Trouble in Paradise; Black Salon writer complains about liberal racists being insufficiently vigilant about checking their privilege and #whitesplaining to her over #CancelColbert

TUESDAY, APR 1, 2014 07:45 AM EDT
My white liberal frenemies: When Twitter exchanges reveal untrustworthy allies
Once again, the Colbert flap reminds us that it’s not just white conservatives who traffic in supremacy online

See this, libtards! You can’t point to white racists as them. You are them! You aren’t so above the rest of us, as Brittney helpfully reminds you.

Still, one of the things that liberal people of color whisper to other liberal people of color when no one else is listening is that white liberals can be worse than white conservatives. Between the paternalism, the #whitesplaining and the refusal to accept that acknowledging racism and supporting civil rights does not mean that you have done the deeper structural and psychic work of disengaging from white supremacy, sometimes white liberal people who seem like friends turn out to be enemies. Or maybe frenemies.

I’m reminded of my first boss, an older white liberal principal at the school where I worked during my year off between college and grad school. We served an urban populace, and she had a long history of success with educating black and brown kids who had been throwaways of the educational system. One memorable time she bragged about how the children dubbed her an “honorary black person,” because she was prone to put a bit of swivel in her neck when correcting them.

When tensions erupted between white and black faculty members, brought on in part by the lack of cultural competency training among the white faculty members, my boss brought in a diversity educator. It was an admirable move, until she told me self-congratulatorily, “He really told them, didn’t he.” Them? I was thinking. You are them. Yet, she was completely unaware of her own racially problematic attitudes. And that made her an untrustworthy ally. Allies commit to living lives of vigilance around addressing privilege; it’s hard, brutal work, and it requires a great deal of humility. Most people succumb to the pressure of these rigorous standards, and at most become situational allies.

Yes, allies need to suck up even harder! It will never be enough! On your knees liberals! Show some real allyship!

And I do know that white liberal bullying often masquerades as endless calls for civil discourse. When I saw Colbert’s defenders on Twitter calling me stupid (I didn’t get it), and racist (how dare you say white men need cultural boundaries), and reactionary (stop tripping about every little thing!), I realized that though they were less polite, the arguments sounded remarkably similar not only to those of folks on the right but also to Colbert’s more sanguine, civil defenders. You couple self-congratulatory liberalism with the narcissistic persecution complex that Law & Order’s B.D. Wong diagnosed Colbert with in the show’s response to the controversy on Monday night, and you end up with a large amount of white people who “just don’t get it.” “Colbert” the character closed down the offending Foundation, but Colbert the man and creative force behind the show needs to cancel the Ching Chong Ding Dong character entirely.

Liberal folks like Stephen Colbert are supposed to be a bulwark against the kind of conservatism that we all agree is running the country into the ground.

But in cases like this, it turns out that I cannot always trust that the enemy of my enemy will be my friend.

Brittney Cooper
Brittney Cooper is a contributing writer at Salon. Follow her on Twitter at @professorcrunk.


Shut up, YT! If you’re a guilty liberal and an ally to People of Color, that is.

Of course if you’re a regular old YT who despises liberals, say whatever you please. Brittney Cooper can’t stop you.


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13 Responses to Trouble in Paradise; Black Salon writer complains about liberal racists being insufficiently vigilant about checking their privilege and #whitesplaining to her over #CancelColbert

  1. I’m about 99% positive that even liberal/left media is purposefully causing “racist” controversies to get hits. This is how desperate the media is for revenue.

    • mindweapon says:

      You are probably right. They can’t do productive jobs, they are desperate to get paid to be writers.

      Meanwhile, we get spending money for our side blogging hobby thanks to WordAds! LOLOLOL!

  2. Anon says:

    I hope the likes of Britney Cooper are successful. If Colbert recants he’ll be devoured by the very people defending him right now.

  3. MOISHE says:

    Colbert is another inbedded kike – just like his fellow tribesman leibowitz – they are shills who laugh at us – the jew is being outed left/right/centre!

  4. Okay, Mindweapons:

    In a previous post, I mentioned the stages of critical reaction and MW saw an analogy to Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ Stages of Death and wanted me to elaborate.

    Here is what I call “The Seven Stages of Critical Reaction.” These stages are very fluid because they depend on how much self-restraint the Culture of Critique practices during each stage.

