Those who are not Law Followers of a Law System that is good for their race, nation and/or ethnicity, will have an alien Law System of a hostile elite imposed upon them, whose highest ideals will include the Enslavement, Debasement, and Enslavement of your race, nation and/or ethnicity

We have no choice but to forge our own Law System for collective social dominance, our own Commandments, and obey them, or be enslaved, debased and genocided by the keepers of a hostile, alien law system. Mormons prioritize Obedience; Islam means Submission. Jews have 613 Mitzvot.

Our most important thinker, whether you like it or not:

What do we have? I think it’s right in front of our nose — we roll our own brand of Confucianism and Taoism. Storekeepers, businessmen, medical professionals, and high tech geeks who are also into internal martial arts, scholarship, farming, learning foreign languages, and charisma, all to the end of social and economic dominance and our racial liberation from hostile alien elites.

We have to subordinate ourselves to our Law System for Social Dominance. This self-subordination, this self-submission, will in turn save us from being forcibly submitted and subordinated to hostile aliens.

Talmudism has been like Apple or Windows — proprietary, secret source code for social domination.

Confucianism is more like Linux — open source. China is what happens when EVERYBODY is a Market Dominant Minority. And Amy Chua is the Linux Torvald of open sourced Confucianism. Amy spilled the beans on both Confucianism and Talmudism with her books. Jewish power is no longer a mystery.

Confucianism is less vicious than Talmudism, but otherwise it’s similar. They are like analogs of one another. Getting vaccinated with Confucianism protects you, at least partially, from being predated by Talmudism. Confucianism is cowpox; Talmudism is smallpox.

We got to get the Cowpox Vaccination, People!

Talmudism and Confucianism are law systems that are above and beyond the secular, governmental laws. Jews and Chinese are Law Followers of their own free will, of their respective Law Systems.

If you are not a Law Follower of a system that is friendly to your race, nation or ethnicity, than you will have the Law System of a hostile elites imposed on you. As we have found out to our unhappiness, the Law Systems of hostile elites regard White Enslavement, Debasement, and Genocide as among their highest religious ideals.

Therefore we have no choice but to impose a Law System on ourselves, and become devout Law Followers of our own Law System that is good for us.


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  1. The YKW follow their own Talmudic law, they imposed their collectivist laws on us.

    • New England Millennial says:

      It’s like this story. Did you know the director of “12 Years A Slave” was also an Israeli spy who sent nuke tech to the promised land?
      Arnon Milchan, the producer of the film 12 Years A Slave, just won an Oscar. However, what is not being reported in Hollywood gossip columns is his alleged life as a secret agent.

      Producer Arnon Milchan is a citizen of Israel and has close ties to the leadership of the Israel Labor party. FBI documents also suggest he is a foreign spy who illegally exported US nuclear tech. Arnon Milchan owned a trading company that was allegedly used to smuggle high tech triggering devices for nuclear weapons to Israel. The FBI believes 800 of these triggers were illegally sent to Israel.

      Can you imagine that? A foreigner steals nuclear secrets and makes a movie inflaming racial tensions in his host country? Some of the Academy members even voted for this movie without even watching it!

      Here’s so more interesting info from the document linked in the article:

      A 2011 biography called “Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon Arnon Milchan” claims Milchan was recruited into Israel’s LAKAM economic espionage unit in his 20’s and became a key operative for Benjamin Blumberg (head of LAKAM), and Rafi Eitan (who ran Jonathan Pollard and infiltrated NUMEC). Milchan is the confidant of Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu. According to the book, Blumberg taught Milchan how to establish front companies and secret bank accounts to launder millions in commissions obtained during LAKAM and Mossad transactions. Milchan encouraged Smyth in 1972 to incorporate MILCO to share profits on export sales with his Tel Aviv-based Milchan Brothers company. Milchan Brothers received purchase orders from Blumberg and sent them via secure telex to Smyth. MILCO did 80 percent of its business with Milchan, including transfers of other US technologies useful to Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons programs. (Gyroscopes, neutron generators, high-speed oscilloscopes, computerized flight control systems.) According to the book, after Smyth was ordered to appear before a federal prosecutor in Los Angeles, Milchan claimed “I felt bad, but I was ordered to cut all contact with Smyth.” Milchan officially denies any knowledge of MILCO or Milchan Brothers roles in krytron smuggling

