean the latter, not the temporarily befuddled. If someone works themselves out from under the rock of ignorance, they’ve got the right stuff. But the Crazy Train couldn’t work their way out of a wet paper bag, they are the real Kool-Aid drinkers. They relish their malevolence, they wallow in it. These are not good people worth saving, but detritus and garbage. Have you argued with them in person, looking into their dead, fish-like eyes as they try to cover up or justify all kinds of rape, murder and degradation? Of their own people? I have, and I say good riddance to bad rubbish.

      We need to part with the Crazy Train, in small ways now, in big ways later. The bad news is that the System is behind the kooks, 100 percent. The good news is that the true kooks are a small, spiritually deformed and disgusting minority. Most whites at least have a chance to find themselves, if only they become willing to look. Let’s help them, and turn our backs to the scum.

      YKW destroys his own willing tools: he sends them on to not reproduce at all, or seep into the mud. YKW is nice like that.

      • StukaPilot says:

        HW over at Occidental Dissent has some of the best stuff on this. He points out, correctly, that the Yankee Cosmics (cf.: the pre-CW anti-slavers, Woodrow Wilson and friends, Elizabeth Warren and her ilk today) are as deadly as the Jews and somewhat more reprehensible. The Jews, after all, are merely looking after their own: they don’t wish to be ghetto’d or holocaust’d “ever again”. So they intend, via globalization, to exterminate the Whites. The Yankee cosmics, though, are flat out race-traitors. And not just bought-and-paid-for….they actually believe the universalist tripe they pedal, and are immune to factual argument.

      • Trainspotter says:

        “The Yankee cosmics, though, are flat out race-traitors. And not just bought-and-paid-for….they actually believe the universalist tripe they pedal, and are immune to factual argument.”

        This is true, and certainly a white traitor is far more despicable than an enemy of an alien tribe. Strictly speaking, the Jew doesn’t qualify as a traitor per se, because he is not one of us (this issue sometimes gets confused because he might act as if he is one of us and then work against us, therefore appearing to be a traitor – he’s not).

        Instead, he is simply pursuing his ethnic interest by undermining our people, and now sees the potential of our racial destruction within his grasp. The member of the Crazy Strain, on the other hand, is a twisted and deformed individual that seeks to destroy his own people. Disgusting.

        But those that attempt to downplay the Jewish role in our destruction are either foolish or dishonest. The “Yankee Cosmics” aren’t the driving force behind Hollywood, the major media, etc. The Yankee Cosmics aren’t sitting in the catbird seat of the System, the Jew is. The System that has its boot on our throat is fundamentally Jewish, and the Yankee Cosmics have become merely a component part.

        And the Yankee Cosmics aren’t even really Yankees, per se. While the Crazy Strain of nutty whites almost certainly had its genesis in New England, there has been so much demographic movement since then as to shift people all over the map, and it’s also clear that a meaningful percentage of non-Yankees are susceptible to the Crazy Strain as well.

        In any event, large numbers of “Northerners” are in fact descended from Southerners, and the other way around. For example, while I personally am descended from Southerners on both sides of my family (going back centuries), I have relatives all across New England, including one of the most racially conscious white men that I know – complete with a full Maine accent.

        The Crazy Strain exists wherever it exists, and we need to separate from it wherever it exists. But it is the Jew, not the Crazy Strain, that dominates and drives the anti-white System itself.

        In my view, it is best to keep things clear: where the particular anti-white was born is not the central issue. The issue is whether he is an anti-white kook or not.

        As another example, I’ve certainly heard a lot of complaining over the years about Yankee transplants in the South. But Yankee transplants are not the problem. Anti-whites are the problem. I’ve met a ton of white transplants over the years that are pro-white, respect the South, and buttress our numbers against the darkening tide. I welcome them. If, on the other hand, they are anti-whites, I most certainly do not welcome them. I want them to leave, and they should be excluded from anything we create.

        As whites create informal networks and micro-institutions at first, with the goal of a sovereign homeland in time, the goal must be to exclude the Crazy Strain, regardless of geography.

        When one looks at a political map by county, we see that much of the North is in fact a sea of red. Hundreds and hundreds of counties, predominantly white, all voting “with the South.” To then turn around and attack those people is utterly insane, and one must wonder what a person who does so is actually up to. We need to be a lot clearer about who our friends are and who they aren’t. Let’s shun the Crazy Strain, wherever they were born, and embrace our friends and kinsmen, wherever they were born.

