Mockery: Mind Weapon of the Illuminati

Interesting that this Leak Source person is using the term Mind Weapon. I don’t think he’s a commenter at MWIR, so my little meme seems to have caught on. Interesting post about TV sitcoms — I always found sitcoms to be extreme Mind War agianst us.


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30 Responses to Mockery: Mind Weapon of the Illuminati

  1. Cash says:

    Jon Stewart will have a photo in the dictionary beside ‘smarmy’. His blood group must be oily. I literally can’t be in a room with that smug smarmbucket hooknose on. His white-hatred is so thinly veiled, yet dumb SWPLs don’t pick up on it.

    • Steve Johnson says:

      Not that I like Leibowitz but that level of smarm / smug is taken by Bill Maher.

      Leibowitz is more tolerable to me.

    • attila says:

      A lot of whites at the office bring up this individual in every other conversation – “useful idiots”.

    • Speaking Of Bill Maher, Jonathan Stuart Liebowitz, and humor as a political tool:

      Do Paranoids Dream of Electric Jews?

      This empathy is alien to androids, which raises the question of what the androids represent. Here is perhaps the most remarkable thing of all about DADOES–a remarkable thing that to my knowledge has gone totally unmentioned in the existing criticism of this book. DADOES offers criticism of Jewish influence on post-war American culture.

      Let us begin with this passage:

      DADOES said:
      But something about Buster Friendly irritated John Isidore, one specific thing. In subtle, almost inconspicuous ways, Buster ridiculed the empathy boxes. Not once but many times. He was, in fact, doing it right now.

      Buster Friendly’s sneering derision of Mercerism acts as a dog whistle–if you are not attuned to its pitch, you will miss it (as I did for years after originally reading DADOES). But before we read very much into this, let us catalog some of the details which might support a claim that Dick intended to critique Jewish influence.

      To start, Dick does not refer to the major manufacturer of androids as “the Tyrell Corporation”, he names the company “the Rosen Association”. The name “Rachael” is of course a common Hebrew name.

      The Rosen Association’s representatives parry unsympathetically with Deckard, attempting to get the police to admit that they cannot detect Nexus-6 androids with their tests (why they might want this is hinted at later). Immediately after Dick introduces us to the world of Buster Friendly.

      The Buster Friendly show is depicted as a comedic talk show featuring broad humor and constant, inane patter:

      DADOES said:
      “Yess, dot’s right, Booster; it vuz seven hey hem!” Amanda Werner laughed her famous laugh, nearly as imitated as Buster’s. Amanda Werner and several other beautiful, elegant, conically breasted foreign ladies, from unspecified vaguely defined countries, plus a few bucolic so-called humorists, comprised Buster’s perpetual core of repeats. Women like Amanda Werner never made movies, never appeared in plays; they lived out their queer, beautiful lives as guests on Buster’s unending show, appearing, Isidore had once calculated, as much as seventy hours a week.

      Leaving aside everything else, one has to congratulate Dick for his anticipation of celebrity culture, in which merely being famous is enough qualification to occupy hours upon hours of entertainment programming. Of course Isidore is too stupid to see what is obvious to the reader–Buster Friendly and his guests are androids, which is Dick’s way of explaining their hostility to religion and their emotional and moral emptiness.

      DADOES said:
      “–no rock nicks on me,” Buster prattled away to Amanda Werner. “And if I’m going up the side of a mountain I want a couple of bottles of Budweiser beer along!” The studio audience laughed, and Isidore heard a sprinkling of handclaps. “And I’ll reveal my carefully documented expose from up there–that expose coming exactly ten hours from now!”

      “Ent me, too, dahlink!” Amanda gushed. “Tek me wit you! I go alonk en ven dey trow a rock et us I protek you!” Again the audience howled, and John Isidore felt baffled and impotent rage seep up into the back of his neck. Why did Buster Friendly always chip away at Mercerism? No one else seemed bothered by it; even the U.N. approved. And the American and Soviet police had publicly stated that Mercerism reduced crime by making citizens more concerned about the plight of their neighbors. Mankind needs more empathy, Titus Corning, the U.N. Secretary General, had declared several times. Maybe Buster is jealous, Isidore conjectured. Sure, that would explain it; he and Wilber Mercer are in competition. But for what?

