Peter Schiff: Federal Reserve wants higher prices and inflation to inflate away debt; higher prices pinch ordinary people whose wages are not rising

Peter Schiff is worth listening to because he provides detailed and plain language explanations of what the Fed is doing on a daily basis.

I know some commenters will point out that Schiff is Jewish, so I’ll do it first.

The value of his content is that you are able to explain to regular people in plain language that:

American monetary policy (yes, there is a such thing) set by the Federal Reserve owes a lot of money and wants higher prices of everything because suppose you owe 100,000 on your house, and there’s massive inflation, and your house which is the same house, worth about the same, goes up to 500,000 because of inflation? Suddenly that 100,000 you owe is no big deal.

Inflation is a free pass for debtors, and the Federal Reserve owes trillions to the Chinese, the Japanese, the Russians, and even to itself. So they waant to save themselves from their massive, gigantic, huge debt by inflating it away, but they better raise wages too or we’ll be in the streets eating from garbage cans. They have already made us poor with inflation and immigration taking jobs and lowering wages.

That sort of rant right there, no naming the Jew, no blipping the “racism” radar, usually sets people off, and often they do go into racialist mode. It’s ready to be triggered, but it’s better to trigger it indirectly. In talking to people, don’t bring up race or ethnicity; rather describe what’s happening. Other people will say it.

The Ann Coulter article is a good one to refer to. Don’t say, “The Jews” talk about Sheldon Adelson and his hypocrisy of a wall for Israel, open borders for the USA. It’s better to talk about specific people and specific actions. If someone mentiosn “I’m Jewish,” say, “Then you have a special duty to speak out and say that what Sheldon Adelson is doing is ‘not in my name.’ That’s a good phrase, “(try to get them to repeat it, it shows compliance), ‘not in my name.'” Then try to get them to say, “Not in my name, damnit!”

So instead of saying, “You’re a Jew! You’re the enemy!” No. You get them complying with you, get them saying, “not in my name!” They aren’t robots or replicants. There is some level of Hive Mind, but the USA has un-Hived millions of them — they intermarry, they don’t attend synagogues, et cetera. See the movie “Heights” (2005) for an example. The Hived Rabbi tries to bring back the young Jew, but the young Jew doesn’t get it at all. “I like Christmas trees!” he says, and the blonde girl says, “I don’t like Christmas trees.” That’s great script writing by the way. THe girl probably does’nt like Christmas trees not for religious reasons ,but because they require effort and make a mess. Nobody gives a shit about teh old Christian-Jew conflicts any more.

Here’s a scene near the end where the blonde girl meets a new guy, Ian. This is awesome alpha game, by the way.

Get the movie, see the whole thing. It’s a very important movie about this whole situation. I think a Hipster screenwriter snuck an Jewish-critical movie past the whole world.

Back to dealing with ordinary people and Jews among them. It’s all about influence and getting compliance. It’s one of those things you only get through practice, and when you are getting it, you know it. When people amplify what you say; when there was a little mind bomb in them waiting to trigger, and something you say completes the circuit they have a mental detonation.

If you ask someone to do something and they do it, they are more likely to comply with the next thing and the next thing. This is one good thing about working in the service industry — you have situations all the time where you get to practice this stuff.

We have to have a certain policy toward non-Hive Jews — namely that we aren’t out to get them, and they should attack the bankers because they are going down with the ship with the rest of us. The non-Hive Jews are still genetically Jewish and are natural political activists. They will make it “OK” for everyone else to lose the anti-white mindworm programming because people will sya, “Oh, if those Jews say it’s OK to go against Jewish bankers, it must be OK.”

I have met many of the Little Jews and have seen first hand that they can be set against the BJ’s. The BJ’s are too greedy to take care of the LJ’s. The LJ’s get put out to pasture with the rest of us. They don’t hand out checks at the synagogues, and if they did or if they start doing so, word would get around.

Once the anti-white mindworm programming is gone, we won. It doesn’t matter who did it, or who gets credit. Once Aryan Skynet is self aware, Jews cannot be a problem for us. It will be impossible for them to be a problem for us. The only power of the Jews is our unconsciousness, our lack of self awareness. Attila talks about this all the time, and he’s 100% correct.

We don’t have to present a hostile, “hateful” face to teh world. No, let us be charismatic tricksters, with a big smile for everyone. The Little Jews can be set against the Big Jews, because that community is not united like it once was. Daniel Pipes said, “The US is going to have to do the heavily lifting, militarily speaking, in the Middle East.” Let the Little Jews do the heavy lifting against the Big Jews, while we pull the strings from the sidelines. We can set that community against itself. And then we can be free.


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10 Responses to Peter Schiff: Federal Reserve wants higher prices and inflation to inflate away debt; higher prices pinch ordinary people whose wages are not rising

  1. Denise says:

    I feel like this content…aaahhh…..may be directed at Yours Truly, as I know I can be very hard core. So – for the record – I know, thst, in reality, all Jews are not Pure Evil Incarnate.

    The truly ironically funny element is that I tend to like Jews, VERY much, as individuals. They can be very intelligent, interesting, knowledgable, talented, and very funny. They can work very hard, when they want to. Fred Astaire was half Jewish. How can I hate Fred Astaire? Answer – I can’t.

