Strength through Niceness; one has to be congruent to society

I hang out with the Peak Oil and Transition Towns Movement. They are very smart people. Chris Martenson, James Howard Kunstler (yes I know a Jew), Richard Heinberg (Jewish sounding name but I’ve heard he’s German), Gonzalo Lira, KMO (that’s his name, KMO), Piero San Giorgio and so on.

These guys are forced to deal with our issues, with race and Organized Jewry. They would like to be able to detour around these issues, but these issues keep coming back, and none of them take the Cultural Marxist line or the politically correct line. Kunstler, for example, names the banker. He doesn’t name the Jew, but naming the banker is all but the same thing. You name the banker, you name the Jew. People can put 2+2 together.

Instead of the debate about what to do the with the masses of Jewish people, which sounds insane to most of the world, I prefer to talk about niches. It’s a fact that if the people running the electrical grid were incompetent and made outages all the time, we’d demand that the electrical grid companies got new management. If our tap water was undrinkable and we had to boil/filter our own water and/or drink bottled water, we’d demand new management for the water companies.

The friendly bank on the corner used to pay interest on savings that was above the rate of inflation — 4% or 5%, depending on how long you intended to leave it before withdrawing. Inflation was 2% or 3%, so your money grew, even if only 1% or 2%.

Now the Hedge Fund Boyz make 10 or 15 million a year. I happened to meet a wealthy Jewish businessman in my travels and he boasted to me about his friends who were hedge fund managers and how hard they worked and how they made 10 or 15 million a year.

I wonder what Denise would have said to him? It was a very juicy serve.

I made my water and electrical grid analogies and said that local banks don’t pay interest any more, and this is proof that the people in charge, the current management team of the economy, need to be replaced. Banking is supposed to be a boring old utility, like water or electricity.

Should people who broke the local banks be allowed to make their billions? If the local banks aren’t paying interest because the financial system is broken, should Hedge Fund Boyz be making those millions?

I didn’t say it in a hostile or argumentative way, just stated matter of factly. One might say, those Jews have no shame or conscience, so appealing to those human tendencies doesn’t work with them. I don’t know myself.

The Jewish businessman blamed the government. I let him have that last word, but I smiled wryly and nodded, as though I knew it’s not just da Gubbmint. Of course, who is the government? But less is more in such situations. Silence and quiet facial gestures can have more impact than spelling it all out for people.

At the very least, though, they have pride, and they like to think they are the best money managers, the most competent money managers, they are such hard workers, and so on.

They are the current management team of the economy. Sure there are some non-Jews among them, but they obviously dominate. To name the banker is to name the Jew.

Calling for people to be deported or killed makes one look like a weak fantasist and a dangerous loser at the same time. Even if the DNA thing is true, the question of what to do about that is a matter for a future generation, or at least a future us if things go quickly.

What I have noticed about the Peak Oil people is that they don’t violate social norms of Niceness. Now, to get where we are, we had to violate these norms. A certain percentage of us are able to cut through teh fabric of forced niceness and become WN’s. That’s good. But for those of us who are illuminated WN’s, we have to go back to practicing that niceness and pretend that we never cut through the fabric, never bit through the membrane. We have fangs now, in a certain sense, but we should take care not to show them to the world.

We will get more done if we are congruent to the world; if we don’t give people a reason to take us with a grain of salt, to filter out what we say through the filter of “that guy/girl is a radical extremist.”

What we can do without showing our fangs is to call for a new management team over the economy. Even if we cannot get it, the process of demanding it will make people conscious of the fact that there is a management team over the economy. This consciousness itself will be a victory for us. The bankers are the Hidden Power. The Hidden Power does not want to be exposed. We are to be like Toto pulling back the curtain on the Wizard, who has broken Oz’s economy.

In my view, the Hidden Power, the hostile elites, would rather have another Holocaust than lose their financial power. They see a Holocaust, or any violence against ordinary Jews, as the necessary periodic sacrifice to keep their power.

