More on the phenomenon of Fallen Away Jews, aka “Jonathans”

I want to clarify my point about Fallen Away Jews.

Some commenters and bloggers such as Denise and Moishe regard Jewry as a Perfect Hive, rather than mere mortals who can go from shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations.

This is a very purist view, but if it does not accurately reflect reality, it is less useful than a view that does more approximately reflect reality. To disregard the phenomenon of Fallen Away Jews, of the cultural decline of Jewry, will lead one to craft less than optimal strategies and have less than optimal thinking.

I don’t want to tell you what to do about the Fallen Away Jews (heretofore, “Jonathan”); I do want to tell you what not to do. What not do to is to scare them back into the arms of the rabbis and synagogues and ADL.

As I said, I don’t tell you what to do ever on this blog. I bounce ideas of you commenters.

There’s a book of fiction by Victor Ostrovsky, the Mossad defector, called “The Lion of Judah.” Mossad agents, or agents of any spy agency, are supposed to disclose all their foreign contacts and contacts with other spy agencies. One Mossad director keeps a secret relationship with an MI-6 James Bond type British gentleman. All through the book they are best buddies, sharing information, helping each other. Except . . . the “British gentleman” is an East German Stasi agent. Oops!

How could that work for us? Well, let’s say you forget to put on your swastika armband, and you have acquaintances with hipster Jonathan types. Let’s say that there’s a BJ doing yecchy things like bringing refugees in, and you convince your Jonathan that the BJ’s doing icky things are nothing but common criminals, without ever mentioning that it has anything to do with them being Jews. That’s just a coincidence, and the less said about it the better. Jonathan might say, quite helpfully, “Hey, I just remembered — I’m Jewish! Maybe I can help.”

Aw shucks, Jonathan, are you sure? I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable, but really, if you insist. Could you just try to start attending their temple? We could pay your temple fees.

Of course it’s nothing to do at all with Jewishness or anti-semitism, and everything to do with a bad person doing bad things as an individual. When a Jonathan looks at you, he doesn’t see a WN; he sees a fellow American conservative. You guys are Patriots together, drinking Sam Adams at the microbrewery and bumping fists over the local sports team! Bro! Dude! Awesome! Jonathan joins the temple, makes best buddies with BJ who is very glad to see a young Jew at temple, and Jonathan puts a USB keyboard capture device on his computer, and retrieves it a few weeks later. Oops!

I’m not telling you to go do that. But I am telling you to think more like that, rather than “”Grrr, I want to see so and so get killed! I dream of hot lead and cold steel vengeance! Let’s see how many times I can fit racial slurs into my rant!” Over the past 13 years, I have seen people who never go beyond that get sick of WN and quit. We get a new batch of people every 5 years or so. I hope you guys stick around longer.

The way not to get sick of it is to approach it as a fun game of charisma, social climbing and everyday, open source spycraft. It isn’t even necessary to do anything illegal or hurt people. Also, I believe that our predicament is 70% our fault, 30% the opportunistic infections of the hostile elites. if we fixed our 70%, the 30% of the hostile elites would wither away. Our 70% in a nutshell — we are getting poisoned by packaged food and mind-poisoned by mass media and intellectual apathy and severely financially extracted by an unnecessarily expensive American lifestyle. The younger generations are already living more cheaply, not getting cars, sharing housing, and so on. You can spend the rest of your life fixing this 70%, and it’s fun and it sets you apart as an especially useful person with practical skills and knowledge. Most people are sleepwalking into the future, but if you are solving a big problem they didn’t know could be solved, they will at least partially wake up and pay attention.

Go out in the world.

Hide your views, and match your views to those of others. Always agree with whoever you are talking to.

Find people who will help you solve the 70% problems — the food poison and mind poison. People don’t like being poisoned, and if they are shown an alternative, they will take it. Find people who are motivated to live on less and save more and work with them. People out there are motivated by this, if you can find them.

Recognize that cultural decline is across the board for all but the freshest off the boat immigrants, and take advantage of this fact to undermine the power of the hostile elites.


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  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

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  2. Denise says:

    My Dear – I understand your :POV. But you are letting yourself get carried away with yourself.

    They will only do what they think works for them. They’ll always return to the Hive. They don’t know anything else.

    You are opening yourself to getting played. I don’t wear any Swazi armbands, you know. I get on well with them, in person. Very well.

    All just watch Their Works fall apart. It’s happening now.

    Anyways – do you really want them to breed in with us? I don’t.

    • Mosin Nagant says:

      Very strong point about the ‘breed in with us’ that would be inevitable with cooperation.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        If one can arrange matters so that the offspring have only loyalty to our people and none to theirs, “breeding in” could work out just fine. YKW are a frighteningly smart and effective people, and better yet, any mixed offspring will look like us. A dash of their genes won’t hurt.

        Half of the stories in their book are dire warnings about the temptations of foreign women and foreign customs.

      • mindweapon says:

        That already happened ages ago. There are so many part Jews among us we’d all have to get DNA tested to find people who actually don’t have some Jew in them.

      • mindweapon says:

        Denise and Mosin,

        Yeah, you’re missing it. First, the inbreeding is already happening among the unconscious masses. We are the few. Anything I recommend will only be done by a few dozen at most. That’s not going to make a difference either way. The Swazi armband was metaphorical.

        They will only do what they think works for them. They’ll always return to the Hive. They don’t know anything else.

        The Jonathans don’t care about the Hive. THey are like white race mixers. They go with what they desire at the moment.

        You seem to infer that I’m hanging out with Jews. At the moment, no. I don’t really hang out with anyone but my family. It’s a very primitive interpretation of what I wrote.

        Second, you guys need to read some spy memoirs. At the beginning of The Aquarium by Victor Suvorov, the GRU trainer tells Suvorov (rough paraphrase).

        By stealing secrets from the Americans, you save your Motherland billions of rubles and years of scientific research.

        Spycraft is a big shortcut. In WWII, the Brits did spycraft big time, the Germans barely at all.

        Spycraft does not require a budget. It can be self taught. And defining a mission can happen on the fly. Spycraft is not terribly complex, and 90 something percent of the techniques are open source. The remaining “secret” techniques are hardly needed.

        I sat in a Russian language classroom in Monterey for 9 months and we had an air force NCO in his 40’s who demystified spycraft to us. at the time, I didn’t get the significance of this guy. i just thought he talked an awful lot, though it was vaguely interesting to listen to him. In retrospect, he was “giving away the store” about spycraft — namely, that’s it’s not a big deal, and if ordinary people knew how easy it was, they’d be very dangerous.

        Most intelligence is open source.

        HUMINT, or human intelligence, is something that car salesmen and pick up artists are already good at.

        The big stumbling block is defining the mission. I think the mission at this point is to get a bunch of money to create businesses and acquire rental properties in cities, as well as some farms in the countryside, and have home schooling families split their time between city and farm.

        As far as what Jews are doing to us; this is something to be discussed coldly, unemotionally, like a technical problem to be solved. Computer programmers don’t get emotional about the bugs they have to fix, as a rule. Sure sometimes they cuss or something, but technical problems are generally not accompanied with strong emotion. Strong emotion gets in the way.

        I urge you, Denise and Moishe, to look at it like a technical problem. Debugging civilization, if you will. That’s how I look at it. I got bored with emotional responses YEARS ago.

        And as I said before, people who go around angry all the time generally drop otu of the WN movement after 5 years. They get burned out on their own rage.

      • Paul says:

        Old saw: If you shake your family tree hard enough one or two are bound to fall out.

