Open Source Intelligence; Leonard Zeskind says, “If the Tea Party and the White nationalist movement develop a program that appeals to non-political white workers, we could have a lot of trouble . . . even more trouble than we have now”

I’ve been saying on this blog for years that we must expand our interests and we must work with people who are implicitly white, and work with them on things like jobs, localized food and so on.

I have long advocated that if you can move somewhere, go to Eugene, Oregon, or Portland (Portlandia!) or boston MA or Austin TX. Some place where there’s lots of microbreweries and people in skinny jeans riding one speed bicycles. Go to a Hipster Central, and participate in their Hipster Local Resilient Transition Town Economy. Learn skills like microbrewing, fixing bicycles, help run one of their hippie dippie businesses for cheap so you learn, learn what to do, learn organization. You can save yourself a lot of wheel reinventing by going to Hipster Central, and you can learn how it’s done and teach the rest of us. Go turn Kalispell into a WN version of Eugene.

In other words, go become a Steampunk!

It’s pretty obvious that this is Leonard Zeskin’s biggest fear, ergo it’s what we should do. This is a textbook example of Open Source Intelligence. You guys think I’m talking fantasy when I say you could be spies? Gathering intelligence these days is as easy a good keyword search on youtube. No cloaks or daggers or listening devices needed.

That’s your mission. Create that broad appeal. Work on the problems that are pressing on people — namely the economy. Where to start? Go hang out in Portland, or a place like that — Boston MA Austin TX Eugene OR, Northampton MA and I’m sure many other places.

That’s what it looks like. Fun!

A lot of people think this struggle has to be Sturm and Drang. It has to be going around getting people as angry as you are. That’s WN 1.0.

Fuck that. Why not associate the pro-white cause with enjoying each other’s company and being happy to be together? And as a group, let’s resist those uncool buzz kill people who somehow say we are bad for our associations? Not with hot lead cold steel but with a mocking attitude where we pretend to obey but not really.

Don’t lead with White identity. Lead with a zillion other things. Your White identity is your secret weapon. Let me tell you about what 10 years of hidden white identity is like. You don’t take any shit. That energy blocked up inside you makes you psychically strong. You learn to talk about WN without talkign about it directly. Why do banks pay less than 1% interest when inflation is at least 3 or 4 percent? But hedge funds make billion, while they have broken a public utility, like water or electricity?

Taqqiyah White identity makes you intellectually intimidating to Paychex Liberalz because you don’t take them on directly, you concern troll them. Concern trolling is hard to get away with on message boards, but in person, few people are ready for it.

I tell you, I meet a lot of people but have yet to meet a real liberal, maybe because they are all drinking and telling the truth. They are a liberal by day, but get them out with Dionysius, and out comes the true self. I met a Human Resources Director who agreed with racist things her husband said! Oh my D-g! Imagine that, a Human Resources Director!

Become useful.

Have fun.

Learn to be funny. Doing a service job will help you with that.

Help people speak the truth of their soul when they get some booze in them.

Concern troll any remaining liberals, if they are still liberals when they drink.

Be like Ramzpaul.

Let’s make the Paychex Liberalz that hate white people so much into the most uncool douche nozzles that ever walked the earth. Let’s do real economic solutions for our people. We’re already halfway there my friends.


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34 Responses to Open Source Intelligence; Leonard Zeskind says, “If the Tea Party and the White nationalist movement develop a program that appeals to non-political white workers, we could have a lot of trouble . . . even more trouble than we have now”

  1. Denise says:

    Kievsky – do you seriously think I run around, n 3D world, scowling, and ranting about shoving Zhids in ovens?


    I don’t.

    I’ve been saying for YEARS that WN must be fun and hip. I make jokes. I’m charming and positive. I do lead w/ my White Nationalism – but I’m humourous/sympathetic/whatever when I deal w/ people. I encourage racism in my “subjects”. Whenever I engage some “civilian” in EN issues – I am very encouraging, and sympatheetic, as I said. It’s wonderful to get them to “confess” to their innate Race Love feelings. I joke about “coming out of the closet”.

    I’m much more harsh, online, when I express my views. Actually – I am just as blunt , in person, but my demeanor is SO unthreatening – as in physical appearance – that my appearance, and mode of expression, “short-ciruits” any pre-programming, on what White Racist Bigots are “like”.

    I thank Zeskind for pointing the way.

    FYI – if you want 24/7 intel on what our Racial enemies are up to – watch MSNBC

    • mindweapon says:


      If, as you say, you are harsher online than in person, for this blog, I would prefer your in person persona, your less harsh persona.

