Iowa: Refugee family of 12 gets “Habitat for Humanity” house

Billions for refugees and legal and iillegal immigrants and H1B visas! Actual Americans can go pound sand. Your government hates you.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Readers, this must mean good news for Iowa—-the state has no more American citizens in poverty! 

Just kidding of course, but honestly the average American reads a story like this one and asks: What about our own poor people?

From AP at the Houston Chronicle(hat tip: Joanne):

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — The war is long behind them, as are their days living in forests and refugee campus, but life for Abdineko Mausa and Andjela Uredi’s family of 12 remains a difficult one.

For nearly two years, the Congolese family — with 10 children ranging between 2 months to 21 — have lived elbow-to-elbow in a tiny Johnson County apartment.


The Iowa City Press-Citizen reports ( ) that will change this fall, however, when the family moves into a newly built six-bedroom, two-bathroom home — the largest ever constructed by Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity. The Iowa…

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6 Responses to Iowa: Refugee family of 12 gets “Habitat for Humanity” house

  1. WG says:

    Fucking insane.

  2. Mr. Rational says:

    I am forced to wonder if something will “happen” to that house.

    Also whether it happens before or after the dozen move in.

  3. Yep, this is why I cannot stand christinsanity and want it blotted out. No help for you or me, but some baby squirting tardape queen from hell gets a free house while all the dumb glassy eyed retard chistians smile their shit eating grin and pat themselves on the back. White people are always expected to pull themselves up without help, but everyone else should get a free ride. Complain? You are anti-christard, 12 year old daughter’s get’s her teeth punched in because she said no to to a blueblack somali who wants to screw her? You are the problem, a racist and anti-christard.

    Oh and these chirstards see each one of her dull eyed crimes waiting to happen as a miracle, but a white woman with 4 kids is made out to be a joke (‘It’s a vagina not a clown car!’ etc.) or some sort of low class back woods inbred.

    P.S. One thing I totally hate about white people and the way they treat their meek kids when they are not ignoring them for church BS or worshiping coons; whenever something happens at school or somewhere else with some aggressive a-hole or non-white scum they are the first to passive-aggressively accuse their own children with the ‘Well, what did you do to provoke it?’ angle, believing that these things are not only just like you are me, but intrinsically better. Parents like that should be horse whipped. Whites have a real problem with moral, mental, and social arrogance to the point of sacrificing their own kids.

  4. the outdoorsman says:

    Yes, the fedgov & stategovs hate Whites. This story is par for the course in Iowa City. I went to the U of Iowa there in the 90’s. It was a White liberal town then, now it is a very “diverse” liberal town. Nothing will “happen” to the house Mr. Rational – Iowa City residents are kool-aid drinkers. Rural Iowa is generally vibrant free – enough so that I still become enraged when I see a single Negro or Mexican. They do not belong in Iowa. My god I HATE White traitors!

  5. KO says:

    I went on a few “Habitat For Somalis” builds for our church. That seemed to be the only people they built for. You’d think there weren’t any poor Americans, black or white. Church volunteers plus many corporate volunteers also. You know how corporate America supports big-name charities and gives people work-credit for volunteering on them. Give us enough rope…

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