Clytenmestra on, “Stay Normal and We’ll Win”

By commenter Clytenmestra

Just stay normal and we’ll win.

The more I think about this statement, the more it resonates with me.

This really made sense to me once I visited VB’s blog and saw that Chinese building on its side. Our culture, with its quaint, old-fashioned notions of honor and competence is the foundation of modern civilization itself.

I wanted to point out that the biggest fundamental flaw of YKW’s plot to degenerate the White race is that invariably, their own people end up being caught up in their own manipulations. How can anyone remain clean and smelling like a rose if they have to lead people into the sewer?

There comes a time when the sheeple are going to notice if the leaders lag behind and don’t lead from the front. People are bound to notice when proponents of interracial marriage keep THEIR bloodlines pure while scolding you if you can’t warm up to the idea of your child marrying a Black person.

Even back in the seventies, any liberal woman who was unwary enough to be alone with a Black guy would find themselves in the position of having to put out to prove they were not racist. Fortunately for my gene pool, even though I was not an avowed racist, the MIni-Hef Phenomena had put ALL MEN on my shit list, so here’s ye Clytemnestra Comeback for any “liberal” woman loath to do so. “No, I’m not a racist; it’s strictly personal. I find YOU sexually repulsive!” Works like a charm. But I digress.

I can understand MW’s admiration of certain tactics of other ethnic groups. But I strongly suggest we take a “cafeteria” approach in appropriating what they do. Be creative and take whatever shortcuts available short of blatant cheating in order to maintain competence and true knowledge. Or else we will end up constructing our own Potemkin villages or toppling Chinese skyscrapers.

So, I think the best defense, even the best counteroffensive is to fall back on MW’s high-investment parenting. Take more interest in educating our children to be critical, Pro-White thinkers in order to make their thoughts immune from any mind worms. If we can do that, we may find that the Miscegenation Maniacs have drowned themselves in that race-mixing sewers and our heritage is still intact.


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23 Responses to Clytenmestra on, “Stay Normal and We’ll Win”

  1. oogenhand says:

    “Althis was proved to sufficiency, for the Spanish Inquisition knew best of all how to introduce spies into the Jews’ own ranks, who then helped it to discover the most closely guarded secrets, even if they were still so well concealed under the mask of false Christianity. In this lies one of the main reasons for the deep hatred of the Jews towards the Spanish Inquisition and for this reason they have organised against it for centuries long a campaign of slander and blasphemy in the whole world, which has given occasion to short-sighted condemnations and covered the historical truth with dirt.”

  2. Denise says:

    Have any of you seen the Jew Alan DershoYid, on the Ronan Farrow show, calling or censorship, cause “words HURT”? No one watches MSNBMess, so prolly not. Here Yid is:

    Perhaps the Jonathan will save us from the DershoYids. Ya think?

    • Denise says:

      Why DOES it “,…always come back to AntiSemitism, again and again…”?

      Could their be…gasp…a REASON?

    • mindweapon says:

      “Save us,” is a purposeful exaggeration on your part. No single individual is going to save us. this comment is not really in good faith, it’s sarcastic and mean spirited.

      I think doing social influence game on middle class hipsters, including fallen away Jews, can push the ball in our direction. You get your social influence, you tell the influenced parties to infiltrate political and corporate structures and gently push the ball in our direction (an aracial but right wing direction) while maintaining plausible deniability.

      Right wing policies would be good for whites. We can use agents of influence from all races and religions to infiltrate and push these policies. They need not even be aware for whom they are actually working. Read the book, “The Lion of Judah.” An East German spy has a Mossad official thinking he’s working with a British MI-6 agent.

      There is tremendous potential in charisma and espionage. Look at Charlie Manson’s family. Look at the Branch Davidian cult followers of David Koresh. Less effort, more results. All the WN 1.0’s think it’s got to be a recreation of the Third Reich, the marches in the streets, lots of violence and so on. It shows that you have not deprogrammed yourself from a life of watching movies and History Channel.

