The Too Big Too Fail, Hostile Elite 5 top banks profits equal the government subsidy they get; Goldman Sachs et al are Welfare Kings

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Why ‘Paid-What-You’re-Worth’ Is a Toxic Myth
A fundamentally misleading meritocracy myth.

Economists, including leftist ones, can be sources of very interesting facts. Robert Reich was a Clinton economic advisor.

By the way, the lion’s share of that subsidy ($64 billion a year) goes to the top five banks — JPMorgan, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo. and Goldman Sachs. This amount just about equals these banks’ typical annual profits. In other words, take away the subsidy and not only does the bonus pool disappear, but so do all the profits.

So the Too Big To Fail banks are 100% Welfare Kings. Hey Pentagon and CIA and NSA, I hope you guys are getting a cut of this! If you aren’t, WTF is wrong with you? You a bunch of pussies or what? You afraid of Llyd Blnkfn and Jme Dmon? Hahahaha!

They want to make you fight Russia, while they pick your country’s pocket. Suckers!


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20 Responses to The Too Big Too Fail, Hostile Elite 5 top banks profits equal the government subsidy they get; Goldman Sachs et al are Welfare Kings

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. Rita Rabbit says:

    It would not.surprise me if more and more people stopped paying taxes.

    • mindweapon says:

      Well, I don’t support tax resistance and I pay my taxes. Please don’t advocate tax resistance here.

      My view is that we don’t need to do anything illegal or against the government. THey are doing it all to themselves. Stay out of their way, don’t provoke them, pay your taxes, be a good boy or girl.

  3. Craig says:

    hehehe 😆 You rock brother.

  4. ben tillman says:

    You’re right. The CIA and NSA are full of White people who would benefit greatly from the formation of a White ethnostate. Why should they share power with a group that takes such an outrageously disproportionate share of the profits? It’s in their personal and racial interests to consolidate their power and cut the Jews out of the deal.

    • wobbly says:

      the banking mafia have weakened the US economy to the point where US global military supremacy is doomed no matter what but possibly even below the point of hemisphere supremacy so from a defense point of view it would make sense for the military to take Wall St. out but they may not understand the economic reasons for doing so.

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    Please don’t advocate tax resistance here.

    Well, where should we advocate it?

    • mindweapon says:

      Wherever you want the IRS to go investigating.

      I don’t think it serves any purpose to advocate anything that would engage any kind of law enforcement interest.

      Internet Tuff Guyz can advocate anything illegal or provocative to the government anywhere they want but definitely not here.

      Also, I’m trying to train you people to not be so stupid and talk out loud about that stuff on the internet. The Feds get nearly effortless prosecutions when they get people talking on the internet. This is a big public speaking space. It’s good because we can exchagne very useful ideas, but it’s also happy hunting ground for 3 and 4 letter agencies.

      Well, this blog is NOT the game preserve for cops or feds to catch loose lipped Internet Tuff Guyz. If an Internet Tuff Guy is going to get busted, it won’t be for something he or she wrote here. Not if I can help it.

  6. One of the bloggers I read suggested that Edward Snowden was a CIA asset going after the NSA. Not only was this part of a very typical intra-agency fight between the two intel services, brought on by the fact that the NSA was getting bigger budgets than the CIA, but also because the “princes of the NSA” were likely spying on Wall Street and using the info to get insider information to both enrich themselves and control the banks to some degree.

    Now idea if that is true, but it’s certainly plausible.

    Following up with the “Deep State” rhetoric, the other nodes – Washington (including Langley/CIA and Ft. Meade/NSA) Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and the rest of the Fortune 500 – industry that provides actual physical goods and services – have all been impacted by Wall Street’s recklessness and their need for constant bailouts. If any serious competitor to the dollar emerged, it really could harm the dollar in permanent ways.

    The problem may be that Wall Street are not the only hostile elites. Perhaps it’s best of the various factions of the hostile elites are busy fighting each other.

    For WN purposes, if the Tea Party types can’t even get in the GOP to stop mass race-replacement immigration, is there really any reason to vote for them? I’d almost think it would be better to fight it out for ethnic spoils in the Democrat party; at least we could get some of the welfare state largess going to working class whites as opposed to getting absolutely nothing from the GOP.

    @ben tillman

    The CIA seems to be more independent of the YKW faction of the hostile elites than others. The modern CIA was almost a creation of George H. W. Bush, who was a long time Arabist. During the Bush Jr. administration, the CIA was a key faction fighting the neo-cons. The neo-cons had to side-step the CIA with the “Office of Special Plans” to put out the Iraqi WMD fake “intelligence” and the Valerie Plame scandal was an open fight between the CIA and the neo-con’s OSP. Plus, the CIA seems to recruit from Yale more than anywhere, and Yale is still White compared to other Ivy Leagues, like Harvard.

    Not so sure about the NSA. NSA are math and computer guys. YKW has never been slacking at the top end of math and computers, although the NSA might still retain some level of security about the foreign connections of the typical YKW. Certainly, the NSA is well aware of the “art students” scoping out their new facility in Utah. In fact, their new headquarters in Utah is very well tucked away from the Bos-Wash corridor that is the headquarters of ZOG, and will likely me staffed with a bunch of Mormons will no foreign connections and whose worst personal scandal are likely a second wife and a secret coffee habit.