    • MOISHE says:

      Same here Denise – you generalise about some of us too much MW – I also can play ‘dumb’ and have cordial relations with jews – they like me! – I never give away my jew-awaress. When I mention ‘the jews’ – I generally mean the ‘hostile elite’ – organised Judaism – in all its skull-doggery. You are betraying your intelligence by assuming that people like denise and myself are ‘cold-steel/bullets’ type wns – I believe in a whole range of strategies – some sutble, some not so- whatever fits the occasions. You are in danger of using paradigmic solutions to an age-old question. Jewish interference in human evolution. you feel that mindweaponisation is the paramount ‘way to go’ for wns.
      mindweaponisation is awesome – but you discard at your peril – other methodologies. It seems even in the most aware wn sites – ‘fear of the jew’ is prevalent. I.e – not wanting the little moishes and moishettes who you have befriended at the local starfucks : from ‘running back into the arms of the vampire-rabbis and the Ape Fuxmans’. For the love of Christ Mw – haven’t you read the ‘protocols of zion”?? – haven’t you read the bit about how the only meaningful way to defeat a zionised hell on earth is quote: “when the goyim quit the pen and take up the gun” – this is the only way zog can be at least apprehended. (straight out of the protocols).
      It would be good for people to do an anthropological study of Judaism and realise that the jew is biologically hardwired to follow a certain racial trajectory – even if a ‘nice’ jew – like your shopkeeper appears to be despondent about Judaism – his kids will still carry his genetic memory – even if they attend catholic school – I have heard arrogant Israelis remark to me that the jews will rule the world through their mischlings – part-goyim who have jewish dna in them and harbour a subtle love for Israel/jews. eg John Kerry, FDR, Churchill, Obama, LBJ, Pelosi, Albright etc etc etc…

      You are too generalistic about some of your commentators views MW – some of us play ‘undercover’ extremely easy – I did this in the middle-east with relative ease. Its just a shame that on a WN site – we have to tone down our distaste for the tribe – just for seemingly diplomatic reasons – or of hurting jewish sensitivities so as they: “wont go running back to the synagogue” – my take is fuck the yids – this is our fight and we have the smarts to take back our heritage – they can create their own WN movements – but without my help – SORRY FOR THE ESSAY – BUT IT HAD TO BE SAID.

      • mindweapon says:


        You claim that I “fear” something. No. But your angry writing shows that you are missing the point. We win by gaming the world, like Roissy/Heartiste game, but applied to everything, not just picking up chix.

        Like women, the world wants to be games. It wants to be conquested, to be ravished. Being angry is like doing martial arts all tensed up, with antagonistic muscles sapping the power of strikes.

    • Denise says:

      My line has not been infected. The rest of you can speak for yourselves,

      What have you found Kievsky? Some Yid in the woodpile?

      • mindweapon says:


        I read that about 25% of Germans are part Jewish. that accounts for millions of good German Christians.

        In the 3rd Reich they didn’t allow German women of reproductive age to be housekeepers for Jews. A good law no doubt.

        As far as my ancestry, I’m a regular old European of Irish, Swedish, British and French descent. No yids in my woodpile that I am aware of.

      • Denise says:

        I know my lineage. My line is not infected.

  3. New England Millennial says:

    Birthright Israel spends $660 million a year so that American Jews stay Jewish and do not intermarry. An acquaintance of mine who went on the trip told me that they used to encourage the young Jews to drink up and “hook-up” but they switched to a no-alcohol policy because too many were drinking themselves to the ambulance and getting promptly flown out (they forfeit the present and have to pay the total). 1/5 of the budget comes from the Israeli government and many Israelis have a problem with their tax-money going to what they perceive as “rich American Jews” just to give them a free vacation. The govt. has to convince them that it’s worth it so that these Jews will support Israel, AIPAC, when they’re older. Half-Jews don’t care about Israel and think legally preventing interethnic marriage b/t Jews and Arabs is racist.

    Meanwhile Israel itself has many divisions. Secular Jews can’t stand the Orthodox because they complain, live on welfare, don’t want to fight, and their heavy sweaty clothes stink up the buses and trams. Also there are divides between the different groups. There’s an Ashkenazi Israeli joke, “Why is Morocco the cleanest country? Because they sent their SHIT here!” That’s a reference to Moroccan Jews, who are stereotyped as dumb, welfare, petty criminals.

    Recently there was a post here about Asians. I can tell you I knew White girls from my college who would have an Asian roommate (usually S.E., like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, etc.) and they would quarrel because the Asian was super-easy and would bring home and sleep with stranger White guys every weekend. Of course, the White girl wouldn’t like this and the RA would have to split them up.

    The destructicon-media is also targeting them. Sometimes I look at’s “Music” just to see what they’re peddling to young ppl. Get a load of this video. I would post the link here, but I feel it’s to vulgar to put on the blog, so I seperated the two sections in the url, just put them together. WARNING: There’s race-mixing but it’s only b/t Asians, Indians, and Mexicans.


    Just stay normal and we’ll win!

    • PA says:

      “Just stay normal, and we’ll win”

      I like that.

      • mindweapon says:

        That is a great turn of phrase, NEM. That’s a great candidate for a blog slogan!

      • “Just stay normal and we’ll win.”

        The more I think about this statement, the more it resonates with me.

        This really made sense to me once I visited VB’s blog and saw that Chinese building on its side. Our culture, with its quaint, old-fashioned notions of honor and competence is the foundation of modern civilization itself.

        I wanted to point out that the biggest fundamental flaw of YKW’s plot to degenerate the White race is that invariably, their own people end up being caught up in their own manipulations. How can anyone remain clean and smelling like a rose if they have to lead people into the sewer?

        There comes a time when the sheeple are going to notice if the leaders lag behind and don’t lead from the front. People are bound to notice when proponents of interracial marriage keep THEIR bloodlines pure while scolding you if you can’t warm up to the idea of your child marrying a Black person.

        Even back in the seventies, any liberal woman who was unwary enough to be alone with a Black guy would find themselves in the position of having to put out to prove they were not racist. Fortunately for my gene pool, even though I was not an avowed racist, the MIni-Hef Phenomena had put ALL MEN on my shit list, so here’s ye Clytemnestra Comeback for any “liberal” woman loath to do so. “No, I’m not a racist; it’s strictly personal. I find YOU sexually repulsive!” Works like a charm. But I digress.

        I can understand MW’s admiration of certain tactics of other ethnic groups. But I strongly suggest we take a “cafeteria” approach in appropriating what they do. Be creative and take whatever shortcuts available short of blatant cheating in order to maintain competence and true knowledge. Or else we will end up constructing our own Potemkin villages or toppling Chinese skyscrapers.

        So, I think the best defense, even the best counteroffensive is to fall back on MW’s high-investment parenting. Take more interest in educating our children to be critical, Pro-White thinkers in order to make their thoughts immune from any mind worms. If we can do that, we may find that the Miscegenation Maniacs have drowned themselves in that race-mixing sewers and our heritage is still intact.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great comment, Cly.

    • Trainspotter says:

      Watched part of that video. As Ramzpaul might say, wow. Just wow.

      Leftist/Jewish “culture” truly is poison, and it’s fascinating to see our enemies turning into Orcs (hat tip Denise), right before our eyes. Disgusting, ugly, perverted, moronic and vile Orcs. I’m only slightly engaging in hyperbole here. Can these lying, ***-licking degenerates be meaningfully classified as human any longer? Really?

      I imagine that, during the age of empire, European administrators and travelers must have experienced real culture shock when dealing with non-white natives. It must have been common to encounter non-whites who engaged in disgusting, perverted practices. Creatures that had no concept of honorable behavior, and who felt absolutely no compunction to keep their word, even over the most simple of matters. Many of these Europeans must have concluded, “You just can’t deal with these creatures. They lack even elementary standards of honesty and decent behavior. Their value system is horrible and their word is worthless.”