      Leading with WN is fine for you. I recommend against it because people put you in a mental box, and filter out everything else you do through the filter of, “Oh, he/she is an eccentric political radical, so whatever he says, take it with a grain of salt.”

      I don’t give people that kind of warning; I don’t telegraph. They don’t see me coming.

      • Denise says:

        People do think I’m very “radical”. But I plant big seeds. People are FORCED to admit that I’m right. I tell them what’s happening, and why – and then it happens, and they cannot “unsee” No matter how hard they try. I don’t mind being the “bad cop”. It seems to be my natural role.

        You can do your subtle “gardening”. I do sand blasting. It works for me. The Hour Grow-eth very short.

        Re: Jonathans – there is no such creature. The Jonathans will always return to their rabbis, no matter what approach we take.

      • mindweapon says:

        Re: Jonathans – there is no such creature. The Jonathans will always return to their rabbis, no matter what approach we take.

        There’s your superhuman view of them. Catholics fall away, but Jews never do?

        Organized Jewry has been freaking out for decades over their fallen away Jews. They wish you were right.

      • Denise says:

        You still don’t get it. Catholics can go AWOL, because Catholicism is a religion.

        “Jew” is their DNA.

        They cannot run away from their DNA. A Jew is a Jew, and is poison to Humans.

      • mindweapon says:

        That may be true Denise. However, what to do with the Jews is putting the cart before the horse, at least on this blog. that is a question for a future generation that has more power.

        This blog focuses on getting us some CLOUT, some social and political clout, some influence over our own lives, and reduce the Judaic influence over our lives.

        I took a university level class in Botany and there was a lot of evolutionary theory and ecosystem theory.

        Right now there is a certain social/political/economic ecosystem that is very bad for us. However, it is bad for us largely (70% in my opinion) because we allow it to be bad for us. There are a lot of things we can do to undo this bad for us.

        If we fix the other things, the Judaic influence problem will begin to fix itself.

        I hang out with the Peak Oil and Transition Towns Movement. They are very smart people. Chris Martenson, James Howard Kunstler (yes I know a Jew), Richard Heinberg (Jewish sounding name but I’ve heard he’s German), Gonzalo Lira, KMO (that’s his name, KMO), Piero San Giorgio and so on.

        These guys are forced to deal with our issues, with race and Organized Jewry. They would like to be able to detour around these issues, but these issues keep coming back, and none of them take the Cultural Marxist line or the politically correct line. Kunstler, for example, names the banker. He doesn’t name the Jew, but naming the banker is all but the same thing. You name the banker, you name the Jew. People can put 2+2 together.

        Instead of the debate about what to do the with the masses of Jewish people, which sounds insane to most of the world, I prefer to talk about niches. It’s a fact that if the people running the electrical grid were incompetent and made outages all the time, we’d demand that the electrical grid companies got new management. If our tap water was undrinkable and we had to boil/filter our own water and/or drink bottled water, we’d demand new management for the water companies.

        The friendly bank on the corner used to pay interest on savings that was above the rate of inflation — 4% or 5%, depending on how long you intended to leave it before withdrawing. Inflation was 2% or 3%, so your money grew, even if only 1% or 2%.

        Now the Hedge Fund Boyz make 10 or 15 million a year. I happened to meet a wealthy Jewish businessman in my travels and he boasted to me about his friends who were hedge fund managers and how hard they worked and how they made 10 or 15 million a year.

        What would you have said in reply, Denise? It was a very juicy serve.

        I made my water and electrical grid analogies and said that local banks don’t pay interest any more, and this is proof that the people in charge, the current management team of the economy. Banking is supposed to be a boring old utility, like water or electricity.

        Should people who broke the local banks be allowed to make their billions? If the local banks aren’t paying interest because the financial system is broken, should Hedge Fund Boyz be making those millions?

        I didn’t say it in a hostile or argumentative way, just stated matter of factly. One might say, those Jews have no shame or conscience, so appealing to those human tendencies doesn’t work with them.

        At the very least, though, they have pride, and they like to think they are the best money managers, the most competent money managers, they are such hard workers, and so on.

        They are the current management team of the economy. Sure there are some non-Jews among them, but they obviously dominate. To name the banker is to name the Jew.

        Calling for people to be deported or killed makes one look like a weak fantasist and a dangerous loser at the same time. Even if the DNA thing is true, the question of what to do about that is a matter for a future generation, or at least a future us if things go quickly.

        What we need to do is call for a new management team over the economy. Even if we cannot get it, the process of demanding it will make people conscious of the fact that there is a management team over the economy. This consciousness itself will be a victory for us. The bankers are the Hidden Power. The Hidden Power does not want to be exposed. We are to be like Toto pulling back the curtain on the Wizard, who has broken Oz’s economy.

