Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki on Chris Martenson; Kiyosaki is the authority on economic survival in the modern Amerikwa

Kiyosaki is a good chap. He doesn’t show off expensive possessions, and he is pro-working class and pro-middle class, but he is trying to teach these economic classes how to play by the rules of the entrepreneurs.

In a nutshell, assets are things like apartment houses, farm tractors, commercial property, a set of tools, that produces wealth without the owner having to work. Liabilities are things that suck money – a privately owned car, a single family house.

Rich Dad buys assets and manages them; Poor Dad buys liabilities and consumes them.

Even working class folk can play this game. Lower class foreigners own businesses in this country. How is it that millions of middle class, competent White Americans don’t own businesses?

Kiyosaki points out that public schools don’t teach financial education, and tell you that your role in life is to “go get a job.” Being an entrepreneur is not taught as an option in either primary or secondary schooling.

The yeoman, the middle class, the bourgeouis, are the revolutionary class. Every small business owner I meet is at least a raging libertarian, often with a trim of revolutionary fascism. Trotsky hated the middle class, the petit bourgeouis above all.

Amy Chua is what to do. Kiyosaki is how to do it. Asians naturally show us our own blind spots, our own vulnerabilities.

Asians are cowpox that vaccinate us against Talmudic smallpox.


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24 Responses to Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki on Chris Martenson; Kiyosaki is the authority on economic survival in the modern Amerikwa

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. the outdoorsman says:

    Yes, you can only get so far ahead financially if your income is only based upon how many hours you work. To become wealthy you must be making money while you’re not physically working. Most White people are incapable of realizing this, or if they do, they do not have the discipline to take advantage of it. These White people make up the white serf class. This is the class of people that most WN’s want to “wake up”.

    I have come to the realization that they will not “wake up” but have been put on earth to serve as human cattle. Their current masters do not practice good husbandry on the White serf herd. Their current masters treat them like shit and are trying to hybridize them – to eliminate the White serf bloodline. I don’t like this because many people I know and love are White serfs, despite their shortcomings.

    I have also come to the realization that WN’s must become the new masters of the White serf herd instead of trying to get them to join our ranks. It is our birthright, but we’ve just been going about it wrong by trying to lift up people who cannot be lifted up. Those serfs who are able to “wake up” will naturally come to the truth. I fear that we cannot compete with the freebies and hedonistic freedoms that the current masters can offer to the White serfs. Our husbandry would be a type of “tough love” that would be new to them – they would not accept it and would side with their current masters.

    The only option at this point int time is improving ourselves and our situations. We must be ready to take the initiative and capitalize on conditions/situations as the western world becomes more unstable. We will need experts in all things when our time comes – finance, engineering, warfare, health care, and so on. God speed comrades!

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      The smart serfs are learning to make money on the stock market. Some pull themselves up by selling real estate too.

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      A lot of what you call lack of discipline is actually a lack of energy due to the crappy food supply.

      • mindweapon says:

        Crappy food supply? Get rice and dried beans by the bag. Go to the farmer’s market 10 minutes before they close and buy up what hasn’t been sold for dirt cheap. You can haggle the farmers in the last 10 minutes becuase they don’t want to take anything back with them. And eggs are cheap. So if you live on rice, beans, eggs and fruits/veg from the farmer’s markets you should be fine.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        I wasn’t talking about myself specifically and for our folks who have unknowingly been ingesting pesticide for a few decades (and you have been talking about this on your blog for a long time!), it may not be as simple as buying a bag of rice. Have you heard of adrenal fatigue for instance?

        But okay, the time for coddling each other is over and it’s sink or swim time. I get it.

  3. Rita Rabbit says:

    As you know, one of the reaaons middle class Whites dont run small businesses is.because they cant get gov loans, even when they are VERY credit worthy. $200 is a lot of cash to come up with.

    AND Im not sure convenience stores even make money. Im thinking many are just money laundering vehicles.

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      *$200 THOUSAND

    • mindweapon says:

      Which is why some one of us needs to get that first successful startup going and then buying other businesses and doing Islamic banking to transfer ownership profitably to those who are not credit worthy.

