White nationalists on the right side of history again – re Putin and Ukraine

I remember the Iraq War in 2003. The WN consensus against it was 100%. Anyone who would have argued in favor of it would have been laughed and hated out of our discussion groups.

However, back then, a lot of high prole White American conservatives were for the Iraq war. Not this time. This time, the WN consensus and the high prole White consensus is right in line. Also on immigration, the economy and even anti-white policies.

Leonard Zakim, who puts the hostile in hostile elite, thinks there’s work to be done on the millenials, because 4 million of them support the Tea Party.

I don’t think he’s planning on doing this work with any sort of Vaseline either. He wants to ram his ideology up those 4 million asses with extreme Jewish hatred.

Race Gap Among Millennials Signals Work To Be Done

According to http://www.BillMoyers.com , there are 80 million millennials in the USA. About 60% of them consider themselves white, 48,000,000. Using the percentages cited above: over four million (4,000,000+) support the Tea Party movement. That is nothing for anti-racists to sneeze at. It suggests that a considerable problem awaits us in the near term, a problem that is likely to grow worse with age.

Simply put, the millennials do not solve anything for us, even if demography is destiny—which it is not. Please pay attention: these numbers are an indication of some of the organizing and educational work ahead.

Nate Silver predicted with almost absolute certainty that Obama would win the presidency using statistics. Specifically, predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics suggest a high probability of a resurgent White consciousness. Tea Party = White Nationalism Even if the Partiers are not aware or are in denial of this.

Zakim is spilling the beans — the tide is turning our way. The ball is going to be in our court, and that’s a good thing.

All we have to do is not fuck it up, and we win. Or not let them send in agent provocateurs and false flag infiltrators who are able to set themselves up as leaders and then do stupid and destructive things in our name.

Our strategy must be decentralization and massive distribution. We work as one, but there is no apparent flag flying over us, no identifying uniform. We are an army that is everywhere and nowhere at once.

And we put a LOT of resources into raising a generation for victory.

Kids are wicked messed up — raised very badly in this age of moral anarchy. If we raise a critical mass of high functioning children, they will simply take over the system because they are the most functional people around in Idiocracy Land.

Our Struggle is largely a matter of not messing it up. It will be a relatively easy fight so long as we don’t crash through open doors or do things that are are self defeating.

Our enemies have screwed up royally. We need only take best advantage of this colossal missteps.

Pay attention to laws and rules. White Americans want to fight “bad rules” and “bad laws.” THey want to be loud tax resisters and wear three cornered hats and threaten hot lead and cold steel.

Confucius-Mindweapon say, all laws and rules are a double edged sword. They might have been written to benefit government and hurt people, but often do opposite.

The more governments do, the more they dig a hole for themselves.

Do not interfere with governments killing themselves. Instead, prepare to thrive in the rubble of their failure.

To win, we have to simply avoid losing. Keep in mind — losing could be starving to death. Losing has many more possibilities besides losing a hot lead cold steel army against army conflict. But so does winning.


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26 Responses to White nationalists on the right side of history again – re Putin and Ukraine

  1. It’s like chess…play passive against a weak opponent and he sets his own traps.

  2. Wally D. says:

    71% of non-whites want bigger government which translates into non-whites wanting a much bigger slice of the pie currently being baked by whites. The writing is on the wall as young whites know they are being stiffed with the debts of Obamacare and all the other social welfare programs. They will rebel and favor Tea Party solutions as the alternative is endless debt and misery.. A no-brainer, as they say.

  3. Europa Rex says:

    We could use technologies like data mining and predictive analytics, but the matter has already been written into the fabric of the universe; that is, there are universal rules that prevent imbalance for too long.

  4. Wally D. says:

    “Leonard Zakim, who puts the hostile in hostile elite, thinks there’s work to be done on the millenials, because 4 million of them support the Tea Party.”

    Leonard fancys himself as being one of the new Commissars, destined to lord over us and guide us into a future which benefits only Commissars.

    • MOISHE (NOT) says:

      and you know the next step that the commissars have? fema gulags for white dissenters and genocide soon after….talk about history repeating itself.

      • mindweapon says:

        If they resort to Hard Power this way they will create an Aryan prison mafia out of the middle class intellectuals they imprison.