      The following FBI files reveal the FBI’s interest in Milchan after a confidential informant revealed his ties to Smyth in 1992. The declassified but heavily redacted “secret” communications detail the bureau’s fascination with Milchan, from his entry in “Who’s Who” to star-studded associates such as Robert Di Niro and an Iran-Contra operative. The final page of the FBI file is a clipping of Thomas Friedman’s May, 1985 New York Times interview with Milchan who had quickly left the US for Jerusalem. Milchan told Friedman “that a krytron was a small little gizmo which anyone can go buy freely in the United States. You can use them or all kinds of things, including, incidentally, making cholent.” Friedman clarified that “Cholent is a stew of beans, carrots, potatoes and beef that is a traditional Jewish dish prepared on Friday night for eating on the Sabbath. Mr. Milchan said that with a krytron timer a stove could be set to turn on automatically to heat up cholent on the Sabbath without anyone working to light the fire.”

  2. Europa Rex says:

    Our own law system is Anglo- Teutonic Common Law. Our own religious laws are not laws at all but suggestions. Read the Havamal. And the Eddas and the Sagas. Our laws are detailed in those.

    • Europa Rex,

      From my understanding, those European laws are all about getting along in a monoculture, while the Talmud is about getting along and thriving in a multi-cult/empire. (Not sure about Confucianism.)

      In our law system it is implied everyone is on the same team, while their laws are all about the ingroup/outgroup distinction. Western universalism works great when everyone is part of the same tribe; it’s a handicap when there are multiple tribes living in the same space and culture.

      • Europa Rex says:

        True. But if you are looking for something equivalent to the 613 mitzvahs you won’t find it in our heritage. The closest you can come to that is what I heard referred to as the “Roman paradigm”. They had codified laws and required sacrifice to the state-approved gods. To be honest, I think it is this Roman paradigm that got us into the mess we’re currently in. Having more of it won’t pull us out.

      • mindweapon says:

        No, we need something new that is our own. The Roman paradigm probably served it’s purpose for a while, then no longer was workable.

      • Europa Rex says:

        The so-called Roman paradigm wasn’t always thus. When you need to codify laws with harsh punishments, that tells me that 1) too many foreigners are present and they need to be brought in line with the culture and 2) mass degeneracy

      • Pretty much this.

        Jewish Laws is about making jews the elite in any foreign land that they’re in, at the same time creating a class of shabbo goyim servants for them.

        Even before Christianity there was the “G-d-Fearing” goyim, gentiles that served jewish interests:

        Christianity and Islam was born from this, Muslims in the beginning prayed in the direction of Jerusalem, it was changed for Mecca after a Tribe of jews tried to double cross Mohammed.

        It shows the power and influence that the Jews had even back Two Thousand years ago by the simple fact that two of the world biggest religions (Christianity and Islam) use their holy book with some modifications.

        There was a “Ancient israel lobby” in 1st century BC Rome, they exported gold from the Roman provinces to Jerusalem in a huge money laundering scheme, their Great Temple was basically a Central Bank, Vespasian and Titus built the Colosseum with the gold they looted from the destroyed Jerusalem Temple after the Jewish Revolt of 70 AD:
        Construction of the Colosseum began under the rule of the Emperor Vespasian[5] in around 70–72 AD, funded by the spoils taken from the Jewish Temple after the Siege of Jerusalem.
        Even Cicero was careful in confronting the jewish lobby in Rome:

        Cicero Pro Flacco
        The hatefulness of the Jewish gold now follows. Surely this is the reason that this case is being tired not far from the Aurelian steps. For the sake of the crime, this place and this crowd, Laelius, was sought by you. You know how large this band is and how close and how powerful they are in assemblies. So, I will proceed with a quiet voice, so that (only) judges may hear. Indeed, there is no lack of those who would incite them against me and anyone respectable. I will not help those men to do this more easily.
        When it was accustomed that gold was sent to Jerusalem each year from Italy and from all the other provinces by the authority of the Jews, Flaccus forbid by edict for this gold to be exported from Asia. Who, judges, is there who would not truly praise this deed? In fact, the senate during my consulship vehemently and frequently in the past determined that gold ought not to be exported.

        This is good site about how the Romans viewed the jews in Rome:

      • mindweapon says:

        Excellent exegesis, Hipster!

      • Jon says:

        Men’s relationship to the deities of the three monotheistic arse-lifting religions functions to provide a model of the attitude for the masses to take toward the ruling class and (later) toward the state. “Worshipping” deities is alien to the Nordic soul.

      • Mike says:

        I’ve been studying the “Proto-indo-European” systems, which is quite broad. I think it includes Norse and Anglo-Saxon Polytheism, the Greek system, The Roman System, the Egyptian System, Hinduism, Buddhism, odd pieces like Zoroastrianism. I don’t know if Confucianism falls in this group, as I don’t know much about Confucianism. The Japanese Shinto system seems similar, although I haven’t seen anything that says it’s part of this group.