        In my view, the Hidden Power, the hostile elites, would rather have another Holocaust than lose their financial power. They see a Holocaust, or any violence against ordinary Jews, as the necessary periodic sacrifice to keep their power.

        Take out the Hidden Banker Power, and see how much, if any, Judaic influence remains over our lives. The HBP is the One Ring to Rule Them All. Kill the head Nosferatu, and most of our problems solve themselves, at least until another Nosferatu constitutes itself and makes a new army for itself.

        I understand that you want to make sure the head Nosferatu doesn’t reconstitute itself against future generations. There’s a lot of people who think like that and will probably act on it. But those are different people, and different web sites.

        We have to attract nice people. Nice people are the socially charismatic and financially liquid. We don’t want the crazy dudes living in mom’s basement topping up on the daily dose of rage. I have met enough of them, and they aren’t interested in apprenticing themselves at a microbrewery in Seattle or becoming a bicycle repair guy in Eugene, or working on a hippie organic farm in Vermont. They don’t want to leave mom’s basement. They don’t want to start actually living. They are probably damaged from living with a single mom and playing endless hours of video games, which is terrible and is the fault of liberalism.

        If you are reading this and this sounds like you, go out in the world and get some low paid job you can find here.

        Those are several links to different farm jobs. But if you go get a job, you have to be a pleasant person to be around. I have seen young men who are unemployable because they are unpleasant characters. You have to be humble and nice and eager to work, no rough edges, no tough guy bullshit. If people don’t like having you around, they’ll cut you loose pretty quick, and you’ll know that if people keep cutting you loose, it’s because of something in your character and behavior.

        You have to go through life with the attitude that everybody has something to teach you, even people you maybe don’t like. Every situation has something to teach you, at least outside of mom’s basement.

        Don’t like immigration? What are you doing in mom’s basement? Go compete for the jobs out there with the immigrants. Not office jobs, go for service jobs. A very good one is taxi/livery/bus driver. You get to talk to a lot of people, become more charismatic. Learn how to joke with people without offending them. Also, wait staff is good. THere you socialize with the co-workers. Make getting along with people, with absolutely everybody, even the worst people, your #1 priority.

        Wouldn’t you like to be in situations where people (including pretty girls) laugh at what you say and want to hang out with you more? Go work in a service job, and practice Heartiste/Roissy game.

    • Sam Barber says:

      When I go to a place where I don’t fit in I don’t insult the owner, I just leave.

    • Sam Barber says:

      HAHAH Negroes!!! It’s like an old time negro spiritual! Wakka Wakka Wakka! LOL Denise you’re hilarious!

    • Sam Barber says:

      @denise! Right on Sistah! it’s like herpes. You just can’t get rid of it! OMG I need Jimmy Johns.

  2. countenance says:

    I’ve been paying attention to Kansas City based Zeskind in the last few days for what happened in his own back yard last weekend. He did have an op ed in the Kansas City Star, but curiously, he, like the rest of the MSM, didn’t connect the dots back to Alex Linder, VNN and Kirksville, Missouri. Zeskind names a bunch of groups, movements and people that had nothing to do with Glenn Miller popping off, without naming the actual group and person where and with whom Miller hung out most of the time.

    Zeskind has the makings of a leftist with integrity and honesty, but he can’t break out of his paranoid fanaticist shell. He won’t stop giving up trying to conflate the TPM with WN-EN, when hardly anyone in one camp wants anything to do with the other camp.

    He is right: We will hit paydirt if we can effectively speak to the economic frustrations and mash them up with the racial frustrations of non-connected white people.

    • WG says:

      but curiously, he, like the rest of the MSM, didn’t connect the dots back to Alex Linder, VNN and Kirksville

      Was this out of ignorance, or are they leaving AL/VNN out of this for a reason?

      • scott says:

        VNN is the SPLC’s golden goose.

      • countenance says:

        When the weekend was over, I was expecting an all out media feeding frenzy around here. And by “here,” I mean I live in St. Louis but am currently mostly living in Jefferson City in accordance with the state legislature’s session, I do PR and lobbying for a living, or I do now. Because Miller lived in Aurora, in southwest Missouri, and Linder is in Kirksville, in north central Missouri, and the shooting was in the Kansas suburbs of Kansas City, I was expecting the statewide media to go nuts and connect the dots. Yet, after three full business days after the event, there has been virtually no mention in MSM sources statewide, or even nationally, about Linder, VNN and Kirksville. Not even the paper in Kirksville seems to be interested in how the matter lands in their own back yard.

