America Somewhat White, Billionaires Somewhat Livid

Here is my suggestion as to what economic posture conservatives should assume:

Dissolve the Left’s barbell on both ends. Punish the rich and their client-class eaters. A cunning Republican (I mean this, of course, hypothetically) would very publicly offer a grand compromise that truly compromises his enemies: Punitive, confiscatory, outrageous taxation on very high incomes and assets. This combined with deep cuts into the sinew of the the welfare spectrum, including elimination of the earned income tax credit and a severe reduction in dysgenic breeding inducements.

Perhaps sotto voce, he’d state: “We’ll offer cuts to your constituents in exchange for higher taxes on your sponsors. It’s simply prudent fiscal discipline with a little help from the wealthiest Americans. It’s a shared sacrifice. But that’s what makes America so great.”

The Kakistocracy

Defenders of the West Defenders of the West

In print and in person, I typically offer little flattery to conservatives. They flounce about half deaf and fully dumb. Though with strong and supple limbs for bounding toward the cliffs to which their enemies point. And don’t question the counsel, bigot. That man was nice enough to give us directions!

One of the many malign directions in which conservatives have stampeded is the notion that defending serving the rich is conservatism’s apogee…or is at least not its bugaboo: socialism. Some conservatives like to imagine they will one day become rich themselves; they won’t. Others regard the rich with genuine admiration and good-will; the sentiment is wholly unrequited. And as with so much else, this is what conservatives fail to apprehend: The Rich Hate You.

I’m as mystified as surely they must be at how brazenly their disdain can be expressed without ever surmounting conservative…

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18 Responses to America Somewhat White, Billionaires Somewhat Livid

  1. Anon says:

    the only problem with that strategy is that most “soak the rich” strategies tend to soak the common man and not the rich at all. The income tax for instance used to be something that only the rich paid, and today they are the only ones who do not. The same applies to the estate tax.

    There are very few things said rich elites won’t be able to adversely effect, and unfortunately the American people don’t seem likely to come together to agree on them any time soon.

    • mindweapon says:

      The income tax for instance used to be something that only the rich paid, and today they are the only ones who do not. The same applies to the estate tax.

      So true, Anon!

  2. TabuLa Raza says:

    That man was nice enough to give us directions!

    Yes, he told us to go to hell!

  3. countenance says:

    I don’t think we need to have arguments about how to solve problems that have already been solved, about whether we should tax the “rich” (i.e. white people who work for a living).

    Where this blog shines is figuring out how to solve problems that are really problems, that haven’t been solved yet.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks, Countenance.

      I reposted this because the super-rich aren’t conservatives. They are degenerate liberals who truly despise us. Simply taxing them is not the solution; we need to remove their franchise-controls over things like the food supply, the economy in general.

      One thing that happened was they started taxing dividends, which is a double tax, since corporate profits are already taxed. Taxing dividends takes away ordinary mom and pop investors and forces companies to borrow from banksters instead. Banksters saw that regular people were making a good retirement from dividends and reinvesting dividends, so they started taxing dividends to destroy them as a financial instrument and take away that rentier privilege from the masses and hog it to themselves.

      • countenance says:

        There are lots of good solutions that we could come up with. The point is that in terms of income percentiles, the rich already pay more than their fair share. It’s only a scant few ultra-rich multi-billionaire/parasites who can get away with paying very little or no taxes based on a combination of gaming the system and political patronage.

        One of the main reason dividends are becoming a thing of the past is that the mutual funds which hold huge shares of stocks in larger publicly traded corporations want the corps to reinvest the profits in order to make the business more profitable in order for the stock market to be bullish on those companies’ stocks, because the mutual funds are most acutely interested in owning the stocks for their increasing value.

      • Erin says:

        Maybe we should learn more about the stock market. The average person watches a couple of hours of TV per day. The time could be better spent learning how to make money I think.

      • mindweapon says:

        No, the stock market is a rigged casino.

      • Anon says:

        the stock market you have to be real careful in, the banks have been able to have trades that went bad for them busted and overturned, so even if you make the right call you can still lose a great deal(buy-sell on a bankster mistake getting turned into a naked short of a stock that rockets up due to the bust being one example).

      • Anon says:

        If people did know more about what goes on there it could only be positive for the average American however.

  4. Occigent says:

    The solution is foremost spiritual, secondarily economic.

