MIT Scientist; herbicide and aluminum work synergistically to cause autism

Meet the Controversial MIT Scientist Who Claims She Discovered a Cause of Gluten Intolerance
Does she finally have the answer?

The ivory tower doesn’t consider her “respectable.” She’s kind of a David Irving of science. But she’s absolutely a real scientist, and if you are a parent or planning to become a parent, you should go by the precautionary principle and avoid vaccines and only acquire real, non-processed foods that were not raised on farms that used chemical weed control (glyphosate/Roundup).

Some OMRI certified pesticide use, as long as it’s not used within 3 days of harvest, should be safe. I took a class on Integrated Pest Management, and asked a lot of questions about pesticides and human health. OMRI certified pesticides/fungicides et cetera break down in 3 days. Stone fruits like peaches and plums require a lot of fungicide application. Pears, however, do not, and you can coat them with a solution of kaolin clay using a mist sprayer, and that keeps the bugs off them. Kaolin clay is perfectly safe, if not appetizing, and it’s easy to wash it off the pears when you want to eat them.

So that’s where we are at. If you want to give your children a good shot at not being autistic, avoid early childhood vaccines and pay a bit more for food, and/or grow it yourself. My typical meal — 3 beano pills, bowl of cabbage salad, Russian soup such as borscht or a chicken based vegetable soup, about 4 ounces of meat, chick peas, lentils, a potato and a sweet potato, the whole mess topped with cultured sour cream and hot sauce and parmesan cheese. After that, I don’t have to eat again for 6 to 8 hours.

Can’t wait for the growing season this year!

ALV:You’ve been called an “anti-vaxxer” for your views on autism. Do you believe that vaccines cause autism?

SS: I took on the task of trying to figure out autism six or seven years ago because I got concerned about the rising incidence of autism in our country, which I think is very disturbing. It’s risen alarmingly since then. Now it’s one in 50, which is the latest number, which is very frightening to me. So I was looking at all of the environmental toxins, because there has to be an environmental factor, or a combination of environmental factors.

Aluminum is one that I picked up on quite early. Because aluminum is very toxic, and many of the vaccines contain aluminum. And it’s injected directly in, past all the barriers.

Ordinarily the body is quite good about keeping aluminum out. The gut will absorb very little of what’s in the diet…assuming you have a healthy gut. Glyphosate produces a leaky gut, and that’s going to help the aluminum get in. What I believe now is that the aluminum in the vaccine is far more toxic as a consequence of the glyphosate that’s also in the blood. The two of them are synergistic, because the glyphosate forms a cage around the aluminum and keeps it from getting expelled. The aluminum ends up accumulating, getting trapped with the glyphosate, and then the aluminum ends up in the pineal gland, and messes up sleep, and causes a whole cascade of problems in the brain. The glyphosate and aluminum are working together to be much more toxic than they would be, acting alone.

So yes, I do believe that aluminum in vaccines is a contributing factor in autism.

ALV:How does glyphosate create this cage around aluminum?

SS: Glyphosate cages all kinds of things. One of the things it does in the gut that’s bad is it cages all the minerals, like iron and manganese and even sulfur, so it prevents the gut bacteria from gaining access to really important micronutrients, even things like molybdenum which we only need in small amounts, but if there isn’t any we’re in trouble, because certain enzymes critically depend on these minerals. Glyphosate builds a cage around them and it builds a cage around aluminum as well. There’s a nice paper on that with beautiful pictures of glyphosate caging aluminum.

Rest at link. There’s also discussion of glyphosate and Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.


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10 Responses to MIT Scientist; herbicide and aluminum work synergistically to cause autism

  1. StukaPilot says:

    She’s probably right. I wonder if the Aluminum in soda cans is also at issue.

    • Anon says:

      Aluminum makes up about a 3rd of the crust of planet earth, if its truly harmful, its going to find its way into your system. That said, I am in no way unhappy that I’ve quit drinking softdrinks.

      As to the anti-vax stuff, it has to be weighed against the fact that the group immunity made possible by living in a first world society where everyone else is vaccinated is going away.

  2. Afterthought says:

    Have you noticed how metal cans now come with a plastic lining? (some of them)
    Acidic foods leech metal from the can causing Alzheimers. Aluminum can also be found in most deodorants. The food industry doesn’t want a multi trillion dollar class action lawsuit, so they are suppressing this fact.

    Avoid aluminum at all costs.

  3. Mr. Rational says:

    I’m sorry, but this is silly.  The surge in autism diagnoses is driven by assortative mating between extreme left-brain types producing more of them to begin with, and an expansion of the diagnosis to include what was formerly called Asperger’s and even milder forms.

    People who fail to vaccinate their children will find out why they should have.  Those who refuse to learn history are doomed to repeat it.

    Aluminum was once blamed for Alzheimer’s.  That’s no longer taken seriously.  Neither will this, a few years from now.

  4. James Cooper says:

    The trouble with Seneff is that she is not a biologist nor has she medical training. She is a computer scientist who uses computer programs to draw bizarre inferences from existing literature. She has done no experiments and has no original data for any of her unsubstantiated assertions.

    • mindweapon says:

      OK, James. Are you a Monsanto rep, or Syngenta?

      • James Cooper says:

        Usually one engages in an scientific argument using actual science. I don’t find personal attacks and name calling very persuasive. I am a PhD chemist and have never worked in any part of the biotech industry. If you have facts to dispute my assertions, I encourage you to put them forth.

    • James, I see from your blog that you are “a winner of the 2010 National Novel Writing Contest.” If you click on my handle, you’ll find the original sketches/outline of a novel I’m writing. The original sketch is about half of it so far. I’d love your feedback.

      See the entries “The Life and Times of Hipster Racist” and the About page for more info.


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