Take out the Hidden Banker Power, and see how much, if any, Judaic influence remains over our lives. The HBP is the One Ring to Rule Them All. Kill the head Nosferatu, and most of our problems solve themselves, at least until another Nosferatu constitutes itself and makes a new army for itself.

I understand that you want to make sure the head Nosferatu doesn’t reconstitute itself against future generations. There’s a lot of people who think like that and will probably act on it. But those are different people, and different web sites.

We have to attract nice people. Nice people are the socially charismatic and financially liquid. We don’t want the crazy dudes living in mom’s basement topping up on the daily dose of rage. I have met enough of them, and they aren’t interested in apprenticing themselves at a microbrewery in Seattle or becoming a bicycle repair guy in Eugene, or working on a hippie organic farm in Vermont. They don’t want to leave mom’s basement. They don’t want to start actually living. They are probably damaged from living with a single mom and playing endless hours of video games, which is terrible and is the fault of liberalism.

If you are reading this and this sounds like you, go out in the world and get some low paid job you can find here.

Those are several links to different farm jobs. But if you go get a job, you have to be a pleasant person to be around. I have seen young men who are unemployable because they are unpleasant characters. You have to be humble and nice and eager to work, no rough edges, no tough guy bullshit. If people don’t like having you around, they’ll cut you loose pretty quick, and you’ll know that if people keep cutting you loose, it’s because of something in your character and behavior.

You have to go through life with the attitude that everybody has something to teach you, even people you maybe don’t like. Every situation has something to teach you, at least outside of mom’s basement.

Don’t like immigration? What are you doing in mom’s basement? Go compete for the jobs out there with the immigrants. Not office jobs, go for service jobs. A very good one is taxi/livery/bus driver. You get to talk to a lot of people, become more charismatic. Learn how to joke with people without offending them. Also, wait staff is good. THere you socialize with the co-workers. Make getting along with people, with absolutely everybody, even the worst people, your #1 priority.

Wouldn’t you like to be in situations where people (including pretty girls) laugh at what you say and want to hang out with you more? Go work in a service job, and practice Heartiste/Roissy game.


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  1. hardscrabble farmer says:

    Do you remember Field of Dreams? That has served me well over the past few years because of the approach- “If you build it, they will come.”

    You know me and you probably recall how angry I was years ago when I first started to wake up. All that energy and capital I expended with anger as the driver was wasted. It was only when I adopted an agrarian lifestyle and became like the reed and learned how not to respond that I became effective. Now people flock to us because we have built “it”.

    You know why so many people abandoned family farming? Because they were sold a bill of goods. Certain things had value while other things did not. Working in an office was good, working with your hands was not. Money was valuable, things like manure were dirty. If you farmed you were viewed as an uneducated hick and a provincial, only an urban sophisticate could really appreciate life. Etcetera.

    But was any of it true? Did anyone ever really examine the fundamentals? Hardly, they did what most human beings do, they listened to the experts, the media, the talking heads, academics, politicians.

    What was lost was time spent with family, developing a multitude of disciplines, understanding the nature of things, living the seasons, working with your whole being instead of a small part of it. Establishing actual rather than virtual community, improving the world instead of depleting it. Etcetera.

    So now, despite most people knowing that I was once a political heretic- I never speak of politics to anyone these days- I simply serve as a daily living reminded that I have simply chosen to reject those things that represent the “progressive” future and embrace a traditional past. And do you know that as long as I have been doing this I have never had a single person leave this farm with a shrug and a “meh”, rather they are loathe to go. Their children have to be dragged back into the car, often crying because they have to leave. The customers who once bought a steak or a dozen eggs on a whim are standing customers for a side of beef and a whole hog every year. The city bound SWPL types who came for a visit are now spending several weekends a year up here helping us FOR FREE just to get the experience. I wish I could tell you how many offers have been made on this farm from serious buyers after spending an afternoon pressing apples or slaughtering chickens.