      • Trainspotter says:

        Stuka: “HW over at Occidental Dissent has some of the best stuff on this.”

        Credit where it is due, I think he’s done an excellent job of documenting the long (and pre-Jew in the catbird seat) history of anti-white nuttiness in the United States, largely centered upon New England, but also the North more broadly. He appears to have done real work in this area, and whatever my misgivings about how he has used it to make some really terrible arguments, he deserves credit for the work itself.

        I think we need to accept that what I call the Crazy Strain is very real, and HW has done more than anyone I’ve seen to prove that. But I have to say, using that fact in an effort to downplay the very real role of the Jew in our present situation is an atrocious use of otherwise valuable research, much like taking a fine steak and throwing it into the barnyard. In any event, the research appears to be good, despite some of the specious arguments made from it.

      • Stubbs says:

        The Jews pledged loyalty to our nations and then used our generosity to sabotage and corrupt. They’re traitors to honor, if not traitors to blood. That they were never trustworthy to begin with doesn’t diminish this, though it does show the moral cowardice of the Jews’ benefactors.

      • Trainspotter says:

        Stubbs, I hear you, but the mistake was applying internal standards of honor to the Jews at all, thus putting them in a position where they could betray that trust to devastating effect. Whites expected Jews to be something that they simply were not, and we are now paying dearly for that error.

        Far more useful to make a clear distinction from the get go: they are racial aliens pursuing their own interests, and not meaningfully subject to our own internal code of honor. Since they are not one of us, they cannot betray us in the same sense that a member of our own tribe can. Any “honorable” dealings between us at the group level, if possible at all, must be with the recognition of this distinction.

        That’s substantively different from a member of the Crazy Strain, who actually is white, understands himself to be white, yet still seeks to undermine and even destroy his own people, and is more than happy to team up non-whites in order to accomplish this.

  5. Where did the anti-White Whites get their views? Not from the Jews. If anything they provided the Jews rich soil to hybridize those ideas with versions more virulent. But these sort of views were always there. A few posts back, there was this poem about the daughters of rich mill owners driving by the hovels of their White workers where White children were dying from overwork and starvation all to attend lectures and weep over the plight of the poor Negro.

    Look at all those missionaries like Albert Schweitzer who gave his life in service to the African Negro rather than tending to poor Whites on his own freakin’ continent!

    The Noble Savage Meme came into being by the White elite in more civilized areas within seconds of the Amerinds no longer being in a position to scalp White settlers.

    To paraphrase Pogo, “We have seen The Enemy and The Enemy is US!”

    • MrWhite says:

      Schweitzer wised up towards the end,though. He didn’t have nice things to say about the negroes. The rest of it is probably just normal xenophilia,not the rabid albophobia (to coin a word) that we are used to. In other words, having visited a negro slum in Harlem or Detroit, the ladies you’re talking about might have changed their views to more realistic ones unlike the die hard core of anti-whitism, Bolshevik academia, who will always come up with some way to blame whitey.

  6. Paladin Justice says:

    Reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:
    In this post Mindweapons, a white male, recounts an honest conversation with a young black male who is puzzled by the hostility of white persons toward him. Decades ago I had a similar conversation with a young black male who started it by saying, “Sometimes I think you white people are devils.” There wasn’t much of a meeting of minds in my conversation the way there apparently was in mindweapons’, which focused on interracial sex and mixed race offspring.

    I can recall being shocked years ago when a white female I was dating began telling me about her female cousins who married or copulated with black males and had offspring by them. I said to myself at the time, I don’t want to be a part of this family. I don’t want to have to attend family affairs and see the results of interracial sex thrown in my face, while I’m forced to politely accept it. So, I dumped the girl, who was otherwise a prize, and sought greener pastures. If she had said, we’ve disowned that branch of the family, it would have been different.

    Denying one’s own nature is never a good idea. But I wonder if black families feel disgust toward black males who pair off with white females. Obviously, young black women view white women as threats, which is natural. So, black women, shout it out to your young black males, “Leave white women alone.”

  7. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

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  8. hardscrabble farmer says:

    We had the last calf of the season yesterday, born to a black baldie. The rest of the herd are herefords. The black baldie came to the farm four years ago- a hybrid of a hereford and a black angus that turned out to be too large for the farm she came from, but a perfect fit for us. Every year she throws a calf that looks nothing like her, but exactly like the bull, a hereford. Her first heifer had its first calf this year and it too looks like a pure bred hereford.


