Sikhs force black rapper John Budden to apologize for racism; note the role reversals

This Rapper’s Racist Instagram Photo Has an Important Lesson for America

There is great significance in this little event.

I remember the 1970’s and 1980’s, when race more or less was a light-hearted thing to whites. Whites made jokes and didn’t take the whole question with deadly seriousness and thermonuclear rage and defiance like we do now. We made jokes about it to ease the tension and ugliness.

It was blacks that were serious about race, and always angry. We have since reversed roles. Now blacks make jokes and then apologize, because their hate is no longer pure.

We don’t make jokes. We make intellectual points seeded with rage that have the extreme potential to spread to other whites, and if they attack us for what we say about race, one has to attack our serious views and risk publicizing them, rather than light hearted jokes in poor taste. We are more than glad to engage, and we even have a history of swarming like enraged African bees. We stand behind our words. Way back in 2003 a newspaper editor in Maine was forced to apologize to the anonymous but numerous and furious swarm for using the term “pallid” in referring to us.

This is why I urge my commenters to avoid racial slurs and violent talk. You should always be ready to stand behind your words with a defiant snarl, unlike John Budden here.

So Mr. Black Rapper here has attained some degree of material and social success, and he’s afraid to lose it, so he apologizes like a scared leetle girl. They sure aren’t the allegedly “badass” rappers of yesteryear, are they?

Joe Budden ✔ @JoeBudden
@JaskaranDhanoa oh please.. Everyday there’s a joke here in reference to blk folk & chicken/watermelon.. It’s a stereotype, not racism.
Jaskaran Dhanoa @JaskaranDhanoa
@JoeBudden So that makes it OKAY to make racist jokes? Two wrongs don’t make a right Joe. C’mon man, you’re still defending your pic/cmnt?
3:28 PM – 28 Mar 2014 Fresno, CA, United States

Budden’’s last tweet had more than a little “fine whatever fuck off just leave me alone”-flavor to it, but a win is a win. And as recent history makes clear, it’s probably wise to just throw in the towel once indignant tweeters get involved — right, Stephen?

Adding a hint of irony is a recent study showing that over 50% of Sikh children endure school bullying, up to 67% if they’re wearing turbans or other articles of faith:

Joe Budden ✔ @JoeBudden
I apologize to all Sikhs and any1 i offended w my tasteless & stereotypical post yesterday, it was ignorant & in bad judgement. Never again.
9:45 AM – 29 Mar 2014

Joe Budden ✔ @JoeBudden
Hopefully ppl can find it in their hearts to forgive me, my God is a forgiving 1… today is a new day, here’s to moving forward !
9:59 AM – 29 Mar 2014


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6 Responses to Sikhs force black rapper John Budden to apologize for racism; note the role reversals

  1. Denise says:

    The Sihks are not “Izzlamic tutturists”.

  2. KO says:

    Look how his apology shifts the blame to whites — the white mask and “supremacist urges.”

    “Sorry, I accidentally acted white, mea culpa.”

  3. X says:

    Django re-chained.

      • X says:

        I knew you’d like that 😉 Not sure if the term has been used elsewhere, but I won’t copyright it: another arrow to the Aryan Skynet quiver.

        We should use “Django re-chained” whenever a case likes this crops up, especially if we swarm comments sections. It seems like a perfect counter mock to the mainstream adulation of perceived negro masculinity.

        ‘Celebrity’ blacks will start emasculating themselves en mass before too long, just wait and see.

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