Refugees in camps abroad being educated on how to come to America and get welfare

“I spoke with the joint terrorism task force and they say that in refugee camps overseas there are pamphlets of how to come to New York and get benefits,” said Irons-Rindfleisch. But she said Social Services does have access to databases to make sure that people are not getting benefits in more than one state.

“One of the things that the legislatures are looking at – and it’s not just in Niagara County, it’s all of New York State – is welfare fraud by those non-residents,” Godfrey said.


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7 Responses to Refugees in camps abroad being educated on how to come to America and get welfare

  1. Mosin Nagant says:

    The original source article ALSO notes that ‘Niagara County Legislator David E. Godfrey, R-Wilson, who works with the Sheriff’s Office as the community, safety and security liaison, said people are being trained in southern states to get benefits, and then are being bused to New York State’ — perhaps inadvertently fulfilling the Southern ethnonationalists’ dream of thinning their former slave population by ‘moving them north’: Note that western New York state is mostly white and conservative. The very white and conservative state of Wyoming that is also being especially targeted for diversification now, while the just as white but liberal state of Vermont, a very important vacation and bug-out refuge for the wealthy urban elite, is NOT being targeted.

  2. Craig says:

    Yeah the Labor party in Australia has paid stooges in Indonesia that hand out the pamphlets to come to Australia too. I have family that sussed them out while on holiday over a decade ago. Hurts when you realise the conspiracy to demographically replace you is an actual reality.

    That’s why our top 20% absolutely hate our Bogan culture, it’s called the cultural cringe as it puts rich whites off, also foreigners and illegal aliens so I like it and promote it even more. So now you have refugee and low cognitive immigration building up huge enclaves right next door to the rich people. 🙂 The rich people absolutely hate the drug, knife, machete, and illegal gun culture these ummm peaceful African gangs and middle Eastern crime gangs bring to our countries.

    The latest conservative town I know that Labor attempted to flood with illegal alien boat people near my location 3 years ago failed, as the business owners being bribed millions of dollars to house the illegal aliens have realised they destroy the facilities faster then what it’s worth from the free monies granted by the federal government. The churches on the other hand are totally complicit, thank the gods they are dying as they only have enough volunteers to bring in a couple at a time, being the illegal aliens see great masses of whites, they flee to the budding enclaves around the suburbs and cities. Australia has the highest % of atheists in the western world, we are a godless country.

    You see the T-party tactics of word of mouth with small business is key to spread our memes and message further into the community, it can swing elections, stop small to medium business owners from betraying our race. It really damn well works, all done by E-mail, then venturing forth in normal life, to convince normal peoples.

    Bogan cringe. 😆 the propaganda has been heavy for 90 odd years and they still failed. Bloody Poms, and upper class wanted us to talk and behave like poms.

    Now this dude is a Bogan Hipster Racist 😆

    Our comedians are pretty good at taking the piss too.

  3. Craig says:

    Opps above was just a funny song.

    This is a funny Bogan Hipster Racist. 😆

  4. Mosin Nagant says:

    I dashed off a comment here earlier, and didn’t watch to see it appear. In any case, I was amused by the slang. I refer routinely to the Urban Dictionary, but it’s inaccurate for Aussie usage of ‘Bogan’, for which you need to consult one of the Australian unabridged dictionaries or Wikipedia. I’m glad to hear that many Australians are standing against the global tide. Is it really better there? Why are the immigrants still flooding in?

    • farmmail says:

      I meant to say, above: ‘it’s not focused on Aussie usage’ (e.g.: definition number 38: ‘A stinky, dirty, red-nosed, can picking, bike stealing, oldsmobile robbing, EXCO wearing, welfare cheating, knife toting, lysol chugging, INDIAN mainly from Saskatchewan Canada, specifically high concentrations in north central Regina. Quite possibly the lowest form of life I’ve ever come across …be very careful when travelling to these areas as the bogans may appear hilarious but they will rob you in an instant. Note – this definition is not racist’).

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        This ‘handle’ is wrong, due to the WordPress error. Thanks for fixing.

        On the post topic: This is just the sort of thing to share with your/our local Tea Partiers and newspapers — evidence that our taxes, and even church offerings, are being used to teach and assist people from other states and other countries to immigrate and settle in our local communities — to be supported at our expense, for ‘social (demographic) engineering’!

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