    Genetics always wins. The black angus genes- which are younger than hereford genes- are not dominant enough to stand up to the cross breeding and recede into the ether. It takes a single generation to undo 200 years of breeding.

    I have no problem explaining this to people who visit and are curious why the calf that looks nothing like the cow is nursing at her teats. It takes nothing to make the comparison to President Obama and then leave it there for them to cogitate without further discussion. Whether this opens any eyes I have no clue, but I can almost hear the gears spinning as we walk on to the next view, paddock, pasture.

    Honest, frank and information filled conversation is in short supply these days and I find that it satisfies, like healthy well raised farm fare. People in this country have been fed a steady diet of poison, both in terms of food and ideas and while you can easily see the results physically, it is equally toxic mentally. Once people eat sa grass fed burger it’s hard to go back to Mickey D’s without gagging. Ditto ideas.

    • mindweapon says:

      That is a great story, HF! Wow.

      Great analogy too — WN needs to be about detoxing from poison food and poison ideas. I made that connection way back in 2004. It was initially about growing my own food to fight against the justification for immigration who will pick our lettuce, but as I studied more, I found out about poison food and how poisoning us with food has been concomitant with poisoning our minds.

      • StukaPilot says:

        just a footnote to MW’s statement. Russia permits NO import of Mansanto’s (NB: Jew Co.) sterile seeds or other global genocide products. Putin is aces all the way.

    • PA says:

      To finesse the point about genetic expression between human races, it’s not that the African overwhelms the European phenotype. If you look at a Mulatto, he looks nothing like a cherubic, full-blooded African. B/W mixing is a case of split-the-difference on average in terms of skin color, facial structure, and other things. One important exception: the black kinky hair genes overwhelm all other kinds of hair.

      We perceive a Mulatto as completely non-White because mixing the European look with another one, especially a dark one, ruins the integrity or harmony of how we look.

      • Trainspotter says:

        PA: “We perceive a Mulatto as completely non-White because mixing the European look with another one, especially a dark one, ruins the integrity or harmony of how we look.”

        Very true, PA. But the other thing is that the mulatto really is different, it’s not just a matter of appearance.

        I know I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know, but when whites mix with other whites at sufficient scale, we get another European ethnic group (the Afrikaners, white Americans, so forth). These new white ethnic groups not only look white, they act white, they perform as white. They really are Europeans, just a new blend and subculture.

        But where mixing between Europeans and non-whites has taken place at scale, as with the Cape Coloureds or certain populations in Latin America, the resulting ethnic group isn’t European. It’s not just that they differ racially in the aesthetic harmony that we value, it’s that they act differently and create new subcultures that are clearly not European in origin or development. The become something that clearly falls outside the European family of peoples.

        They aren’t us and, as Jared Taylor said, only we can be us.

      • PA says:


  9. FN says:

    “Hunter Wallace” of ORIGINAL DISSENT, used to be FADE THE BUTCHER, a fire-breathing NS guy. Then he went all the “Holocaust is FACT” and all of this YKW propaganda. Then he became the Southron. The guy is either a player or a NUT. ANYONE who, to ANY degree, downplays the role of the YKW in the GENOCIDE of the White race is either a conscious liar or a MORON, or a COWARD.

    I think a guy called Hitler said it: It’s a Jewish problem.

    Charles Manson

    • Wally says:

      “Hunter Wallace…used to be..a fire-breathing NS guy.”

      On his website he has talked about his changing views. Openly. He isn’t hiding anything.

      “Then he became the Southron.”

      He has always been a Southerner.

      “Anyone who downplays the role of YKW in the genocide of the white race”

      He is a southerner, which means he remembers a Protestant led Northern army launching a war against his people in the South. The American Civil War is now said to have killed around 700,000. Adjusting to the current USA population, that is around 7 million people. The Northerners who instigated that war were largely puritanical Protestants, including the agitators and military leaders. During the 1800’s in the South, Jews were a tiny successful minority who had almost no power. Do you see how those 2 facts concerning Protestants and Jews in the past can color a Southerners views about Jewish responsibility nowdays? You have to understand the past history of the South to understand his position. The civil war is a deep wound for some Southerners.

      It is my opinion that he doesn’t talk enough about Jewish government officials and Jewish legal groups in the 1900’s who changed the laws. Including the Jew Norbert Schlei. The New York Times in an article in 2003 writes that “Schlei was the principal draftsman of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Immigration Reform Act of 1965.”

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