        Christianity itself, I think, is Polytheistic: The High God is El-Elyon, and Yahweh was only the God of the Jews, nothing more. They had wives and had children. At some point Yahweh tried to put himself in the position of The High God, and displace El-Elyon, I know, what a shock that a Jewish God would do that.

        Anyway, back to my point. There’s plenty of stories of dealing with the stranger, the other. the out group. Some of the Gods and Goddesses are quite sly and cunning, and It seems like half of the Gods are War Gods. The Goddesses are subtle and powerful, and could definitely fuck a fella up.

        One of the things that Odinism encourages is the acquisition of knowledge and power. Odin hung on the tree of Yggdrasil, and also sacrificed an eye at Mimer’s well to do so. If the Gods or Goddesses can do it, “it’s ok” for us to do the same.

        I’m not a “pagan” per se: I’ve found that ANY religion doesn’t “fit me.” It becomes a box that feels too constraining. But I’d say ANY religion, or nothing at all, is better than adapting a religion that tells you that you, a Gentile, are a dog, begging for scraps at a table, while the Jews are the humans, sitting at the table. I don’t mean to start an anti-Christian argument, really I don’t. But it’s what the Bible actually says.

      • mindweapon says:


        I’m advocating that we start our own thing, and base it off of Taoism and Confucianism, but with our own way of doing it.

        Our religion has to train us to be dispassionate and detached, and focus on winning. White people are too emotional.

        The people objecting to my assertion that Amy Chua our most important thinker are basically saying:

        This doesn’t satisfy my emotional needs, therefore it’s crap and it’s wrong.

      • Mike says:

        I wanted to add: I’m not anti-christian per se, I find many useful lessions in the bible, and it’s an easy way of communicating with other people, as most people are already familiar with it.

        I can see Mindweapons point: adopt whatever you can, from whoever who can, in order to advance your own agenda. I can see other people’s point too: It’s easier to adopt from European things, as they are “speaking your language” and it’s easier to digest and accept when it’s coming from your own blood.

  3. Afterthought says:

    What you are looking for is called Arta; as a teaser, the ancient Aryans taught their young men three things “to ride, shoot straight, and tell the truth”.

    An ethos that has never died over the 1,000s of years of our history, in fact, one of my favorite take-a-ways from my time as a combat soldier in the US Army was that victory depended on our ability to “shoot, move, and communicate”; a direct cognate of the ancient Aryan saying.

    Here is the wikipedia entry for Arta; which is also known as rta in the Vedas, asha in Middle Persian, and righteousness and order in the English language. Such an archetypal concept that it is often supposed to be universal and eternal, yet it is distinctly Aryan.

    Whites prosper when arta is maintained, and decline when Semitic religions ascend.

  4. Afterthought says:

    “Law Follower” = artavant; (ashavan Middle Persian)
    “Follower of the Lie” = drujvant

    eternal recurrence?

  5. Afterthought says:

    The Airyana Vaeja, or “Land of the Aryans” directly abuts China’s western border in what we might consider Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Southern Russia / Ukraine.

    The Tocharians, the red-haired white-skinned folks that are being dug out of the ground in Western China are likely to have contributed arta to the Chinese which was incorporated as Daoism and hence Confucianism; Zarathustra and his codification of arta predates both Lao-Tze and Confucius.

  6. KO says:

    The “common sense” of a confident WASP majority, which subsumes the realistic, natural law tradition, and was nurtured and developed on this continent for 300 years before 1920, has all the rules you need about the relations between us and them, the roles of the sexes, the relationship between worldly and spiritual goals, and the balance between individual and communal obligation. On any number of issues, if you just think about how white Americans in 1850 would have viewed the question, you won’t go far wrong.

    If you don’t identify with WASP identity, assimilate the common sense anyway. Be a better WASP than the WASPs, who greedily gave up their hard-won paradise. Just don’t make Irish-Mexican-Mormon-Jewish-Catholic-socialist-immigrant resentment a part of your toolbox, or you’ll damage the program.

    The next step is to adopt common sense to a struggle to re-win the continent, one household and one county at a time. I’m not saying that it won’t look a lot like what you recommend, MW, or that we shouldn’t study our rivals, but we do have all the ingredients in our own backyards.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thank you for your input, KO.