      Does this description remind you of anyone? Here is a hint: I’ve just described your typical modern American. The modern American engages in all sorts of vile and nasty practices, and his word is utterly worthless. He makes promises freely, whether it’s marriage “till death do us part” or that he will absolutely be at a certain meeting place at 6:00 P.M. sharp. He then shamelessly breaks his word, without guilt or remorse. Whether it involves affairs of the heart, or practical business transactions, the word of the modern American is near worthless. Not all, of course, but it must be admitted that the Leftist/Jewish poison has done its job well on a very large share of the population.

      New England Millennial, you’re right. Those whites that can remain at least somewhat normal will survive the culling. Those that don’t will descend into the muddy sewer, and be separated from our people forever. Good riddance to bad rubbish, and our gene pool will emerge healthier for it.

      The even better news is that, eventually, the muddy sewer will be flushed. Increasingly, nobody in the world respects the sorts of people who fall under the Leftist/Jewish spell. America is still living off its past laurels, when it was a fundamentally white nation. But now, it’s a Jewish/mud/Leftist clown show, and this is beginning to have consequences. More and more of the world is waking up to the fact that America is no longer a nation of whites that put a man on the moon, but rather a vile sewer of low IQ morons.

      Every dog has its day, but I get the distinct sense that the Leftist/Jewish dog is running out of daylight. They are trash, and ultimately will be viewed as trash, and treated as trash.

      • mindweapon says:

        Awesome comment, Trainspotter.

      • Denise says:

        Thank you for understanding the profundity of the Orcs meme. It’s essential. Interbreeding destroys us more than anything. I don’t care if 90% if us turn into Orcs. They will fall away, anyways. They don’t matter. THe chaff falls from the wheat.

        Jews will always BE Jews. Period.

        We must be White.

        Whites, and other member of other Races will see the flesh-eating bacteria that is Jewish DNA. We’ll learn a lesson as a species, that will be incorporated into every allele in OUR DNA. The White Race will be reborn by the few, the very few, that can SEE. The rest will be the maggots on the corpse of the Old West.

        Stay White, Trainspotter. StAY Whites – and the world will be ours.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      It is unfortunate that Zionist Jews could not settle for Madagascar (as Hitler suggested) or go to Birozhiban (which Stalin provided) because I do agree that if Jews had a country of their own and had the blood/soil connection that other nationalities do, they might be more sympathetic to nationalism in general.

      However, it does go to show you that, as troublesome as Israel is in general, that the die-hard Israeli nationals themselves are a different breed from the Wandering Jew of the DIaspora. That is why it is somewhat amusing to read about their difficulties with the Haredi and other Jewish ethnicities in Israel. Chapter and verse, their complaints just seem to echo those of Gentiles with the Jewish Diaspora in their countries.

      But if you look at the history of Israel, the grip of the Jews on Israel has always been tenuous at best; they lost the country twice before and it was always made more possible because there was so much infighting. That may be why they have historically felt more comfortable in the Diaspora. Without us, they’d be locked at each other’s throats.

      But I think, with Jewish power being at its pinnacle all over the West, we are seeing Israel’s History of Infighting writ large. There is no real Gentile opposition to overcome anymore. White nationalists are pretty much marginalized with the Shabby Goy House Whiggers keeping all the White proles in line. Thanks to spending millennia in the Diaspora, Jews are natural subverters and there is nothing left to oppose but entrenched Jewish power.

      With the Jonathans catching such a ration of shit thanks to the fallout of a Rainbow Multiculturalism that is rife with rabid Antisemitism combined with the increasing White resentment of Whites who resent being deluged with “People of Color” from every Turd World Nation squatting in their country and sucking off the benefits, this is fertile ground to seed with the notion that the WRONG Jews are controlling things!

      Just as our government likes to effect regime changes in countries by nationalists more favorable to us, it would not hurt for WN 2.0 to do what it can to effect regime change in Organized Jewry with Jonathans who are smart enough to get that in any race war, it is their skins not their yarmulkes are their uniforms.

      There is nothing for us to lose with a loose, informal alliance with Jonathans to work separately, but in tandem, on mutual interests. They don’t need to join the Klan or National Socialism, for example, but if we can make a point of showing solidarity, support, and sympathy for them as much as possible whenever they themselves are victimized by Anti-White policies, we might be able to effect some sort of regime change. Can’t hurt.

      • mindweapon says:

        Just as our government likes to effect regime changes in countries by nationalists more favorable to us, it would not hurt for WN 2.0 to do what it can to effect regime change in Organized Jewry with Jonathans who are smart enough to get that in any race war, it is their skins not their yarmulkes are their uniforms.

        There is nothing for us to lose with a loose, informal alliance with Jonathans to work separately, but in tandem, on mutual interests. They don’t need to join the Klan or National Socialism, for example, but if we can make a point of showing solidarity, support, and sympathy for them as much as possible whenever they themselves are victimized by Anti-White policies, we might be able to effect some sort of regime change. Can’t hurt.

        Exactly! Perfectly stated. That’s how a spy agency would do it.

  4. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I agree and disagree with this post.

    I agree with the statement that our White Race’s decline is 70% of our fault. Many of us betrayed one another, stabbed each other in the back over money and ‘business’, we let our families fall apart, we placed money and wealth above all else-including blood, and we bought into the Communist turd painted gold renamed Capitalism.

    I don’t agree with the fresh off the boats immigrants not being in decline. Many of these people are as lazy as they come and act entitled and spoiled. Refugee Resettlement garners upon these entitled strangers free housing, free medical care, free food, free clothes. These fresh off the boat refugees and immigrants are simply foot soldiers for the world elite and their targets are everyday working and middle class White Americans who are simply trying to make ends meet without any drama or interference from the Thug Bull State.

    Also disagree about the fallen away Jews. Individual thought and thinking outside the box is a “White European Thing” not a Jew, Black, or Arab thing. I do not feel the Fallen Away Jew is my fellow man, just as I have come discover in my travels out West that the Mormons are the same ilk – Momos are just Christian Jews. Those who have Fallen Away will stab a White Person in the back if it will bring them back to fold. Sorry, but I am cynical here……

    Cultural decline is across the board, I strongly agree here. It is truly sad, but anytime I see an example of this decline or erosion, I put the spotlight nice and bright on it….sunlight is always the best disinfectant and we need more light shed on this decline. Consequently, I just cannot keep my view on this to myself.

    I think “staying normal” while going stealth and helping other whites is the best way to beat the decline. We must simply survive and by doing so, the elites will be beaten as they end up eating their own anyhow -too many Narcissists crowding about the mirror, cannot have that!

  5. Jewish power is fading, thanks to the communications revolution. Media and banking have been demystified.

    Rhetorically, it’s pretty damn easy to blunt anti-white attacks from Jews, because the shitty little country makes their double standards so obvious.

    Plus, Ryu said it’s ok to fuck jewesses as long as you don’t get them pregnant! /s

  6. Sam says:

    I think the big Jews are psychopaths and scare the little Jews. Psychopaths seem to have an extraordinary ability to lie and get away with it. I think it’s because they are able to lie with none of the unconscious tells that any only of us, ashamed to lie, would give out. The Jews often tell us “… often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods…” What they neglect to mention, notice the beginning “…”, is that Hitler was talking about the Jews. They’ve used this over and over implying that Hitler was the the one using the “Big Lie”. This is the method used to scare the little Jews. You might be able to, for a time, get the little Jews on your side but I believe that they are different. Just like Derbyshire said about Blacks. 15% of White people act unsociable but 50% of Blacks do. A society cannot deal with that high of a percentage and disintegrates. I believe that short term you may be able to get help from them but long term they must either be removed from us or we will destroyed. As far as us being responsible. I would not put it at as high a percentage on our part due to Jews ownership of mass media. I talk to my Mom and she’s come to believe that the US gov is up to no good and has lost faith in it but I’ve not yet been able to convince her of the extreme culpability of the Jews in the decline of our country. I believe TV is the reason.

