Daily Stormer agrees; Jews are not superhuman or invincible, and even the great House of Rothschild goes before a fall

Update on Kate Rothschild

I tweeted back and forth with her ex-husband, Ben Goldsmith for a while. The young Jewish bankers like Goldsmith and David de Rothschild are big into environmentalism. Not sure about their position on GMO’s, hope they are against them, and they are stupid if they are pro-GMO.

When you realize that they aren’t invincible, that they suffer the same degeneracy that they inflicted on us, it’s a very different story from the WN 1.0 despair that if we don’t go do something now, all is lost.

The wild Rothschild heiress, her rap star lover and the photo that’s alarmed her friends
Kate Rothschild is a mum and heiress to a world famous banking dynasty
Her life has undergone a total transformation since 2005
Used to be a housewife; Now she is a rock chick, hanging out with rappers
Her behaviour is ‘shocking’ her friends
Kate’s marriage blew up in 2012 as husband uncovered her year-long affair

Those are unmistakeable Rothschild eyes.

Nat Rothschild — he sort of looks like a Terminator.

Such a cute couple, in happier days, LOL:

How far hast thou fallen!

Andrew Anglin’s commentary — not unlike New England Millenial’s great saying, “Stay normal and we’ll win.”

Looking at this, we can see that the Jews are not invincible, as they would have us believe. Far from it: they cannot even manage their own personal affairs, cannot keep their daughters from shacking up with Negro druggies, due to their own program of destroying our society.
The Jews are still excellent at conquering and controlling institutions of power, and working together to undermine our morals in order to strip us of our dignity and resources, but they have caused so much chaos in society, that they can no longer control this out-of-control modern situation.
The Jew was comforted and coddled in our society after the war, and could have remained so. Instead, he launched a series of terrible revolutions which collapsed the society which he thrived in, and now he faces destruction along with us.
The parasite has nearly killed the host, and the parasite is dying with us.
If we are able to make ourselves strong again, while the Jew is weak, victory will be inevitable.


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24 Responses to Daily Stormer agrees; Jews are not superhuman or invincible, and even the great House of Rothschild goes before a fall

  1. Snake says:

    Excuse me while I put down my glass of water, take a deep breath, and laugh hysterically until it hurts. Living well really is the best form of revenge (Talmudists got that one right).

  2. Good grief! She left her handsome husband for something like that?!

    As a new bride, she looked so fresh and pretty, albeit in a mischievous way. Now she looks somewhat “off” mentally.

    In the Bible, Jesus (as in The Golden Rule) Christ said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” But is that somewhat of a commandment or is it an observation? Like, so you think, so you shall be? It would never occur to certain people to talk other people into behavior that they would never engage in themselves. IOW, if you promote a certain behavior, you may be prone to it. You cannot lead people to the sewer, without taking the risk of falling into it yourself.

    • Denise says:

      Jews have 4x the genetic diseases of other Races, usually resulting in lunacy and cretinism. They have very high rates of cretinism.

      • Sam Barber says:


      • mindweapon says:

        Really? What is cretinism, by the way. Is it a word for Downs?

      • Denise says:

        No. Down’s Syndrome people are practically Stephen Hawking IQ levels, compared to cretins.

        Cretins are creatures that don’t even know they are alive. The strapped in a chair, vacant, making sounds, drooling on themselves. It’s sad, really. You listen to Michael Weiner Savage. He talks about his brother, occasionally. The one that died in childhood. He never named the syndrome, that I’m aware of – but he’s describing cretinism.

  3. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Good piece. Nice to see the uber wealthy elite crash and fall. Can’t say that I am not laughing deep inside. Perhaps I am too vengeful and I need to save the work of revenge for God.

    Truth be told, I have never found the Jews to be invincible. Not at all and not by a long shot. Working in mental health I came across a lot of whacky Jew practitioners who have mastered the art of bullying. Whites’ problem(s) is not the Jews so much as the traitorous White Elite who kowtowed to them in their lust for money and in their greedy class warfare. Yep, our enemies are among our own.

    Sociopaths always “sting” themselves. They are parasitic and lack a conscience. They NEED others to feast off of and cannot go it alone because they need another group, person, etc. to crap on. Ultimately, though, the sociopath dies an early death compared to its more mentally healthy counterparts. Look up research on sociopaths and you will find that many do not make it to the age 50 as they self-destruct. If they make it past age 50, they burn out. Take this factoid from the microcosm of the individual sociopath and apply it to the macrocosm of group psychopathology, such as the Rothschilds and one can see that the Jew dynasty is on its way out.

    Good riddance.

    • Denise says:

      I’ve spoken to crazy people of all Races – but when Yids are nuts – they are wholesale BONKERS, This doesn’t negate their malevolence though. They still keep coming at you like scorpions.

  4. scott says:

    Her ex-husband looks like he could give pajama boy some competition for lowest testosterone on the planet.

    A jew messes with jews for amusement:

    • Denise says:

      That’s hysterical.

    • Frankly, I found this video both disturbing and infuriating. I guess I am dating myself, but all I could think of watching it was Duh Furor, Frank (Francis Joseph Cohen) Collin suing for the right aggravate the hell out the Jewish folk in Skokie, IL by marching there in Neo-Nutzi storm trooper costumes. It’s like, if there are no gentiles to stir up the Jewish Hornet’s Nest, they’ve got to “create” one. Cohen-Collin set back Jew-Gentile relations for God knows how many generations with his antics. You rarely saw the Holocaust Propaganda B.C.C. (Before Cohen-Collin) that you did after.

      Here, you see a bunch of people just trying to shop for groceries and this so-called comedian, dressed up as a Catholic priest, is insulting and harassing them. That’s supposed to be funny? I thought the store clerk showed too much restraint; with me, he would have had a cop escorting him out after the first customer was waylaid and all he would have gotten for his pains was a criminal trespass warning not to enter the premises again.

      I suspect this was less about entertainment and a whole lot more about some weird exercise in enforcing anti-Gentile solidarity and conformity on the part of any would be Jonathans in the Jewish community. JMO.

    • gibbon says:

      I assume everyone understands that that video was staged. With everyone in the know and having signed released form. The store clerk showed restraint because he was demonstrating how good natured and tolerant Jews are.

      • Denise says:

        Exactly. The reason I think it’s funny is because the Jew Worshipping Shabby Goy will be mock outraged, at how Jews are still so poi-secuted. It’s also bitterly, darkly funny that the Shabby Goy don’t realize the HEAVY insults against Christians, especially clergy. Most Shabby Goy would not be able to identify the actors as Jews.

        The camera work alone confirms that this is a planned production. An in-joke.

  5. scott says:

    I think on the picture with her in the black hoodie it says “le dieu noir” or “the black god”. LOL

  6. Denise says:

    I’m glad you like Stormer. Anglin’s tops! Did you listen to his speech?

    “Just say “The Jews did it”.


  7. Sam Barber says:


  8. gibbon says:

    One word to describe the appearance of Ben Goldsmith: Unctuous. Who did these people charm to first get their wealth. Some very senile and degenerate nobility apparently.

  9. She looks gross and dirty in that photo, holy cow!

    For the record, Kate isn’t the first Rothschild to get jungle fever. Charles Mingus (jazz musician) was shacked up with a Rothschild heiress for a decade or so: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pannonica_de_Koenigswarter

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