      As best I can see, our own WASP systems didn’t have the tools. My father’s side of the family are/were WASPs and they are very ill equipped for the 21st century. They are Law Followers, but their Law System is hopelessly defective and subservient to Jewish Cultural Marxism.

  7. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  8. New England Millennial says:

    Here’s what I’ll say on the topic of religion. It’s a shame that Christianity has betrayed our race, because up here it’s mostly Christian Whites who have above replacement birthrate. I was raised in a Polish RCC, and I can tell you that most Poles, at least when I was growing up, were both race-conscious and YKW-aware. That’s not to say that they’re aren’t Polish liberals today but I think in general it’s less.

    The problem with Roman Catholicism is that there’s A LOT of cognitive dissonance among it’s adherents. I have a friend who has an uncle he never met because he was murdered by a black in the 1980s before he was born, he’s definitely race aware but he still goes to church every Sunday. Meanwhile, the RCC goes around taking Polish people’s donations and feeding Africans. To be fair, I knew Polish people who would NEVER give to an annual appeal or send money to the brown-world but instead would send packages of clothes or whatever to orphanages in Poland. Another story is when our organist’s daughter decided to marry a black. It was a HUGE scandal in our parish and the organist even shunned his daughter. Unfortunately, I guess he couldn’t handle breaking his relationship with his daughter and ended up accepting it and our parish priest fucking married them! Disgraceful! That’s all the reason I needed to leave that church and never look back! Also, remember this Christians, you better raise your children race aware because the church, school-system, and media sure as hell won’t!

    Here’s an example of dissonance among the Irish population. When I was a junior in university, I had a roommate who was from upstate New York. 3/4 Irish and 1/4 European Spanish. He got affirmative action btw, and that’s where I got the idea for WN to claim they’re 1/4 Argentinian to get benefits. Anyway, he knew I was a lapsed Catholic but liked to discuss religion with me. I once asked him why he thought the mass media was so anti-Catholic and always dredging up the sex-scandals and he told me, get this, “because the Anglo (his word) Protestant elite control the media and hate Irish people and Catholics” That’s right folks, those damn Protestants like Spielberg, Katzenberg, Rothstein, et al.

    If you could pull off WN in a Christian church, by all means, go ahead. I don’t bother anymore. I think you’re better off spending your Sunday morning in the gym than in a pew. I know Varg Vikernes and the like are big into European paganism, but honestly there’s not much English language documentation on Slavic Rodnovery so I don’t really bother and most of the pagan gatherings here are Germanic and Celtic and obviously those traditions don’t “speak” to me. I suppose I have what Greg Johnson calls “Racial Civic Religion”. I guess I will have to figure out how to “turn-out” an atheist White woman (they’re mostly liberal) to racialism if I want to get married.

    • Europa Rex says:

      What about esoteric hermeticism? It’s essentially mystical nihilism (what Nietzsche was really getting at).

    • Craig says:

      My wife is still atheist, but she no longer supports gay marriage, no longer supports mass immigration and wants white for whites. After our son, she didn’t want any more babies. Yet we are on our 4th now.

      Baby steps mate, patience, it can take years, I guarantee it accelerates after the first baby. They just seem to get more beautiful the more you have. She said we’ll stop at 4, but I can see the seeds of the 5th already planted in her mind. They just seem to get more clucky.

      Cultural Marxism mind worms may infest the brains of our brothers and sisters, even us till we break the mould.

      Mother nature and biology are eternal. Till we go mass extinct of course. Or if we escape to the stars…

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        Being pregnant and having babies is the most awesome thing in the world. I love being a woman for just that reason.

  9. Peter Blood says:

    The other side of Talmudism is the endless lawyerly speculation about law, and how to subvert it. The Talmud is full of reasoning on how God didn’t really mean what he said in The Law. This is why Jews make “good” lawyers–they really know how to work the law.

    • Europa Rex says:

      This. Rules-lawyering was never part of our heritage.

      • mindweapon says:

        Well then we’ll be ruled by people who do.

        You are choosing continued subjugation.

      • Europa Rex says:

        Rules by themselves are worthless. The law doesn’t matter, it’s who is willing to enforce them that matter.

        So in other words, Rules-lawyering doesn’t matter if the guy tasked with enforcement doesn’t want to enforce it.

      • mindweapon says:

        YOu missed the point. WN’s have to enforce the rules on themselves. It’s not about cops and courts, it’s about internal motivation. If you don’t have this internal motivation, it’s fine. I am looking for those who do.

    • mindweapon says:

      What I have personally noticed is that the monotheistic religions are very dramatic; people get emotional about them — about Christians weeping about Jeeb on the cross, or Jews lamenting, or Muslims raging.