  7. Denise says:

    The Bureau of Land Management director Neil Kornze is a Yid. His thugs are terrorizing White ranchers. Can we get some “good Jews” to talk to Kornze?;_ylt=AwrB8qGY30lTlH8AfZqJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTIybGI5cDB2BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM0MmZlYzk2OWZmZmY0NGU5NWYwMjhmYWQyZmE4NWU2YQRncG9zAzIEaXQDYmluZw–?…&p=Bureau+of+Land+Management+director+Neil+Kornze%27&oid=42fec969ffff44e95f028fad2fa85e6a&fr2=piv-web&fr=ush-mailn_02&tt=%3Cb%3EBureau+of+Land+Management+Director+Neil+Kornze+%3C%2Fb%3Eis+a+Harry+Reid+…&b=0&ni=128&no=2&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=13jh8cb59&sigb=14dpk2a8e&sigi=1351828uk&sigt=12999njcv&sign=12999njcv&.crumb=ijBF0n1PhAg&fr=ush-mailn_02

    Why is it always a Yid?

    • Denise says:

      I can’t edit. The very long link I posted doesn’t show Kornze’s pic Every-one can look him up by his name, and see.

    • MOISHE says:

      because they strategically place the tribe in all places that control the resources of the goyim nations (TALMUD 101)

      • mindweapon says:

        WN’s can do the same. The first step is to hide your views and take a playful, charismatic and theatrical view to dealing with people.

        Not only can we win, we can have fun doing it. In fact, we’re only going to win if we approach it as a fun game (in my opinion). I’ve seen the angry approach for 14 years already, and you know where it gets us? People get sick of being angry all the time and drop out. Or they act out and do something cruel or violent and get caught and then have to apologize. That sucks even more.

        It takes many years to be effective at WN, and angry people drop out before they can be effective. And the angry approach is by definition ineffective.

        I’ve said it before — one needs to develop qi energy doing the qigong stuff to drive out black qi and build up light white qi. This reflects in one’s behavior. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I am able to make people like me a lot. At my job people tip me too much for their own good sometimes. Black people tip me! It’s like the miracle of the loaves and fishes. And it’s because, I believe, I have an inner light of qi that I developed from years of doing stuff like this:

        Many people join the WN movement, then something changes in their life and they are more successful and happier, and they leave us. I stick around no matter what, to try and bring my fellow WN souls into the light where it is possible for us to win, but no one else has to lose.

        The more I interact with the public, the more I see this. Pretty much all Whites are on our side, but they aren’t self aware as a Hive Mind, as Aryan Skynet . . . yet. When they/we are self aware, we win. The only violence will originate from the other side. We won’t have to use offensive violence, and G-d help them if they try to do the hot lead and cold steel treatment on 100 million illuminated Aryan souls.

    • mindweapon says:

      It wouldn’t be “talking” to him, Denise. In the theoretical world, some Jew, thinking himself a patriot, would get dirt on him, get some kompromat.

      Again, misinterpretation of what I wrote.

    • StukaPilot says:

      Kornze is the middle man between mega-crook, married-to-Jewess Sen. Harry Reid and some Chicoms who want to put an “energy farm” on Bundy’s land. On the present issue, I think an equally useful strategy is to play off the universalist Red Jews against the racial-nationalist Zionistas. To this end, I send occasional $$ to Red Jewess Anna Baltzer…who is doing a good job getting corporations to divest in Israel. Once Israel is out of the way, and a few million more ultra-Jewish, visible Jews come stamping over here, it pretty much concentrates the Jew problem in a single, discrete area. I’ll leave the rest unsaid.

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  9. TabuLa Raza says:

    kneel kornze:

  10. Afterthought says:

    What is my main beef with Jews?

    They’re anti-white.

    If they stop being anti-white then I’m good with that.

  11. countenance says:


    That may be so. But I’m sure you’ve seen the latest news today that they’re backing down.

    Why are they backing down?

    The answer is that our side, and I’m using “our” a bit loosely here, properly used the mind weapon of public relations. The other side isn’t backing down because they fear real physical violence, they’re backing down because we won the PR war, exposing both the other side’s abuse and Harry Reid’s corruption. The longer this would have dragged on, the worse Reid would have looked. I bet after the Freeper -> Alex Jones -> Drudge conveyor belt exposed Reid’s interest in all this, Reid called Obama and begged him to retreat.

  12. pluto the dog says:

    Taquiya and going undercover – its a problem, sure we need to infiltrate and position ourselves close to the levers of power but we also need to RECRUIT and the way to do this is to inform potential wn’s. There are many people out there who just need to be told what’s going so that their inner aryan can awake – sometimes it doesnt take much effort to get all the balls to line up in white peoples minds- but in order for this to happen we need to tell them. I recomend a combination of covert and overt depending on circumstances – and you’re not always going to make the right call but life is imperfect so what the heck. As for the jews most whites rarely meet one- unless you’re working for goldman sachs or one of the other myriad large corporations they control – a really good way to spread the message is to point out that tv and hollywood are jew controlled and that most ‘actors’ are ykw- average white people don’t like that. Btw these ykw ‘stars’ don’t age well * they get uglier and uglier with the years- its a ykw trait

    • MOISHE says:

      Does that mean that scarlett jewhansson will lose those delicious Scandi- looks and turn into Barbara Streisand in 15 years Pluto??? – YUK!

      • pluto the dog says:

        Yes. Just watch her age and get ready to avert your eyes- their dna map ends at ugly hollow. Perfect example is that old guy/freak who owns mtv- boy is he freaking ugly. Eventually the ugliness they’ve kept bottled up inside makes its way to the surface- omg

  13. Aester says:

    You know that a Jew was the Head of the Stasi?

    “Born in Hechingen, Province of Hohenzollern (now Baden-Württemberg), Wolf was the son of the writer and physician Friedrich Wolf and brother of film director Konrad Wolf. His father was a member of the Communist Party of Germany, and after Adolf Hitler gained power, Wolf emigrated to Moscow with his father, via Switzerland and France, because of their Communist convictions and because Wolf’s father was Jewish.”

    Marxism/Communism is just another totalitarian ideology created by jews to swindle the dumb Goyim, like Christianity and Islam some times backfire on the jews.

  14. I’m glad you brought the “Jonathans” up, MW.

    I have run across several of them in my life and my impression of them is that the majority of them are decent people and good neighbors who are caught between a rock and a hard place. I strongly suggest that anyone who hasn’t watch that segment in the movie Defamation where a bunch of sweet, innocent, high-spirited Israeli teenagers are literally broken down into crying, cringing, paranoid Jews at Auschwitz summer camp by their sorry excuses for elders.

    One cannot fail to notice that slimy Abe Foxman was there to cheer it on, no doubt seeing future donors to his ADL protection racket where he extorts butter and egg money out of traumatized Holocaust era Jews. I know this, because a neighbor of mine used to get their literature and showed me some. She shared a common surname with many Jews and my gosh! You’d think the Nazis were coming any day to haul her off to a concentration camp.

    Never mind that Foxman never saw the inside of a running “death” camp, because he was sheltered by his Polish nurse maid OR that both his parents “miraculously survived” with enough of their fortunes intact to successfully sue the nurse for his custody when they got back. But I guess business is business, especially Shoah Business.

    Another thing one can say about Big Jew is that he has mastered the carrot-stick approach to Little Jew, unlike Big White who can’t be bothered with any damned carrots and goes straight for the stick where it comes to Little White. This is a practical necessity on the part of Big Jew, because Little Jew historically ends up being the fall guy whenever his antics blow up and needs bigger incentives to risk his own neck. Even where Little Jew refuses to involve himself in any scheme, he can be counted on to keep it secret, because of fear of retaliation. If you think about it, being a Jew sounds remarkably like being born into a crime syndicate.

