Sweden abolishes itself

h/t to New England Millenial

So Sweden will be an object lesson in suicidal liberalism. The land of Abba! How sad!

That’s their real voices. Not like today’s lip synchers.


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54 Responses to Sweden abolishes itself

  1. TabuLa Raza says:

    ABBA song “Fernando”- about a mexican border jumper in the seventies!

  2. TabuLa Raza says:

    That’s the song they played in the other video! Should have checked it out first!
    At least you know what the song is about! Need edit function!

  3. TabuLa Raza says:

    My error. The white parolees across the street are starting to make noise again and my nerves are shot! The landlord rents only to parolees- I don’t know why. I wonder if there are special rent subsidies.

  4. Denise says:

    Well is the Swedes can be SO cowed by the KIKENVERMIN Jew RAT devils – then they are getting what they deserve.

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      I see the naive Swedes like children against the monster Jews. I feel very sad to see these most handsome, intelligent and kindly people (although TOO kind) being bred out of existence.

      • MOISHE says:

        the men in Sweden have been neutered. Viking history is forbidden in Swedish schools (just like learning about the crusaders in the uk). Femozionazis rule the roost and every darkie is celebrated for being a darkie. The city of Malmo has become a no-go zone for whites and the cops are too scared to take on the invader gangs – the Swedish peoples party are hopelessly philo-semitic- my heart bleeds for my Nordic Swedish cousins:((

      • MOISHE says:

        very good description Rita – they are like lambs to the jewish ethno-slaughter.

    • A.Ralston says:

      Their deeply inculcated socialist / collectivist / welfare mindset – entailing suppression of free speech, thought-crime legistlation, coerced social conformity, confiscatory taxation which discourages innovation and self-responsibility, women’s “liberation” morphing into tyrannical feminism, highly honed empathy, easily triggered shame and guilt – is a major contributing factor as regards the Swedes’ utter lack of immunological resistance to Jwsh poison.

      Though their Viking ancestors sailed, conquered, and impregnated, they never, so far as I know, occupied, enslaved, or colonized other peoples. Yet today they behave as though they must atone for the “sins” of colonialism commited by their European cousins.

      My paternal grandparents immigrated from Sweden, my maternal grandparents from from Norway. I am familiar with these psychic features, only too well, in my own make-up and in my family. Which is one reason perhaps why I swung so hard to libertarian sentiments in early adulthood.

      • torgrim says:

        I too, am familiar with these psychic features as my ancestry is the same, A.Ralston. Libertarian sentiments were my mistake also. Nothing like working years and have it all taken away to make a real psychic impression. I now will have nothing to do with the lying cheating tribe. I can’t tell in words how it hurts to see my cousins in Sweden, Norway being literally destroyed. People like Barbara Spectre announcing to the world how Sweden and Europe are to be multi-cultural, like she and her cohort can as if by fiat, declare that this is now the new order….is just jaw dropping hubris! This sort of behavior is so foreign to my people that it just doesn’t compute.

      • mindweapon says:

        I hear ya, torgrim! It is friggin’ awful, and it’s good to hear from you out there, thinking the same way. No doubt millions of us think this way, and things will come of it.

        30 or 40 years ago, when those ABBA songs were being made, almost no one was thinking this way. Now we are. Knowing me, knowing Jews, there is something we must do! But in all seriousness, actions follow consciousness.

        The world is going to change radically, as it always does, and things will fall into place for us to take some effective and serious actions.

      • Adit says:

        If I recall correctly (its been a while) the Vikings captured Slavs (their name comes from that) and used/sold them as slaves. That was probably nothing remarkable in that time period though. If I’m not mistaken, didn’t they also try to colonize America, but were repulsed by the Indians who outnumbered them tremendously?

