Samantha (em)Power(ed) tries to physically intimidate Russian ambassador to UN Vitaly Churkin

If anybody has the actual video of this instead of just still, please post.

This is the face of the neocons — in your face, ready to make aggressive war without feeling any obligation to the people who will die.

They have no idea how hated they are outside their think tanks and gated communities. The White American proles — the warfighters, of the USA do not want a war with Russia.

The neocons are literally fucking insane. Look at this woman trying to physically intimidate a representative of Russia! He’s not some boy from your dorm at Yale, Samantha. There is a such thing as dignity and real power outside of your power, Samantha. You do not recognize any power outside of your little neocon gang.

Behold hubris!

Finally, he’s looks — WTF is this crazy bitch doing?

From Israel Shamir:

The Russians enjoyed the sight of their UN representative Vitaly Churkin coping with a near-assault by Samantha Power. The Irish-born US rep came close to bodily attacking the elderly grey-headed Russian diplomat telling him that “Russia was defeated (presumably in 1991 – ISH) and should bear the consequences… Russia is blackmailing the US with its nuclear weapons,” while Churkin asked her to keep her hands off him and stop foaming at the mouth. This was not the first hostile encounter between these twain: a month ago, Samantha entertained a Pussy Riot duo, and Churkin said she should join the group and embark on a concert tour.


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24 Responses to Samantha (em)Power(ed) tries to physically intimidate Russian ambassador to UN Vitaly Churkin

  1. Europa Rex says:

    I want to see a fight between her and Nataliya Poklonskaya. I’d PAY to see that.

  2. Denise says:

    Reblogged this on The White Tea Room and commented:
    Mr Churkin – punch the C#NT out@ Punch her god-damned HEAD in.

  3. Wally D. says:

    Clearly she’s much more suited to be a member of Pussy Riot, than a representative of America.

  4. WG says:

    Behold the American Woman! What a fucking bitch. She is an embarrassment to herself, her sex, and the USA.

    The neocons are crazy, and it makes you wonder why they care so passionately about issues like Crimea. These traitors deserve everything coming to them.

    • Denise says:

      It’s classic Jew GREED. This horrid female is not a blood Jew – but she/it is owned and operated by the Kikenvermin. She/It has just showed the TRUE Face of the Jew. “We OWN THIS!!! We got it already! It’s OURS OURS OURS!!!!! Gold oil gold oil gold oil! MIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!”.

      The Jew. She is their slave. Their willing slave. White crazies are the most DEVOTED slaves of all.

    • Wally D. says:

      “The neocons are crazy, and it makes you wonder why they care so passionately about issues like Crimea.”

      They have been very well trained by our overlords to serve as their pit bull attack dogs, Their doggie treats cause them to actually believe they are part of the inner party, when in fact they are merely trained animals performing a trick for their masters.

      • Trainspotter says:

        MW: “He’s not some boy from your dorm at Yale, Samantha.”

        LOL! So true. I’m sure many of us have had some crazed anti-white try to pull this sort of stunt on us before. I have to say that female anti-whites are the worst offenders on this sort of thing. Males know that to physically intimidate another male, to aggressively invade his space, invites a knuckle sandwich. If a man plays that game, rightly or wrongly, at least everyone knows he’s taking a real risk.

        Repugnant scum like Samantha, on the other hand, have learned to use male intimidation tactics, knowing that they are exempt from the normal consequences. The risk of a knuckle sandwich is so negligible as to be not worth worrying about, and even if it did happen, it would be the end of the man who did it. Scum like Samantha make any decent person, man or woman, want to throw up. That this trashy lunatic, toady though she may be, is part of the ruling class is yet another demonstration that the entire System is illegitimate.

        Wally: “Their doggie treats cause them to actually believe they are part of the inner party, when in fact they are merely trained animals performing a trick for their masters.”

        Good line, and very true. But even before the Jew got in the catbird seat, there existed a strain of sanctimonious madmen (hat tip to Linder/Radio Istina). These lunatics will foam at the mouth, demanding that others supplicate to their crazed and destructive schemes. It doesn’t matter whether they are wrecking foreign nations or your local neighborhood school, the same aggressive, in-your-face evil is apparent. We must separate from these anti-white loons entirely. For now that means mocking them, shunning them, freezing them out, cutting support off from them at ever opportunity. Eventually it means literal physical, geographic separation.

      • mindweapon says:

        Sanctimonious madmen is a great turn of phrase! Thanks for perpetuating a Linderism!