      The Eastern religions are more detached and it’s all about dealing with all situations with equanimity. Not being so ready to have an emotional reaction.

      People saying, “well, Amy Chua gives me a negative emotional reaction so I reject it, and now let’s spend a few paragraphs on my emotional reaction.”

      Going around having emotional reactions makes you stupid in practice. You could be a genius, but emotionalism makes you less intelligent because you run with your emotions rather than thinking through what is in front of you.

      So Whites practice emotionalism. WN 1.0 was emotionalist — it was all about “let’s get guns and kill the enemy.” But that won’t kill the enemy. You have to take over the enemy. There isn’t a lot of them, compared to us. The oligarchs and plutocrats die, and leave their children and grandchildren, and the global oligarchy is in the hands of a few thousand families.

      This is their weakness — multigenerationalism and lack of a cure for mortality.

      We can take over the enemy. Why? Because the world is all about technology and complexity. We have to create (from our very own loins) a generation that is more on top of the technology and complexity than the few thousand oligarch families. The oligarchs need to use our children/grandchildren to run the world, and our progeny take back the world from them.

      But we need to shake off emotionalism altogether. The way to do that is very much to adopt the Chinese way of looking at the world, what I’d call Confucianism-Taoism. Confucianism is the boring but necessary part of running businesses and studying, Taoism is what gives you equanimity, makes you stoic and laconic and dispassionate.

      Play by certain rules; get ahead; get more ahead; rinse, repeat until you win.

      That’s where I’m going. The Vikings Riding Wolves don’t want to follow, that’s fine. I won’t be looking back to see who or who is not following me.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        “Going around having emotional reactions makes you stupid in practice. You could be a genius, but emotionalism makes you less intelligent because you run with your emotions rather than thinking through what is in front of you.”

        I have definately seen this in my life and in the lives of our people There are just certain things we just WON’T do.

        I remember when I first came to California I wanted to by a bicycle to ride around on and my husband, who grew up here said I couldn’t because only Beaners (Mexicans) use bikes for transportation. That’s just one example of a stubborness some of us have. Me, I won’t work for the government. We have high standards but the way things are in the United States, we may have to lower our standards a bit if we want to stay in the game. I’m still not going to work for the Gov though….I’ll leave that you the youngsters!

  10. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Nope. Sorry Mindweapons Amy Chua or whatever that pan faced gook’s name is will not be MY inspiration as a Nordic White Ayran Woman. I don’t do following others. Never have, never will.

    The White Race’s strength comes from our pioneering abilities and our exploration. Years back I had a black man come out and say to me “Y’all white people are THE explorers mang!”
    Yep. We are. I don’t give a fig about China. I am not trying to own a business in Amurkistan such that I can suck up to the turds. No thank you I will sit back and let the system implode and do things renegade, MY way.

    That is what made the Europeans great and what made America great initially, until a load of spoiled brat Jews and heir and heiress elite whites decided to come over and soil the goodness of REAL freedom.

    White people mind their own business. They do their own thing. They live and let live. That is WHITENESS. And Amy Chua’s bullshit about Tiger Moms and turd wrapped in gold Chinese snake oil BS is not my scene.

    Whites need to get back to their pioneering, “fuck it”, “mind your business’, explorer roots. We need to the stick the fork in the global economy and its bullshyte laws. The West will IMPLODE and then we will grow again. It will just take time.

    • A.Ralston says:

      My sentiments too. Though it may seem paradoxical, it has been my experience that uncorrupted independent-minded White people IMO tend naturally to willingly collaborate, join forces, and help one another as necessary when they are free to mind their own business, do their own thing, and live and let live.

    • MOISHE (NOT) says:

      I totally concur Viking bitch – who gives a fuck what some overly ambitious mongloid says – haven’t we all got the confidence to go our own way??? why the fuck do all the darker races want to imitate us? – its because we are the shit – Caucasians are the innovaters, the explorers and the doers – fuck amy chu/jew. I have lived in china and I can tell you that they are most unninnovative people on the planet – they literally copy everything the white people do…….whites are intuitively inclined to see the writing on the wall – and change course in response – in this case – genocide is on the cards from our friends the Tribe and their assorted pet Orc minions – I have faith that whites will evolve to meet the challenge – and be victorious – for the stupid dumbed down judaised white – well too bad – they can claim their Darwinian medals!

    • mindweapon says:

      Viking Bitch,

      Your attitude is exactly why we are losing.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        Maybe she will find a way to work around the problems. She is already home-schooling.

