The Coming Nightmare of Wall Street-Controlled Rental Markets

The bankers are going to have to get up close and personal with us now, evicting us by their own hands. See this clip at 6:40 for a preview:

American Everyman

(Not only are the big banks and financial institutions buying up the homes made available due to the economic collapse they engineered with their mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps and liar loans,  effectively stealing millions of homes and then renting them back to the families who used too own them, but they are also creating MORE derivatives called “rental backed securities” and pawning them off to the same state/city pension fund managers who undoubtedly know they are going to be the next derivative bubble that bursts. More deregulation my libertarian friends? Yeah, there’s a great idea.)

from AlterNet

n a 2011 report, Morgan Stanley analysts proclaimed that America was experiencing a transition from an ownership society to a “rentership society.” “The combination of falling home prices, limited mortgage credit, continued liquidations and better rental options is fundamentally changing the way Americans live,” says the report, concluding, “We…

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The Fundamental Theorem of this Blog: We can defeat ZOG and take over the state just by having enough smart people in our group to overwhelm the Democracy-Idiocracy of 2040.
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5 Responses to The Coming Nightmare of Wall Street-Controlled Rental Markets

  1. MOISHE says:

    once “ko/atttila” are cool with the current configuration = they can dominate the goy-ways – ko and attilla – you suck kosher dick – it takes celtic balls to just say it – you are anti-white faggots who haven’t got the balls to operate in full c ombat against smarter, nastier , and cleverer goyim who like to out the faggot-jew – some of us non-American goyim are sick of your jew- bullshit and wish you would just fuck off and get reassasigned to hasbara jobs in Mongolia -you are full of shit and are just being jewish disinfo – you need to stop taking meat in the seat and just grow up – you are jew-faggots!!!! FAGGOTS! mw -please take “ro/atilla” with extreme caution – potential anti-white/hasbara jew faggots who are trawling – enjoy their posts but see them as potential anti-white/faggot/jewish enablers:)))))

    • mindweapon says:


      I happen to agree with them KO and Attila and I ask for more civil language from you. It is possible to outsmart them at this point. They aren’t what they once were. Jews have declined along with Whites. Their community is not as united as it once was, and we should adapt our strategy based on this fact. You are acting like it’s still 1917 and we’re fighting Rosa Luxemburg’s Soviet Republic of Bavaria.

      But that means that we can beat them with less violence, less aggression, less casualties on our own side, and more victory.

      It used to be the Bugs Bunny (Jew) Elmer Fudd (us) relationship. Elmer Fudd carried that gun, and this only weapon was that gun. It certainly wasn’t his mind.

      We are smarter than Elmer Fudd, and today’s Bugs’ are not as clever as the Bugs of yesteryear.

      You can get the grumpy, menacing, slurring stuff all over the internet, Moishe. If that’s what you want, go to those sites. This site is not about that. This site and the commenters here believe that we’re going to win by a different way.
      what if Elmer’s grandkids are as clever as Bugs?

  2. KO says:

    Big Jews (like all the hostile elites) can be cannibals towards each other, towards little Jews, and towards everyone else. You don’t want to scare little Jews and Left- and Right-liberals into the big Jews’ arms by brandishing swastikas. Change the dominant culture, and remove the rewards for destroying white nations — you will see Jews and liberals, and eventually even big Jews, adapt to the new reality. If you just terrify the little Jews and liberals, you play into the hands of the FBI, DOJ, SPLC, Democratic Party, Republican Party, and Neocons, and preserve the poisonous, police-state status quo. Take a leaf from the Mindweapon book of can-do optimism, and don’t wallow in hatred, or even show it. Don’t offer yourself as a scapegoat. Don’t threaten to make anyone else a scapegoat. Just let the great axe fall.

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