    The strength we often forget is the thing that is most frequently used to demean us- our ability to get our hands dirty and feel good about it. I am not ashamed of my worn out overalls and muck covered boots, I am proud of them. The are a symbol of my love for this place and the efforts expended on improving it. I am not unaware of the things JHK whines about every Monday, I simply don’t care. I already live in a world made by hand and it suits my fine.

    So yes, keep a smile on your face, do whatever it takes to be the kind of person who can earn his or her way in the world by being productive rather than by consuming. Find a path that allows you to spend the majority of your time in the company of the ones you love rather than spending it in the presence of people competing for your job just so you can spend a few exhausted hours at the end of the week with you family stressed out and spending money to alleviate the emptiness. Help your neighbors when they need help and accept their help when they offer. Work with your hands, your heart, your mind and your soul fully engaged and at maximum output for as long as you can. Learn to accept loss, pain, failure and disappointment with the same outlook as you do success, profit, gain and triumph- as a means of testing your character and resolve in life rather than as roadblocks and detours.

    If you build it, they will come.

    Gotta go slaughter a lamb for a Greek.

    And have a Happy Easter, He is risen indeed.

    • mindweapon says:

      Wow, thanks for the update, Hardscrabble Farmer!

      You are experiencing the same thing that I am experiencing — the public actually likes us, if we give them a chance to like us.

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      Great comment.

      I too got out of the office environment around 3 years ago. At great financial sacrifice I started working.with animals. My worst day with animals is better than my best day with back stabbing females. NO REGRETS.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        It’s about being willing to take risks. I could lose it all tomorrow but the experience has given me the confidence to know that I will survive and that my Aryan mind will come up with.another idea to make money.

    • Stary Wylk says:

      Money is only wealth to the extent that other persons willingly exchange it for things one wants. Manure helps the potatoes grow whether one can exchange it for something or not.
      “I am a racist; I like people who are like me more than I do those who are not”. I don’t say this often; it would go right past most persons most times.More usual, but still seldom called for:” People like me are good people. If you don’t like people like you, well…”

    • Denise says:

      Jews regard farming as THE LOWEST occupation there is. Farming is the rock bottom of the totem pole. We began as a Nation of Farmers. Now that we are a Jewish country – their values are at the top. Money making as THE sole marker of success, etc.

    • Denise says:

      Your anger was NOT wasted. Your anger fueled your actions. Anger, righteous anger, is pure energy. This is why people should not ever be afraid to be angry, at things that are wicked and unjust, Anger is energy to be channeled.

  2. another Peak oil guy who is less than happy with the Cultural Marxist way of looking at the world is john michael greer of the Archdruid report. I have seen him unload on leftist minded commentators to his columns about such things as the smugness of elites, and their attitudes toward working class people, {ie white people}. He is a VERY good writer. Think your right about all these guys. Underneath all of their writings, is a unspoken disdain for what passed for a lot of cultural marxist nonsense. Kunstler and Greer for instance have both pointed out that modern feminism wouldn’t exist without cheap energy. They all know this. Kunstler has pointed out on several occasions that the constant mass immigration into this country make dealing with all our problems very much harder. Non of these guys is primarily interested in racial issues, but they all seem to recognize the problems it causes.

    • mindweapon says:

      Greer is actually an outlier among them in that he bans anyone who “goes there.” Maybe he’s changed since then, but my experience of him is that he’s the most Cultural Marxist of the lot of them, which is why I didn’t mention him.

    • Denise says:

      Homosexuality used to be taboo, too.

      Times change. Methods change.

  3. Denise says:

    I would have told the Yid that “working hard” an earning money is great when your own people have a franchise to print money, and have a nepotistic lock on access. Then I would have smiled a very sweet smile, and and held his eyes.

    People do NOT put 2 and 2 together. Not anymore.

  4. Denise says:

    These Osloians had better be nice to those Muslims! Or the Government (PM is Jew) will punish those rotten Nazi blondes!