        Amy Chua is just public. Awesome White parents don’t get published for obvious reasons. I mean who raised the guy who invented the internet??? What about Bill Gates mother? How come we never hear about her?

        I hope Amy Chuas kids rebel and marry negros.

        Still I see your point. We need to adapt or die.

      • vikingbitch says:

        No. Rich whites who are Jew and Asian thinkers are the reason why whites are losing. You dismiss us more radical, outside of the box thinkers because we won’t tow the line and mimic other races and suck up to the ideals of the ‘global mareket’ so you can make money off OUR backs.

        I don’t think I am losing, I am simply not ‘playing the game’. Why should I?

  11. TabuLa Raza says:

    The world’s biggest problema is the paper money hegemoney. We could join with others until this scourge is eliminated.

    We need grecian philosophy, namely aristotelian- a is a, a thing is what it is. And logic.
    The chinks have difficulty with the scientific method. No wonder- they think that contradictions do exist (the wheel where light blends into dark).

    The people need to know about the information monopoly, and who is behind it. We can move into philosophy while destroying this monopoly. Government schools must be removed- this is the start of cramming the establishment down the kids’ throats. Do these “schools” tell the kids how “banks” create “money” out of “nothing?”

  12. A.Ralston says:

    This. Spawned, engineered, weaponized, and controlled by YKW, the usurious, debt-based, gun-backed international money matrix is history’s most colossal and cunningly evil heist. It’s bastard siblings are the income tax and the collectivist, misandrist youth indoctrination / incarceration camps to which far too many Whites have stupidly and willingly submitted their precious children.

  13. A.Ralston says:

    Slightly OT, but note-worthy IMO: To whatever extent Amy Chua is seen as physically attractive is the extent to which her physiognomy approaches an Aryan semblance.

    Like MW, I believe a thorough, painful expunging of Judaic law from our consciousness is woefully past due, but Chua’s psychopiritual armature, intellectually incisvie though she may be, repels me. From where I stand, I see Chua as too young, arrogant, less smart than she believes herself to be, and inimical to my race. Her life-parnter is another head-centered egoist, who is Jwsh.

    It is indubitably prudent to scrutinize the enemy as one would a lover, and for this reason I have taken an interest in her book. But for me to accept and then absorb a message as my own, I must, in large measure, resonate with, admire, and embrace the messenger.

    • mindweapon says:

      Well, that’s why we continue to lose. The truth is, I came up with the same ideas as Chua before her books came out (except World on Fire), but it’s convenient to point to her books and say, “See, these ideas are out there, they don’t just come out of my head.”

      We are letting Asian Market Dominant Minorities own all our convenience stores, gas stations, liquor stores and dry cleaners; meanwhile, these businesses enable them to have the free time to home school their kids and/or get tutors for them, so those kids are able to do a math/science major in college, and then excel in grad school, whether in medicine, law, science, math or business. An undergrad degree in science or math is better even for a business major. But what a lot of WHite people do who go into science/engineering is they start at some corporation as a scientist, but then end up on the executive track. But it all starts with the kid actually learning math/physics/chem as teenagers and being able to do well in Calculus 1-4, Freshman Physics, General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.

      I have found THE thing we need to do, and you are complaining that you personally dislike Amy Chua? I suppose you are not sufficiently focused on winning that you would even make such a remark. Well, our rivals are much more focused on winning, I can tell you that.

      • banned56 says:

        We’ve had this debate before, MW. You say it takes tiger parenting to raise a science / math gladiator. *I* say, I DID it, I raised a whiz. My son, no shit, graduated Valedictorian, AP scholar with distinction, National Merit Scholar, got a full ride to university. Many more achievements but I don’t want to be any more specific and blow his taqquiya cover.
        And I was NOT a tiger mother.
        I was a barefoot La Leche League loving-guidance mother who simply clapped and gave my kids the positive attention and beaming approval kids crave when they accomplished something, from a very young age. I taught my kids to read at age 4 with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. My kids were EAGER to bring the book over and climb in my lap and learn.
        To be sure, my son is blessed with a sky-high IQ (my dad once told me he scored 160 on the IQ test they administered in the Army — I didn’t believe him til my son came along!)
        My daughter is bright but the *brilliance*, as is the general rule, the son manifests.
        My daughter is all kinds of creative — although her best and highest use, like mine, is to make more smart babies.
        I know I sound like a braggart. But I think I have room to speak, and my point is, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Browbeating kids may work to motivate them. But, so can taking pleasure in the kid’s accomplishments.
        Since La Leche League, with their ideas of loving guidance, was started by 7 White women in the 50s, long before the YKWs hijacked our culture, I think it’s fair to say that it can work for us White folks.