      Islamic banking is where you work for your lender until the business is paid off, and it is paid off with some profit calculated into it. That’s how the Hajjis own so much stuff. They do their own Islamic banking.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        Well good then you are clarifying it for people. Some of us dummies need it broken down into steps. 🙂

    • the outdoorsman says:

      I don’t buy it. A partner & I started an engineering business with $20,000 seed money and a ~$100,000 loan. Sure the loan was a pain in the rear getting but we paid it off in about 12 months. Our secret was working hard and for long hours, and having the long term planning/work to secure engineering degrees and engineering & surveying licenses. It was a nine year period between graduating high school and then obtaining the professional license, and then two more years before starting the business. We were making six figures almost immediately after starting the business. Most people don’t do it because they are incapable and/or unwilling to do what it takes. That is why I believe everyone gets what they deserve in the end.

      I was raised dirt poor on a farm. My parents bought a farm in the early ’80’s when interest was 22%! We basically lived off the land. From the time I was in kindergarten I worked and my parents made me save 80% of every dime I made. I made money trapping, fishing, coon hunting, picking berries, selling mushrooms, building fence, tearing down old barns & selling the lumber, baling hay, etc. with the stated plan and goal of using the saved money to pay for college. Hell, I even had a black market candy selling operation at school and gambled with a stacked deck on the school bus in the morning & afternoon. The remaining 20% of the money I made was used to pay for “school clothes” every year. I was the first person in my immediate and extended family to graduate college. This is all quite crazy and wonderful in hindsight. Basically anything is possible with hard work and dedication for those with the ability.

      My parents told me I was a pissing whiner when I was worried about my little business loan and then they showed me the paperwork for the original farm mortgage and yearly operating loans with 22% interest listed. They made DEEP sacrifices early on and now are worth many millions, essentially retired at 50, make six figures renting out their farm land while not working on it and can travel the world. I plan on doing the same and more. For those of you thinking of starting a business, and who have a solid plan to do it, NO MORE EXCUSES. Do it and put all your heart and might into it. Our peoples eternal life and well being depends upon it.

      • Craig says:

        My neighbour has a million dollar farm, I know other farmers who have multimillion dollar farms, usually inherited. There’s a saying out here, “Grandfather buys, Father builds and grandson sells and cashes in.”. It’s really hard to get into farming down here as the good land is always inflated to bubble proportions. We’re still waiting for our bubble to pop. From what I see buying at the right time, then working your ass off seems to be the key.

        The other way is to follow the mining booms, and buy farming property around that, and building them up, as rich miners can afford the large loans.

  4. Craig says:

    So true it’s the same down here.

    What job do you want to do? Your choice is endless, be who and what ever you want to be. Self autonomy in the job market for the serfs is the only option ever presented.

    I’m pretty sure the small/medium business men want to keep it that way, due to competitive nature. Many small businesses also fail with in the first 12months, of operation too, it’s not an easy task to be a successful businessman. Lots of paper work, red tape to record, long hours, I know businessmen that put in so many hours that’s never representative of the dollars they pull out in a wage, but they like being their own boss. There are tax advantages, same with farming.

    I was offered an opportunity for a business last year and this year, turn over was $600000, in pocket after taxes was $60000, so a 10% take which is normal for most businesses that’s the first 12 months. It takes knowledge to run this business, it’s why I was offered it, yet the fella wanted a 50% cut like a franchise, which meant $30000 for the first year. That’s not enough, for a family. When someone’s making money from doing nothing in business, 9 times out of 10 some other poor bugger is paying for it. There are winners and loser’s. I find big money is made out of other’s misfortune.

    Close friends are selling their businesses as they want to spend more time with the kids and have less stress to. So I guess it depends on your priorities. Some people find working 9-5 a blessing rather then the long hours and stress of running a smooth business operation.

    Making money out of property can also work if you know how to improve land for farming, or renovate/build houses, following the mining booms.

    • the outdoorsman says:

      At least here in eastern Iowa, I think the bubble in farm ground prices is starting to deflate – I don’t know whether or not it will pop though. I am always on the look out for farm land and keep my eye on this in my area. I’ve noticed that there is a significantly higher number of farms coming up for sale lately than there has been in recent memory. I think the landowners, who are usually smarter than the average person, see the market has peaked. Have patience grasshopper!

      One interesting thing you can do is search for foreclosed acreages. My brother recently bought a foreclosed 5-acre residential parcel for $20,000. The 5-acres is 100% tillable and was subdivided off for a house. The person who was going to build the house lost the parcel to foreclosure and my brother picked it up for $4000/acre when other farms in the area were going for $10,000/acre. He can now rent it out for $200/acre – a 5% return since he paid with cash. I know that’s not a great return versus investing in a business, but it beats the hell out of leaving the dollars in the bank. And you have an investment property that you actually possess – not a piece of paper or stream of electrons in the Wall Street whorehouse that YKW can steal. In my view that’s a solid thing to do for the average person.