  5. There is a taboo about discussing Jewish power. If you want to break that taboo, pretty much the least effective way is to start ranting about “fucking kikes run the Federal Reserve – name the JEW it’s the JEWS!”

    That turns people off. It’s not just ineffective, it’s counter-productive. It helps keep discussing Jewish power taboo. Why do you think Frances Cohen dressed up like a Nazi and held demonstration where he would rant about “killing all the Jews?” He did it to make anyone discussing Jewish power look crazy and hateful by association. It worked really well too.

    Have you ever noticed that everyone from left wing liberals to right wing conservatives all claim to be “not racist” and in fact, try to outdo each other over who is the “least racist?” It’s a taboo, no one wants to be “racist.” Well, how do you break that taboo? Do you say, “I’m a racist, kill all the mud people!” That doesn’t break the taboo – that strengthens the taboo.

    Instead, you just use some finesse. Like, I don’t know, associating the term “racist” with say, the word “hipster.” Now, it’s funny. This breaks the taboo, or at least lessens it a bit.

    Kevin MacDonald has been the most effective at discussing and even mainstreaming talk about Jewish power. He doesn’t use slurs, he doesn’t engage in conspiracy theories or religious arguments. In a cool, calm, rational way he points out Jewish power and hypocrisy.

    Who are Jewish anti-whites more afraid of – Kevin MacDonald and his well researched work on Jewish power – or some fat slob in an NSM outfit screaming about “da jooz” and how he wants to expel them from the country?

    It’s not even close. We already know that the ADL has a history of funding the fat slobs with their stupid uniforms and screaming nutjobbery. If you rant on and on about Jews in the manner of some Hollywood Nazi – be fully aware that you are doing the ADL’s work for them. You aren’t helping the cause, you’re hurting it.

    I remember a while back MW even – somewhat humorously – said that we should just pretend to be Jews. You can go online and say, “as a Jew, I’m really sick of these Jewish anti-white like Alan Dershowitz hating on European peoples. I consider myself white and Jewish.” True or not, that’s far more effective.

    So the question is, do you want to be effective, or do you want to make yourself feel good?

    • Snake says:

      Konspiracies are kosher. Why can’t they learn that “TEH JOOZ!” goes nowhere, yet “jewish ethnic networking” makes sense to normal people? Same goes for the khazar nonsense. Sell jewish power as a fact of life.

      It boils down to making our points at the appropriate reading level. Much of WN 1.0 is such a turn off because it’s unsophisticated. KMac’s appeal lies in his scholarly prose.

  6. Snake says:

    It feels great to watch fluffy WN being refined into diamond hardness. A small cadre of bloggers is formulating something grand, even if they don’t know it. Unconscious or psychic collaboration between yourself, Roissy, the Eradica crew, even Chechar (ie the only bloggers worth reading anymore).

    Niceness has its charms. Leftists love marking their territory with “safe spaces” for LGBTBBQ types. I’ve found myself becoming a safe space for people that (unconsciously) want White Normal life, even if they can’t articulate it. Emotional leverage is crucial…they feel a smidgen of shame for saying things to me they can’t in public. I try to remove that shame, but it breeds a certain loyalty.

    Going into the world with a 1.0 attitude will get you 1.0 results. Hopefully our side internalizes this.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great comment Snake.

    • Firepower says:

      Those are the only blogs I read now, because they seek a new truth instead of futile griping on The Daily Outrage!

      I read MW far more than roissy now. Hell, I don’t read roissy much at all anymore: He has the resources to lead, but refuses to promote MW, Eradica and others reflecting what he really thinks.

      So instead, he sticks to recycling the same old same old posts he did in 2006.

      A leader who is so over-cautious as to spread his True Beliefs…really isn’t much of a leader after all, is he? wtf: Maybe he mourns the Loss of Piggi.

      • Denise says:

        You should read the Daily Stormer. Members of my TP group do now, since I told them about it.

      • Firepower says:

        lol sorry babe: I have my own blog.