    In view of this, one has to wonder how much of the Crypto Jewry has been driven by Jonathans who are hiding … not from us … but from the tribe, to square it with their own consciences, because they are loath to either collaborate with or be accessories to or have any knowledge of any tribal crimes against the country. To all intents and purposes, they cut themselves off from Jewry. They change their names, they marry Gentiles, and they even raise their children in the faiths of their spouses. Unless this is a whole bunch of noisy smoke and mirrors to fool the Gentiles, a lot of Jonathans are voting themselves out of Jewry by their feet and the rabbis are pretty damned upset about it. So, this may explain the phenomenon of White Activists who only discover their Jewish roots when they are no doubt outted by the tribe.

    I am skeptical about the idea of WNism using the Jonathans to spy on/subvert Judaism. Especially if the end result may be another pogrom where their own relatives are rounded up and executed or thrown out of the country. But surely, OJ’s White Genocide Via Multiculturalism Project set up in European dominant countries has put the Jonathans in even greater jeopardy than previously. Yes the alien races they are importing hate the White race as much as they do, BUT they loathe Jews even more. So the Jonathans get it coming and going.

    Of course, the presence of these aliens, especially if it results in suffering violence by “People of Color” makes That Teachable Moment for the Jonathans available to us, because it underscores that, in the race war that Big Jew is stirring up, the Jonathan’s SKIN not his RELIGION is his uniform! Mind you, Big Jew does his best to distort that fact by making it all about Antisemitism.

    Though I understand it, the public gloating displayed by fed up Whites when a Jew is victimized by Knockout King or Polar Bear Hunt is a big mistake, because it plays right into Big Jew’s hands. There is such historical hostility to Judaism that we overlook those increasing moments to exploit to our cause. Like Chandra Levy. Moreover, it gives Jonathans no alternative but to stick with Big Jew, because they think the majority of Whites will hate them every bit as much as the aliens do.

    That is why it is imperative that we get into the habit of publicly ladling on the sympathy, support, and solidarity to Jonathans victimized by Knockout King and Polar Bear Hunts even as Jewish victims of Anti-White hate crimes/racism. Getting beaten/raped/killed because one is mistaken for someone else does not ameliorate any pain and suffering. By not gloating, we provide the Jonathans with their own leverage with Big Jew. For example, we can empower the Jonathans to go back to their synagogues and demand that their congregations push for hate crimes that also protect Whites and put in law and order candidates that enforce them. Because, in The Cannibal’s Pot, the Jews are just the OTHER White Meat and every bit as tasty.

    I don’t expect Jonathans to become flaming Antisemites or to stop thinking about or acting for what is best for the Jews. I don’t want Jonathans to openly join WNism, yielding yet another instance where Jews control the opposition by leading it. What I would like is for the Jonathans to realize that OJ views them as slightly more valuable but equally expendable tools than their Shabby Goy collaborators, take over OJ, force The Eternal Guest of the West to stop wrecking their host nations and fouling their own nests and pull themselves back from the abyss.

    • mindweapon says:

      I am skeptical about the idea of WNism using the Jonathans to spy on/subvert Judaism. Especially if the end result may be another pogrom where their own relatives are rounded up and executed or thrown out of the country. But surely, OJ’s White Genocide Via Multiculturalism Project set up in European dominant countries has put the Jonathans in even greater jeopardy than previously. Yes the alien races they are importing hate the White race as much as they do, BUT they loathe Jews even more. So the Jonathans get it coming and going.


      The Jonathans don’t know that it’s even about Judaism. They just think it’s about criminality. That the criminal is Jewish isn’t their first thought. That’s what WN’s don’t believe, that’s what I’ve seen with my own lying eyes.

      They are only asked to do small, piecemeal things. They aren’t involved int he big picture. Get it?

    • Sam says:

      What you said is why I believe the only answer is to have the Jews separated from us. I hate the big Jews. Responsible for 9/11 and other nefarious deeds. I don’t hate the little Jews but it’s in their genes and little Jews make more big Jews. Mindweapons ideas about not openly attacking all Jews and making the issue criminality is very wise. Their criminality funds their deprivations.

      • mindweapon says:

        I recommend making friends with little Jews to get an idea of their levels of Jewish consciousness.

        My experience is that it’s binary. Some of them are hard core, some of them could care less. New England Millenial has some interesting stories about the Birthright Israel trippers. Just the fact that they give free trips to Israel tells you something — namely that Jews themselves think that their people are Falling Away and becoming “I like Christmas trees” Jonathans.

        In Heights, the rabbi does an exercise with Isabel and Jonathan (trying to break them up). “You come home and Isabel has put up a Christmas tree. How does that make you feel?”

        Jonathan: “I like Christmas trees.”

        Isabel: “I don’t like Christmas trees.”

        After they leave, Isabel jokes, “You come home and your wife is reading Mein Kampf. How do you feel?” and they both laugh.

        My experience is that there are a lot of Jonathans out there. They have a very weak connection to the Jewish community, but potentially could have a strong connection to a “handler” or a “honeypot girl” (or boy).

        The Jewish organizations do statistical research on the connection of young Jews to Judaism and Israel. We don’t know those statistics, but we see desperate measures of Jewish organizations to prevent intermarriage and bring young Jews into the fold. That actually is very good evidence for the existence of a large percentage of Jonathans.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        I ran across something close to your “I Love Christmas Trees” Jonathan Analogy IRL last Christmas. I have a friend who is a single father. He was trying to make some extra money to buy his kids good Christmas presents, so he was working the season as a food delivery guy. He was dead tired one night, so I accompanied him to help him stay awake.

        We were driving through areas that already had their Christmas lights when we happened upon a house that was all lit up just like the others, but it had a menorah and a beautiful blue Star of David and a sign that said, “Yes, I’m Jewish! Happy Holidays, Everyone!” It was an impressive display. It worked well with the overall festive scenes of the traditional Christmas decorations.

        In any case, my friend and I stopped at the owner’s house, rang the bell, and told him how much we liked his display. He said he had been gratified how many people had stopped by to tell him that. He also said that even though his faith kept him from believing in the reason for the season, he loved the spirit of the season and wanted to share in it.. He noticed my friend’s delivery sign on his car, found out he was trying to make Christmas for his kids, said that he used the delivery service all the time, and gave him fifty bucks as a bonus.

        So, there is some kind of shift going on with the Jonathans. Some wish to just be a part of the fun without all the fulminating angst and drama. I am hoping this Jonathan got enough compliments that he took it to any other Jonathans who feel like they have to keep their houses dark and sulk on the sidelines, feeling robbed, during that time of year.

  15. ben tillman says:

    Did I miss a prior post on this topic? I’m not sure I understand what you mean by the “fallen away” Jew, but what I think you mean is something I’ve never observed.

    Jews go through life underestimating their Jewishness. And, of course, thanks to Jewish propaganda, Whites go through life underestimating the importance of Jewish identity. These facts make it easy to look at a Jew and think there is little separating his interests (or, more importantly, his perceived interests) from yours. Thinking this is invariably a mistake.

  16. Ryu says:

    Good comments here, MW. Others must hear more about HUMINT.

    • Trainspotter says:

      Correction, Ryu. GREAT comments by Mindweapon, especially about the issue of anger. And timely too, given the bad news of the day (the shooting).

      Mindweapon, you’ve done more than anybody else to pioneer an approach that is radically different from WN 1.0 bluster and anger. There is so much that can be done peacefully on the ground, with networks of all sorts, before even remotely considering violence as an option. Even if violence occurs at some point down the line, which I’m not advocating and I know that you aren’t either, it would require an infrastructure in place in order for it to be at all effective.

