World Net Daily is now White Nationalist Daily; conservative media is pulled to us as by a Tractor Beam

‘All the (expletive) that was said tonight was not OK’
Published: 23 hours ago
(MLIVE) — HOWELL, Mich. — Shocking tweets celebrating a “white” team’s victory erupted Thursday following the Howell boys basketball win over Grand Blanc.

Several students in Howell are now facing disciplinary action, according to the high school principal.

Grand Blanc lost 54-49 to Howell in the Class A regional final at Linden High School Thursday.

Among the Twitter messages posted after the game the night of March 13:

“Not only did we beat Grand Blanc but we’re all white. Howell’s the definite winner tonight.”

I remember the olden days of 2005 when World Net Daily used to ban “racist” comments! At the bottom I post a small sample of the first few comments. Conservatives have crossed the Rubicon!

So I was hanging out with some friends, and they were so concerned with “persuading” people. I told them how we should own convenience stores and liquor stores and be a Market Dominant Minority. One of them pointed out that almost ALL gun stores are owned by White men, but they are kosher conservatives. Uh huh. Kosher conservatives who have been reading since 2001 at least. Millions of conservatives at WND went seamlessly from aracial kosher patriotards to race realists over the course of 10 years. They may not say it, but they think it.

So my point was to my friends, don’t crash through open doors. Don’t spend so much energy hoping to persuade someone. Your mission is to get rich, get power, and you will have influence. Mormon missionaries actually convert very few people. Most Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses are born into it, not converted by door knockers.

Born into it, not converted. So we have to become small businessmen, take over dry cleaners, gas stations (not restaurants though), delivery businesses. All the stuff the foreigners are coming in and vacuuming up, the easy work. And the foreigners often do a bad and/or dishonest and/or dangerous job. We can actually do these ordinary functions better. Our women should do the nail salons to compete with the Asian women.

Then you can be like a Biblical Patriarch — you can have lots of children, AND you can influence them yourself. You can homeschool them, make them into multilingual martial arts experts and computer hackers and physicists. And we need to work and trade with farmers and orchardists so our kids can go do manual labor when it’s in season — planting, weeding, harvesting.

The fact that most kids are poisoned by bad food, have their minds dulled and poisoned by television and video games, and their intellectual curiosity quite purposely stunted by public schools means that if we raise kids avoiding these pitfalls, they will have a huge advantage over everyone else. They could very well infiltrate the ruling class.

So take heart, I said. Be optimstic and happy, not angry. The world is going in our direction. The neocons worst curse was getting power. Now they get to survive their victory of deception, their scam with global implications. They have become the Hollywood Nazis that they hate so much — aggressive warmongers who are picking a fight with Russia. And the Cultural Marxists? Everyone fucking hates them, even many of those who draw a paycheck to enforce Cultural Marxism.

I was at a seminar over the weekend with a bunch of high proles — no college education but very competent in the workplace and in business. Self made men — the dudes keeping the trains running on time, so to speak. Patriotic conservatives. They toed the line on race, but they were all totally on the side of Putin. The High Proles of the USA DO NOT WANT A FIGHT WITH RUSSIA.

JohnK57 • 15 minutes ago
What’s wrong with being proud of your heritage? Most good things in America were done by white people, including ending slavery, while blacks and Mexicans only tear the country down. You say black is beautiful; I say white is wonderful. If you don’t like it, we can settle things with a grammar-off!
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Fast Eddy • 2 hours ago
If you say blacks are better at certain sports and whites are better at science it would be the truth. Racism is when you hate someone. Acknowledging a black team is a tough opponent is not racism.
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Tosheba • 4 hours ago
People of color can dish it, they just can’t take it.
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jpbutterworth • 6 hours ago
Funny how blacks can be proud to be black and can even have a “history month” gloating these accomplishments, while at the same time, whites are criminalized, punished by society, and called “racist” for being proud of any of their accomplishments when relating to their race. Enough double standard here. If blacks can be proud to be black, then we can be proud to be white. Whatever happened to the spirit of “equality” that the blacks have claimed to strive for ever since the early civil rights movements? It seems they only want “equality” when it suits their needs.
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cleoshep • 8 hours ago
You see this all the time in the 1A and 2A levels. Occasionally you see it in 3A. It’s because these schools are rural and there is a smaller pool of black kids to draw from.

Black dominance is based purely on the current rules and the way officiating standards have evolved.

A few simple rule changes could totally reverse the trend. A 14′ goal height would radically change the game. It would almost completely remove the aerial component of the game. Basketball would become much more cerebral. I think American blacks would completely lose interest because their fast twitch muscle groups would be largely negated and muscle memory would become much more important. Basketball would be more like golf or billiards or bowling.

I keep wondering about another thing. Fewer and fewer white kids take basketball seriously. That means basically the pool of Americans for basketball is around 40 million because that’s about how many American blacks there are. There are a billion Chinese. What if China started taking basketball very seriously. What if India started taking basketball very seriously? American Negros are ideally suited genetically for basketball given current rules and officiating. But could the ideal DNA of the 40 million continue to overcome the less optimum DNA of over a billion?


