With Long Arrears to Make Good

Wow, Nick Griffin speaks out against immigration and miscegenation in the EU Parliament! Awesome!

The Kakistocracy

EU. New Nuremberg trials.

Regardless of what criticisms he may warrant in other circumstance or how fanciful the notion, this brief speech should be heard. For it’s not about Griffin. It’s not about particulars. It’s about serving notice that the actions of our enemies aren’t as risk-free as presumed. It’s about playing offense instead of defense. About being who instead of always whom. About offering sober counsel to the morally intoxicated: Continue this war against us, and acute will be the pain of failure.

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25 Responses to With Long Arrears to Make Good

  1. Rita Rabbit says:

    He is caving to political pressure-from US.

  2. PA says:

    Powerful. Thanks for finding it.

  3. wobbly says:


  4. Indigenous Europeans?!

    A couple of years ago, I had an online correspondence with someone who claimed to be a former member of the BNP. He said he never cared for and was always suspicious of Nick Griffith, but was disconsolate not only with NG’s failure to ingratiate himself with the BBC Anti-Whites grilling him over his racism, but also the fact that NG had decided to bow to some court order to let Non-Whites into the party. He was trying to figure out how to rebrand White activism in Britain.

    I remember telling him that NG or any other leader of the BNP would fumble the ball, because the EU imposed by the NWO had bypassed the ethno-state by reducing Great Britain into another dubious proposition (where any one with a pulse has either citizenship or full rights as citizens). I reminded him that the same NWO had ousted the European powers from their overseas colonies in Africa and India and Asia by championing the rights of the aborigines in their native homelands. That citing their war of genocide against Native Americans was how the same NWO was guilt-tripping Whites all over America and Canada into rolling over and playing dead to the Mestizo and other invasions.

    I told him that, whether White Americans like it or not, we WERE a “Nation of Immigrants” that had no official aboriginal claim on the New World (that we knew of). That was NOT the case for him.
    I suggested to him that British Nationalists rebrand themselves as Aboriginal Britons fighting to hang on to their native homelands and that it behooved them to unite with the nationalists of other European countries as Indigenous Europeans to fight the Anti-White EU’s racial replacement (disguised as various Non-White immigration) plans.

    I thought I was imagining an Indigenous European subtext when Generation Identitaire came out, but could not be sure. Did you see how strident and hysterical that woman got? She saw the implicit European nativism in NG’s speech and was not a happy camper. Oh, she tried to head it of at the pass by pointing and spluttering, but all she did was leave an opening for NG’s more explicit rebuttal with the Indigenous European punch line.

    I had pretty much written off the BNP myself after I had a debate with a Briton in America who kept claiming the British were not European even though I told him that saying Great Britain was not European was like saying Cape Cod was not part of Massachusetts one of the fifty states making up the United States! I did not change his mind, because it was like talking to a brick wall. Needless to say, I was flabbergasted that it was a Briton, of all people who slapped the EU in the kisser with the Indigenous European gauntlet. WTG, Nicky!

  5. Craig says:

    That was beautiful to watch. Thanks MW. Who knows he may replace Enoch as my favourite British politician.

  6. Number Six says:

    It doesn’t take much to fool the desperate and unenlightened does it?

    Gri££in is only coming out with hard hitting speeches like this now because A) the success of the Golden Dawn, and B) he’s desperate to be re-elected to the Euro gravy train.

    Too little, too late. Gri££in spent the first 4 years of his 5 year term screwing every last penny in expenses for himself and his cronies out of the EU parliament whilst back in Britain his party fell to bits. Huge amounts of money have flowed into the BNP as donations over the years and we haven’t got a clue where it’s all gone. Certainly not on political activity that’s for sure. Add in all the flip-flops and general buffoonery and it all adds up to Gri££in holding nationalism back in the UK.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yeah, I know. Well, sometimes desperate politicians do cool stuff!

    • Craig says:

      That does suck. Makes the SNP look honest I guess.
      Why don’t you guys take him OUT of the leader position? Replace him with a non-partisan who may be loyal.

      • Number Six says:

        No the SNP are not honest in any way. They support immigration and closer ties with the EU. It didn’t surprise me when Salmond said he wanted to keep the British pound even if Scotland voted for independence. Imagine that! A great chance to free themselves from Britain’s gigantic debt and yet he wants to keep that millstone around their necks.

      • Number Six says:

        Sorry, forgot to answer the bit about taking Gri££in out as leader. On the last leadership election it was a condition that the elected leader gets a 4 year term. So the earliest opportunity will be in 2015. I doubt the party will exist in any meaningful way at that point let alone have anyone in it with leadership qualities.

      • Craig says:

        That’s what I meant dude the SNP are open about it so they suck…As soon as I realised they’re pro EU…it was all down hill. I was even considering migrating back to Scotland till I realised it wouldn’t matter.

    • wobbly says:

      “Gri££in is only coming out with hard hitting speeches like this now because A) the success of the Golden Dawn, and B) he’s desperate to be re-elected to the Euro gravy train.”


      • Number Six says:


        Basically he’s con-man who’s blown it. The party has lost three quarters of it’s membership since 2010 and virtually all of it’s elected representatives. You may see a good speech from him and it feeds your need for ‘nationalist entertainment’ but those of us who put a lot of time, effort and money into the cause have seen all the other downright dishonest stuff.

  7. eyeslevel says:

    Nuremberg was a made up show trial with “confessions” drawn out by torture. It was part of the anti-white agenda. Why does Nick Griffin have to associate our just cause with that kangaroo court? Up to that point, good speech.

    • PA says:

      Keep your eye on the prize. Are the traitors to be tried and hanged if convicted, or not?

      • eyeslevel says:

        By citing Nuremberg as a legitimate example, he doesn’t help our cause, he undermines it. He validates the crimes committed against Germany.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        I think it was great. I pray will be as ruthless to our enemies as they were to us.

      • PA says:

        Eyes on the prize, Eyeslevel. First we win, then we correct history.

      • eyeslevel says:

        Of course we’re going to bring the anti-whites to justice. The POINT is he picked a bad example that reinforces our enemies’ WW2 pack-of -lies narrative and undermines our cause. How do you win a propaganda war by letting your enemies control the narrative?

      • Mr. Rational says:

        How do you win a propaganda war by letting your enemies control the narrative?

        Jiu-jitsu, showing that they are criminals even by the terms of their own narrative.

  8. TabuLa Raza says:


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