      Our minds, Isidore decided. They’re fighting for control of our psychic selves; the empathy box on one hand, Buster’s guffaws and off-the-cuff jibes on the other.

      Buster Friendly is a prominent entertainer, his show a broadly comedic talk show. His comedy is derisive, not (despite his name) friendly or open. He ridicules a religion based on empathy. His guests are ethnic caricatures who “prattle” inanely about serious topics. He is jealous of religion’s influence over public consciousness. While Buster’s program pretends to be entertainment, it is engaged in aggressive social critique. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Bill Maher.

      More seriously, the parallels between Buster Friendly’s program and secular Jewish influence are unmistakable to anyone who has ventured to critique Jewish culture. This coincidence seems unlikely to be accidental on Dick’s part–it is layered too thickly, and with the revelation that Buster Friendly is an android, there is a further connection with the Rosen Association, inviting one to imagine a conspiracy of dehumanization.

      Absent Dick’s portrayal of Mercerism (and of Buster Friendly’s contemptuous attacks on it), this could be read merely as a tongue-in-cheek spoofing of Jewish-dominated Hollywood culture. But Dick’s presentation of Mercerism gives the behavior of androids (who all hate Mercer) a more sinister connotation. As the androids around Isidore watch Buster Friendly’s expose, they seem to anticipate every statement, as if what is being shown is a script that all androids know, each of them having the same programmed antipathy (programmed, of course, by the Rosen Association). “Listen to this,” the android leader Roy Baty keeps saying as the expose unfolds.

      As if Dick cannot help himself, Buster Friendly’s reporter invokes Hitler in imagining what dire purpose an empathic union of humanity could serve. The androids then assert that the concept of empathy is simply a way for humans to keep androids beneath them: “Isn’t it a way of proving that humans can do something we can’t do? Because without the Mercer experience we just have your word that you feel this empathy business, this shared, group thing.”

    • Anon says:

      they think he hates only the wrong sort of white(IE not them).

  2. Dana Roccapriore says:

    hey man, when i interviewed kevin mac on truth militia way back i played this song by fear factory, great lyrics, and they use “my mind is the weapon” in there


    One nation of gods, divided by faith,

    A nation is divided by faith,

    Witness deliberate war of attrition,

    Judge me not, lest you be judged,

    Eyes are blinded, blinded by violation,

    I hate your contention,

    I hate you violation,

    I hate your corruption,

    I hate your life destruction,

    I am your enemy…

    Witness deliberate war of attrition,

    Kill my mind, my mind is the weapon,

    Words are banned, these words meant to enlighten,

    I hate your contention,

    I hate your violation,

    I hate your corruption,

    I hate your life destruction,

    I am your enemy,

    I will resist,


    Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2014 10:54:49 +0000 To:

  3. PA says:

    Amazing: an Eighties pop song about the coming tyranny and Mindweapons survival. Listen to it or look up the lyrics:

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      Love it! Like this one a lot too. especially the ending. Time will tell on their power minds
      Making war just for fun
      Treating people just like pawns in chess
      Wait ’till their Judgment day comes, yeah!

      Now in darkness, world stops turning
      Ashes where the bodies burning
      No more war pigs of the power
      Hand of God has struck the hour
      Day of Judgment, God is calling
      On their knees the war pigs crawling
      Begging mercy for their sins
      Satan, laughing, spreads his wings
      Oh Lord yeah!

      • Craig says:

        It’d be pretty cool to make an internet post of MW songs from the 60’s all the way to now…Hell you could probably find old nursery rhyms and hymns as well.

      • mindweapon says:

        WEhat do you mean by MW songs? Mind Weapon songs?

        I think there was a campaign to use music to make people pessimistic starting in the 60’s with the Beatles. A Frankfurt School commie, Adorno I think, wrote Beatles songs. They have been using pop culture to shape us. But it’s possible to refuse their influence.

