A Brief, but Excellent, Video Spoof about Beta Orbiters

Hollywood is reading Roissy! This clip from “Inside Amy Schumer” depicts pathetic beta orbiter males.

Playing the Devil's Advocate

Here is a new clip that mocks beta orbiters from the second season of “Inside Amy Schumer”. I found this to be one of the better mainstream depictions of this sad, and widespread, phenomena. The clip is especially accurate at showing the derision and contempt felt by women towards their beta orbiters, as well as how they manipulate guys to do stuff for them.

What do you think? Comments?

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3 Responses to A Brief, but Excellent, Video Spoof about Beta Orbiters

  1. “AMY Schumer”? Yuck, I think we’ve all had our fill of jewess comedians by now.
    She should do some skits about negro rapists. I’m sure that would be a comedy gold mine to the demented jewish mind!

  2. DavidTheGnome says:

    Pretty funny and brutal jew or no.

  3. God no, stalkers have balls!


    Fuck that I’m never getting married. Oh who am I kidding, I’m sure I’m going to wind up with some feminist bitch who nags and nags and nags until I just can’t take it anymore so I turn her over my knee and gives her a good rough spanking.

    Whew, is it getting hot in here?

    This show reminds me of the film “Amy’s O” about a Jewess feminist writer that falls in love with a Howard Stern-like misogynistic shock jock. It actually was mildly funny.

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