      • KO says:

        Following Adit, it was not only Slavs the Vikings captured and sold, but also French, English, and Irish. There was endless demand for white slaves in the Islamic world. The Swedes carried slaves and other goods down the Dneiper and the Volga. Those trading routes were the basis of the Scandinavians’ participation in the founding of Russia. The Danes and Norwegians probably sold slaves into the Western markets, from which slaves were sent to Italy for transhipment to the Islamic world. The historian I read hypothesized that the 9th century slave trade was an important factor in the accumulation of capital for the accelerating development of the West in the following centuries. Jews and Christians participated in the trade.

        I don’t understand how the Swedes lost their predatory nature. It seems to have happened to all the Scandinavians. The Icelanders are very passive and conformist compared to their ancestors depicted in the sagas. In the 30 Years War, Gustavus Adolphus was one of the great conquerors. Why anyone should apologize for the enterprise of their ancestors is a mystery. It is also a betrayal of the blood shed by their ancestors to win territory and/or wealth.

        Maybe the motive for bringing in aliens is cheap labor, as everywhere else. Maybe another motive is to satisfy the vanity of having a multinational empire, though it happens to be within one’s own borders. The French and English and we Americans have done that, even though they and we had every reason to know the liabilities of the populations being admitted.

      • oogenhand says:

        WTF impregnated? OMG race-mixing!

    • X says:

      The Swedes are the Eloi, the Jews and their various pets are the Morlocks. Scandinavia always gave the European race its genetic strategic depth; when the East or South fell to race-mixing, such as the multiculturalising of Rome or the Asiatic invasions, new untainted and vigorous blood emerged from the North to purify Europe. The Burgundians, Franks, Goths, Lombards, Saxons, Vandals all and finally the Norsemen all smashed into the effete and contaminated parts of Europe to revitalise it. Alas, modernity means that the geographic nature of that strategic depth has gone, alien hordes can simply be whisked into the distant north without having to fight for an inch of ground. Rome fell because there were no Romans left, just mulattoes, easy pickings for the vigorous Germans from the north. Germany was destroyed 70 years ago and now the Germanic gene pool from England to the Baltic is being systematically annihilated; no new waves of northern blood will be able to pour forth and cleanse Europe. Disarmed, European nationalists may look with optimistic eyes for their militaries to step in and save them with a well timed coup, but that will not happen: brainwashed mercenaries who care more for their regimental goats than abstract ideas are moral cowards, excused by nationalists, who refuse to go any further down the rabbit hole, as being in some way noble, but slightly misled, honourable ‘warriors’.

      • banned56 says:

        Is it possible, just because I like to give the benefit of the doubt to White folks, that Fernando was about the Tejanos who fought for Texas’ independence from Mexico, the Alamo, etc.? After all, mestizo border jumpers of 2013 are seeking menial work that pays better than in Mexico, not “liberty.”

  5. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  6. PA says:

    Perhaps the best Abba song, and one of the most aspirational songs ever recorded… and features African boys among what presumably is Swedish girls.

  7. countenance says:

    I’m a bit surprised but still pleased that this appeared in CBN news, i.e. the channel Pat Robertson founded.

  8. Attila says:

    They seem to be suffering from some weird kind of masochism. I see the same mechanism among North American Anglo/Nordic whites- but not among ethnics (Italian-Americans, Serbian-Americans, Polish-As, Cuban-As, etccc.)

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      Perhaps YKW is targeting the purist Whites first. And lets always keep in mind that in most countries it is not the majority of commoners who want. unlimited third world immigration but rather the elites who enjoy the cheap labor while not having to rub shoulders with the hordes. In other words please dont blame the victims!

      • mindweapon says:

        it’s the purest Whites who are the easiest targets, because they are the most trusting and naive.

      • Adit says:


        I’m not too sure about the idea that they are trusting and naive because they are the purest Whites. If you recall, pagan ‘North Men’ had no problem or compunction about over running or killing anyone in their way (White or not.) Also, weren’t the Spartans blonde and blue eyed? And they are probably the toughest bunch of Whites to have ever lived. I keep wondering if hundreds of years of dysgenic breeding under Western Civilization (the elites wanted peaceful sheeple to lord over) didn’t destroy most of the ‘Viking genes” leaving the majority of Swedes, (and Whites in general) as sheeple. If that is the case, we have one heck of a problem because if most have become genetic sheeple instead of just brainwashed idiots it would take hundreds of years to try and reverse the problem. Time which we don’t have.