      Ever heard the phrase “work smarter not harder?” Social influence can be gained by having a small group of attractive, charismatic people, like the Manson family or the Krishnas. And we have truth on our side. People can’t stand left wing politics and political correctness. Even many non-whites, even many Jews. Why do it all ourselves, when we can send out agents of influence to do some of the heavy lifting for us?

      I’ve studied how the Jews and the Left did it over all these years. Lots of infiltration and gentle manipulation in the earlier stages. That’s the way it’s done in the modern age. Your mind is still in the old hot lead and cold steel, emotionalist paradigm. Even in the Medieval age the team that relied on hot lead and cold steel could lose to people who fought smarter and used more spies and developed better technology, like Jan Zizka and his war wagons. Things could go back to that if there’s a collapse of the economy/infrastructure, and believe me, I’m hedging my bets on both possibilities, though in such an event we’ll all just be fighting to survive. It won’t be some great, quick victory for us. And even then it will be better to fight smarter not harder.

      I don’t appreciate the tone you take with your comments, Denise. I’m not rude to you.

  3. Ryu says:

    Normal people get normal results. WNs want results far in excess of normal. Normal is watching TV, drinking beer and being an idiot. Get crazy, go wild – under control. It means taking intelligent risks.

    WN is not winning right now. The system is losing; there is a great difference.

    • Denise says:

      The Daily Stormer site is doing very well, VERY fast, by Naming Die Jude aka telling the truth.

      • mindweapon says:

        Good to hear it, Denise. He has his approach, I have mine. Cute aeroplanes over there.

      • Firepower says:

        Using German words (in America) as some “magic incantation” to describe The One True Enemy is silly abracadabra stuff.

        …A website made of ephemeral electrons
        No matter how “successful”
        Is NOT Revolution…

      • Denise says:

        Firepower – are you sue about that? Why would DershoYid yammer about censorship on the ‘Net, if the free exchange of factual information does not matter?

      • Denise, the problem with WN 1.0 is that it assumes that the average White does not recognize a Jewish name when s/he reads/hears it or a Jewish look when s/he sees it. That is a mistake. The name and the look is pretty damned distinctive. .It’s not like people don’t notice the name/look. It’s just that they are doggedly ignoring the evidence. “Naming Die Jude” at the top of one’s lungs is not going to change anything. It’s going to give those who have a vested interest in remaining ignorant of the problem to be more sympathetic to the Abe Foxmans whining about “Antisemitism.” It’s off-putting to the majority of Whites who do not believe in collective guilt. It’s not only a waste of time and energy, but it backfires, because it enforces solidarity between the Foxmans and easily spooked Jonathans.

        However, if you pointedly call attention to the criminal behavior of individual culprits and isolate your criticism to each incident, and if a disturbing but easily discernible pattern emerges as to the race/ethnicity of the culprits, then you are discreetly nudging those who want to continue publicly ignoring the problem and rattling YKW’s cages. Either the increasingly outrageous antics of their brothers will alarm the Jonathans who will put a screeching halt to them OR you do what that Rolling Stone article did with Goldman Sachs. HE didn’t bark, “It’s Die Juden, Dumkopfs!” He simply called out each perpetrator by name. Their very kosher names. And like sunlight on vampires, you had some whiny people screeching about “Antisemitism,” thereby outing themselves!

        When the enemy is making a mistake, it’s good policy to let him. The OT of the Bible warned the Hebrews about falling into the pits they dug for their enemies. Too many YKW are digging too many pits to avoid them themselves. Moreover, by leading to the front, too many are skating too close to the abyss not to fall in. It’s best to let them promote every kind of dysfunction as the spirit moves them, because to lead from the front, they have to set the example by engaging in it. Stop saving them from themselves.

      • Denise says:

        Cly – the really big problem is no – a lot of Whites DON’T know what a Jew it.

      • mindweapon says:

        Sure, Denise, lots of Whites don’t know what a Jew is. But lots of Jews also don’t know what a Jew is.

  4. I can understand MW’s admiration of certain tactics of other ethnic groups. But I strongly suggest we take a ‘cafeteria’ approach in appropriating what they do.