    We offer higher taxes on the rich in exchange for moral compromises from the cultural Marxists, just like Hitler did. The problem is the unionists, ostensibly the workers, are stuck on the left with the cultural Marxists. But moral instability is at least as great of a detriment to the working class as inflation/economic instability. What the rich owe the poor is not college education or a free lunch, it’s instead a moral framework that makes their work valuable. A stable world in which moral fidelity is its own interest, guaranteed to pay.

    The biggest crime the haters have committed is separating the working class from the wealthy. The wealthy know they are nothing without the working class, and vice versa. But when you attach the working class to cultural Marxism you set the wealthy against them.

    What we need is a Hitler. Outlaw abortion, no-fault divorce and pornography and IN EXCHANGE offer the working class and the unionists higher wages. Then the wealthy know they aren’t flushing their money down a sinkhole of immorality. That is the essence of fascism. Fascism is not an economic or political term. It’s a spiritual term. It means a native population’s government and private industry getting together to agree to a higher moral plane and lifting everyone up thereby. This is what Hitler did, and this is why Hitler is the #1 enemy, and why the parties have masterfully split the workers and the wealthy who, when united, create an unstoppable force called fascism.

    The workers of the left give up cultural Marxism and in exchange the wealthy accept higher taxes. As they say, right on values, left on labor. Just like Hitler.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great comment, Occigent.

      I can think of a lot of things that would be different on the ground with fascism. Calorically efficient medium scale farming, like Mosin does. He uses tractors but is organic/natural and non-GMO of course. Gene Logsdon says a farm can’t really be more than 50 acres per farmer.

      One thing I could see doing with the Midwest is letting it go partly back to prairie, but make it a big hayfield instead of corn, and import that hay by train to New England to feed draft horses/transport horses here. The horse manure would also support our vegetable farms, and people would be employed gathering horse manure. Hay is much more sustainable than corn — you don’t have to strip the land of all vegetation but the corn.

      We should be using our own human excrement for methane production and if possible, have an industrial process that detoxifies the human shit and recycles it into bagged fertilizer, and urine as well, which would provide nitrogen.

      So we’d have to fix the food system, and a much higher percentage of people should be involved in farming. But ya know, it could be a case of working in farming a lot of hours from April to October, but having the winters completely off. Processors would work from July to November.

      In the old days it was very cheap to live, because there was no welfare. Nobody was freeloading, except maybe the capitalists. The poor did not, and did an honest trade with one another. We could go back to this, but the dysfunctional and sociopathic may find themselves frozen out.

      THe current way of doing things with the paper dollars in exchange for socially useless value transference, is absolutley unsustainable. None of it’s real. All this economic exchange going on is so abstract, and few if any of us do much of anything that is of real value. We are all feedlot livestock of Agribusiness. THe processed packaged food is better called feed or chow, like pig chow, chicken feed, and so on.

      I have long been interested in hobby value production. Just growing food is the most basic thing you can do, and it’s pretty cool. Interesting to see how hard it really is. You can’t take food for granted. Crops can fail, you have to fight bugs and fungi and animals and even bad weather. But on the other hand, you can do smart things to be more resilient. if one starchy crop fails like potatoes, you make sure your barley survives.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        We should be using our own human excrement for methane production and if possible, have an industrial process that detoxifies the human shit and recycles it into bagged fertilizer, and urine as well, which would provide nitrogen.

        This is difficult when you have industrial wastes in the sanitary sewers.  You do not want toxic chemicals or heavy metals going onto your fields and getting into the food supply, and it only takes one dump of a chromium-plating solution to give you a buttload of stuff that needs isolation as hazmat.

    • Anon says:

      In the past there was a white socialist, socially conservative, economically liberal movement in America, but it has been largely subverted. It is the opposite values, social liberalism and economic conservatism that are promoted as fashionable these days. of course those two don’t particularly pair together nearly as well.

    • MOISHE says:

      read (if you already haven’t) – THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION – this is part of their modus: “pitting goy labour against management/ownership” – classic divide and rule – that’s why the nsdap were against classwarfare – it played into the hands of the tribe….

  5. Marc says:

    Mindweapon, what would you think of turning the Midwest into a giant pasture for buffalo and grass-fed beef, to support a paleo diet? You don’t seem to have gotten the word on paleo …

  6. wobbly says:

    “Here is my suggestion as to what economic posture conservatives should assume:”

    The best way is to use their pre-existing beliefs but re-directed at the right targets. The economic ideology that “conservatives” currently accept is simply socialism for the rich. Every argument they make against welfare applies 1000 times over to the banking mafia and the concentric circles around the banking mafia.

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