Open Bug Farm Mealworm Kit is now available

The Open Bug Farm Mealworm Farm Kit v1.0 Beta is now available!

Mealworms are perfectly good protein as is, and probably healthier than hormone and antibiotic laced store bought meat. Just add inexpensive wheat bran which you can get in bulk cheap. Also, good for feeding chickens if you are not ready for entomophagy.

The kit is a complete setup for breeding and rearing a continuous production of up to 1kg of mealworms every 26 days, given optimal conditions. That’s enough for eight 1/4 pound servings every month!

The complete kit includes:
One Mealworm Farm Frame
Two Mealworm Grow Bags
One set of Mealworm Breeding & Nursery Bins
Add the Mealworm Farm Tent for a self-contained environment.

With these components, some inexpensive wheat bran, and a small starter batch of worms from a local mealworm supplier (ask us if you need help finding one), you’ll have everything you need to launch your own mealworm farm for fun and profit!

For more information on what the kit contains and how it works, check out the wiki page.
If you’re not sure where to start, just visit the forum to meet fellow farmers!

And this is just the start! We are releasing this initial version of the kit for immediate sale by popular demand, but there is more coming soon. You can look forward to the web based farm tracking and management tool, and automated climate control options. Keep checking back or join the mailing list (at the bottom of the page) to be the first to hear about new products and developments.

– The Tiny Farms team.


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6 Responses to Open Bug Farm Mealworm Kit is now available

  1. farmmail says:

    I noticed a warning to avoid buying ‘giant mealworms’ for breeding — which are treated with a hormone that increases size by delaying instar development — since they will probably be sterile at maturity.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks for the heads up!

    • Mosin Nagant says:

      Note: my ‘handle’ is still wrong for this comment. Thanks for fixing.

      Back to the topic:

      ‘If you let your boxes get nasty with tons of old moisture items and sheds and crap. You’ll likely get mites, a ton of your worms will die, your boxes will stink like hell, and all your work will go down the drain.

      SO KEEP IT CLEAN!!! (…) I spoke to a guy who breeds them commercially (100s of thousands of worms). He said they live about 2 weeks. My best guess for such a drastic difference from my experience, is that the massive beetle farm is tough to keep clean and sanitary. So in poorer conditions the beetles simply die sooner. But in my experience since making this video, my average beetle lives closer to 4 -5 weeks (…) I have had on occasion a few beetles live over 2 months’:

  2. Mosin Nagant says:

    Years ago, I was interested in producing frogs for meat (frog legs are in demand by restaurants that serve the elite) which might be supplemented by meal worm production. Frogs must be rigorously separated by size, since the larger cannibalise the smaller and soon you will have only a few left.

    I suppose mealworms have some mite pests, viruses and viruses, so it would be important to examine the breeding stock initially before beginning a ‘miniature feedlot’. Some friends raise butterflies in confinement for a lucrative business, and they are very careful about introducing parasites and diseases.

  3. Mosin Nagant says:

    Those were my comments, above. My name did not appear correctly. WordPress log-in conflict. Sorry, MW.

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