Nigel Farage warns — end the EU peacefully. or neo-Nazis will end it violently; wins debate against Nick Clegg 69% to 31%

Europeans hate the EU. Nigel Farage actually says he’s for the white working class, at least according to this RT article

Europeans HATE globalism. Americans are still saying DUHHHH, globo-what? No matter, Americans are going to get reality as a negotiating partner soon enough, and then they will learn these new big words and their meaning for all of our lives.

Neo-Nazism is on the rise in Europe and if nations do not opt-out of EU democratically, the entity has a violent end ahead of it, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said during a second public debate on the UK’s EU membership.

Farage specified that if EU members could not rein back control over their own countries diplomatically, then neo-Nazi groups, like the Golden Dawn party in Greece, would do it for them through violence.

“I want to see the EU brought to an end, but I want it to end democratically. If it does not end democratically I am afraid it will end unpleasantly,” Farage said during the debate with the leader of Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg.

According to the viewers, Nigel Farage won the television debate on Europe by 69 percent to 31 percent, a Guardian ICM poll showed.

During the debate Farage criticized big business, wealthy landowners and focused on growing violence in Europe, stating that his goal was to take care of the white working class.

“Already some countries are beginning to see the rise of, worryingly, political extremism. There is a neo-Nazi party in Greece that look certain to win seats in the European parliament …We see in Madrid, we see in Athens very large protests, tens of thousands of people, a lot of violence,” Farage said.

“If you take away from people their ability through the ballot box to change their futures because they have given away control of everything to somebody else then I am afraid they tend to resort to unpleasant means and that’s my big worry,” he added.

Clegg responded with accusations that Farage is trying to turn back the clock back to the 19th century.

“I don’t believe in the dishonesty in saying to the British people that you can turn the clock back. What next? Are you going to say we should return to the gold standard or a pre-decimal currency, or maybe get [Victorian-era cricket player] WG Grace to open the batting for England again? This is the 21st century, it is not the 19th century,” Clegg stated.

“There are huge difficulties in the eurozone, but the idea that it is somehow a good thing … for it to fall apart, to perhaps even predict, as Nigel Farage has just done, that it will do so with violence on the streets across Europe and at the same time to side with [Russian President] Vladimir Putin on some of the biggest issues, rather than our own country and the European democracy we work together with, I just think it’s a huge difference of priorities.”

Other things discussed during the debate included immigration policies, trade and international issues such as Ukraine.


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21 Responses to Nigel Farage warns — end the EU peacefully. or neo-Nazis will end it violently; wins debate against Nick Clegg 69% to 31%

  1. I was surprised to hear him mention the white working class, one gets so used to negroes, jews and liberals mentioning my people only to slag them off. There is no political solution, that will come after the dust settles. The best thing would be for the English to separate from from London and have their own country, which I advocate.

    • Denise says:

      I just found out that the Archbishop of Canterbury is a Kike. (I’m usually on top of the Spot the Hebe game; this one took me be surprise. The damned cockroaches are EVERYWHERE). Are there any actual, genuine ENGLISH left, in England?

      • Starets says:

        IIRC, when he became Archbishop of Canterbury someone else, possibly a journalist, mentioned that he had jewish ancestry. He claimed to be completely surprised. However, he seems to be fully supportive of the usual YKW agenda. He also moved up the Church of England hierarchy with lightning speed, which is a sure sign of a YKW or YKW minion being placed into a key position of control.

  2. Denise says:

    Do recall that article you posted about Samantha Powers Sunstein, KikeWhore of the JuN, menacing the Russian Ambassador? She was shrieking about “all of this being settled” etc, meaning the Kikes have taken over, and that’s THAT, you damned Goy!

    I’m starting to hear this concept/diktat emerge from the drooling, writhing knish-holes, of the Tribe, and their factotums….watch for it.

    • MOISHE says:

      England has been juminated for a while now Denise – the royal family males are all circumsicised by the chief Rabbi of the uk (except prince harry) – the ju.k is just that the JU.K – run by treasonous askennazi foreigners – but they don’t represent the british indigenous people.

  3. X says:

    The English are still alive, if not well. Genuine nationalists in England would not last long if they followed the Golden Dawn path: Greece is the periphery of empire; London is one of its strongholds. Real nationalists in England live in the shadows, they are Jew-wise and watchful. There are disproportional numbers of military or ex-military among their numbers, but regardless, each one is worth a thousand of the clowns who follow(ed) the EDL or any of the minions of the British State. The English who will make a difference are slowly coalescing, finding each other, learning to trust.. It is still early, but five years from now the English struggle will have borne worthy fruit and in ten years’ time the British State may be faced with its own worst nightmare. The post on MWIR about infiltration of antifa groups by nationalists in England scratched the surface, it is a route I took a long time ago. Farage and UKIP should be viewed suspiciously; it is the sort of “Rule Britannia!” chatter that goes down well with disgruntled Tory voters and the sort of people who can see that something isn’t quite right but would rather it could all be sorted out by someone “nice, you know, like that Nigel Farage!” Nick Clegg’s nonsensical ‘rebuttal’ was more ludicrous than usual from that odious fool. The ’19th Century’ is coming back, but not in the way he means; it might just take a return to the 9th or 10th centuries to get there, but so be it, when the gloves finally come off, it won’t be ‘cricket, old boy’, he can be sure of that.