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24 Responses to World Net Daily is now White Nationalist Daily; conservative media is pulled to us as by a Tractor Beam

  1. Mr. Rational says:

    Just a nit, MW, but when you copy comment threads like this it would aid readability if you editted the meaningless image title “Avatar” to be an inter-comment break, like a line of dashes or something.

  2. Rita Rabbit says:

    Plenty of tertific White athletes. Its just downplayed by the jewmedia.

  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  4. New England Millennial says:

    How much cash (“startup capital”) does it typically take to buy a gas station or liquor store?

      • New England Millennial says:

        Good to know. I’m a bit short a couple of hundred thousand!
        BTW, I found this clip today from yesterday’s CSPAN.
        The callers talk about how the “neo-cons” are dragging America into a war with Russia. Sounds kosher, but then when you go to the website they mention “” you find the headline “Wake Up America: Your Country is Hijacked by Zionism”. Funny trick!

      • mindweapon says:

        Great find, NEM. As far as getting a gas station, someone of us may some day offer you to manage a gas station and use the profits to pay yourself a salary and to buy out the original buyers — Islamic banking style.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Your biggest problem in entering the C-store (or motel) business against immigrants is overcoming the advantage they get through subsidized small-business loans that you can’t qualify for.

        Though I suppose a certain Greek political party has shown that it has some insights into that one.

      • mindweapon says:

        Actually, if you are in a “targeted” (poor) town, then you can qualify for subsidized small business loans. I’ve been researching this stuff.

        White people aren’t trying. That’s the problem.

  5. Ryu says:

    Extremists lead the agenda. WNs are the most extreme conservatives, so we pull the iceberg the hardest. It moves in the direction we pull.

    It’s well known that conservatives steal ideas from WNs. Good! Now you have to decide where you want them to go. They will in 5 years be where we are currently. Where will you be in 5 years from now?

  6. Occigent says:

    Given the bloodlust the vampires are emitting over the airwaves it’s good to know many aren’t fooled. It’s disgusting to watch — and easy to see how a people are tricked into war.

    But let’s not be too optimistic — the case for defending Israel in Ukraine is weak. If it were stronger there would be very few of us left to say “no,” and our past and future would again be sealed in blood.

  7. countenance says:

    It’s how we win. Ours is not the kind of agenda and ideology that we’ll be able to convert people to with our mouths, because of the nature and state of the popular culture.

    People will come over to our side when reality mugs them and bitch-slaps them in the face.

    Re Russia: Even ALEX JONES is mostly right on the matter.

    Re WND: Don’t cheer just yet. There’s already the matter of the contretemps between Google and WND on the table. I wouldn’t be surprised if Farah sells out Flaherty for 30 pieces. If he doesn’t, then it’s really a good indication that the worm has turned.

  8. Dan Poole says:

    This story strikes close to home for me. Howell is a long time conference rival of my alma matter, and Grand Blanc joined our conference in the 2009-2010 school year. (FWIW, my alma matter is even Whiter than Howell’s). For the first time in my life, I can happily say, Go Highlanders!

    A note about WND: Although Colin Flaherty is a BOSS and the commenters are indistinguishable from Amren’s, I found to my surprise about two weeks ago that they banned me from commenting. It was the first time I had tried to comment on WND since last spring, when I left a comment on an op-ed by Peter Brimelow. Well, about that:

    It appears that WND has banned Brimelow and anyone who supported him in the comment section of his op-ed, because as far as I can remember, Brimelow’s 4/16/13 article about the GOP not having a Hispanic problem was the last WND article I commented on for 11 whole months. Nothing I said was any more “extreme” then the typical comments on that site these days.

    Sooner or later, Joseph Farrah is going to have to decide where he wants WND to go. My money is on him doing a 1997 NR purge. If and when that happens, hopefully the backlash will be ferocious. You know that Bill Moyers article on the Deep State that was linked under the Kuntsler/Smith post? Moyers said something in there about how the business community is trying to contain the “Frankenstein” it created and unleashed (i.e., the Tea Party). Well, conservative websites like WND, Breitbart, The Blaze, and The Daily Caller have created a “Frankenstein” of their own, and it’s much more vicious, much more feral, and much more deadly by orders of magnitude.

    Be afraid all you race-denying conservatards! Be very afraid!

    • mindweapon says:

      Hell yes! Great comment Dan!

      • Dan Poole says:

        Thanks MW!

        In related news, look at the top rated comments in this asinine blog post by the “Heritage” Foundation. The +numbers you see before their usernames are how many thumbs up they got.

        Comments (33)

        Sort by: Date Rating Last Activity

        +20JennyCW’s avatar

        JennyCW · 1 day ago

        United States has no business handing out ultimatums to Putin. We have the most lawless criminal entities governing our country and the whole world knows it! HERITAGE IS WRONG ON THIS ONE!