      • mindweapon says:

        That is pretty good! What will they grow on it?

        200 a year is very good for an acre. I could see renting out acreage to people to do gardens.

        Pipe dream time — own 1 acre near a city full of hipsters. Get dozen yards of horse manure dumped on it, get it tilled in with a big Troybilt Horse or a tractor, rent rectangular plots out to Hipsters for 10 cents a square foot. Considering that an acre is 43,560 square feet, that’d be 4,356 for the whole acre! But for Hipster’s growing tomatoes, that’s also a very good deal. A 500 square foot garden for 50 bucks — it’s pretty certian that you’ll grow more than 50 dollars worth of food on 500 square feet.

        that’s a dream of mine. Heck, you know how people went to summer camp in the Catskills? How about summer camp where you spend the weekends at your rental cottage at your garden?

      • the outdoorsman says:

        MW – The farmer renting it will grow the typical row crops (corn or soybeans). My brother will not farm it as he does not have the means or desire. Five acres around here is a drop in the bucket – I though he’d have a hard time renting it as it is a lot of work to drive a $150,000 tractor & $100,00 planter to deal with just 5 acres. However, he had five farmers bidding on it!

        Here’s an idea you might find intriguing:
        – Huge number of aging baby boomers with all the $$$$.
        – Normal wintering & retirement grounds (i.e. the south) of the elderly becoming browner and crime ridden.
        – Because of this, a new found desire to age closer to where they live and have family.
        – Continuing decline of country & money does not go as far as it used to.
        – Bottom line, much $$$$ to be made off of baby boomers.
        – Construct, own & run slab on grade independent living apartment complexes in small towns where there is a need.
        – Slab on grade because ADA accessible and cheap to build.
        – Small towns because of cheap land & development costs. Also, small towns, especially in my part of rural Iowa, are almost 100% white and safe. We are a prime destination of older White flight.
        – Each apartment would have a back porch with a raised garden around the patio. Very easy for older people to keep a garden. I believe this would be a huge selling point.
        – Community garden in each complex where hipsters could garden & assist elderly. (believe it or not, there are hipsters, of a sort, in small rural towns)
        – There is a definite need. The independent living apartment complex in the small town I live by has a 2-year waiting list. This will increase as baby boomers age.
        – Use baby boomer $$$ to realize your dream & make some investment $$$ too.
        – Once I finish building my house this year, this will be my next focus of attention.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great stuff! We should correspond more frequently. You definitely get where the WN movement needs to go.

        The Market Dominant Minority Strategy, to repeat to EVERYONE here, is both extremely effective while being all but invisible and therefore untouchable to our enemies. We can shape our communities, and make money doing so, AND grow our community model.

      • Craig says:

        That’s pretty crafty, river flat lands prices cheapest going here are $100000 per acre with river water license for something that small, the fact you could build a house on it, screams location, location, location, as the real estate agents say. Larger properties for orchard’s are $25000 to $35000 per acre. They were anyway, floods and droughts no doubt will have large farms sacrificing small portions, so prices have come down, but not enough unless you can buy more then 75% out right 50% doesn’t cut it, with loan repayments, if your putting all your eggs in one basket. Down south in the cooler states river flats go for $10000 per acre, in the dairy country.

        In the city some of my folks are looking to encourage my step brother and his girlfriend into a $350000 home loan, where both their wages go directly into the loan to be redrawn from. Crazy…They come form the ding Italian step family, so even they have been relatively atomised, as in not much family helps out now.

        Baby boomer’s certainly are a source of wealth, they retire, build houses in small white towns, bring a source of dollars for businesses, retire further into the retirement village, making work for women, part time and full time.

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    >>>Islamic banking is where you work for your lender until the business is paid off, and it is paid off with some profit calculated into it. That’s how the Hajjis own so much stuff. They do their own Islamic banking.<<<

    Do they still use the joo reserve notes?

  6. Mosin Nagant says:

    Re: ‘Asians are cowpox that vaccinate us against Talmudic smallpox’:

    Good observation, MW. Better to suffer mildly resisting the one rather than risk dying (spiritually) of the other. But latter must be eradicated so that vaccinations are no longer needed, and genetic resistance (spiritual resistance) to both is the perfect trait to encourage and select for!

  7. TabuLa Raza says:

    substitute for chrome plating- maybe a business opportunity

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