Racial separatists are automatically better at racial etiquette because they don’t take liberties

We have absolutely no interest in touching any part of the bodies of any non-whites whatsoever, including their hair. Gypsies are like that — even though they don’t practice very good hygiene, they consider non-gypsies bodies unclean.

Below is an Alternet article about a black complaining about white people wanting to touch his hair. That’s a very reasonable complaint, and for once I agree with Alternet. I can say, anyone from our community who felt the need to touch the hair of a non-white would be ostracized severely. If you are a medical professional, you are given dispensation; otherwise, we are like gypsies as far as that goes.

In dealing with non-whites, I am polite, laconic (few words) and blunt without coming off as unfriendly. I never accept any favors, offers or invitations except payment for services and tips. If someone is doing something I don’t like, I say it.

We need to teach this code of behavior to our fellow Whites. They should have enough White community to fall back on, that they do not aspire to a “ghetto pass” or “the right to say nigga in front of my black friends.”

What an irony. I have no desire to have rapport with non-whites, except to the degree necessary to avoid trouble and have smooth business transactions. Ergo, I get said rapport very easily. They much prefer dealing with a WN than with a whigger, and many non-whites volunteer to me that whiggers make them uncomfortable.

Non-whites want us to act White as a social role. They want it and expect it from us, despite everything that liberals say. When we act according to our role, it makes people comfortable. Whiggers go against the role. Being a whigger is like being gay — it forces people to deal with something unexpected and not necessarily comfortable.

Whites who want to “pet” Afro hair are undignified and unclean. They are role breakers and candidates for genetic annihilation.

We are the people who keep the trains running on time. When we act like that, everyone is at ease.

My 13-Year-Old Son Wants to Shave His Afro Because White People Keep Grabbing It
“Hey, you know, I’m not a petting zoo,” he says. Nothing deters them from trying.

In the summer of 2008 I cut off all my chemically straightened hair. No one warned me that my transition to a natural mini-fro meant I’d be flipping on a neon sign that would flash across my forehead, inviting curious white people to have a cultural experience with my hair but without my consent. Since then, I’ve been called everything from a snob to a black bitch for saying “no” to people who’ve asked to touch my hair.

Sometimes they don’t ask. They just snatch and grab — and then act shocked and angry when I don’t respond positively.


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9 Responses to Racial separatists are automatically better at racial etiquette because they don’t take liberties

  1. Afterthought says:

    You’ve never wanted to touch an animal’s fur?

    • mindweapon says:

      Uh, no. We need to be like the Brahmins or gypsies or Cohanim Jews in this way — there are things that are unclean for us to touch.

      Brahmin doctors can touch unclean people to provide medical treatment; otherwise, no. I know a very nice Brahmin doctor. One could even call him saintly. But the reason he is saintly is precisely because of his Brahmin code. He won’t socialize with non-Brahmins outside of his medical clinic, he won’t eat the same food as us. We never ever ever see him in a social context. Our food is unclean, outside of the clinic our bodies are unclean to him, and that’s OK. He is a separatist and quite wealthy, and providing affordable medical treatment seems to be part of his religious duty to the unclean masses. It’s almost like he feels bad for being so superior, so he provides affordable and extremely competent and compassionate medical treatment to make up for it.

      He’s whip thin too. That’s because he is such a fanatic about his food. Indians only eat food from their home country. Like Dracula, who needed to sleep on his native soil in his coffin.

      We can learn something from people like that.

  2. I never understood the mentality of thinking blacks as pets to pat and praise, they are different, they smell different, they can be useful rarely, and they can be dangerous on the immediate physical level, and also biologically, yes it’s true they fucking love blondes. I only ever got on well with traditional Aboriginals, the city gangster Abo coon ones see me as a direct threat, which is true and I’ve clashed a couple of times with them physically in the past, but both live by the same Apartheid standard generally, which is good and how it should be.

    We are trying to shoe box the African refugees like that as well, I give them the stink eye when ever I see them so does the whole town actually, they always leave town, same with the Muslims, I prefer they keep their culture to themselves, ultimately resettlement back to the black or Muslim lands would be better, at the moment they all end up in the cities. Fucking refo’s eh. The mystery meat ones, well they don’t like me at all as they either know or can guess my views…I’m pretty open about it on purpose. The mystery meat all seem to flock together too, Apartheid just seems the natural state of affairs to me if people are let be.

    I did have good talks with Fijian native men when on holiday, some I couldn’t help but like, as they have a Fijian military Junta thing going on, as the imported Indian coolies have out breed them, so they rule the Indians by the barrel of the gun at the moment. Apparently they’ll have elections this year, I guarantee if the Fijians are not voted in, the Fijian native army will just have another political coup. I also noticed the Indian coolie men try very hard to get a Fijian wife, and the Fijian men really hate them…

  3. I doubt the story is true. Touching non-white hair was the very first “hipster racist” act identified, at least a decade before the term “hipster racism” was coined, see blackpeopleloveus.com. In other words, it’s somewhat of a joke, “all these white people wanna touch my hair!”

    Plus, yelling “black power” at a black person’s afro? Would any high school age kid these days even *get* that joke? That stereotype is from FIFTY years ago.

    I’d bet the whole thing is made up out of whole cloth by the mother.

    • mindweapon says:

      Kids these days get that stuff shoved down their throat more, so they could very well know about it. for example, perhaps they were forced to learn about Angela Davis.

    • Denise says:

      I agree. Who would want to touch oily brillo pad hair?

      The funny aspect, for me, is that our beloved Aryan Goddess gets requests from Orc Chilluns all the time, to touch her wondrous golden locks….

  4. Sam says:

    Mindweapon my approach to Blacks is exactly like yours. I try to avoid them whenever possible;e.

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