      • mindweapon says:

        It’s not genetic sheeple IMHO, it’s just soft conditions. Hard conditions will make these people hard again.

        The people I hang out with in real life here in the USA split their time training in martial arts, educating themselves in a trade or profession, practicing a trade or profession, running a business, and/or trying to find a new way to make money. These people are not lazy, they are proactive in life, and don’t have a minute to spend consuming the products of the sewer pipe of Hollywood. Also, a lot of people do vegetable gardens, even if they are small ones. that means that WHEN food prices go up, all these little hobby gardens will become serious kitchen gardens.

        You know what else is funny? In the prole service economy world in which I work, a lot of the dudes know about the Illuminati and listen to Alex Jones and such. No kidding! 40 years ago, these guys were all flag waving patriotards. Now they KNOW it’s not their country and they’ve turned their back on the regime that hates them. They got the message all right.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Ethnomasochism, or oikophobia.  Either term will get people thinking.

  9. Ryu says:

    No pity, no blame and no fear.

    Either white men do what is necessary, or everyone dies. Don’t pity the weak. The American cops and soldiers celebrate their victories, but weep over their losses. No way – you’ve got to run the same both ways. Live by the sword, die by it.

    I don’t excuse WNs for that. They get mad at Brevik for hitting back, but cry over dead Swedes. Do you want to win, or not?

    • Brandon says:

      What you said, mate,

    • mindweapon says:

      The American cops and soldiers celebrate their victories, but weep over their losses. No way – you’ve got to run the same both ways. Live by the sword, die by it.

      Good point.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        My sadness turns to anger and resolve.

        I just think is unwise to say that any brainwashed White person ‘deserves their fate”. You would NEVER hear a jew saying one of his kinsman deserved to be exterminated. Quite the opposite.

      • Ryu says:

        It is unfair.

        To make a good racist takes 5 years of hard study. I don’t have that kind of time to re-educate 10 million Swedes. No one does. They will have to learn our way quickly, or suffer the consequences.

        And make no mistake Rita – the liberal whites would be happy to exterminate the racist whties.

  10. Interesting factoid about Anni-Frid Lyngstad:
    [i]When Lyngstad was 18 months old, she moved with her mother and grandmother to Torshälla, Sweden,[b] in order to escape the discrimination that children of German soldiers faced in postwar Norway, where bitterness about the Nazi occupation lasted for decades after the war. [/b]But only months after the family arrived in Sweden, Lyngstad’s mother passed away, leaving her grandmother as her sole guardian.[/i]

    Obligatory “Best ABBA song” video:

    • mindweapon says:

      That is a great ABBA video! The camera work reminds me so much of the 70’s, such a more innocent time. And you know, why shouldn’t men have long hair too? The ABBA dudes look fine with long hair. I think the necessity of men to cut their hair short reflects a money obsessed society where everyone has to conform to the dress code and hair styles dictated by Mammon.

      • KO says:

        They look like eunuchs, MW. Not that a man’s long hair can’t be a symbol of his virility.

      • Not so much an innocent time. ABBA defintely had a good mix of darkness and sadness to their songs. Almost a precursor to the entire power metal movement, where there’s a combination of darkness and happy melodies and sing-along choruses.

  11. brassbull14 says:

    The aftermath of multikult in Sweden will do nothing to impede liberal “progressivism”

    • mindweapon says:

      You don’t think? That’s quite sad.

      • KO says:

        Given the information available, including personal experience, regarding the negative effects of Third World immigration, it would be wise not to count on converting voters and politicians, but to acquire territory and assets despite them. If they eventually convert and close the spillway, so much the better.

  12. Hereward Saxon says:

    Superiour strength of the Great White North:

    • mindweapon says:

      Good stuff! Iceland looks like a wonderful place. That obstacle course for kids is awesome!