        If I wanted to listen to another 20 years of condensed Niggerspickiking – but “somehow different” because it’s directed toward A Black Obama
        Then I’d Daily Outrage!™
        at the Daily Storm

        You must learn to think ahead of such folk.
        Instead, you SHOULD be recommending
        Mindweapons and Eradica
        …to the Daily Storm

      • Denise says:

        Firepower = my TP’ers need to know the “why” behind things, Babe.

      • Firepower says:

        Denice wrote:
        Firepower = my TP’ers need to know the “why” behind things, Babe.

        Thanks for focusing on my detailed statement on The Daily Outrage! among writers. I see what ya did there with my “babe” thing. It was awfully cute.

  7. Bad Mr. Frosty says:

    This reminds me of Plato’s allegory of the cave. Enlightened WNs must return to the masses and delicately share the revelation.

    “Despite the hardships which the returning one would face, Socrates insists that the enlightened must return to the cave in order to share in the lives of the prisoners. By analogy, Socrates is implying that the enlightened philosopher must descend from a continuous intelligible contemplation of the good to share in the visible lives of his fellow citizens for the well-being of the whole”

  8. Wyandotte says:

    “We will get more done if we are congruent to the world; if we don’t give people a reason to take us with a grain of salt, to filter out what we say through the filter of ‘that guy/girl is a radical extremist.'”

    Sad but true. We have to behave. People like nice people, even though it is not fair. Anyone recall the film Larger than Life with Bill Murray, about his transporting an elephant across the country? Two little lines in one little scene hit me like bricks. Watch it, and you will know.

  9. Mosin Nagant says:

    Re: ‘naming the banker is all but the same thing (…) People can put 2+2 together’:

    I think most can NOT do such high math. What is half-a-truth, anyway? ‘Mainstreaming’, a la OD and the reformed CofCC, Amren, SNN and LOS (and now MWIR) is not really WN any longer, IMHO.

    • Denise says:

      Yup. Ask “most people” sometime, if they see the total Jewish control of financial institutions, and media. Ask, Most people will get an expression akin to that of a baby, experiencing something they have never encountered before.

      • ben tillman says:

        I agree — most people cannot do that. I think there’s a difference between the Northeast and the rest of the country in this regard, however, and maybe the people in Mass. do make the connection. But it doesn’t work in Texas.

  10. TabuLa Raza says:

    The only sites that spill all the beans are the vulgar ones like VNN. The more button down (TOO,AMREN,VDARE) the fewer beans are spilled. VNN is allowed, as it confirms the “trailer trash” image- decent folks leave, never to learn the unvarnished truth [good name for a site].

    MacDonald is a punch-puller. I e-mailed him a few years ago and asked him why he didn’t talk about the paper money power in CofC. He replied- “I just wasn’t interested”! So the main evil on Earth is not to be discussed by one of our fearless leaders!!

    We need- I want- a button down site that does spill all the beans, without vulgarity or anti-intellectualism. AFAIK no such site exists.

    • ben tillman says:

      MacDonald is a punch-puller. I e-mailed him a few years ago and asked him why he didn’t talk about the paper money power in CofC. He replied- “I just wasn’t interested”! So the main evil on Earth is not to be discussed by one of our fearless leaders!!

      That is not pulling punches. First, that’s not something that is general knowledge, and the Jewish connection (as with most things) is shrouded in mystery. MacDonald is not omniscient, even when it come to the Jews. Not even close. Second, it’s not relevant to the thesis of C of C. To summarize his trilogy:

      Book 1 (PTSDA): Jews developed a group evolutionary strategy;
      Book 2 (SAID)L At times, gentiles have responded by developing their own group strategies.
      Book 3 (COC): In the 20th Century, Jews developed a number of intellectual and political movements designed to prevent Whites from acting as a group..

  11. Denise says:

    If you can’t name an enemy you can’t fight an enemy. Most White White people don’t have a clue as to why everything is going to Hell.