    All tribes view outsiders with suspicion and favor insiders. In-group partiality was bred into us all. But, prosperous Indo-Europeans eventually instituted very liberal laws of hospitality to any strangers they allowed into their lands. The Greeks had a name for this; xenos. No other culture demands the host ensure the stranger feels at home. Indeed, every effort is made to make sure the stranger feels anything but at home. With the exception of Indo-Europeans, every other culture’s idea of xenos is as long as you carefully walk their very narrow line, you might endure minimal harassment or harm.

    It should thus come as no surprise that the Culture of Critique was launched once the Critics had acquired control of the modern mass media to support their narrative. The CoC was designed to work only within the confines of Soft Power. The CoC can only resort to force in response to violence. Any shift to Hard Power diminishes its effectiveness as Ruby Ridge and Waco proved.

    Stage One: The “J’accuse” Moment. Media control enables the CoC to “capture” an example of bigotry and edit for content. Its first example was liberating the concentration camps. Western moviegoers were treated to the sight of emaciated concentration camp survivors as well as bulldozers carrying the skeletal bodies of dead typhus victims to open mass graves. Other classic “J’accuse” Moments were how the media staged Emmett Till and Rosa Parks.

    Stage Two: Brouhaha. Most people remember that they grew up seeing Jews as Christ-Killers, not to mention banning them from country-clubs, etc. Or that they didn’t think twice about White Only Water Fountains.

    Note: Stage One-Two invites abuse from agendists who cannot resist the temptation to create hate hoaxes which, if exposed, completely undermines the presentation and threatens future credibility.

    Stage Three: Atonement. Recognizing Israel. Civil Rights Legislation. Desegregation.

    Stage Four: Enforcement: Limousine Liberals collaborate with Cadillac Conservatives as House
    Whites to impose a “Dictatorship of the Petty Bureaucrat” to enforce political correctness on powerless proles.

    Note: As Eric Alterman noted to Bill Moyers, the Cultural Marxists screwed up by the way they enforced political correctness. He noted that Joe Sixpack and Jane Q Public had no problem accepting gay rights, because “it didn’t cost them anything.”

    To be more exact, the CMs earned the everlasting hatred and resentment of White Americans, because they were too quick to resort to hard power to enforce a costly racial agenda through forced integration. With gay rights, they relied on soft power which stays within the confines of Stages One-Two until the culture is softened up for Stage Three.

    Stage Four should be avoided as much as possible and only resorted to if one is met with violent opposition. The idea should be to focus on Stages One-Two. Stage Three should be all about successful cultural indoctrination rather than enforcement.

    Stage Five: Demoralization. Dysfunctional reactions to the CoC’s contradictory but uniformly Anti-White subthemes. Whiggers and Mudsharks address its “race is a social construct -abolish the White race” meme as they try to “blend in” with Blacks which results not in Black regeneration but White degeneration. White Flight –White communities scatter like sheep rather than organize to halt any further encroachments. Angry Whites react to their dispossession in ineffective, self-destructive ways.

    Note: Acculturation should be the real goal. That old saw about familiarity breeding contempt should always be kept in mind. Hard power does not create integrated communities, but only destroys urban White communities that re-form miles outside of any court activist’s jurisdiction. Moreover, its frontal assault does not dilute but strengthens racial awareness. It would have been far more effective to keep reverting to Stage One-Two until lack of familiarity with People of Color combined with White Idealism leads to mixed race children from whom their White relatives cannot segregate.

    Stage Six: Passive Resistance AKA “Structural Racism.” Pricing Non-Whites out of affluent White communities and/or creating such implicitly White, Eurocentric communities that Non-Whites cannot feel comfortable there.

    Stage Seven: Micro Aggressions AKA “Hipster Racism.” Neo-Libertarianism. Reconquista … I mean, Gentrification. Ridicule disguised as Ironic Snark. Tone deafness. Whitesplaining. Openly contemptuous dismissal of any POC complaining about cultural appropriation, i.e. yoga and belly-dancing.

    Note: Stages Six to Seven is where the “social justice activists” realize they have picked the bottom branches of The Money Tree almost clean and it’s time to move up. Finding the Cargo Cultists agitating for inclusion in their neighborhoods and access to their money brings out the “Step Aside, Peasants” instincts in those former White enforcers of Political Correctness. After being all too happy to throw White Proles under the Vibrant’s Diversity Bus, they feel they have sacrificed enough. How White of them!