  5. Attila says:

    My 6th sense tells me that she’s had a LoT of Black lovers, something about her äura. It’s dark and light-absorbing instead of bright and luminous.

  6. Mike says:

    This gruesome Samantha creature is married to Cass Sunstein

    • Afterthought says:

      Important to clarify that Cass Sunstein is a New World Order Jew who works in the upper echelons of the White House where he can “mind” Obama and he is also famous for Cognitive Dissonance advocacy, in other words, saying that the NWO should infiltrate the opposition on the internet and elsewhere, and that conspiracy theories need to be censored. (eg Jews did 9/11)

      • mindweapon says:

        He’s not doing a very good job then. Think about it — imagine you are Cass Sunstein and you want to control people’s minds and control discourse on the internet. No wonder he’s bald! Tearing out his hair like crazy!

        I spent 6 months back in 1996 working in the federal government. I had very little responsibility except to do translation, but I got to observe federal law enforcement type people.

        They were very nice, and they don’t control shit. They make examples of some people, but for every example they make, there’s thousands or tens of thousands of others doing exactly the same things or worse.

        They make examples, or take trophies, like a big game hunter, but the wilderness of criminals is vast and they barely scratch the surface. It’s just about a show of force by the government, about public relations, about Tammany Hall Paychex.

        The most important law enforcement thing, in my opinion, are TV shows and movies about superhuman FBI agents and police. This is to support the illusion of law enforcement as superheroes, especially federal.

        The FBI and CIA have some cool gadgets, no doubt. Some pretty scary weapons, a fascinating psychological warfare curriculum (which could end up in civilian hands), lots of money. They throw a lot of money at training and get people pretty good at investigations and interrogation and hunting people down and even fighting. I found The Reid Technique of Interrogation and Confession quite fascinating reading for it’s provides psychological insights into people that are based on LOTS of actual interaction with people rather than theorizing.

        All their secrets will probably be open sourced some day though, if they haven’t already, and I bet we’d find it’s not much more than we could get ourselves. I mean you can get the Reid Technique on amazon, and other books from FBI and CIA agents on detecting deceit.

        Anyway, the dirty secret about Cass Sunstein, in my opinion, is that his goal to control our minds is not succeeding at all. At all. He’s a total failure. Here we are, talking about him and laughing at him for wanting to control what we say to each other!

        WN 2.0 is about laughing at and mocking the anti-white ideology to death. WN 1.0 was about taking up arms against it. But Soft Power trumped WN 1.0 hot lead and cold steel.

        WN 1.0 didn’t even want to try to take on Soft Power. They regarded it as a lost cause, that it would be easier to have a shooting war. I can understand why, in the 1980’s, they felt despair in the face of Soft Power. There was no internet, everyone watched TV and movies and these things had a very very strong influence. Gasoline was cheap, the oil age was in full swing despite some hiccups in the 70’s.

        However, knowing what we know today, people in the 80’s could have been developing Soft Power. They could have gotten in early on the computer thing, on advances we’ve made in exercise science and martial arts, foreign languages.

        Now more than ever is the time for playign in the Soft Power. It’s not even fighting, it’s just pushing in a certain direction.

        We don’t need car chases and gunfights. We can influence people on the ground level and overwhelm any kind of ideological enforcement over us. When they lose the ideological enforcement, then taking political power comes after.

        It’s all the soft power, and we are like ants overwhelming the picnic. The elites can’t influence the masses, because they aren’t the masses. We are the masses, and we are learning to think live a Hive via the comments sections.

        We can draw upon the techniques of “lower animals,” such as ants and bees, or my favorite, termites, when we all want something bad enough. The motivation is needed, and we can act as a hive. THe anti-white persecution is way more than enough motivation!

      • Mike says:

        Yep, that’s the guy.

  7. wobbly says:

    Wow. Nuland, her and that Psaki (sp) woman – these are diplomats!

    It’s good though, they are turning the whole world against them.

  8. Berk says:

    Ha ha…. shes leading her beta male husband by the hand like a lap dog………..ROFL

  9. MOISHE (NOT) says:

    oops! – I meant ‘hang out’ with her!

  10. Craig says:

    Age difference really says a lot…Seems to me these people want more thoroughly painful thought crime laws, which they know blows the game away, so I doubt it will happen, as we’re no docile enough for that.

  11. MOISHE (NOT) says:

    race-traitor bitch who enjoys being mind-kidnapped by jews – what a despicable woman – she is an insult to celtic people everywhere – the name PATTY HEARST comes to mind – disgusting.

  12. MOISHE (NOT) says:

    she needs a vigorous arse-slap:))))

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