    I have met Nicholas Stix. He’s tops.

    I know Schiff is a very good fellow.

    The fundamental problem with Jews is their base ideology. The Talmud thing. I know that the Talmud came after the Torah – the original Jew blueprint – but Talmudism has infused every aspect of Jewish life, and caused centuries of harm TO Jews, and every-one else.

    I will occasionally write in a dispassionate, non To the Ramparts fashion. When I do – I note that the Jewish ideology is the source of their tragedy. Big Jews have consistently thrown little Jews into the Jaws of Moloch, along with the Goyim. Until Jews begin to deal with their own real history of abuse against others, I fear the same horrible patterns of behavior will repeat until are immolated.

    • mindweapon says:


      not just you but the whole movement is stuck in a paradigm that no longer holds true. promise me you will watch Heights and report back to this blog. why antagonize when we can redirect with less effort and more results. the LJs are assimilating without even a glance backward not like the old days when they would convert weeping for their lost traditions. in Heights the rabbi is an old style Jew who even uses the term shikse. Jonathan doesnt even know what shikse means. WNs know more about Judaism than a lot of Jews. whats that tell you?

      • wobbly says:

        The Jewish strategy – cause maximum division within the host population as a form of preemptive self-defense – *always* goes wrong because humans aren’t adapted to diversity.

        As it goes wrong this time some Jews will try and get themselves into a position where they lead hostile forces down a dead end and some will genuinely change sides, however:

        1) It will be impossible to tell which are which.
        2) The genuine ones will still defend the Jews who destroyed our nations because they don’t want the reaction to blow back on them.
        3) Most of the ones who genuinely switch sides will have supported the process when they thought it was just hurting White people. They only changed sides because they realized it was going to hurt Jews too.

        Jews spent many generations as a wealthy money-lending minority among large majorities often impoverished by Jewish money-lending. They were formed by this process and absolutely cannot be trusted in any way *except* self-interest.

        That doesn’t mean hating them – they are what they are – and it may mean choosing different words for different audiences but the critical point to remember is their history and how that has shaped them differently.

        The only ones we should consider trusting are the ones who speak to other Jews about their long-term self interest – not the ones who want to be involved with WN and want to influence what is in *our* self interest.

      • mindweapon says:


        We certainly don’t want Jews leading us in any capacity.

        What I’m pointing out is that there’s lots of Jews these days who don’t have Jewish identity. They’ve dropped it. And they can be gently influenced in certain directions. The last thing we should ever do is remind them that they are Jews. See the movie Heights, like I keep saying. If you meet a Jew in real life, you are as likely as not to meet a Jonathan.

      • Sam says:

        Wobbly said what I wish I had said. I agree 100% with his sentiments.

  2. asmoday20 says:

    I watched Heights a few weeks ago and there are a couple frustrated rabbi scenes–good stuff.
    The movie is chock full of different degenerates failing at their cherished little pursuits.
    Pop your popcorn kids.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great movie isn’t it? Did you watch it because of this blog? What did you think of the scene, “What’s behind that door? Did you ever look?” Did you catch the significance? Ian brings Isabel back to her heritage. The scenes with Ian at the end are very important — this is a movie with a message, and it’s a very anti-liberal, anti-feminist, anti-intermarriage, and considering the frustrated rabbi, a bit anti-Jewish movie, and Ian delivers the anti-liberal message at the end, until he gets stabbed by the (black) mugger while rescuing Isabel from the mugger. Isabel doesn’t know Ian’s name because she’s a self absorbed feminist, so the final scenes of the movie are Isabel trying to get into the emergency room to see Ian, but the black hospital receptionist won’t let her in because she doesn’t know Ian’s name, so she just ignores the black receiptionist and walks in anyway, looks at his chart — Ian. End of the movie. Get it?

      • oogenhand says:

        MIchael Hoffman claims all racists are Talmudists, whether they acknowledge it or not:

        Copyright©2008-2014 • All Rights Reserved.

        It is necessary to obtain permission in writing from Michael Hoffman before reproducing any of this research. It is not acceptable and it is a violation of our copyright for racist websites or any unauthorized website or publisher to appropriate Michael Hoffman’s research.

        If you are any type of racist then you are already Talmudic, whether you know it or not. The Babylonian Talmud is the fount of racism. German Nazi self-worship ultimately derived, by a western occult pathway (Giordano Bruno, Johannes Reuchlin, et al.), from Kabbalistic and Talmudic doctrine.

      • mindweapon says:

        That’s fine. Fight fire with fire!

      • asmoday20 says:

        I watched it because my wife likes Elizabeth Banks and rented the movie. I’m vehemently opposed to her politics and life choices so I’m glad my wife grabbed it because I never would have.
        What I took from the movie was its so easy to go back to your blood or ingroup. As you pointed out, Diana has no huge problem with Johnathan but reverts back to where she ought to be rather easily.
        I was more interested in Glenn Close’s character. I saw it as wealthy and liberal comsmopolitanites trying to live an unnatural life to seem open minded and “cool” far beyond an age for that. It was fun to see that that bore sour fruits for her.
        Her character reminds me of the wife from American Beauty. I don’t remember a door part at all. I was cooking and thus was in and out of the living room a lot. Now I’ll have to rewatch it.

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