      • mindweapon says:


        I’m not saying we have to imitate Tiger Mom’s tactics, but we do have to work hard to make sure we get the end result that our kids, at minimum, are able to pass Gen Chem, Calc 1 and 2, Stats, and Freshman Physics if they intend to go to college at all, and they have to major in a STEM field, even if it’s just pre-med.

        My own daughter is slogging through math and chem. She’s not a genius at it, but she has ambition to be a medical professional and knows she has to pass Gen Chem and Calculus and Physics and Organic Chem so she works at it.

        I have a service job and some of my clients are Chinese college students and I ask them about their life and their academic career. The difference between Chinese and American college students is the Chinese students don’t quit or give up on STEM. They slog through however much they struggle, because they have no other choice. THey can’t change to a psych major or English major. So they get that pre-med degree or chem degree or mech engineering degree becuase they passed by hook or by crook or even by cheating. The upper class Asians share the quizzes and tests with the freshman Asians, for example. It’s not all cheating — plenty of the Asians know their stuff quite well, but the ones with lesser ability cheat rather than quit. And then they have that mech engineering degree and they get a job based on that, and the white kids don’t.

        So I’m not saying to use Amy’s tactics, but to make sure you get similar or better results with your kids. Use whatever works, but make sure your kids know from an early age they have to compete with the Asians.

    • MOISHE says:

      yes! yes! – study her, pick her brain – then discard her of being any relevance – she is in the jewish orbit and has assimiliated the jews neurotic will-to-power of trying to dominate everything around themself – her poor kids (not) deserve this scion of jewish-asiatic hybrid mind-fuckery.

  14. MOISHE (NOT) says:

    I concur Alexandros – if you want to get jew-wise – I would suggest reading “the decline and fall of the roman empire” by Victorian writer Gibbon – he elucidates what you stated – that the kikes even during roman times were moving gold shipments to rome under the nose of the roman authorities – palms had been greased and it was difficult for anyone to expose the yids even then – they are playing according to type – the filthy scum that they are…

  15. Craig says:

    IMO The WASP’s have fallen, and will not rise again. Maybe in a different form, but never the same. A simple altered nursery rhyme

    WASPY Dumpty sat on a the greatest high wall.

    WASPY Dumpty had a great fall.

    And all the Goys horses and all the Goys men.

    Couldn’t put WASPY Dumpty back together again.

    We need something new IMO. A new egg, strong, hard, yet flexible to handle our differences. Our in-group can have the inner secrets to rule the ship, yet we need the rules for the masses to follow.

    So we can argue, come to agreements, as technical as they may be.

    Still we need KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid, for the out-group AKA the masses we want to point in the right direction. Perfect example are the white rabbits yeah, now that’s great for the average Joe’s. Our leaders on the other hand are still pulling in all different directions, and that’s creating a stall and nose dive, when instead we should be climbing to ever higher heights.

    We need goals, and if we work for the same goal, we’ll come together, yet to achieve the goal we need to remain fluid, adaptable to our individual unique circumstances.

    Does that makes sense, sort of?

  16. Stubbs says:

    I vote for “Nazi Occultism”. The one TRUE religion, obviously.

  17. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Control of Language preceeds control of Law. Without good Language, no good Law is possible. Think of developing your own Languages.

    • Stary Wylk says:

      Much of what Oogenhand says is nonsense, but this time he has a valid and valuable point.
      Control language and you control discourse. Discourse is how we affirm our judgements. By affirming our judgements we establish consensus, when possible. By consensus we make law which influences behavior.
      Every day we are told how we can save money by spending it, when anyone not a fool knows the only money save is what you don’t spend. When boys want to look at unclothed girls they’re called “perverts” though the survival of the human race requires that interest, while it’s plain that having an entire clenched hand up ones ass as sex is a perversion. The meme goes that we “need health insurance” , when what we need is healthcare. As to healthcare, most of that should come from our own behaviors, not from continual intervention by doctors and nurses.
      Let us use our words to state true things, rather than hide them.
      And Oogenhand, the word is “precede”.

  18. hardscrabble farmer says:

    To be an agrarian is to be in perfect tune with one’s spiritual center. We are the Creators when we take part in the great cycles of life. and we can feed ourselves- bonus.

