Indian Clubs for fighting training and staying fit into old age;

hat tip to HerewardMW for Indian club idea. My commenters are awesome!

Get clubs and instructional DVD’s at Ageless Strength.

Good stuff! In my 40’s, I prefer stuff like this more than weight lifting. This sort of thing lubricates the joints and reduces/prevents inflammation and stiff joints. Adults don’t move nearly enough, and one commenter noted that we probably get illnesses from poor circulation of lymphatic fluids because we move so little. I also like the rebounder (mini trampoline) and bosu balls for leg/ankle conditioning and bouncing.

I’m taking wing chun and one problem I have is that I cannot put my arms togther in front of me in a double centerline punch. My back and shoulders are too stiff to do so, probably because of lots of sitting. I recently learned that to generate force in a punch, the bicep has to be relaxed and not antagonizing the triceps that is shooting out the punch. So much skill in sport is being able to relax one set of muscles and allow another set to contract without antagonism, hence the value of “being loose” in boxing. that’s what they mean by “being loose.” It’s also called muscle memory. Ideally, one should have “muscle memory” through a vast range of movements. The Indian clubs look that they would accomplish this.

I see exercising more for keeping a youthful body by moving the way a child would move, rather than heaving weights or grimly doing hour after hour of repetitive aerobic movements like an elliptical trainer (though the Jacob’s Ladder is supposed to be a pretty good machine, see on youtube).

The Indian clubs give you a dynamic strength too, which I find more useful than weight lifting strength. So give it a try!


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11 Responses to Indian Clubs for fighting training and staying fit into old age;

  1. JODAFO says:

    I bought the dvds from ageless strength 2 years ago and some clubs from Revolution Clubs. I unfortunately can’t comment on their effectiveness LOL. I originally came across them as a way to fix my shoulder and that didn’t work, still got problems. I am looking forward to the day I do get to use them though.

    If you want to improve movement I recommend Intu Flow by Scott Sonnen.
    You can find some of his videos on youtube. Heres one:
    It has you moving through multiple planes of movement in each mobility exercise. I thought this too would help my shoulder but nope. I have a bad muscle imbalance in my shoulder(Posterior delt is to atrophied) and this makes me way too loose! I also have a back Imbalance causing a lateral pelvic tilt so I don’t use it on my mid section yet but I have used it on my lower body with much success.

  2. JODAFO says:

    You can learn everything on the ageless strength dvds by breaking the movements in this guys videos

  3. Ryu says:

    There’s clubbells too, which are like weighted baseball bats.

    • mindweapon says:

      clubbell is just a neologism for Indian clubs. they are exactly the same thing.

    • Erin says:

      Are deep knee bends a good idea? I have heard that they are not.

      • Craig says:

        If you have no knee injuries or other abnormalities, it shouldn’t be a problem, just don’t lock your knees into full extension like all your lockable joints, when conducting weights, strength and movement exercises. My favourite leg strength/core stability exercise back in the day were single leg squats.

        Below would be a beginners squats. Squats also help define a women’s bum, to make it very round and curvy nice.

        Now this dude is amazing, what he’s doing takes an enormous amount of core stability. I only use to do what is called the “Pistol Squat w/ elevated heel” in the clip. His slow controlled movement reminds me of yoga.

        @MW Reads like your shoulders and neck are strained, I would be hitting the missus up for a deep tissue massage to work out the spasm knots, before bed every night till it was better. I trained my missus well. 😆

  4. Craig says:

    Ok just watched the Indian club work outs, that’s awesome. Coincidentally when bored I use to do something like that with hockey sticks, I use to jokingly call it stick swirling, me pretending to be a ninja when a kid. I’m actually pretty confident at throwing a staff around.

    It won’t take me long to pick this up at all, so big thanks to HerewardMW, and MW for posting this.

  5. MOISHE says:

    anything that makes a womans arse rounder, softer, sexier – and fuckable – has my vote!

  6. Vagn says:

    Rob get “How to become a supple leopard” by Kelly Starret, watch his MWOD videos but the book is a wealth of info into fixing movement issues as well as ingrained poor positions, The book goes into more details on do’s and do NOT’s than the videos. His relaxed ten minute squat has saved some of my desk bound friends from crippling tight hips in their 30’s. Its an amazing book.
    Next get the new Simple and Sinister book by Pavel. find an HKC, RKC or Strong First instructor for a lesson, its worth it. Combined the 2 will change your life like reading square foot gardening did. you can find cheap used kettlebells locally or hell new ones for $40 on amazon. Just dont go too cheap or the handles will have seam lines.

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