        I’ve noticed that the WN movement is full of scholarly men. Often the scholarship does not appear to be useful to the cause at hand, but being a learned man is powerful whatever the field.

        The big mistake they make is to make a special prison for the thought criminals, so they all get to know one another and organize a new elite. Hoepfully ours will make the same mistake, if htey start imprisoning us. I kind of doubt it myself.

        Dont’ threaten hot lead and cold steel, and they will assume you are ineffectual and leave you alone.

  5. Ryu says:

    The next generation doesn’t give a rip about anything. Nihilism is a step up from multiculturalism. Because of this, I have hope in them.

  6. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  7. Anon says:

    “About 60% of them consider themselves white” – I suppose merely the act of considering ones self white conveys white privilege.

  8. New England Millennial says:

    That’s why I post under the name “New England Millennial” so that anybody reading this blog for the first time can see that someone who is from two groups considered to be die-in-the-wool liberal, new englanders and millennials, can be a White Nationalist.

    We really lived under a soviet style political correctness before the internet. Let me illustrate with this example. My high school was a real new world order prison camp, with blacks going around kufi-slapping White and Asian nerds, rent-a-cops with lazy eyes from getting hit too many times in the skull with chairs, puerto-rican girls fighting and clawing each other over “dey man”, black transvestites with straight-hair blonde wigs having temper-tantrums in the hallways, marijuana stenched corridors, and the occasional phoned-in bomb threats.

    Naturally I didn’t have that many friends, but one of my closest friends was an Italian immigrant kid. We got along very well and we were even gym-class partners. We never talked about race but he did mention his displeasure with Muslim immigration to Europe. Anyway I didn’t see him much after graduation, but sometime in ’10 or ’11 I saw him post on AmRen with his full name! Hahaha.

    How many Whites at that school had WN views but I simply didn’t know about? So now with the internet, Whites all across the country, from California to Connecticut, can see that White Nationalism is normal, is natural, and there’s nothing and nobody that’s going to stop it!

    • New England Millennial says:

      Just found this on Drudge, more Racist millennials:


      A new study from researchers at The Ohio State University and the University of Michigan finds that white gamers who played as black avatars exhibited more racist sentiments, including connections made between blacks and weapons and photos of black people being linked to words such as “horrible” and “evil.”

      “This is a very troubling finding,” the researchers write in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

      “Our research suggests that people who play violent video games as violent black characters are more likely to believe that blacks are violent people,” writes a research team led by Grace Yang of the University of Michigan and Brad Bushman of the Ohio State University. “Playing a violent video game as a black character reinforces harmful stereotypes that blacks are violent.”

      The study examined the effects of playing violent video games as a black avatar (versus a white character) on racial stereotypes and aggression. Games such as Grand Theft Auto V and Saints Row 2 allow players to choose the race of their character, and the study findings suggest that a player’s aggression against others is increased “immediately afterwards” in some cases, “even more than playing a violent game as white characters would.”

      “The media has the power to perpetuate the stereotype that blacks are violent, and this is certainly seen in video games,” Bushman told The Daily Mail. “This violent stereotype may be more prevalent in video games than in any other form of media because being a black character in a video game is almost synonymous with being a violent character.”

      But wait it gets even better, just look at the comments! OMG I know it’s a lot of text but it’s worth it, I used notepad and find+replace to make it more readable. Look how many times they point out Jewish media!

      avconsumer2 •

      “Our research suggests that people who play violent video games as
      violent black characters are more likely to believe that blacks are
      violent people,”

      …Or people that have ever watched any TV/movies or listened to gangster rap ever?

      DIlbert •

      “Study: Violent Video Games Encourage Racist, Aggressive Attitudes Toward Blacks”
      Whiles blacks execute/participate in racist, aggressive actions/attitudes towards whites!!!

      guest • a minute ago

      CBS Evening Jews
      NBC Nightly Jews
      ABC World Jews Tonight
      PBS government Jews
      CNN all Jews all the time
      MSNBC insane Jews

      Dang • a minute ago

      So get rid of black s?

      AdmiralAkbarf • a minute ago

      Because white people play violent video games and then go out and target blacks for the knockout game… right?

      Question Diversity • 2 minutes ago

      White gamers notice things.