    I don’t think we should be “like Muslims” but the taqqiyah idea is worth adopting. I don’t think we should be “like Jews” but adopting their ethnocentrism is probably useful. We shouldn’t be “like Asians” but Tiger Mom is a good role model for high investment parenting.

    Our culture, with its quaint, old-fashioned notions of honor and competence is the foundation of modern civilization itself.

    We need to have a stronger in-group/out-group morality. Honor amongst ourselves, not towards the outgroup. It’s the white tendency towards universalism that weakenes us in the face of multi-racialism.

    • Bad Mr. Frosty says:

      Dare I say we are seeing this?

      Duck Dynasty is one of the most popular shows on TV. Vikings and Game of Thrones are also very popular. These are very White shows. Everything about them screams European culture and folklore.

      Many White people are exploring their ancestry with and even genetic testing. There’s an MMA related company (Warrior Roots) that will test your DNA and tell you what your ancestral warrior bloodline is (Celtic, Saxon, Briton, etc.)

      I think the age of de-racinated Whites is over. I sense a thirst for identity among Whites, this is a VERY good thing.

  5. Denise says:

    That DershoYid segment is beginning to cause a scandal.

    It’s not the time to make pals with Yids.It’s time to push for Expulsion #110.

    • mindweapon says:


      Advocating for unrealistic, fantasyland things make one look weak and feel even weaker. That’s why the hottest Vanguardists burn out after a few years and move on to other things or worse, turn on us and denounce us. One cannot sustain a frothing rage, year after year.

      I predict that Glenn Miller will repent and convert to Christianity and apologize to the families of the people he killed.

      We’re not powerful at all. it’s best to start from a basis of reality. We have potential power becuase we are white, we are intelligent, we live in a rich country. There are opportunities to get rich and have social influence. THerefore, we should focus on these real possibilities, instead of fantasyland bullshit.

  6. Paladin Justice says:

    Reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:
    Sound advice from Clymenestra on how to maintain traditional virtues such as honor and competence in a culture that devalues these.

  7. Gwyn says:

    “Be creative and take whatever shortcuts available short of blatant cheating in order to maintain competence and true knowledge. Or else we will end up constructing our own Potemkin villages or toppling Chinese skyscrapers.”

    Here are some articles I have encountered in the Daily Mail which I think show just that. It is still possible, although not easy I’m sure, for us Whites to prosper in these dark times. No matter how difficult our enemies try to make things for us, we will find a way around.

    “Garage with room for an… ENTIRE HOME: Keen designer builds her dream three-bedroom house in her parents’ back garden…Everyone hopes to one day own their dream home but, short of winning the lottery, it an aspiration out of most peoples’ grasp. However, one young woman has found an ingenious of overcoming these financial obstacles – by building her perfect home in a garage.”

    “The Radford Family Blog, which is read by more than 100,000 people every month, tells of the ups and downs of being mother to the UK’s biggest family and offers tips for parents, as well as easy-to-make recipes…The Radfords, who run a bakery and receive no state benefits, squeeze their 16 children into this property in Morecambe, Lancashire.”

    “The tiny home built from scratch for $11,000 by architect, 27, who wanted to avoid a mortgage but broke her BACK putting it up…Finding herself divorced, unemployed and losing her home to foreclosure two years ago, the Boise resident enlisted the help of her dad and later her boyfriend to start building her 196-square-foot dream home.”

    “Any working mother will tell you that trying to raise children while also holding down a busy job is extremely tiring and very hard work. So, spare a thought for super mum Amanda Owen, who not only tends to a flock of 1000 sheep every day on a sprawling, remote farm, but also balances that with raising her brood of seven children. The 39-year-old shepherdess runs a 2,000-acre sheep farm from a village in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales… Her children rarely visit shops or cinemas and muck in with the work at Ravenseat Farm in the village of Keld, North Yorkshire, as soon as they’re old enough to walk.”

    With ingenuity and the right skill set anything can be created into a home. Although I would hope us Whites are not forced to convert dumpsters into a living space,

    “How a designer converted a DUMPSTER into a house complete with kitchen, toilet and shower.”

  8. TabuLa Raza says:

    Eat lots of fiber!

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