James Howard Kunstler and Charles Hugh Smith on the Deep State; they believe it is defined by incompetence and failing upward

A big question among us all is this; is ZOG a superpower with secret weapons that even Putin fears, and the ability to keep down all dissent? Is Washington, DC immune from a color revolution or radical regime change? Are there adults and competent people in charge, or is it Caligula?

Charles Hugh Smith thinks that the Deep State is full of yes men, and anyone who dissents from the Party Line gets their career cut off. Kunstler says, “The federal government is moving towards greater incompetence and impotence.” Let’s hope so!

KunstlerCast 250 — Chatting with Charles Hugh Smith on the Deep State

Smith speculates that the Deep State has serious factional rifts between Wall Street and the Pentagon/CIA, and that the generals and spooks might “throw Wall Street under the bus.”

Of course, the right wing has been talking about the Deep State since the founding of the John Birch Society, or even longer. But this is the age of revelation, where the voices that once cried in the wilderness, are now taken up in the town squares.


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14 Responses to James Howard Kunstler and Charles Hugh Smith on the Deep State; they believe it is defined by incompetence and failing upward

  1. FWM says:

    For those interested in the meat and potatoes of the “Deep State,” this is the article that will give you all the background that you need. The “Dark Enlightenment” (neo-reactionary blogger’s and PUA-themed cynics) call it “The Cathedral.” Either way, despite CHS thinking this entity would “throw Wall Street under the bus to save itself, if it felt threatened,” I don’t think it is that simple (but Reader’s, you decide). And always remember the caveat – “if they won’t name the *-*-*, their message isn’t true.”


  2. TabuLa Raza says:

    “if they won’t name the you know who, then their message isn’t true.”

    • mindweapon says:

      Well, I find it an interesting discussion. When they say, “Wall Street” it’s obviously YKW, but it makes them free to say a lot more. THey think the Pentagon/CIA Deep State is going to “take out” Wall Street. It’s pretty easy to read between the lines.

      It’s interesting to see how the lines have blurred. Rense.com for years has been kind of a respectable Christian conservative web site, but now it hosts David Duke along with it’s usual people. I heard Gavin McInnes on Sean Hannity last night — he’s also on Takimag!

      We are the stronger force. Conservatism Inc. is being drawn to us, kicking and screaming.

  3. Sam says:

    They are incompetent. The only reason they are so successful is racial solidarity and they do things so outrageous a normal person doesn’t believe that anyone could be so wicked. They’ve managed to pull off 9-11, so far, but building #7 is a great big gaping hole in reality. I tell people about this all the time. When ever I tell someone about Israeli perfidy and someone says I’m paranoid I just tell them about building #7. It’s impossible for them to refute. They screwed up big time and it will eventually snow ball on them. They keep making bigger and bigger gambles because they have too. If they crash the economy the military may come unglued and smash them. There’s a lot of b.s. about our military. How they can’t win wars against smaller countries. but they don’t explain the context. In all the recent wars the stated goal has been to bring them democracy. Never mind if that’s true or not. If that’s the stated goal operations have to at least give lip service to them. What if the goal was just destroy and crush the enemy. I suspect the, we can’t win criticism, in such a situation would die an immediate death as we can smash and destroy like no other. The psychopaths may find themselves at the sharp end of that stick.
    Also I now believe nothing the media tells me. The latest lost plane for example. When they showed two Iranians on the plane with fake I.D.’s my immediate thought was mossad has taken over the plane and they’re going to frame the Iranians. Trying to get the Asians on the psychopaths side. I don’t think it will work.

  4. Cash says:

    O/T. Have any of you guys read this article about a coalburning Canadian slut pimped out by North Preston’s Finest. Google ‘pimped north preston’s finest’. OMG this slut is brutally tortured by apes and I think maybe she just made a bad choice. But then she blames white men for being most of the johns and I lose all sympathy. These sluts make their beds, let them die in it, the state authorities shouldn’t waste a dime rescueing these whores.

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  6. wobbly says:

    YKW don’t have any brakes.

  7. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  8. Brandon says:

    Since when did Moyers develope a conscience? I see he still hates the tea party, which appears to be one of the stumbling blocks in the way of the title of his article -the Deep State. His basic message may be true, but his demoncrapic party worship clouds his wisdom.

    MW…your last sentence in your post. Excellent!!

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  10. Sam says:

    What did I say about the tribe blaming Iran for the missing plane. They’ve become so transparent. Were they directly responsible? They do make electronics that can take over planes and fly them remotely.
    My only confusion is why they’re not pushing it harder. It may be that the Asians don’t buy any of that kosher mindwarp. Could they be…afraid. They’ve been overreaching for a while. Way overreaching. Look at the reaction. Putin knows that the new oligarks (sp. intentional) are Jews. So…

    Senior Russian Diplomat: Moscow May Change Stance In Iranian Nuke Talks

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