      And in modern progressive Amurrika, noticing things is the worst sin of all.

      Well, not the worst sin. There’s always transphobia.

      AdmiralAkbarf Question Diversity • in a few seconds

      Or calling girls “bossy”.

      The Good Shepherd • 2 minutes ago

      It appears that the JIG IS UP for the Video Gaming Industry. Oh No!! Once The Left gets ahold of you to satisfy THEIR AGENDA YOU’RE D-O-N-E!
      …That is if they aren’t going to CONTINUE TO BE The BIGGEST HYPOCRITES on the planet.
      …Sorry, …I left out COWARDS too!

      CptReality • 2 minutes ago

      This nonsensical article was written by “Benjamin Fearnow.”

      What an apt name for a writer of such absurd j3w propaganda.

      Newsflash to Mr. Fearnow: negroids are a primitive, feral species that are quick to violence and the source of most violent, predatory crime.

      Video games are irrelevant when it comes to white people’s perception of the negroid cancer.

      Goestoeleven • 2 minutes ago

      This is the… I pretty much heard it all, article.

      Rex • 2 minutes ago

      America will know that OBAMA is not a RACIST, just as soon as OBAMA
      speaks out on his VIOLENT RACIST SONS and demands Federal Hate Crimes Charges against any BLACK”playing” this “GAME” with white people.

      Of course I am smart enough to know that OBAMA the RACIST will never
      do any of this, because OBAMA the RACIST HATES WHITE PEOPLE!

      Rex • 3 minutes ago

      America does not have a gun problem, we have a violent negro problem.

      11% of the population commits 50% of all murders, and over 65% of all gun

      Let’s stop blaming the gun, and start blaming the violent negro.

      If you white folks out there have not noticed, the race war against whites has
      already begun. White folks just are not fighting back yet, making all of those
      “little angel Trayvons” much bolder by the minute!

      Of course the Obowel Movement has been egging the violent negroes on, telling
      them to “BRING A GUN TO THE FIGHT”!

      tedlv • 4 minutes ago

      1. So why are there so few actual white on black crimes? 2. Why are there so many black on black and black on white crimes? Video games? Oh, maybe a YouTube video!
      The study reminds me of what is on the ground behind a north facing male bovine.


      Show 1 new

      Bugs Weta • 6 minutes ago

      So….. video games make people racist?

      Show 2 new replies

      Jason • 6 minutes ago

      Say what you want about black people, but white people are no better. They’re just nicer to each other.

      guest • 7 minutes ago

      Hillary Clinton senator from JEW YORK

      Show 1 new

      H. Johnson • 7 minutes ago

      It’s far more likely that the behavior of blacks in the USA on a day to day basis is the cause of “racist” attitudes towards them.


      NYGlenn1837 • 7 minutes ago

      Of course white people are racists. Blacks however, not so much. What utter garbage.


      Sean neaS • 7 minutes ago

      Center for Black Statism = CBS Cleveland


      Rex • 8 minutes ago

      Barak HusseinObowelMovement declared war on
      whites soon after he was inaugurated.

      The ObowelMovement declared open

      season on “Whitey” when he refused to prosecute the racist Black

      Panther who threatened white people with a club, at a polling place, on

      election day!

      It’s Open Season on WHITEY, FOOLS!

      If you white folks out there have not noticed, the
      race war against whites has

      already begun. White folks just are not fighting back yet, making all of those

      “little angel Trayvons” much bolder by the minute!

      Of course the Obowel Movement has been egging the
      violent negroes on, telling

      them to “BRING A GUN TO THE FIGHT”!


      Show 1 new

      OldTimerUSNCB Rex • 6 minutes ago

      Your right and its to bad the White Demacrates are not smart enough to figure out they are a pawn in his take over for the Muslim world.

      kenpuck • 8 minutes ago

      Then how come WHITE people are the only ones attacked on the street? (“Polar bear,” “King Knockout”).

      Gimme a break already. NOT THAT KIND, Da’Quan!


      Show 1 new

      E C • 8 minutes ago

      This experiment needs to be done with a game that doesn’t already perpetuate specific stereotypes. Saints Row and GTA? Really? They aren’t stereotyping black people as a race, so much as they are stereotyping inner city black people specifically.