      Please keep at it, because it looks more and more like WN 2.0 is going to be absolutely required, due in no small measure to the disastrous behavior of those still caught up in the WN 1.0 mindset. Hope I’m wrong, but I think there are going to be real consequences from this latest, utterly senseless act of violence.

      Part of the reason why there will likely be consequences is that, in certain important respects, things are beginning to go our way, and there will be a desire to halt our momentum. Knowledge of YKW is higher than it’s been in any of our lifetimes, nationalism is on the march across much of Europe, Russia holds out promise in its resistance to the globalized order, and our own government bleeds legitimacy by the day. The enemy has a strong incentive to seize, now more than ever, on any destructive and self-defeating WN 1.0 type behavior. We’ll see, just wanted you to know that your efforts to move people away from destructive and stupid behavior are valuable and appreciated.

      • mindweapon says:

        There is so much that can be done peacefully on the ground, with networks of all sorts, before even remotely considering violence as an option.

        Very good restatement of a core Mind Weapon view.

        Hope I’m wrong, but I think there are going to be real consequences from this latest, utterly senseless act of violence.

        WN 1.0’s detonate like this every few years. It blows over. I have seen that this happens and that’s why the policy against any kind of incitement to violence or posting of addresses is so strict and absolute here. I’m not just protecting myself, I’m protecting the commenters. We should be fine.

        Funny this should happen just as we’re having a debate about approaching the issue with anger versus approaching it as a technical problem though. A 1.0 detonated and gave us all an object lesson in what not to do! I’m going to post in depth about how my correspondence with Glenn clarified for me the dead end nature of WN 1.0 and that a whole new version was needed, not just a bug fix update.

        Another interesting thing about WN 1.0. There are literally millions of implicit 1.0 people out there. At my service job I will drop some “conservative” type remark and many of my customers will detonate into racial slurs and “I hate such and such” talk. If that many ordinary people think like this in my tiny sample, there’s got to be millions like this.

        If we can get these millions to skip the execution of 1.0.exe and upgrade straight to 2.0, we’re in business!

      • ben tillman says:

        WN 1.0′s detonate like this every few years. It blows over.

        I’m still amazed at how the Breivik massacre blew over.

      • Denise says:

        Don’t worry about the Idiot Glenn Miller. He shot CHRISTIANS. I do not EVER advocae violence – and this is not a “tactic” on my part, either. I mean it. Violence like the Moron Millers hurts US. WE are the only thing that matters.

        Big Jews are going to try to work this Second Coming of the HollowHoax. THEY RE GOING TO OVERPLAY IT. They already are…..

        Meanwhile – Whites get murdered by Orcs EVERY day. WE need to just keep reminded every-one of this FACT…..Whites are SUFFERING. When Whites learn about suffering, in their own lives, and see Jews kvetching, in VERY posh digs, and cars, and trips, and equipment and and and…

        Just keep batting the ball into their courts. Apologize for NOTHING. Explain NOTHING.

        It’s all about us.

      • Trainspotter says:

        Well said, Denise. This incident won’t stop, or even meaningfully slow down, the overall momentum that we have created. Awareness of YKW is far higher than it has ever been in our lifetimes, and this isn’t going to change that.

        However, I am concerned about certain very specific consequences of this action for particular people that are known associates of Rounder. Hopefully that won’t happen, but I’m guessing there will be consequences for some of those people who were foolish enough to associate with him.

        But my biggest frustration is with how these 1.0 detonators choose their targets. I do not advocate violence, and in fact condemn it. But how is it that in a world with so many genuinely bad and evil people running around, the detonators invariably choose the most innocent and inconsequential people to target? A commenter at another site astutely pointed out that Rounder would have emerged as a folk hero if he had targeted Goldman Sachs, but instead he kills random Christians at a Jewish community center. Really bizarre, and really awful.

      • Anon says:

        “WN 1.0′s detonate like this every few years. It blows over.

        I’m still amazed at how the Breivik massacre blew over.” – 24 hour news is feeding everyone an information addiction, and they can’t get their next hit by returning to something like that. Likewise the powers that be probably would prefer for the news cycle to erase the past swiftly.

    • Three people who were simply minding their own damned business get shot by some idiot and, I don’t know if this is true or just embellishment, but at this point, who cares, “Heil Hitler?!”

      Mind you, the victims were no one who was really hurting US. Abe Foxman is doing just fine, thank you very much. In fact this kind of stunt was like handing Abe Foxman a box of gold wrapped up in pretty packaging and a bow. Don’t think he isn’t going to run with this for all its worth. Don’t think that the SPLC isn’t going to cash in on this as well.

      What surprises me is how low-key the media is being about it … so far. But don’t worry, I imagine that there is a bill that is designed to address antics like these sitting in a desk somewhere just waiting to see the light of day … like the Patriot Act. I’m sure we will see some sort of “Hate Speech Bill” voted on by Congress before the month is out.

      • mindweapon says:

        I’ll be posting about this. I had some conversations with Glenn Miller way back around 2007. He called me a coward and my reply was that in his limited way of seeing things and limited possibilities, I was a coward and I accepted it.

        It was the very beginning of WN 2.0. I was talking about owning convenience stores and cultivating entrepreneuralism. Miller said that if I did that, the guys would get rich and take suitcases full of cash to Vegas. I said, “If that’s what they wanted all along, they can have their suitcases full of cash and do what they want with it as long as they earned it.”

        It made me realize that Glenn counted on people being part of his organization on the basis of being unhappy, discontented. If they ever found happiness or got rich, Glenn thought they would leave him and his cause.

        Seeing what WN 1.0 is really about so starkly made me realize we need to do a whole new version, and not just a bug fix update.

      • But this shooting has nothing to do with us. People get murdered all the time in America, and mass shootings happen basically once a year.

        I feel bad for the victims and their families just as I do any other tragedy.

        But this has nothing to do with me or anyone but the murderers, who one would guess are brown Muslims.

        I was never WN 1.0 and I’m not a member of any organizations.

      • Denise says:

        Hipster Racist – EXACTLY right.

        Why are WE getting blamed for some damned nutjob loser like Miller? HOW DARE ANY-ONE BLAME US? That’s hateful and sick and RACIST.

        You’d thing a Race that has endured such horrible sufferink through the ages would not be SO RAAAAAAAAAAAACIST, and blame all Whites for one lone looney. Wouldn’t you?

        What kinds of sicko would try to impose “Hate Speech” Laws? Who would DO that? That’s sick……

      • mindweapon says:

        Glenn called me a “coward” on VNN Forum several years ago. It was sort of a tipping point that made me realize we needed to do a whole new version of WN, and not try to bug fix update 1.0.

        I havne’t seen that “we” are getting blamed for him.

        If the espionage model doesn’t ring true to you, Denise, it’s fine. It does ring true to plenty of people.

  17. FN says:

    mindweapon says: April 13, 2014 at 7:10 am

    It is true that our people are too angry, I agree. Yet we both, you and I MW, are angrier than most of the lemmings. This anger is not without justification, for the GENOCIDE OF OUR RACE is a serious matter. Yet I do strongly agree that we should view this as a technical problem, dispassionately. With your idea one can blend in with any crowd, and strike, politically, from any direction. We are men and women of HONOR and that is what has been taken from our people by the enemy. For now…

    For such a compassionate and philanthropic people, surely the YKW must realize that GENOCIDE is EVIL. That GOD doesn’t LIKE it.
    Yet, to all appearances, they seem to have either forgotten this or never have known it. They think that WE are like THEM. And we are not. All that you and I and others like us want from them is to CEASE and DESIST their GENOCIDE of our people. For we have done NOTHING to them, save given them the opportunity to enjoy the greatest freedom and opportunity in the history of their people. We do not now and have never wished harm upon them. Yet our thanks has been an ongoing, continuing slow-motion genocide that is heating up. Now kind and loving and patient as we are, they must understand that GOD, not us, will settle the score. I do not think they understand this in the least. They are intoxicated with their hatred and jealousy of us and their POWER. However our DEFENDER is greater than they, GOD is our defender. He will make the punishment. They may laugh at it, for now, but when it comes there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. God, not us, will take care of their fate, and it will be a black fate indeed. Unless and until they repent of their sin against us, and God. If they are still capable of any feelings of humanity they will heed the warnings that God has already given them, frankly I don’t think they will. They see no consequences to their actions and those who do not fear any punishment will misbehave.