    • Denise says:

      I am praying your words are the truth. My people hail from the British Isles. It breaks my heart to see how thoroughly Judaized and compromised the English are. I want England to be Forever; Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, as well.

      PLEASE be right. Please.

      • X says:

        Ideally the various constituent nations currently under British occupation would each have fully formed nationalist movements straining at the leash, each seeking to outdo the other in their respective struggles against the viceroys in Westminster. Forget the un-nationalist parties of the ‘Celtic’ fringe: the SNP are Marxists, globalists and multiculturalists, happy to paint themselves red and cry “(NO MORE) FREEDOM!!”. Plaid Cyrmu and the Marxist equivalent in Wales, while the Irish seem to have lost all grasp of their rebellious nature since the Sinn Fein/PIRA (yet more Marxists!) and the various tawdry ‘Republican’ splinter groups accepted well funded retirement from their admirable service to the British State: did you really think they were ‘freedom fighters’? The Irish once had formidable nationalists and gallant rebels; however, every single one since 1916 has been far from a genuine nationalist. Those self-interested ‘nationalists’ who concentrate solely on the ‘Six Counties’ will lose all 32 counties, although for some that would be their most fervent hope and has long been part of the plan.

        The very idea of nationalism to the English has generally been quite absurd, after all, that was the sort of thing trouble-makers in the colonies got up to rather than accepting their status, not to mention ‘jumped up little corporals on the Continent; but the world changed an awful lot faster than the sort of Kipling-nesque English mind which once believed that bad things only happen to bad people…over there, somewhere.

        Fortunately, the breed of English nationalists that are emerging have learnt quickly (the internet is the greatest ‘hack’ of all time) and are developing the sort of fanaticism required; they will emerge from the shadows, but you must give them time. The English, Irish, Scots and Welsh nationalists will no doubt find themselves working loosely, provided that each group does not seek to hamper the efforts of the other; some may work very closely, individuals may, by necessity forge strong alliances with other individuals from the other nationalist groups. England is still here; the Saxon has yet to awaken, but he will.

      • mindweapon says:

        yes, greaet point about the English. They live under a very hard boot, being in the middle of the empire. We get that here in the USA too.

        There’s a certain way one must do political dissidence, in my view. Don’t make the politicians physically frightened, or they send the police state after you. There’s no convincing them anyway. Change the infrastructure of the culture. The “House of Cards” Frank Underwood, Hlry Cln types regard a project to overhaul the culture as not a problem in my lifetime and therefore they leave it alone. They aren’t afraid of evolution, because by the time evolution happens, they’ll be safely retired. We take advantage of their short term thinking.

    • Craig says:

      One journalist in the UK has broken the taboo. Rather then the lone nutter propaganda of the usual SNLA tripe, he’s written up a fairly, fearful I might add assessment. He still has no idea how far back this all goes though.

      I too pray all the Isles peoples survive into perpetuity.

  4. MOISHE says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – let oh god protect the good peoples of wales, England, Scotland and Ireland from the iracascable jew – may jews be forbidden from acting out their Jewishness within the british isles and that the rest fuck off to where they all came from….ahmen

  5. Cash says:

    The MSM in GB go on about East European immigration. Yet I have yet to meet anybody opposed to it as they are a law-abiding, talented and attractive race. Yet they never say a word about the turd world 75 IQ sh*tskin crims who rule our cities. Most people hate them, but silence from the anti-White ziomedia.

  6. KO says:

    Even without the current racial diversity, the U.K. and the U.S. would be low-solidarity societies. Both are Protestant and individualistic and both have undergone the convulsions of moving off the land. Therefore symbols and ideologies of patriotism and nationalism have to be scrutinized as to whether they are “merely” aspirational or whether they grow out of a shared life that makes people genuinely loyal to each other.

    The current dispensation in which people relate to each other primarily through increasingly totalitarian government and through servile employment (i.e., someone else owns the shop) will continue to erode solidarity. Immigration policies make it appear as if that is a feature, not a bug, as far as the politically powerful are concerned.

    MW’s approach to politics addresses this. He supports building an economic, working life that is not servile but entrepreneurial and that will be the basis of practical, experience-based solidarity with other like-minded owners. Such people will raise and educate families in solidarity with each other. It is not known how much race will figure into these associations. Peoples have always been more or less mixed. The real criterion will be loyalty — will you live and fight for the group, or is there some other group you will put above it. For MW’s entrepreneurs, symbols of association, patriotism, nationalism, whatever, will be practical and experiential, not aspirational. MW’s long-term approach, including discretion in public expression, is eminently realistic. 400 years of de-solidarization won’t be undone in an election cycle, a street march, or even a spate of riots amounting to civil war.

    Readers intelligently caution against temporary, rhetorical patriots and nationalists. That is also consistent with MW’s focus on the long term.

  7. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Right on. Bring back the Neo Nazis. I am not a Nazi myself, but let’s face it, the NWO and its rulers are not exactly diplomatic. One has to fight fire with fire and if it takes the Neo Nazis to end wicked Globalism, I am all for it!

  8. Reblogged this on AntiTerrorAtheist and commented:
    The Rise of the NEO-Nazi, The signs were there, and now its in the open.

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