The Burning Platform is a great blog; already linked but here it is again

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Jim Quinn’s interview on the Kunstlercast

Jim Quinn done jumped right out of the WN closet! Good for him!

What Changed?

Prior to the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, the United States was roughly 90% white. Christianity was the predominant religion. English was the de facto national language.

In a term, we were a single nation. Even those not white, or Christian, or English-speaking were happy to be here.

Some other characteristics of this era: Men were men and ladies were ladies. Marriage was a life-long commitment between man and woman. Sexual dimorphism defined segregation of duties, with men working outside of the home and women tending to the children. Homosexuality was considered a mental health issue. Being on welfare and food stamps was a disgrace, a failure, something to be avoided.

The violent crime rate in the US in 1960 was 160.9. Thirty years—a generation—later, that rate would rise over 350% to 729.6. The nature of crime would also change—from targeted and limited to random and savage.

What changed?

What changed was all of the above. Whites are now minority births. Half the babies being born are mixed race and mulattos. Christianity has been under relentless attack, with ever-greater proportions of youth expressing no interest in any faith whatsoever. And we have to press 1 for English. Welfare and food stamps are now a career choice, and a very lucrative one.

Men will be girls and women will be boys. Marriage is a joke; simply a reason to throw a fabulous party. Where there are two-parent households, both parents are wage slaves, leaving strangers—or the television—to raise their children. Homosexuality is passé. Transgenderism, incest, bestiality, and pedophilia are now actively being normalized and their own entitlement group.

Boys are trained to hate their masculine virtues while fetishizing their “feminine side”; girls are trained just the opposite. Everywhere they are taught with relentless persistence to hate their race, to mock the faith of their fathers, to embrace their own destruction.

In lieu of racial uniformity, we now have “diversity”—of language, of race, of religion, of culture—all of which leads to loss of social trust and therefore increasing isolation.

Lacking the anchor of faith, our lonely, sexually confused, self-loathing children turn to the internet for salve, only to find a bottomless pit of filth, perversion and violence.

By design, and with rigorous intent, our “moral and intellectual superiors” in government, academia, and news and entertainment media have destroyed generations of children upon the altar of Cultural Marxism—sacrifices to the gods…who are, of course, themselves.

Lonely, confused, sexually frustrated, full of self-hate and guilt, bullied by racist and feral subspecies inside of school and out, adrift without proper parenting at home, and deranged by an endless torrent of sewage pumped into their brains via the Internet and TV, our children act out (or act in).

So we pump them full of psychotropic drugs of dubious efficacy but of certain danger.

And then should they get their hands on an “assault rifle” and decide to shoot up a school? We stare at our navels, rend our shirts asking “Why?!”…and then blame the NRA.

Liberalism: The more it fails, the more it succeeds.



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