    I commend your insightful analysis of our problem and your thought provoking ideas for dealing with them, I always think how you remind me of ḥizbu-‘llāh. The serving of the community, the INSIGHT in to what our people need and taking the action to supply that need thus winning their hearts and minds. This is the highest compliment I can pay you.

    As you attempt to share your wisdom with us all please don’t ever despair:

    Thou truly canst not guide whom thou desirest; but God guideth whom He will; and He best knoweth those who yield to guidance.

    The power is within us, the werewolf is within us.
    Muslims are werewolves and YKW are vampires…


  18. Mosin Nagant says:

    Re: ‘That (inbreeding) already happened ages ago. There are so many part Jews among us we’d all have to get DNA tested to find people who actually don’t have some Jew in them’:

    I believe the latter (unmixed) still outnumber the former outside New York metro area and other cities and the upper ‘echelon’ everywhere — and that the one drop rule is more important than ever.

    Re: ‘too much anger’:

    Do you still recommend ‘five minutes of hate’?

    Re: ‘Jonathans’:

    What is your assessment of Brother Nathanael (Kapner)?

    Off topic: Ethnic diet succeeding ersatz? If only they would close here as well….

    • mindweapon says:

      Do you still recommend ‘five minutes of hate’?

      No. it was 2 minutes, but yeah, that was an idea that was just unsustainable. Interesting though.

    • mindweapon says:

      The U.S. fast food chain McDonald’s announced on Friday it had closed its three restaurants in Crimea (Sevastopol, Simferopol and Yalta).

      Although the chain has not provided a clear explanation, its decision was likely prompted by the political situation.

      Commenting on the announcement, the leader of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party (Nationalist), Vladimir Zhirinovsky, said that the chain would be well advised to also close all of its approximately 400 restaurants throughout the rest of the Federation. After bidding good riddance to McDonald’s, “Pepsi-Cola would be next”, he said.

      Great find, Mosin! I liked how Zhirinovsky wants all of them gone!

    • Sam says:

      Seems to me Brother Nathanael (Kapner) is set up to ridicule Jewish opponents. Look how he’s dressed. What’s that bat man utility belt for? Does he have super charged holy water in that thing to fight off demons? None the less all the Jewish propagandist are good for information. They have to tell the truth sometimes in order to be credible. Just like the old Pravda in the USSR you have to read between the lines.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yeah, as far as Kapner goes, my policy is “if you don’t have anythning nice to say, don’t say anything.” The Political Cesspool guys like him well enough, so I’m going to keep my mouth shut.

  19. Mosin Nagant says:

    The ‘peasant’ attachment to the soil and rural labour or the lack of such attachment is a key distinction of the different genetics. Never (but never say never) the twain shall meet.

    • mindweapon says:


      Here’s how I see it. Several families own an apartment building in Boston, and a farm about 1 hour drive away in Maine. Homeschool out of the apartments, and when crop mob labor is required such as planting, weeding, harvesting at the farm. Go to the farm for other things too like going fishing, hunting, mountain biking, skiing if there’s a mountain nearby. Keep a farmer-caretaker living for free rent on the farm to feed the animals and do maintenance year round.

      This isn’t so extravagant a dream. If we get a fortune of a few million and some profitable businesses, we could do it.

  20. MOISHE says:

    i think you are projecting too much about being angry MW – yes – the other night when I called KO and Atilla faggots (which I apologise) – I was angry – and a little perturbed at what I regarded as weasel wording a very dangerous situation for whites by claiming that organised jewry wasn’t really a big problem…I am not doing the back and forth justification for why I have come to the conclusions I have had about the jewish problem – but it is based upon not conjecture – but hardcore observation in the middle-east – and yes – it is a little frustrating when college educated americans who have never seen out trully awful Judaism is – try to pour wet-blankets over my frustration. one of my friends (Rachel corrie) was murdered by a jew driving a bulldozer supplied by your fecking country – her death as reported by the idf was – get this by”falling bricks” – another American friend was shot in the head (brian avery) – the jews weaselled out of this too. my point is MW – I am focused and aware about what the enemy of our peoples is – the same ethnicity that pushed through the infamous 1965 immigration bill which has turned your country into a multiracial hell-hole – same is happening in Europe, and dear old Oz – pushed by the same ethnic miscreants – we are fast approaching a jwo that will make 1984 a walk in the park. Yes – I do think people haven’t got the testicles to ‘name the jew’ – most people are paralysed by 24/7 zog programming. BTW – I love playing games – and as I stated earlier – mindweaponisation is one hell of a game – but Ive been playing it for years now – other methodologies are relevant also – you cant block out other strategies just because you have invested so much ego on Mindweapon/game theory.

    • mindweapon says:


      The Mind Weapon strategy pretty much precludes other strategies. But there are other blogs and other people with other strategies. You can get a wordpress blog and tell us your strategy.

      You say I have “ego” invested into my strategy. I’ll own that. I’ve been part of this thing for 14 years and have seen nothing but FAIL from the 1.0 stuff. I am no longer waiting for 1.0 or emotionalism to accomplish anything.

      In a nutshell, Moishe, I view it as a technical problem, and prefer commenters who see it the same way. We deal with it without emotion, like Dr. Spock on Star Trek.

      I haven’t cared about being accused of cowardice or fear for a long time. I and the commenters are working on this as a technical problem. Emotionalism and slurs are a sort of dysphonic chatter that is out of place on this blog, but somewhat tolerated so long as it doesn’t incite violence or post addresses.

  21. Rita Rabbit says:

    Glen Miller’s approach is putting the cart before the horse.

  22. TabuLa Raza says:

    Let the ID fix the YID- primitivism. Fail.

    Discussed in the movie Forbidden Planet– my favorite picture- until I found out that the screenwriters were named Irving Block and Allen Adler. The actual writer was Cyril Hume, whose son [Lincoln] I knew when the film came out.

    1.0 is ID- to be replaced by 2.0 EGO and SUPEREGO [reason, that is to say]

  23. Snake says:

    Jews, like conservatives, are to be exploited for everything they’re worth and then promptly discarded. White people are nice. It takes discipline to cultivate happy racism in oneself. Without moral discipline your war face vanishes – concessions are easier to make.

    An inherent weakness in this Jonathan strategy stems from friendly fire. Without warning local racial comrades, you run the risk of getting dragged into WN drama (the most stupid, destructive drama in history.) If you warn them, your secret identity/strategy becomes incredibly vulnerable.

    Also, which takes precedence for you? Pulling new recruits or using jews? Let’s say Bob Smith runs in the conservative circle and gets dirt on hebe X via schmoozing but meets a prospect in the new group. The prospect becomes a weak link because converts love to blab. Or he might reject and out you, wrecking the job you’re on.

    I’m not against the Jonthan strategy, but the inherent risks limit it to cultivated mindweapons. 2¢

  24. Irishsavant says:

    This is a common theme in my blog and IMHO it’s possibly the most important question of all. Despite evidence to the contrary I’m in MW’s camp. I say this because of those Jews I know I’d say half are utterly opposed to what we can call the Frankfurt School agenda but vehemently deny it’s a Jewish enterprise (which of course it is), about half of the remainder are fully clued in and support our civilizational (if not physical) destruction, the rest are in between.