      • Craig says:

        Not the Beatles mate I hate them with a fucking vengeance, my dad loves them, he has gold records of them, my Dad and I have rather opposite tastes. Such are the disagreements in families. More obscure music stuff I was into, when I was 13 to 17 years rebellious stuff, some applicable to MindWeapons. The music I use to like listening to the most, no run of the general mill people has ever, ever heard of ever, as they were not popular or writing what the money makers,YKW, Jews what ever floats your boat, wanted people to hear. Stuff before the late 1980’s I would have to look up and research. Stuff after that is all bouncing around in my head man.

        You see Sebadoh is a rather obscure band, I only know 5 other Aussies including myself that I’ve met in my life that have ever heard of them, being they’re American band too. I know a lot of fucking people man. I’m not some obscure nerd dude stuck behind a computer, when I was younger I can tell ya. I didn’t really like the internet till I was about 27 years old, cause I had heaps of other shit to do. I was always too busy.

        Does anyone else here know of Sebadoh a real rigdy dige original Hipster band, before hipsterdom became famous, when it was all called Grunge or a more technical term was LO-fi indie pop rcok?

        I have met not one American on the internet who knows of them, when I’ve mentioned them ever. I do remember one poster, posting one of their songs once, a coincidence maybe…

        You know they play the electric white boy blues.

        Some people don’t under stand as some real intuitive people feel like this.

        A little secret that freaks my own parents out, I have solid memories from 9 months old…freaks them out when I tell them stories when I was still basically a baby.

      • MOISHE says:

        i didnt know that faith no more was that perceptive – who wrote that track? – Mike Patton?

  4. PA says:

    Notice also how with growth of anti-racism, mockery of Blacks and other client groups became forbidden in inverse proportion to the mockery of Whites.

  5. MrWhite says:

    This is going on today

    http[:] // whitemanmarch [dot] com

    Take it to the streets.

    White Power!

  6. Paladin Justice says:

    I know the author of this piece: Mockery: Mind Weapon of the Illuminati. He wrote it for Dr. Henry Makow, where it was posted yesterday. Apparently, it’s been reblogged without attribution to the original source. The author’s first name, Ron, is attached to the article on Henry’s website. The title uses the term “mind weapons” because it’s a more interesting, engaging term than “brainwashing” or any others that easily come to mind. The word “weapon” indicates we’re in a war with a Satanic cult, the Illuminati Talmudic Jews New World Order, whose agenda means to eliminate us from the scene. Ron has written some more things for Dr. Makow, who in my opinion is the top “conspiracy realist” (a term I like) today.

    Makow has some nice pics that don’t show up on my screen here or at leaksource. The Heeb Magazine cover with Sarah Silverman that Makow used is hilarious in its own perverted way. Heeb magazine is a world to itself. The comments on Makow’s site to the piece are also worthwhile, although there aren’t that many of them.

    • Paladin Justice says:

      Sorry, but I just noticed there IS a link to henry’s website. I also forgot to say that the author of this piece does read this website.

      • mindweapon says:

        So he does read this web site. I was interested to know if he got it first hand from me, or via other people using the term, or perhaps just on his own.

        Glad to see that people have found the term useful.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        Does Makow still promote race mixing? That book he sells is about how he met his Phillipino wife. Course he’s Jewish so I don’t care what he does in his personal life.

  7. Character assassination is the BEST MINDWEAPON that exist.

    Anyone here remember the the Bush years? Everybody who questioned the ZOG narrative got relentless attacked by the media.

  8. I wrote something about this awhile back. Mockery is a very powerful weapon because it hides behind the cover of “I’m just joking, can’t you take a joke?” and the desire of people to be in on the laugh. The answer is, “No I don’t think it’s funny and no I don’t want to be part of your club.”

    • Stubbs says:

      Or tell a joke of your own. I have a feeling most of them can dish out more than they can take. (Probably not a good idea at work though.)

  9. ben tillman says:

    It might be worthwhile for some of your readers to look at the link above and suggest a better definition of “White genocide”.

  10. MOISHE says:

    we must turn it around and mock the jew – i do it all the time – no jew wants to be within 20 metres of me – they cannot beleive i have the chutzpah to mimic their chutzpah – but i do it subltely – act like the dumb goy and then ambush the fuckers with observations that show how jew-aware i am of them – it scares the shit out of them – and its great watching them retreat like the cowardly little no6-nosed bitches that they are:))))

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