        Reply4 replies · active 59 minutes ago

        +11Trina’s avatar

        Trina · 1 day ago

        I am not convinced that Crimea turning to Russia in their dire financial need isn’t what they want or bad for their future. It is not our job to decide the fate for the world when they have chosen something else. I do not trust our government to tell the truth and this article was just a bit to overboard in pushing their take action rhetoric.

        Reply1 reply · active 22 hours ago

        +10’s avatar – Go to profile

        Wade Lawrence · 1 day ago

        let somebody else move troops in. its not our job to always be the sharp end of the stick.

        Reply1 reply · active 16 hours ago

        +7Sam’s avatar

        Sam · 20 hours ago

        Voter intimidation? Fraud? Violence? Suppression of dissent?
        Sounds like Philadelphia, Detroit, St. Louis 2008, 2012.
        Did the NBPP take a wrong turn and end up in Crimea? Doubtless, one communist is as good as another communist. What difference does it make?

        +6’s avatar – Go to profile

        Richard Matthews · 13 hours ago

        What about our illegal health care law? Our government is constantly shredding our Constitution and I am suppose to be concerned with Russia?

        Reply1 reply · active 11 hours ago

        +6Steve Grumman’s avatar

        Steve Grumman · 22 hours ago

        What if this really is the will of the majority in the Crimea? Do we simply ignore that?!?!?!

        Reply1 reply · active 3 hours ago

        +4Dave Bridges’s avatar

        Dave Bridges · 5 hours ago

        95% approval? Obama got in with 51%. Maybe we’re calling for repeal of the wrong election.

        +4Catherine Hartman’s avatar

        Catherine Hartman · 1 day ago

        We can all say what we should do …. We see the obvious.
        BUT ….. Will the correct way be carried through?? We livs
        in perilus times….Life is no longer what it use to be.
        Nor will ever be again. The government no longet represents
        the people of the United States. Americans are lazy. No one
        botherd to look up n the skies anymore.

        +3’s avatar – Go to profile

        Phillip Cowan · 2 hours ago

        We all know what JFK, Reagan, or Thatcher would do, but the Kenyan isn’t one of these! First he sends the farce Kerry, then to add insult to injury, he sends crazy Joe to “negotiate” with Putin.

        Mao Tse Tung hypothesized, “Advance with a bayonet; if you encounter steel, retreat! If you encounter mush, advance!

        The Kenyan is mush!


        +3JC Lincoln’s avatar

        JC Lincoln · 3 hours ago

        97%. That’s allot. Even if there was some fraud. OK, let’s 60/40, the USurped Federal Gov should still keep its too-long nose out of Russia’s business. Or is Obbie Kenyobe trying to get back at Putin for stopping Obbie’s invasion of Syria.

        Give me a break, Heritage

        Don’t become an Obbie Hypno-dead

        +3guest’s avatar

        guest · 3 hours ago

        Watching the news this morning I saw people smiling, laughing, waving Russian flags and fireworks going off. I did not see fighting or protesting. The People of Crimea seemed to be very happy with the legally democratic voting that happened. I think by the events, this is only one, going on around the world continuing to make headline news, it would appear the stopping process has officially begun.

        And all these comments were approved by a staffer to boot! Heritage doesn’t allow auto-comments.

      • mindweapon says:

        Ha! Great find!

    • Firepower says:

      That’s some great VRW
      Except that now you target “conservatards!” as the main enemy to be fought
      When you haven’t even dented “Libtards” yet.
      Remember that last little old thing called the 2012 Pres. election?
      THOSE are the national referendums. Those ARE the ultimate “polls”

      The Mighty-Mighty TEA Party? It was castrated in 3 months by a few IRS jews with microscopes…

      • mindweapon says:

        What I’m saying is the conservatards are de-tarding.

        I voted for Obama in 2012 because I knew it would drive conservatards into the WN camp.

      • Firepower says:

        mindweapon says:
        March 18, 2014 at 12:25 pm

        What I’m saying is the conservatards are de-tarding.

        I voted for Obama in 2012 because I knew it would drive conservatards into the WN camp.

        I should have knows WP would fuck up the reply feature.
        My previous comment is directed at Dan Pool

      • Dan Poole says:

        I’m not sure what you’re getting at here. Conservatards and libtards alike are both enemies of White racial preservation. You know this.

  9. Denise says:

    The High Proles I know are either completely confused about the Urkraine/Crimea, or get it – an dknow that starting another war, with a country like Russia, is OUT of the question. Most of thre White men I know are totally on the side of the White Man Putin. They instinctively side with a serious, adult White Man. They despise the Mulatto Homo Obama.

  10. TabuLa Raza says:

    several years ago mR. brimeloW asserted [on his site]- “anyone of any race can become americaN.”

  11. cigpapers says:

    Try this British White Nationalist site:

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