        After the first day, I was willing to chalk this up to laziness. But after three days and not a peep, it’s obvious they don’t want to talk about it. Why not? The two most credible theories I can think of are that they don’t want to give Linder and VNN any publicity, or that Linder has been an asset/AP all along.

      • Trainspotter says:

        What follows is obviously not meant as legal advice, rather the mere opinion of an anonymous internet commenter, your humble servant and narrator.

        Countenance, I’m confident that the SPLC and similar outfits are examining their options as we speak. But they’ve got a couple of problems. One is that, in all likelihood, Alex Linder doesn’t have a pot to pee in. There are no juicy compounds to go after in a civil suit, or even a flashy organization to take down. I don’t even know if he has a job that they could get him fired from. Instead, he’s just a guy out in Kirksville that posts on the internet. Maybe they manage to get rid of VNN. But take one site down, more grow up like mushrooms. Not exactly a juicy target. What are they going to get out of going after him? Even from a fundraising standpoint, will little old Jewish ladies excitedly write the checks for going after what to them is an utterly obscure internet writer? Maybe, but I’m guessing the SPLC has better ways of getting those checkbooks to open.

        Even if they don’t care about that sort of payoff, or lack thereof, they’ve still got big problems. Rounder (Miller/Cross/whatever), a former Green Beret, was doing tours in Vietnam when Linder was in diapers. Rounder was a major organizer on the fringe decades ago, when Alex was presumably entering puberty. The idea that Linder is some sort of Svengali figure to Rounder is beyond ludicrous. Rounder is an old man with decades of radical political activity under his belt, not a naive young pup who wandered into the big city, only to find the sinister Alex lying in wait, plotting to slip him a mickey. Rounder, for better or worse, does what Rounder wants to do. Unfortunately, he decided to do something incredibly stupid and tragic, but it is what it is.

        So where is the legal culpability for Linder? Linder has said some pretty incendiary things, that’s for sure, but nothing that Rounder wasn’t already steeped in decades ago. I seem to remember debating Linder on this very issue some years ago, but obviously I didn’t succeed in talking him out of it. I think his use of exterminationist rhetoric is wrong, both morally and practically. It makes WN’s seem like bloodthirsty loons, the sort that nobody wants to see in charge of anything, down to and including the local dog pound.

        We need people to trust us, and coming across as wannabe exterminationsists destroys that trust. Linder is a wordsmith, a master of what language can evoke. Surely he must know full well that words like exterminate shock and offend. Even Hitler didn’t use such rhetoric, nor does Golden Dawn, or anybody else that Linder himself cites as having a successful approach. Yet he continues to use it, fundamentally contradicting himself. Linder is a brilliant man in many respects, and I’ve learned quite a few things from him, but his judgement in some areas is shockingly bad.

        In any event, engaging in such rhetoric, while unwise, is not illegal (as far as I can tell). It certainly doesn’t amount to controlling or inciting what Rounder did, a man who had developed his own radical political belief system – and acted upon it – when Linder was still watching after school specials or wondering if Suzie would be his date to the spring formal. People engage in extreme rhetoric all the time, including the charming Noel Ignatiev, and numerous other anti-whites. It’s by no means limited to Linder or WN’s, not at all. Hell, if memory serves, Mandela sang “Kill the Boer.”

        In other words, to go after Linder legally is going to be a huge, huge step. If it happens, it’s going to amount to an attempt to criminalize radical rhetoric, which is one hell of a slippery slope. I’m not saying they won’t try it, but if they do, it means that they really are going for all the marbles, and there is a real chance that it will backfire on them if they do.

        It is therefore difficult to see how one could legally hold Linder responsible without truly gutting the First Amendment, and criminalizing a broad range of rhetoric that is employed across the political spectrum. That’s going to affect a lot more people than WN’s. The SPLC can’t just gore Linder’s ox without goring a lot of others in the process, and some of those others will mobilize and fight back.

        They also know that if they did go after him, he would be given a much bigger soapbox to stand on than he has ever had before, and I don’t think they want that either. It’s one thing to go after an inarticulate mumbler, one who has more property to seize than verbal skill to deploy, but that ain’t Alex. Whatever his flaws, he’s a smart and articulate cookie.

        When I first heard news of this, I was worried that there might be consequences for those foolish enough to have associated with Rounder. I still think that might happen, but the truth is, the anti-white media and SPLC would be wiser to leave Linder alone. More likely they will look for a way to make a more oblique approach, gradually whittling down internet freedom. Boil the frog slowly, which is what they have been trying to do anyway. We’ll see.

