Outdoorsman comment promoted to post; it articulates the MWIR view perfectly and succinctly

By commenter Outdoorsman

Yes, you can only get so far ahead financially if your income is only based upon how many hours you work. To become wealthy you must be making money while you’re not physically working. Most White people are incapable of realizing this, or if they do, they do not have the discipline to take advantage of it. These White people make up the white serf class. This is the class of people that most WN’s want to “wake up”.

I have come to the realization that they will not “wake up” but have been put on earth to serve as human cattle. Their current masters do not practice good husbandry on the White serf herd. Their current masters treat them like shit and are trying to hybridize them – to eliminate the White serf bloodline. I don’t like this because many people I know and love are White serfs, despite their shortcomings.

I have also come to the realization that WN’s must become the new masters of the White serf herd instead of trying to get them to join our ranks. It is our birthright, but we’ve just been going about it wrong by trying to lift up people who cannot be lifted up. Those serfs who are able to “wake up” will naturally come to the truth. I fear that we cannot compete with the freebies and hedonistic freedoms that the current masters can offer to the White serfs. Our husbandry would be a type of “tough love” that would be new to them – they would not accept it and would side with their current masters.

The only option at this point int time is improving ourselves and our situations. We must be ready to take the initiative and capitalize on conditions/situations as the western world becomes more unstable. We will need experts in all things when our time comes – finance, engineering, warfare, health care, and so on. God speed comrades!


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2 Responses to Outdoorsman comment promoted to post; it articulates the MWIR view perfectly and succinctly

  1. zhai2nan2 says:

    Perhaps it is a trifle gauche to self-link, but in this case I think the message is relevant.


  2. Berk says:


    To get wealth or power you need to get other people (wage slaves) working for you. Thats the simple equation from Ancient Eqypt to USA.

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