Christian Broadcasting Network talks about how Muslims are besieging France again

Native French under Attack in Muslim Areas

Once Aryan Skynet is self aware, it doesn’t matter who threw the switch.

By Dale Hurd
CBN News Sr. Reporter
Friday, April 11, 2014

PARIS — Violent crime can happen anywhere and to anyone and for many reasons, but in Muslim-controlled parts of France, it has become especially dangerous to be white.

Surveillance camera video shows white French being beaten up by predominantly Muslim immigrant gangs in the Metro and on the street.

Islamic immigrants consider it their territory and whites enter at their own risk. The French call them “sensitive urban zones” — no-go zones where the police don’t enter or don’t enforce the law.

Some call them little Muslim caliphates inside the borders of France.

“And it’s like that because these parts of the country are in the hands of drug traffickers, gangs and imams [Islamic leaders],” French commentator Guy Milliere explained.

A French report says almost 1 in 5 French have been victims of racist insults or worse. A few cases have even gone to trial.

“Some of those who launch racist attacks on whites use Islam as the reason they do it. They may not even speak Arabic, but they still use Islam as a ‘flag,'” Tarik Yildiz, a French sociologist, said.

Yildiz, author of the book, Anti-White Racism, is not native French but is the son of Turkish immigrants.

“My book is viewed as politically incorrect and breaks a taboo: the idea that immigrants could oppress whites,” Yildez said.

Generation Identitaire Defense

It’s a reality for a Frenchman named Max, who asked that CBN News not use his last name.

He’s been attacked more than once by immigrants and still has a bruise under one eye from the latest attack when we interviewed him.

He’s joined Generation Identitaire, a youth movement united around the defense of French culture and white identity.

“(Generation Identitaire) is a youth organization which seeks to protect our local, national and European identities,” Max said.

Generation Identitaire members train in self-defense.

“We encourage all our members and militants to keep a certain level of physical fitness. Self-defense is a part of it, obviously,” Max said.

A France Divided

As the French Left’s grand experiment in multiculturalism goes up in in the flames, some quarters of French society are dividing into tribalism and ethnic identity.

At a Paris café, CBN News discussed the problem with anti-Islamization activists Pierre Cassen, of the website Riposte Laique, and Christine Tasin of Résistance Républicaine.

“The French people are increasingly living in fear. They fear the imposition of Islamic law and the organized violence against any French person, including the police,” Cassen said.

“More and more Islamists threaten riots, assault, and try to impose Sharia (Islamic law). They attack the police,” Tasin added.

“The republic is in danger,” Tasin warned.

Generation Identitaire members now go out on a security patrols.

CBN News asked Yildiz if, by pretending there isn’t a problem, the French establishment and media are only helping to ensure that more native French will seek out groups like Generation Identitaire for protection.

“Exactly,” he replied. “If the state will not punish these people and the media will not talk about it, the victims will get increasingly frustrated and become racist and we will have a confrontation.”

The French Left’s Lifeline

But not only is the problem being largely ignored, the French Left and many mayors actively promote the growth and spread of sectarian Islam, for their own good reason: Muslims have become an important constituency of the Left.

In fact, 93 percent voted for socialist President Francois Hollande in the last election.

Former Muslim Pascal Hilout took CBN News to a mosque in the Paris district of Barbes that the city government of Paris is paying to renovate.

The name of the mosque is in Arabic, so perhaps the French don’t realize that they’re paying to renovate a mosque named “Conquest” (Al-Fath).

Hilout said the mosque is like a separate nation inside France: “Lebanonization,” Hilout called it.

“The lebanonization or balkanization of France is beginning already with the help of the state of France,” he said.

“Lebanon” is a word many use to describe France’s future as a divided nation gripped by sectarian conflict.

“The French feel out-numbered, out-maneuvered and in the minority,” Cassen told CBN News. “If things continue at this rate, we will have the same situation as in Kosovo or Lebanon…civil war.

Cassen, Tasin and Hilout all face court charges for hate s


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9 Responses to Christian Broadcasting Network talks about how Muslims are besieging France again

  1. X says:

    The reason for Skynet taking over in that movie was because of a complete lack of cool and intellectually potent negroes in positions of authority, the ones that always save the world in the SciFi Channel movies.

    • mindweapon says:

      You nailed it, X. Denzel Washington would have taken down Skynet no problem!

      • X says:

        It would either have been Denzel or Jamie L. Freeman, Morgan Jackson, Samuel Foxx or maybe even Will I AM Smith, but you can guarantee they would have been cool and manly, full of slow burning witty one liners and smouldering high IQ sexual energy. Skynet would have been a toothless White redneck carrying a burning cross who was also an evil multi billionaire German 😉

  2. MOISHE says:

    no – filthy jews – I lived in Lebanon for a few years – and it aint so = druze, suni, maronite, allawid (assadds clan) and shite are united – they are sick of the jew – and will unite against the filthy ko/attilla \anti-wwhite/ antii-arab faggots! long live the arab nation and the defeat of zog!

  3. wobbly says:

    The almost total blackout on the reality of racial violence in the western media – it’s always ten times worse than the media admits even in America – is why the meme that the west is committing suicide is a gigantic lie. If it was suicide they wouldn’t have to lie.

    • KO says:

      Isn’t it suicide to vote for parties who do everything they can to unfound the nation? Or is it suicide like the first heroin high, somewhere in their minds they know it will kill them, but it feels so good! Yes, what labor to sustain a people, culture and history generation after generation, how nice to lay aside the burden and let it burn!

      I see your point — not suicide but murder. But the Western peoples have cooperated with their murderers in so many ways, for so long, it’s hard not to blame us for our own deadly illness. We didnMt riot at the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act, or hang the people who passed it. We still haven’t repealed it and repealing it is not even discussed. Athelred II called for the English to rise and kill all the Danes in the country on St. Brice’s Day, 1002. It accomplished nothing but increased attacks by the Danish Danes. The best white American can do is retake government and the culture from the liberals. They say the Soviet Union died of ridicule. Ordinary Russians held the government in contempt and finally the party members did too. We have to get members of the government coalition to start ridiculing the government for its lies and incompetence.

  4. KO says:

    That’s for sure. But they’ll move when it’s safe to do so. Now liberals are still willing to sacrifice their own children (and yours) to maintaining the liberal version of reality. That won’t last forever.

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