      Put them on a game like Skyrim, something with no real direct correlations to modern, US stereotypes that can impact their judgement or call up influences from their life outside of the study, and see if the correlations still exists, I’m willing to bet it doesn’t.


      John Gillis • 8 minutes ago

      Nice, another ‘study’ aimed at stirring the racial pot.


      Rex John Gillis • 7 minutes ago

      That’s what the Socialist JooBag Media does, silly!

      Marbran • 9 minutes ago

      Oh, another “white people are RACISTS” article. Thanks, CBS!


      Diarrhetrius Brown • 9 minutes ago

      Wow I can’t believe they had the balls to print the FBI’s statistics. 52% of all murders by blacks.


      OldTimerUSNCB Diarrhetrius Brown • 8 minutes ago

      And what are they 18 present of the population.

      OldTimerUSNCB • 9 minutes ago

      The so called Leader of this Country all the 10 Dollar Black Multi Millionaire Preachers, Black Millionaire Politictions, Millionaires in the Naacp and Demacrate Liberal Politictions have done more to hurt and set back the Black community than the k k k did for a 125 years and all over their OWN GREED.


      Steve Sailor OldTimerUSNCB • 7 minutes ago

      The KKK was a noble organization, everyday we see that they were much wiser then the present day multi-Cultists…

      Hillary • 10 minutes ago

      TRAYVON was the first black who got justice (not JustUs) for “playing” the knockout “game” with “white” people.
      That’s the only reason the black _in_Chimp got so upset about it, that and to stir up racist black for election day.


      tim • 10 minutes ago

      Blacks ARE violent, that’s why they are perceived that way. Blacks rape tens of thousands of white women each year, while whites rape about a dozen black women. And rape is a hate crime, dontchaknow?


      gotham1883 • 10 minutes ago

      When they start making stuff up to incite blacks to riot you know that Obama is behind it.


      Show 1 new

      Steve Sailor gotham1883 • 5 minutes ago

      Obama is a Jewish owned house slave!!!

    • mindweapon says:

      Wow, awesome! Warn your friend not to out himself on the internet.

  9. Denise says:

    People ask me why I HATE Jews.

    Why does any-one ask “why”?

  10. TabuLa Raza says:

    We will do this to the enemy:

  11. Afterthought says:

    An outstanding post on so many levels.

  12. wobbly says:

    Jews have evolved a strategy of relentless aggression over centuries and because of that they have no brakes. They can’t stop themselves attacking and attacking and attacking – even if it means attacking the tree branch they’re sitting on.

    “Simply put, the millennials do not solve anything for us”

    Translation: it doesn’t matter how liberal or anti-racist they are they’re still White.

    “My high school was a real new world order prison camp, with blacks going around kufi-slapping White and Asian nerds, ”

    40 years ago maybe 1% of white kids had experienced this reality. What percentage now?

  13. countenance says:

    If they did throw us all into a prison camp, it would be the only prison that blacks try to break into. Actually, a prison camp full of our kind of people only would be the whitopia we want so much, or dare I say, a compressed ethnostate.

    Leonard Zakim, who puts the hostile in hostile elite, thinks there’s work to be done on the millenials, because 4 million of them support the Tea Party.

    Who does he think that is going to do this “work” that hasn’t already monopolized the educational system and the media system and the social culture that all these millennials have grown up indoctrinated with? Even in spite of the other side’s almost universal education-media-sociocultural dominance, all these millennials are on our side.

    Though I have to add this caveat: This may be far more the fanciful imagination of a paranoid kook leftist than any indicator of millennials actually being on our side. Leonard Zakim’s “evidence” of all this “racism” on the part of white millennials is that four million of them support the tea party movement. Pardon me, but what does the TPM and white ethnonationalism have to do with each other? Any venn diagram crossover between the two is purely a matter of coincidence and not a matter of deliberate design on the part of either camp to cooperate with each other.

  14. countenance says:

    One more thing: IREHR and Leonard Zeskind (not Zakim) is based out of Kansas City, probably in some run down warehouse in the West Bottoms. It’s probably just Zeskind and his fax machine. And he, Zeskind is the typical paranoid left wing extremist who sees a Nazi Kluxer hiding under every rock and white supremacist dog whistles “hidden” in every boring lamestream conservative word spoken.

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