  3. WG says:

    or that Linder has been an asset/AP all along

    That’s what I’m thinking.

  4. TabuLa Raza says:

    Rumor sez L has been funded by R. If true, L has been receiving fed $.

  5. TabuLa Raza says:
    The most important questions a person can ask themselves about Alex Linder
    1. Who funds Alex Linder? How does Alex Linder make his living and get paid??

    • Trainspotter says:

      I don’t believe that Linder is a paid federal asset. If it turns out I’m wrong, I will be incredibly surprised. I’ve heard the same sort of allegations made about William Pierce. However, the Feds would be morons to fund guys like Linder and Pierce. Both are superb educators (most people aren’t), and as a result have educated large numbers of people on a whole host of topics. To fund them would mean that the Feds pay to educate whites at a far deeper level than mere patriotardism or Alex Jones conspiracy theories. Really? Why?

      What’s in it for a fed to pay for a Pierce or Linder to help a conservatard develop a better and fuller understanding of the world? Pierce and Linder have offered a level of insight and conceptual breakthroughs that you just can’t find anywhere else. Why should the Feds fund that? Unless we’re talking about a world in which nothing is as it appears, and there are actually rogue agencies on our side doing the funding. But that’s Alex Jones talk.

      I think the Feds are far more likely to pay for buffoons who do nothing to advance our cause at all, but provide good opportunities to monitor those most likely to cause trouble. Guys like the blowhard Hal Turner, who taught us absolutely nothing of value, but attracted the screwballs like moths to a flame. He was perfect for their purposes. Pierce wasn’t, and Linder isn’t. The Feds want to monitor and disrupt our cause, not give it depth and understanding. Otherwise, nothing is as it appears.

      • mindweapon says:

        good point, Trainspotter. I could see Glenn Miller being an asset though. His handler tells him to do this one last thing.

      • Trainspotter says:

        MW, you’re right, that’s far more likely, given Rounder’s history. I’m not accusing him of it by any means, but it would make far more sense than the feds funding guys like Pierce or Linder. But my own view at this time, which I’d need more evidence to abandon, is that Rounder made his own choice under his own volition, with alcohol fueling it.

  6. Starets says:

    On the idea of open source intel, here is a handy manual for using tech for activism:

    Almost certainly the guide was written by and for leftists. That doesn’t matter though; a good tool is a good tool no matter what its origin.

    The same website has several other tuorials that look useful: will be useful when/if the ADL and TPTB start trying to censor the web.

    Other tech tools we should all know about and be using include:

    The internet is our samizdat ( TPTB already recognize this and will try to limit its effectiveness. We have to start using the tools that will maintain its effectiveness.

  7. countenance says:

    Trainspotter wrote:

    Even from a fundraising standpoint, will little old Jewish ladies excitedly write the checks for going after what to them is an utterly obscure internet writer?

    I respond:

    That’s the SPLC’s modus operandi. Sue some dork with nothing, win everything he owns, then send out a zillion fund raising letters to elderly Jewish women with money. This time, the results will be even better for the SPLC, precisely because Miller actually fired guns at a building marked “Jewish” and actually murdered people in the process, though all three people he murdered were not Jewish. The SPLC won’t be able to say that they disassembled a compound or a flashy organization, but they will be able to say that they’ve eliminated an operation that specializes in blatantly obvious eliminationist/exterminationist rhetoric. And unlike the MSM or even Zeskind who would rather die a death of a million knife cuts than dare write or mention the words “Linder” or “VNN/Vanugard News Network,” the SPLC is mentioning Linder and VNN a lot in the aftermath.

    • Trainspotter says:

      Again, they may well try. But in order to find Linder legally culpable, they are going to in effect find a lot of other people culpable as well, and not remotely limited to WN’s. People use radical rhetoric across the political spectrum. It’s going to require, I think, a dramatic assault on the First Amendment. There are now large sections of the populace who are extremely paranoid about government overreach, and already see government as hostile to them. I think it may well be a blunder for the SPLC if they go forward on the basis of heretofore legal rhetoric, unless they can somehow narrow their attack to just affect Linder. I don’t think that’s likely, but we’ll see. They would be wiser to just make what money they can off of it, and not overreach.

      But then, who do we know that tends to overreach? The same sorts that run the SPLC.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        There is already widespread disobedience of the gun-registration laws in CT and NY.  Hundreds of thousands believe those are over-reach.

        The 1stAM may be under attack, but as long as the 2ndAM hasn’t been totally bulldozed it will be possible to fight to get it back.  We are seeing the early stages of this now.

  8. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Interesting discussion about 1st Amendment.

  9. TabuLa Raza says:

    miller on howard stern show:

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