    • mindweapon says:

      Note: As Eric Alterman noted to Bill Moyers, the Cultural Marxists screwed up by the way they enforced political correctness. He noted that Joe Sixpack and Jane Q Public had no problem accepting gay rights, because “it didn’t cost them anything.

      Actually, he was talking about why corporate conservatives support gay rights. Gay rights is easier to support than raising the minimum wage or single payer healthcare. But carry on!

  5. Well, corporate conservatives are all about profit hence their addiction to Non-White labor and I do think they got on board with Civil Rights to suppress the White Proles shaking up things with the labor movement around the turn of the last century, BUT they overlooked certain hidden costs. Like how the savages they let off the chain are destroying every city in their wake and how much more frequent and expensive the shakedowns to make them quit are getting. Or how much profits are lost if corporations because of the hoops and hurdles they have to jump through to terminate lazy, incompetent employees of color not to mention hiring people to clean up/cover up their messes, etc. Even then, they have to bribe the more ballsy ones to leave with hefty severance packages and even then they can still face a lawsuit or bad publicity with charges of racism.

    There are nothing but down sides and absolutely no up sides to this racial agenda which has proven disastrous to Western civilization as conservative corporates are finding out too late to do them much good. Gays don’t cost them any money and in many cases, generate profits. Another upside to gays is they are the counter-strike troops of gentrification against the Black tide. I suspect there would be more upsides to gays IF they weren’t being sabotaged by agents provocateurs dividing and ruling Whites. Certain aspects of gay activism remind me a lot of the antics of Frank (Francis Cohen) Collin’s Neo-Nazis in Skokie, because everything they are doing right now seems to be designed to repel/frighten White heterosexuals. JMO.

  6. clytemnestra57 says:

    The more I thought about it, I finally realized that there are EIGHT stages of Critical Reaction.

    The best analogy that can be made is the illustration of how antibiotics designed to combat viruses became ultimately not only ineffective but created stronger, mutating viruses that are IMMUNE to probiotics aka “Super Bugs.” Here, insert ironic H/T to Bob Whittaker’s BUGS movement.

    Stage Eight: Immunity. Just as stronger, mutating, antibiotic-immune staph infections destroy the body, frequent exposure to dubious antiracist agendas that have often proved to be hate hoaxes must also create stronger, mutating, antiracist-immune Whites who will ultimately end easily abused concepts like xenos.

    An example of immunity in action is the blowback on White celebrities adopting Black babies. Who could resist all those tiny, skinny doe-eyed African babies staring so soulfully into the camera? I’m old enough to remember when Mia Farrow was celebrated for rainbow adoptions. Angelina Jolie not so much. Madonna was openly ridiculed for it with her second adoption of a Black baby with cracks about matching accessories from Whites on both the right and the left and the open contempt for her gambit crossed all class lines. Though she is fighting it with all she is worth, she is being pushed off the stage like the aging embarrassment she is.

    The medical community has discovered that slender filaments or threads of bacterial pili transmit these super viruses throughout the body much like the internet has been the most successful transmitter of White resistance to the AntiWhite agenda. Because the internet has also too great a profit engine for commerce, corporations are loath to shut it down. The only thing they could think to do was either waste a bunch of time and money having moderators delete/ban commenters initially. Now they are shutting down comments threads altogether, but then bloggers just link too their pages and open comments threads there. Pretty funny, hunh?

    • mindweapon says:


      See this post from 2 years ago:

      Anti-white mass media provided a huge return on investment from the 1960′s on, just as anti-biotics have provided humankind with an extremely high return on investment.

      However, anti-biotics lose their efficacy with overuse. In particular, in Confined Animal Feeding Operations, where all the animals take some antibiotics every day in their food just to keep them all from keeling over because of the unhealthy conditions, they are incubating supergerms.

      Anti-white ideology is very much like the anti-biotics given to livestock, and multiracialist society is like a CAFO. If Whites were allowed to express racial solidarity, the whole operation would fall apart in a moment, just as the cattle in a CAFO would quickly die of disease if not for daily anti-biotics.

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