      As far as the question of lifting weights and being in shape, my priorities are to be mobile, flexible, and comfortable in my own body. And not fat, of course. I do wing chun, yoga, qigong and a lot of rebounder training, and soon I’ll be doing the Indian clubs. I refuse to feel discomfort in physical training any more. Exercise has to feel good, it has to prepare me for a day of stress and marathon sitting. Strangely enough, I have pretty good muscle tone on my “no pain” exercise regime. When I practice wing chun moves in the mirror I noticed that I have striation and veins popping out of my forearms

  13. MOISHE says:

    Torgrim – you haven’t really seen the evil of this group – they are beyond diabolical – they are the enemy of humanity full-stop – why the fuck does it have to take the dumbed down masses so long to get jew-wise? As Denise stated earlier – they are pathologically sick and twisted secular or religious – jews are prisoners to their geneticism – hundreds of generations of nurtured hatred for the rest of humanity is still evident today – they seek our demise – its do or die time now – I for one will die before I bow to this filthy disgusting ethnic group who turn right into wrong, good into bad, beauty into ugliness – they are evil.

    • torgrim says:

      Good question, Moishe, why does it have to take the dumbed down masses so long to get yew-wise? From my experience it takes something tragic, a great loss, something that shakes one’s belief system to the core. There is a great awakening happening, right now. Iceland is but the beginning. It is healthy to be able to write and speak about these things and not hide for fear of reprisal.

      Oh, I think I know about evil from this group; not withstanding much monetary loss, I lost my datter to one,from the tribe with no name. Here is a poem to her;

      A datter is born, with a pleasant hue,
      full of love and humor too-

      In time she married and gave birth
      to bright shinning lights,
      that she loved so well!

      She gave open handed love,
      but happiness was not to be-

      As her husband returned her trust
      with lies, abuse and betrayal-

      Within a day, she died.

      • MOISHE says:

        shit mate – sorry to hear – did your Daughter have the misfortune of being in the Yids orbit? I also have close friends who have befriended Satans little helpers – and it always ends up in tears – I try to warn them but then they call you ‘nazi’ ‘white supremecist’ etc – I am sorry though – the tribe have an almost evil attraction to the vunerable and naïve yes – takes some serious pain to know the truth about these parasites – I am sorry all the same for your Daughter….

      • torgrim says:

        Yes Moishe, she was in their orbit, and without my approval, but when does a father have much to say in times like we live. Thanks Mate, for your concern.

  14. MOISHE says:

    so would you agree Atilla that Jews are a negative influence upon white civilisation?

    • KO says:

      Moishe: My Jewish Essay

      When you have very few Jews, they make very positive contributions because of the value they place on learning and their humanitarianism, as well as their desire to survive and thrive. As soon as you have a “community,” they define themselves, and keep the peace within their own community by defining themselves, against the majority community. Then mutual trust and mutual attachment between the communities diminishes, and the talents formerly used on behalf of the majority community will sometimes be used against the majority community. In accordance with general human nature, the sense of alienness gives the unscrupulous an additional reason to be unscrupulous. It gives the arrogant an additional reason to be arrogant. Grievances build. There are always virtuous individuals who do not wrong people from other groups because of their belief in common humanity or good citizenship or simple morality — in fact such good people may be a majority — but the incentive of some group members to wrong those in the other group, and the incentive of all group members to protect such wrongdoers as their own, would cause a far-thinking statesman not to admit any aliens in large enough numbers to form hostile communities.

      This sense of community extends to voting. If there were not a large Jewish community, with a political and cultural life of its own, individual and isolated Jews would likely adapt to the same political views as their neighbors and would not be gung ho for immigration, the expansion of the welfare state, and the expulsion of Christianity from public culture. Wasn’t this the case with Jews in the pre-Civil War South, who were slaveowners and merchants to slaveowners, and who produced one of the Confederacy’s most talented administrators in Judah Benjamin? But now we have a numerous, highly self-conscious national Jewish community that as a community vehemently supports those policies. Looking back, it was obviously a mistake to admit so many Jewish immigrants, though perhaps not as much of a mistake as it was to import African slaves. (I don’t know if the mistake is attributable to white liberalism, greed, or simply institutional inability to regulate immigration.)

