Kai Murros on National Revolution

The Hell that we are coming into will make us stronger, and able to take vengeance.

As soon as we get the Europeans to fight, we have already won.


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9 Responses to Kai Murros on National Revolution

  1. Snake says:

    “The age of guilt is over, we will not apologize for our achievements, our history cannot be used as a weapon against us, no-one can say they have legitimate claims on us — we are in debt to no-one. Our glorious past is a matter pride and joy to us, whatever we have done in the past only inspires us today for even greater deeds tomorrow. Those who feel that we have wronged them should be happy they are still alive.” – Kai Murros

  2. Ryu says:

    Good stuff. The Arabs are unlikely allies of ours.

  3. New England Millennial says:


    I know it’s from CBN and was posted on Pamela Geller’s website but it’s definitely worth a watch.

    In Sweden people who posted anonymous comments on disqus service were outed by hackers working for left organizations. Someone who commented on the Pamela Geller website stated that disqus is secure but that they got them with their gravatar picture. He proceed to write that anything from Automattic (gravatar, and he claimed wordpress) is insecure.

    Internet anonymity is definitely worth looking into and perhaps even worth paying. Hopefully it won’t get as bad here as in Sweden but with the NSA you never know.

    Also it turns out that the journalist doing these confrontational interviews is a man by the name of Robert Aschberg. I wiki’d it and what do I find…?

    Robert Aschberg (born 19 March 1952 on Kungsholmen, Stockholm) is a Swedish journalist, media executive, and one of Sweden’s most popular TV personalities.[1] He works for the TV3. Robert is the grandson of Olof Aschberg, a Swedish-Jewish bank entrepreneur.

    Everywhere you look…

  4. wobbly says:

    “In Sweden people who posted anonymous comments on disqus service were outed by hackers working for left organizations.”

    NSA is more likely than hackers.


  5. KO says:

    The last chapter of Oswald Spengler’s Man and Technics (1931) predicts that the non-white civilizations will turn European technology against European civilization and destroy it. He regards spreading Western technology to non-whites as a gigantic betrayal. When they have destroyed the West, the non-whites will then fail to develop and maintain European technology, which will die out. Then the waters will close over the West. Kai Murros doesn’t accept that. We shouldn’t. I note that the liberals are the Enemy.

    • KO says:

      However, to the extent he’s a socialist who wants us all to be dependent on bureaucrats for work, food, and shelter, his revolution isn’t one. We are getting there fast enough as it is.

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