New York boosts school budget $1.1 billion to cope with refugee overload

Refugees breaking the bank with their special needs. Taken out of their natural environment, it costs a lot to have them live in a climate in which only whites and Asians ever naturally settled.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

From Amarillo, TX to New York State one of the first places a refugee overload becomes evident is in the social and economic impact on school systems.

Assemblyman Sean Ryan (right).

Yesterday we told youabout how the school system in Amarillo has become the place where poverty at home is being addressed (at a cost to taxpayers and to the student body).

Thanks to reader ‘Joanne’ here is another story—this one from New York.  Wyoming take note!

From Buffalo Rising (emphasis is mine):

NYS Assemblyman Sean Ryan, 149th Assembly District [Buffalo—ed], recently visited Lafayette High School to announce his push to have an increase in state education funding, to be set aside for schools with high refugee populations.

The Assembly budget proposal, passed Wednesday, March 12, increased aid to schools by $1.1 billion for the NYS fiscal year of 2014 -2015. This is the largest increase…

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