    Leaving the farms, the homesteads and the frontiers was fatal mistake of our people. Every great inventor, every deep thinker, every generational leader was born and raised on a family farm. Cosmopolitanism was our kryptonite. The lure of the cities with their distractions and fashions, fads and lifestyle choices has killed off more than all the wars of the past two centuries. It is what has led to all the poor choices and lost mating options that has led us into demographic decline.

    Of course the arguments are specious at best- you can’t make a living farming. Folks, earing wages as an employee isn’t living, it’s slavery. People got all twisted up in their thinking when we began to view money, i.e. FRN’s as wealth. Wealth is found in the soil. Fertility, tilth, livestock, forests, fisheries, flocks and the multitude of products that come from these holdings are real wealth because they not only replicate themselves if one husbands intentionally, they multiply annually. A well kept holding increases its productivity year by year instead of dpleting capital through spending on those things we should be creating- nourishment, energy, stockpiles, soils.

    Our only chance for survival is to turn our backs, en masse on the false paradigm of the urbane perspective and embrace at whatever level we are able the agrarian ideal.It is our wellspring and our refuge and none of the others are able to coax from the Earth the prodigious bounty that we are able to. This is our cathedral

    And the ability to steward is genetically encoded into us all.

    • mindweapon says:


      The farmers need a merchant class looking out for them though.

      They need Good Bankers to protect them from the Bad Bankers. Or the Farmers must themselves also be Bankers.

      What people here are not getting is that we have to Fill the Niche of the Hostile Elites, or they will fill it for us. We cannot leave the office of Global Moneychangers uncontested; we must run for election, even if only to close down this office.

  19. Mike says:


    I can’t answer your comment, as the reply function stops after a post or two. I was replying to Hipster Racist’s comment, not so much to your overall point, in my first post.

  20. 0jr says:

    sounds like the china man and jew are becoming buddy buddy you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours kinda thing after all the jews have been caught spying on everybody and selling them secrets and as soon as the chiny catchs them doing it to them it might be to late. they know th wjews got all the money for now they will be cozy untill the jew stabs them in the back .the jews greed knows no bounds

    • mindweapon says:

      Yes, something like that.

      Understand Confucianism, be less victimized by Talmudism.

      Chinese are cowpox; Jews are smallpox.

      Get vaccinated with Chinese Confucianism; don’t die of Jewish Talmudism.

  21. Stubbs says:

    Lao-Tzu and Confucius didn’t say their doctrines were original, they said they were merely resurrecting ancient traditions which had become forgotten. Every successful religion has made similar claims. I doubt something like Creativity or Cosmotheism will catch on, they don’t have enough starting material. Historical Christianity can’t cut it either, it’s too far gone and its systematic problems have become too much to patch over.

    We need some sort of antifreemasonry. “Nazi Occultism” wasn’t entirely a joke submission. We need to combine a fascistic mentality with extreme operational flexibility.

  22. banned56 says:

    “So I’m not saying to use Amy’s tactics, but to make sure you get similar or better results with your kids. Use whatever works, but make sure your kids know from an early age they have to compete with the Asians.”
    Ok, yes, on this we agree.
    Part of the road to White America’s wrack and ruin was Sesame Street.
    Soooo easy to plop the kid down in front of “educational” TV. At LAST some sweet peace and quiet for the parents…ahhhhh….BUT
    On Sesame Street was peddled the dope to get White kids addicted to TV. Once they’re passively watching for HOURS per day, then the YKWs can mainline the “hard stuff,” the mind-altering anti-Whiteness, the rat poison-laced heroin mixed with sugar-sweetened cereal ads, so lovingly offered by Big Bird and Elmo.
    Because the YKWs know, not only does the subconscious believe what it sees, even if it’s only on TV, but also, for a mind made flabby from ingesting Big Bird’s brain candy, studying is just so HAAAARRRRRRRRD.
    Don’t kill ’em, that’s liable to bring on pogroms. We tried that. Much better to drug ’em into submission.
    Sesame Street plus sugar-sweetened cereal = drooling dunces.

    Ah, but loving guidance — THERE’s the antidote. Kids want attention. Even more than they want the Super Sugar Crisp. Beam at your kid in first grade for bringing you a hundred on his paper, and he will try hard to bring you many more.

    • MOISHE says:

      as a teacher who wants to see all people progress (but whites more than anyone) – pavlovian loving approval works wonders – smile, beam and encourage the white kiddies to rise above complaceny, encourage excellence – and MOSTLY – TO THINK INDEPENDENTLY FOR THEMSELVES – NOT TO BELEIVE WHAT THEY ARE TOLD – EXCEPT AFTER SERIOUS CONJECTURE AND QUESTIONING – MY JOB IS DONE!

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