Tim Wise — The white perspective on racial discrimination

Benjamin Woolridge, who identifies himself as non-white, saw Tm Wse speak in El Paso and was not impressed. Here’s the concluding quote of Woolridge:

Yet, Wise offers no realistic solutions other than creating a dialogue that perpetually blames whites rather than encouraging accountability for one’s actions. He also mentioned systemic reparations in his Q&A; session but did not mention where these reparations would come from. If reparations are to be paid to blacks in America then the bill should be sent to Africa —a continent very much involved in the global business of slave trading.
Tim Wise seems more like an opportunist who is cut from the same cloth as race hustlers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. He seems to have simply chosen a venue where his one man show of “blame whitey” would play well. For me, it was an opportunity for some much needed extra credit.


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3 Responses to Tim Wise — The white perspective on racial discrimination

  1. ascomanni says:

    The take home lesson from people like Tim Wise and his ilk is not really so much what they say but what they are. Tell me if I’m wrong but from what I’ve seen every single one of these “White anti-White” pundits going on and on about “white privilege” and related malarkey are all from that tribe that can’t be named. Every one of them. It’s almost laughable. Somewhere up in heaven Adolf is shaking his head and muttering, “I told you so.”

  2. wobbly says:

    Wise, like Louis CK is the archetypal anti-white Jewish supremacist.

  3. Cash says:

    Tim WEISS. Even looks like a s-stirring rat.

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