Some good news; White high school kids stick up for themselves; tool principal downplays black on white violence, punishes White students for very mild tweets

Students suspended for racist tweets after basketball game

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Notice this wasn’t the headline:

(Black) Mount Vernon supporters allegedly shoved a (White) Mahopac cheerleader.

Notice they say they threaten to pull the White cheerleaders hair out. Obvious racial envy is obvious:

“The (Black) Mount Vernon students were standing behind our (White) cheerleaders saying ‘you are blank-haters’ and ‘I can’t wait until after the game,” said Thomas Manko, the superintendent of schools in Mahopac. “We’re going to pull your hair. We’re going to hit you.'”

White kids lost the basketball game, got attacked and threatened, so made some very mild jokes:

“That’s why you shouldn’t let monkeys out of their cages. #mountvernonzoo” and “Tough loss boys but at least we can talk to our dads about it #mountvernon.”

In other words, we lost the basketball game, we got threatened and attacked, but we’re still White and Proud. Ha!

When I was in high school, we weren’t racially polarized like that. Anyone who says that “the old white racists” are dying off, they need to look around — plenty of new white racists are being made by you liberal asswipes every day!

The younger White generation is coming for you, liberals! They HATE you! You have been torturing them for your ideals, for your effortless virtue for which you make others pay the price! All the misery you’ve caused, all the lies you’ve perpetrated. The deceived will be hopping mad with a thermonuclear rage. Madoff got caught, so will you, liberal pieces of shit!

Great comments below the story:

Lesley Hensell Demond · Top Commenter
So if someone makes a racist statement, they will be punished. OK, what about the students threatening others with bodily harm? Do they get off scot-free because they are black?
Reply · 13 · Like · Follow Post · 43 minutes ago

Curt Pangracs · Top Commenter · United States Army
Wait a second…”bestiality”? When did these kids start humping animals? By the way, anyone notice the comment about how the words are hurtful, but the physical attack on a cheerleader is ignored?
Reply · 9 · Like · Follow Post · 36 minutes ago

Mark Hageman · Manasquan High School
What words mean and why we CAN’T use them anymore? I’m sure the minority students were using P/C terms when it came to their opponents. This nations downward spiral is accelerating, we’re getting dangerously close to the bottom of the toilet.
Reply · 4 · Like · Follow Post · 27 minutes ago

Il Bui · Follow · Top Commenter · San Diego, California
“Tough loss boys but at least we can talk to our dads about it #mountvernon.”
How is that “racist”? Who is the sub 20IQ libtard running that school?
Reply · 3 · Like · Follow Post · 34 minutes ago

Zach Richardson · Top Commenter · Super Dude at Sin Saloon
One’s social awareness should play into one’s IQ, Bui, but I will break it down for you. It’s deemed ‘racist’ due to the fact that it’s predicated on the stereotype that all black dads are deadbeats.
Reply · Like · 9 minutes ago
sp500chartdotcom (signed in using yahoo)
Zach Richardson IQ measures one’s ability to learn, not one’s ability to agree.
Reply · Like · 3 minutes ago


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13 Responses to Some good news; White high school kids stick up for themselves; tool principal downplays black on white violence, punishes White students for very mild tweets

  1. Mr. Rational says:

    Time to enjoin the school from taking action against the White students.  Twitter is not on the campus and tweets outside of school hours do not have any negative effect on order within the school.

    If the Black assailants were not prosecuted, someone needs to demand a grand jury.

  2. ben tillman says:

    Did you check the comments? Facebook comments with real names.

    “What’s a word the starts with “N”, ends with “R” and you never want to call one of these “people” from Mt. Vernon HS? — Neighbor.”


  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  4. Robot Sam says:

    Any young white boy who has had to see a white girl he really loves / cares for / desires with a negro is filled with rage, but there is no support for those very natural feelings. When the chains come off, things are going to be interesting. Never before in history have men been forced into chains in this way and damned to seeing the most beautiful women in the world degrade themselves with YKW’s orcs.

  5. Winged_Hussar83 says:

    What if some of these High School students started posting “Diversity is a code-word for White Genocide” around the school?

    Facebook comments with real names? This sounds like it is really significant. Do these kids not care about being identified and attacked by antifa? Are they naive? Or are they aware that they are on the winning side?

    • Anon says:

      Its all fairly tame stuff, and those who rule hardly have unlimited resources. They can still make examples however.

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      Most are very naive and think they have “free speech” and are “standing up for what is right” like they were taught. Hard lessons ahead for our dear children.

  6. Russia just annexed Crimea… The whole Ukrainian “revolution” was interesting.. Jews with their duplicity playing both sides:
    The Head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence (formerly know as KGB) is a chosenite:
    A pair of oligarchs:
    And the new Prime Minister, who claims to be Ukrainian Greek Catholic.
    And a kicker: The mayor of Kharkov, too:
    Who was for the Orange Revolution until he was against it, finding the way up the greasy pole easier by way of his pro-Russian, and Jewish, patron:
    It’s like a trail of breadcrumbs.
    As a reminder, the English translation of Solzhenitsyn’s “200 Years Together” remains partial samizdat:
    Hoo boy, Theresa Heinz’s husband is travelling to Kiev Tuesday to nail US prestige to an independent Ukraine.

  7. That jewboy Zach seems somewhat butthurt.

  8. Paladin Justice says:

    There is now a white high school where all the kids know that they are playing in a rigged game. Some will put it out of their minds, but many will not forget. The more that blacks pull their stuff and liberal whites go after after whites, the more resistence to the system is created. This incident is good from my perspective, although it’s a shame that white kids have to learn these lessons the hard way.

    • mindweapon says:

      Absolutely Paladin. This is how we learn.

      This is a textbook example of Keith Alexander’s truism:

      The project of liberalism is doomed when multiculturalism succeeds.

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