      It should be noted that Jewish political activism is primarily indistinguishable from liberal political activism. Most of the political harm Jews do is the same harm that white liberals do, with the help of an even higher percentage of black Democratic voters. I should add that Congress might well have voted to invade Iraq even if no Jews had ever come to the U.S. and produced neocon descendants. The economic harm that greedy Jewish bankers do is indistinguishable from the economic harm that greedy white bankers do. The same in the cultural arena. Corrosive lIberal culture is white majority.

      I would argue against targeting Jews in either rhetoric or activism. Since the main political harm is liberal harm, if you target Jews you will not get all the liberals and liberal policies and you will get the additional hostility that will be paid to the anti-Semite for the foreseeable future. Since the main economic and cultural harms are also not exclusively or even mainly Jewish, you will also not hit the target by aiming at Jews, and you will shoot yourself in the foot by arousing anti-antisemitism. Thus tactically, I would oppose overt anti-Semitism, for no other reason than to avoid cluttering worthwhile political, economic, and cultural initiatives with “the Jewish question.” Remember MW’s advocacy of taqqiyah. Strategically, I would also oppose it. Jews suffer alienation from this crazed status of contemporary “society” as much as anyone, and act as badly in response to it. Our ills are too many and various to be chalked up to Jews, and there are as many non-Jews among the prominent bad actors as there are Jews. Thus I would argue against any specifically anti-Jewish strategy beyond developing an informed sociology with respect to Jews, just as an informed sociology should be the basis of actions and speech in relation to blacks and Mexicans.

      • MOISHE says:

        I understand where you are coming fom ‘ko’, and you have misunderstood my mo viz a viz ‘the jews’, and I have no strategy as such as regards the jews – I am only pointing out to a mainly American audience who are hopelessly bombarded with judeocentric ideas 24/7 that its ok to impinge on ‘jewish sensitivities’ – no doubt ‘ko’ you have not visited the middle-east and observed the agony of what the daily agony that the Palestinian people are experiencing each day through concentrated jewish behaviour – whether it be via economic, military or physchological means – you appear to have this naïve American ability (perhaps a little like Atilla) to give the benefit of doubt to a very powerful ethnocentric collective such as organized Judaism.

        If you have any proper knowledge of history – you can see marked parallels with the bloody judeo-bolshevik takeover in Russia in 1917 – which resulted in the deaths of 66 million (primarily goy) Russians/Ukrainians. the parallels can be noticed by any aware non-American outsiders who can see with trepidation that the united states is being set up by the same personages – who are uncannily from the same ethno-centric group (jews) – you are extremely naïve to assume that Mexicans or any group in the united states have the same capacity to wreak havoc on the world as jews have/ continue to do. Of course I am aware that goyim elites throughout history have plotted, conspired to destroy their enemies – this is a sad fact which all of humanity shares. But my friend ‘ko’ – you seem to give too much of a free pass to an ethnocentric group who are socialised into thinking that 99 percent of humanity is vermin and fit for either servitude – or death. Witness my dear friend the ‘donmeh’ (crypto-jews) of turkey who instigated the Armenian holocaust of 1915, witness the destruction of Christian Russian via the “95percent jewish soviet politburo” (putins words) who presided over the rape/pillage of Russia and the Ukraine, witness the jewish new-York banks (Kuhn/loeb) that financed the destruction of the Russian imperical fleet via Japan.