    My position is that we should not make enemies of the first group. God knows we have enough enemies as it is. The validity of my position rests on the assumption that they are not genetically programmed to destroy us and will not return to the Hive unless directly threatened. This of course is where I attract a fusillade of abuse for my ‘naivety’ and I acknowledge I could be wrong.

    But again, it seems insane to drive those who are neutral or even potential allies on many issues to becoming sworn enemies.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thank you for your support, Irish Savant. It means a lot coming from a good radical like yourself.

      I had a conversation with a wealthy Jewish businessman today. He was boasting about his friends making 10 or 15 million a year working as hedge fund managers. I asked him about the fact that regular old banks pay less than 1% interest, and that banks are supposed to be like a boring old public utility. It’s as though we had to filter our tap water or could only drink bottled water because the tap water was unsafe, or our electricity went out for several hours a day. We’d want to fire the people running the water systems and the electricity companies, wouldn’t we? Maybe there’s a connection between the hedge funds making so much money, and the small banks not able to pay interest even at the rate of inflation much less the rate above inflation. Maybe the hedge fund people have actually broken the public utility called banking, and should not be allowed to continue to do business?

      It stayed perfectly friendly. It never became like I was pointing the finger at him (which I wasn’t). But I did make him think. Maybe his hedge fund buddies weren’t so heroic after all.

      That’s how to do Mindweapon criticism of Organized Jewry. A friendly, Socratic conversation with a Jewish man or woman who is higher up in the food chain. Just plant a doubt here and there, a little Mind Worm. Imagine that times millions? Imagine if this person meets other people who make the same inferences to him?

      The defenses never come up, because there is no hostility, and I loop my memes directly into their cognition. I put it all into very simple terms, with a sort of homey and vaguely inquisitive tone of voice, not like I’m telling him something, but more like, “I’m not sure, but doesn’t it seem like this?”

  25. wobbly says:

    “What not do to is to scare them back into the arms of the rabbis and synagogues and ADL.”

    There’s a middle path.

    What people need to understand is Jews were money-lenders living as a minority among majority populations for at least many centuries and possibly thousands of years.

    This means they were in a unique evolutionary niche for thousands of years.

    What character traits best suit that niche: warm hearts and trust or cold hearts and paranoia?

    So the thing to understand is that Jews as a group are programmed a certain way by their semi-unique history in the same way gypsies are. This doesn’t mean all Jews are the same but it means to what extent they are the same they are not that way out of choice. It’s instinctive.

    Paranoia is a useful survival trait for minority money-lenders and so one of these evolved instinctive traits among Jews is a high frequency of extreme paranoia. The default instinctive Jewish strategy is driven by that paranoia imo i.e. the safety and security of minority money-lenders can be improved by:
    1) dominating banking and money-lending
    2) concentrating wealth in their hands
    3) spreading division among the host
    4) importing diversity to divide the host.

    It’s not a conspiracy in the normal sense; it’s instinctive behavior like beavers building a dam.

    The downside to their instinctive strategy is it inevitably leads to the economic or social collapse of the host whereupon they wander off to the next tallest poppy and do it again.

    They are what they are.

    The solution to the Jewish problem then – although it’s possibly too late for the West – is to simply recognize what they are and why they do what they do and consciously counter their strategy
    1) ban money-lending
    2) don’t allow excessive concentrations of wealth
    3) consensus politics
    4) 98% homogeneity

    You can work for all those things without ever mentioning Jews even if that is the reason you are doing it.

    In a way Jews are very useful because they instinctively seek to harm and weaken the host population to make themselves safer they are effectively a barium meal for a healthy society. You can always know what healthy social policies are by doing the opposite of what the Jews want you to do.

    • Denise says:

      Thanks for this post. You and I agree. Your mode of expression is simply less inflammatory, is all……. ; } !

      • wobbly says:

        Yes. I think inflammatory is counter-productive unless a person has a talent for it but if a person does have a talent for it then no probs 🙂

    • mindweapon says:

      People need to understand what the Jews are all about and what they do, and view it as a technical problem, and a game.

      Technical problems don’t involve emotions; games are all about learning, researching, trying a strategy, discarding it if it doesn’t work and trying another one, and so on.

      Going on about “yids” and “kikes” just shows that you don’t have any strategy or plan, you just want to vent your feelings. That’s fine, and Daily Stormer is an excellent site for venting.

      I don’t find venting very interesting. Even when I post News and Jews type stories, it’s more of an interest thing — “Look how their hypocrisy/lying shows how they are playing the game badly. How could we make hay out of this? Where can we find a weakness in this?”

      When I post NaJ, it’s not so much out of anger, but out of interest. What can we do, if anything, with this sort of news/information to push the ball down the field even 2 centimeters in our direction?

      The “hating” people last about 5 years and then burn out. I see them come and go. It’s not sustainable to be angry all the time.

      You know who will still be with us in 10 years? Ramzpaul. Because he’s having fun. There’s no anger there, no calls for violence. He’s the model WN, as far as I’m concerned. Big smile on his face, mocking anti-whitism. Good standup comedy.

      It’s like exercise. If you do an exercise routine that is painful and over the top strenuous, you’re not going to keep that up for years unless you’re a commando or Olympic athlete. But if you do an exercise routine that feels good and isn’t overly strenuous, you’ll keep doing that for years, and over those years, you’ll get in very good shape. it’s the whole tortoise and the hare story.

      • wobbly says:

        “People need to understand what the Jews are all about and what they do, and view it as a technical problem, and a game.”

        I agree generally. The point I am trying to make is a critical part of our current problem – not necessarily the only component but a critical one – is the Jewish strategy of trying to weaken the host as a means of preemptive self-defense.

        Now say for the sake of argument that strategy is actually only driven by about 10% of YKW and the other 90% are neutral as long as its not bad for them. And then say they become aware that the consequences for them are becoming bad so that 90% switch sides. What I’m saying is **even if** they are genuine they will still try to deflect blame from those other 10% of YKW who are trying to engineer our genocide because they don’t want the blame to blow back on them. So **even if** they are genuine they will still actively seek to prevent us countering the people who seek our genocide. They will spend all their time attacking people who point the finger at Jews and blaming it all on Calvinism or White suicide or something instead.

        So it doesn’t matter if they’re genuine or not.

        Better imo to develop an understanding of why they behave the way they do and act to counter the behavior or even better use them as a litmus test of what is healthy for a society – knowing they will always instinctively promote whatever weakens the host, the opposite of what they say is guaranteed to be the healthy option.

      • mindweapon says:

        Whatever strategy works, wobbly.

        In my wargaming of it, we never mention the Jewish aspect unless the Jonathan mentions it first. Then you pretend to be embarassed, and make allusions to how you think those criminals/liberals “just happen to be Jewish but don’t reflect all Jewish people of course” et cetera.

        So you preempt the defensive reaction.

      • Denise says:

        I agree with you, on the exercise thing.

  26. TabuLa Raza says:

    Learn your lines, find your mark, look ’em in the eye and tell ’em the truth.

    James Cagney

    • Denise says:

      The Kol Nidre is the holiest Jewish prayer and is recited several times on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. It goes like this:

      “All vows, obligations, oaths or anathemas, pledges of all names, which we have vowed, sworn, devoted, or bound ourselves to, from this day of atonement, until the next day of atonement (whose arrival we hope for in happiness) we repent, aforehand, of them all, they shall all be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, void and made of no effect; they shall not be binding, nor have any power; the vows shall not be reckoned as vows, the obligations shall not be obligatory, nor the oaths considered as oaths.”

      This /|. This is what we are supposed to work with.

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