    Hollywood/Big Media is still pretty much a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZOG, Wall Street may be heavily influenced by YKW but they are hardly the only players. Silicon Valley seems to be top heavy with YKWs, but are still staffed with lots of white guys who are our natural constituency.

    A good MW project would be mapping out the power structures in America, something a lot more complex and nuanced than “you know whos” or “the rich” or “Republicrats.”

    • mindweapon says:


      How would we map out the power structures? They don’t exactly put it out there open source . . . do they?

      • wobbly says:

        yeah they probably do unintentionally if you followed all the non-obvious links – big project though

    • Anon says:

      “I’d almost think it would be better to fight it out for ethnic spoils in the Democrat party; at least we could get some of the welfare state largess going to working class whites as opposed to getting absolutely nothing from the GOP.” – I think getting whites to the point where they realize it is a spoils fight is the end goal.

    • PA says:

      Mencius Moldbug laid out his theory on the real power structures. He describes the loose network of power structures as “The Cathedral.” It consists of permanent government bureaucracies, ivy league universities, big law, and big media. The State Dept. figures heavily in his deep state model.

      The shortcoming in his theories is his leaving out of banks/big finance out of his list of key players. He overstates intellectuals’ (“Brahmins”) agency and understates banks’ role.

    • @MW

      Sure, much of the information about the ruling class is open source. Just like you used to watch the NYT Weddings pages to get some cultural insight into the lifestyles of the hostile elite, just reading through the business press (follow the money) and the elite press spells out who the elite are. It’s not a secret, in the sense of classified, it’s secret in the sense that it’s not on prime time TV that the proles watch.

      How does the ADL work? Rich Jews send them money to spy on the opponents, propagandize the public, and buy off politicians. If we had a bunch of rich Whites donating large sums to AmRen’s lobbying arm, we’d have some traditional political muscle. The reason the conservatives have Derbyshire purges on a regular basis is precisely to keep a sub-elite pro-white consensus from emerging. This is why things like Radix Journal and NPI are started, you pay professionals to write articles, give speeches, and raise money, and this gives you a platform among the sub-elites. Although the internet is changing all that too, the old days of policy wonk conferences may give way to online marketing and social networks. I bet BUGS and the Mantra are far more effective than an AmRen conference these days.

      When I used to write a lot about civil society is was precisely because this is a form of power for the middle class. It’s the reason why the GOP maintains close ties to the churches, because the churches are still a powerful organizational force among otherwise disconnected conservative leaning whites. They can be counted on to raise money and get out the vote.

      I always thought the Wall Street Journal did a pretty good job of profiling the elites, in all fields, business, government, or civil, both the established players as well as possible up and comers.

      That’s what I mean by mapping the power structures. Remember when it was discovered one of the refugee resettlers was running some rental scam getting government money for her own properties? That was a power-map, showing the cycle of money that was going to an anti-white cause.

      It’s sort of the curse and blessing of the YKWs; it’s easy to see them and who they are, so a network is assumed; we can always assume a YKW is pushing for a YKW-friendly agenda whether right, left, or other. Whites don’t have that level of ethnocentrism nor networking, so it’s harder to notice. Who in Bill Gate’s network is pushing for replacing Whites with Asians, for instance? Which local people are making money, directly or indirectly, from the Gates foundation to promote anti-white policies?

      Follow the money and the associations (family, alumni, business associates) and the network comes into view.

      Now maybe I’m showing my roots as a former liberal, but elite and sub-elite whites are doing just fine. They don’t need White Nationalism because they have money; thus gated communities, private schools, and buying off the votes of the non-whites. In fact, if the White Elites were to eliminate us, they could rule over the brown masses unchallenged. So WN is really only useful to those of us neither elite nor sub-elite. Sure, race comes first, but not for rich whites – class comes first for rich whites.

      Really, if it ever got to a race war, whites would win on day one. It’s really not even close. It’s the class war – a war of whites against other whites – where the magic lies.

      I understand why WNs want white institutions – white neighborhoods, white schools, white workplaces, and white society. But that is available right now, if you have money. So should WNs push for political secession or legalizing PLEs? Or just get money and segregate the way the rich do? Which is easier?

      • Dan Poole says:

        My take away from your comment, Hipster, is that maybe it’s not such a bad thing if FEDGOV floods all those segregated, rich white neighborhoods with delightful bundles of diversity. Most White people in this country do NOT have the money to segregate themselves like the top 20% do. Seeing as the top 20% of whites…

        1. Are loyal to money and money alone

        2. Think every other White person is a naziwhowantstokill6millionjews

        ….I say let them BURN at the altar of multiculturalism they created. Let Obama and the Democrats plunder them and redistribute all their wealth to the minorities. Every. Last. Penny.

      • ben tillman says:

        Dan, you’re taking it way too far. Your points no. 1 and no. 2 are crazy. Top 20% is ridiculous. The smarter you are, the more you are hurt by affirmative action. Its true that the less affluent are hurt more by forced integration in other respects (like violent crime), but only a tiny, tiny minority (far less than 20%;more like 2%) of Whites supports mass immigration. Class warfare is a Jewish weapon. Some wealthy Whites have fallen for it, but if you play class warfare from the other end you too are playing for the other team.

    • ben tillman says:

      Thanks for the response. You make some good points.

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