The Synagogue of Satan

Interesting post about Christian Zionism by Hipster Racist. See the movie, “Valley of the Wolves Irak” in which the bad guy is a Christian Zionist CIA guy.

Hipster Racist

You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits

Many years ago I started a correspondence with a mulatta woman whose father was a relatively high ranking official in the Roman Catholic Church in the Caribbean. She was a peace activist and corresponded with the Iraqi resistance. One day she sent me a panicked email saying that women were being raped and tortured in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. There were a few articles printed about how the Iraqi resistance had attacked the prison, trying to blow it up and kill everyone inside. This was puzzling to a lot of people – why would the Iraqis want to kill their fellow Iraqis – many of them part of the resistance themselves – who had been captured?

What had happened was women in the prison had smuggled out notes asking the resistance to destroy the prison and kill them, because they would rather…

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17 Responses to The Synagogue of Satan

  1. If you want to explore the rabbit hole a bit more, do a search for “Hillary Clinton” and “Doug Coe.”

    The Fellowship shuns publicity and its members share a vow of secrecy … insisting they would not be able to tackle diplomatically sensitive missions if they drew public attention.

    I.e., the Lodge; the Mannerbund. It’s not a “conspiracy,” it’s a “tendency.” The social institution appears naturally due to human nature.

    Another thing, I doubt many in the CIA are “religious” in the sense we think of a religious person. I suspect religion is just a cultural thing for them, a family tradition. I suspect most religious leaders are functionally atheist. They are Zionist because that’s where the money is, and it’s an easy way to rile up the masses to support war and donate money.

    • mindweapon says:

      Fascinating, HR. It’s like you’re pulling back the veil for us.

    • New England Millennial says:

      Webster Tarpley said that Cleon Skousen brought a “Mormon Mafia” into the CIA which is still there today (Brett Scowcroft, etc.). Should WN infiltrate the Mormon church?

      • New England Millennial says:

        Also, if you ever apply to a job at the NSA, CIA, etc. and make it to candidate status, you will be flown to DC to get a lie detector test. Learn how to pass those things because I know people who get nervous and fail them. Also you will need to give them a contact to vouch for you and they have to speak with an FBI agent. They will ask them questions like are they loyal to the US government, have they ever been in a dissident group, and if there is anything in their family that could be embarrassing to the US, so make sure it’s a close friend. Lastly, they will visit your neighbors and ask them questions, so have good relations with your neighbors or at best neutral.

        Don’t ask me how I know all this. LOL

  2. The YKW are playing the both sides of the Ukraine revolution, they want WWIII at any cost.

  3. PA says:

    Hipster’s full post asserts that Brevik was a Zionist operative punishing Norway’s elites for some pro-Palestinian realignment.

    Claims like that need to be substantiated, or made clear that they’re just speculations. Based on every publiclly available documentation of the Brevik case he’s basically a WN/Norwegian nationalist/anti-immigrationist, not too different in orientation from American alt-Righters.

    His sympathetic comments about Israel seemed to me as function of his anti-muslim animus, understandably given his dealings with Muslim gangs in his youth.

    • Based on every publiclly available documentation of the Brevik case he’s basically a WN/Norwegian nationalist/anti-immigrationist, not too different in orientation from American alt-Righters.

      His sympathetic comments about Israel seemed to me as function of his anti-muslim animus, understandably given his dealings with Muslim gangs in his youth.

      I disagree, I think his anti-Muslim animus is a function of his Zionism. Kevin MacDonald and others at TOO have written a lot about the nationalists in Europe and how they often support Zionism as a fellow ethnic nationalism, but I think the Brevik case is fundamentally different. Of course, it’s all speculation, but I base it on a few things:

      1. The manifesto is textbook neo-con, anti-Muslim, and pseudo-Christian Zionist.

      2. The manifesto calls for an *expansion* of Europe to take over the coast of Turkey all the way down to Palestine, where the new border of Europe will end, conveniently for the Zionists.

      3. The Norway Labor Party was Israel’s number one political opponent, and the timing could not have been better for Israel. He didn’t attack Muslims, he attacked the most pro-Palestinian European party right before they were about to nominate Palestine for membership in the UN. Many Israelis openly gloated at the attack, knowing full well that AUF was their primary political threat at the time.

      4. The manifesto catalogs a long list of Jewish crimes against Europeans, while studiously refusing to name Jews themselves; it’s always uses the terms communist, cultural Marxist, liberal, etc. It also considers German National Socialism to be on a par with Communism.

      5. Brevik’s online associations are virtually all neo-con, including many prominent Jewish Zionists. He was a supporter of EDL, an “anti-racist” multi-cultural group that is only opposed to Islam, as a religion, not non-whites racially, and is Zionist and funded by a wealthy Jew.

      6. The manifesto goes out of it’s way to avoid “racism” and pays a very shallow lip service to the ethnic integrity of European nations.

      7. The attacks had all the hallmarks of Operation Gladio, and he seemingly had help from the police.

      8. Brevik was from a family of diplomats, meaning, he was a child of the intelligence services.

      9. If a nationalist wanted to attack European liberals who supported immigration, there were a number of targets. But if an operative wanted to eliminate a political threat to the Zionist entity, the AUF was the only logical target.

      10. The manifesto calls for the destruction of the Al-Aqsa mosque and a rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, where Jews and Christians will worship side by side. No non-religious Norwegian nationalist would care about such a thing.

      11. If this was just about Norway and immigration, all of the Zionism would be a footnote; instead, the manifesto is more Zionist than it is Norwegian. Considering that Israel is not a part of Europe, and never has been, it’s odd that Israel is mentioned nearly as often as Norway.

      • PA says:

        You’re an interesting guy Hipster. Whatever the real story may be, he struck at Population Replacers.

      • Paul says:

        The so-called “underwear” bomber was also a child of the intelligence services as I recall.

    • MOISHE (NOT) says:

      Breviks masonic membership made him a philo-semite by choice. nearly all of europes pro-white/right wing groups have been coopted by the yids – anti muslim but pro-jew. lots of nationalist Norwegians are into reading ann Rands ‘atlas shrugged’ frankfurt school bullshit – they are dupes big-time.

  4. More you look at the Breivik attack more weird it seems, if he wanted to kill muzz and brownies he could have. attacked any Oslo ghetto.

    Killing children its something straight out of the Book of Exodus.

    • PA says:

      The face value rationale for NOT killing muzz is to go after the head, not the body.

    • pluto the dog says:

      Brevik targeted the children of the most rabid pro multiculti political party. Very rarely do our political rulers pay a price for their policies so for that reason alone what he did was unusual. I wouldnt make biblical allusions. l would say that many of those young people would have changed their minds as Europe continues to get worse for white people. Young (white) people are naieve and hopeful and attracted to fine sounding utopian ideals – its their crusty libtard parents who are the guilty ones

  5. pluto the dog says:

    Brevik operated in comparative isolation as do many like him in Europe. He needed to be exposed to the kind of ideas that permeate the Mindweapons site – his thinking would have benefited. I’m not going to criticise what he did but l don’t think it was helpful, for instance l know it caused Saga a lot of problems and heartache and in Europe she is the queen.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Breivik read Fjordman and other bloggers.  He was familiar with the Muslim invaders and sympathized with (most of) their targets and enemies.  He took aim at the enablers of the Muslims, which was certainly a novel reaction.

  6. wobbly says:

    People who are *genuinely* ultra PC as a religion are usually anti-Israel as well because they see it as white colonialism.

    The critical point about Breivik is are the other side using him as an anti-white poster-child or have they tried to drop him down the memory hole?

    The answer to that question tells you everything you need to know.

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