        Witness the corruption of Weimar Germany when jews overran it and turned it into hyper-inflated hellhole of debauchery and set the conditons for german revenge against the jews. witness the treachery of janathon pollard who sold out his country and gave secrets to Israel – with the subsequent death of hundreds of intelligence assets. witness the craven, gutless 27 standing ovations to Benjamin netanyahoo by your prositituted ‘congress’ who are bought hook line and sinker by powerful jewish lobby money. I could go on forever about the machinations of this sinister group that has more power than ‘mexicans’ , the nra. at least Mexicans don’t railroad a powerful country like the united states into fighting wars for Israel – you are very naïve ‘ko’ about the world we live in – you haven’t made a very good argument and almost come across as a kosher gate-keeper – in plane simple aussie language – you are full of it!:)

      • KO says:

        Thanks for your reply. I agree that it’s OK to impinge on Jewish sensibilities, with the truth, when it is productive to do so. I agree that Jews, like everyone, should be held accountable for their crimes, when it’s productive. I don’t think I can agree that Jewes as Jews were behind the Bolshevik Revolution or the collapse of the German economy post-WWI. I don’t think my essay gives them a free pass. We have some friends among them too. The vast majority conform to reality. When the dominant reality is no longer liberal, they won’t be either. My minimal main point is that an antisemitic focus is not a formula for success in salvaging the white West.

      • mindweapon says:


        I think we should name the Jew privately among each other, but in talking to the public, we call them the hostile elites.

      • mindweapon says:


        Have you read Kevin Macdonald’s books? There is a such thing as “Jewishly motivated,” as the Jews themselves reveal. They say it quite openly, or write it, “I am doing this/we are doing this because it’s good for the Jews.”

        Are we not White-motivated? Why should we doubt the existence of Jewish ethnic motivation even for a second?

        The facts do show Jews behind Bolshevism quite handily. I translated a couple of chapters of Solzhenitsyn’s book Two Hundred Years Together, the ones around the 1913-1917. Solzhenitsyn wrote this book from newspaper archives that would otherwise have not been dug up and published for modern eyes. There were a lot of Jewish newspapers, and they were pretty much meant for only Jews to read, so they were inside information on what the Jewish community was thinking, planning and doing. The Jews loved the Bolshevik revolution and really put everything they had into it. Not every last one of them, of course, but pro-Bolshevism was predominant among the Jewish communities in Russia. And the leadership of the Bolsheviks was consistently about 75% Jewish. The joke in Russia is that CCCP means “three Jews and a Russian.”

        Jewish involvement in Bolshevism is pretty well settled fact.

        That said, Jewish strategies only work because we let them work. As Attila said, it’s on us to learn from their survival strategies and use them for ourselves and neutralize evil forces over our lives such as the processwed food laced with dangerous chemicals not allowed in food in Europe, or the way mothers put their kids in front of the TV rather than let them play in the 3 dimensional world. TV watching by infants and toddlers, up to around age 10 is extremely stunting to mental development of millions of children and this has huge implications for our society today. Kids in their teens and 20’s are zonked out from massive videogaming and have few social skills or desire to go out. It’s Huxley’s Brave New World, thanks to these moms using the electronic babysitters. If kids grow up in the 3 dimensional world, they get to a certain age where they won’t find videogames interesting.

      • mindweapon says:


        The way Keith Alexander puts it, “Jews are the secret ingredient that makes liberalism so powerful.”

        We need to be aware of the Jewish nature of liberalism among ourselves; when we are speaking for public consumption, we should use the term “hostile elites,” and of course “liberalism.” Learning about the Jewish element of liberalism is for “Master Masons” so to speak, for people who have become part of the club.

    • attila says:

      I think they have mastered a core of survival skills that anyone with half-a-brain could learn from. They can only be as negative as their opponents are weak, disorganized or naive..

      • mindweapon says:

        I think they have mastered a core of survival skills that anyone with half-a-brain could learn from. They can only be as negative as their opponents are weak, disorganized or naive..

        Those two sentences sum up the MWIR view of the hostile elites perfectly. We can neutralize everything they are doing to us, likely without a drop of bloodshed.

    • KO says:

      Thanks for addressing my argument, MW. I look forward to following up on your recommendations.

  15. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Learning Swedish gives the ability to look into future.

  16. wobbly says:

    “Their deeply inculcated socialist / collectivist / welfare mindset”

    I think Scandinavians will be the first to rebel for the same reason they succumbed the most to cultural poisoning.

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