Ukraine to Raise Gas Prices by Half

Ukraine to raise gas prices by 50%. I found out why Ukrainians want to join the EU — they want immigration rights to Western Europe like the Poles have. Western Europe thinks it has too many Polish laborers now, wait till their brethren a bit further east get to come! The Poles will be outbid for plumbing, electrician, and auto mechanics overnight.
So immigration to Western Europe relieves some pressure, and the Ukrainians left behind get looted. Ukrainians abroad send remittances home to alleviate the looting, but at the same time, Ukrainians will learn Western European pan-Aryan nationalism and will take that bac k to the Motherland. Ukrainians are notoriously provincial and as we saw with Maidan, they will be nationalist in a way that cuts off their nose to spite their face. Western Ukrainian nationalism was self destructive because it didn’t include all Whites, and named all Russians as the enemy. Hey, Pravyi Sektor! 1914 called. They want their petty, intraracial, fratricidal squabbling back!
I’ve always heard that Western Ukrainians were whack jobs, but I didn’t believe it until now. At the same time, joining the EU for immigration rights to Western Europe makes a lot of sense. They saw the Poles do it; they want in. I get it. - by F. Kaskais

Bulgaria: Ukraine to Raise Gas Prices by Half Ukraine has agreed on a 50% increase of gas prices for domestic consumers. Hike of gas bills is part of conditionality set by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) if Ukraine is to be granted an aid package.

State energy company Naftogaz reported that price changes will be into force from May 1, with more rises due to be made until 2018. Until now, low consumer bills were possible due to state subsidies, but the IMF believes the system should be reformed in order to stabilize Ukraine’s financial situation.

The new pricing rules are to affect not only ordinary consumers but also district companies, which will have to pay 40% more for gas. It is yet unclear how the hike will correspond to the scrapping of Ukraine’s special pricing regime for gas supplies by Russian energy giant Gazprom, which officials from the company justified with delays in debt payments.


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9 Responses to Ukraine to Raise Gas Prices by Half

  1. SomeAnon says:

    Unfortunately, Western Ukrainian nationalists are only a pawn in the US/EU-Russia chess game, and they will shortly be thrown under the bus. Yes, it’s a mixed metaphor.

    On the topic of adding Ukraine to the EU, the whole EU scam comes down to how much wealth transfer productive Germans are willing to tolerate. Basically, the Germans produce, other countries receive, and the City of London gets the vig.

  2. Anon says:

    Yeah, with one of the right sector leaders getting “shot while resisting arrest” its clear who was faster on the backstab, and had the more coherent plan. The fact that they are talking about Russian agents being responsible is just demoralizing.

  3. Stary Wylk says:

    I hope the Russians take rather to Debit cards. Credit is a dangerous tool unless you’re too big to fail.

  4. TabuLa Raza says:

    joos are too smart by half:

    To be “too smart by half” (also common is “too clever by half”) is to be too smart for one’s own good, meant either literally or ironically. As an idiom, it is usually sarcastic. The phrase has a wide range of potential uses; for instance, it can mean:

    1.) Something so complex that it’s self-obfuscating.
    2.) A seemingly clever action that is in fact foolish.
    3.) Logically accepting something as necessary that isn’t.
    4.) Overanalysis.
    5.) Elitism (see ivory tower).
    –“Those Harvard scholars are too smart by half.”

    –“What a dumb idea; I tell you, that guy is too smart by half.”
    by GBAAD April 22, 2006

  5. Sam says:

    Even worse wait til people find out how the “Mr. Magic” IMF creates money. Out of thin air like all banks. So they create money out of nothing then repress the people to repay it.
    If we could ever get a decent President he could just attack the off shore banks, transfer their made up money to US banks and steal it from the Hebes. The Hebes are arrogant and have no force to back up their crazy plans. They got their ass whipped in Lebanon. Only by sneaking around can they cause havoc. As soon as this is not allowed they’re screwed.
    We should make their prophecies come true. They own everything and others serve them. Finish the walls around Israel. Place all the Jews in Israel. Give them a piece of paper that says they own everything. Throw live chickens over the wall for eternity to serve them.

  6. Afterthought says:

    When are the vaunted Ukrainian Nationalists going to do anything? I remember the zeal of those attacking Putin and defending the clowns. Remember those who got it wrong.

  7. Wyandotte says:

    Maybe western Ukies don’t identify with Russia because lots of Russians have a good sized chunk of Asian blood.

    Maybe they hate Russians because they never apologized for the big starvation in ’32.

    Maybe Ukes in general see Russians flying the old hammer & sickle and still keeping their statues of Lenin & Stalin – how are they supposed to interpret that?

    Maybe Ukes are caught between a rock and a hard place.

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