  12. Mosin Nagant says:

    This Nice Portlandian Hipster strategy cannot succeed, because to imitate we must admire and appreciate, and we must BECOME what we imitate. Tradition and truth, not taqiyya and trickery!

    • mindweapon says:

      Everybody pay attention. Mosin has pronounced, ex cathedra, that the Cultural Anthropological Approach cannot succeed! Why? Because he said so! Because Tradition and Truth, not Taqqiyah and Trickery!

  13. clytemnestra57 says:

    Getting back to the “Strength Through Niceness” theme of this post.

    There are some members of this board who have taken offense to MW’s idea of Taquiyaah and infiltration. The rationale is that such behavior is un-Aryan and better to revert to WN 1.0 than become what we deplore.

    My father’s job necessitated a lot of moving around while I was a child. Luckily, both my parents were adventurous and I had an inquisitive nature, so I picked up what MW would no doubt a lot of valuable intel for any kind of WN 2.0 movement.

    Because FEDGOV has taken over so many aspects of our lives, to paraphrase that saying, the personal HAS become political. But politics is all about jockey for power and our interactions with other groups always has undercurrents of hostility beneath the veneer of political correctness. Erego, any subjects we want to study are more guarded and wary and reveal nothing.

    But a Cultural Anthropological Approach reveals a lot of valuable HUMINT, because you are expressing a genuine interest in people and their customs. Contrary to popular belief, most people of any group, no matter how adept they may be at ethnic networking, have such a hive mind that they cannot drop their guard if you validate their inner belief that they have valuable insights to share or that they are interesting or exotic in their own right.

    Before I ever got involved in WN, I had an eye-opening discussion with a Jew. We shared an aisle seat on a long plane trip and were making conversation to pass the time. It was close to Passover and I remember asking him if the Jews had a traditional Passover dish, like people traditionally eating turkey for Thanksgiving. He told me it varied from one Jewish sect to another and I remember asking him if they had “dish wars,” like who makes the best baklava in the Mideast. He was very interesting and informative, so I asked other questions about Jewish culture and traditions. At one point in the conversation, I asked him why he thought Jews were able to prosper at times when others had such great difficulties. Mind you this was before I had ever heard any “News and Jews” type WNism and he looked a little surprised, but not defensive. He thought about it a minute and then told me that when Jews got off the boat or enter a new community, all the Jews in that area band together and give him three chances to start a business.

    My thinking is how exhausting it must be for a “Chosenite” to live like a minority feeling under siege and surrounded by all sides by hostile tribes; you pay a big price for being “a people set apart.” Yeah, it might be fun now and then to be seen as the Billy Badass of the Block, but you are still subject to the same universal problems and concerns of other people. So when someone acknowledges your specialness but your humanity, too, it disarms you and you are inclined to be more forthcoming to that person.

    A Cultural Anthropological Approach enables us to create rapport with the others where universal problems are concerned, because each culture tends to approach that universal problem from a different angle. So, if you ask one of the others for their insights while stuck in the forest, you get the benefit of a different set of eyes instead of being too overwhelmed by the trees to see that forest.

    Remembering this incident makes me think that the best thing to do where the others are concerned, is to find out what they do to help each other rather than focus on how they are hurting us. That way we can take a cafeteria approach and appropriate what is useful to us in order to cobble our own collective/network.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks Cly. A Cultural Anthropological Approach is a very good way to phrase what I’m advocating. Heck, they use anthropologists in Afghanistan.

      It’s not hard core enough for the critics. Oh well.

    • Denise says:

      I talk to Jews all the time. They think I’m wonderful. Funny, smart, and interesting. I’ve been asked if I am a Jew more than one time; it’s their highest compliment. I’m not against Taquiyah at all.

      The reason I am “throwing down” is that MW’s posts seem to indicate that he seems to believe he can get the Little Jews, the “Jonathans” to work FOR us.

      It’ll never happen.

      Every Jew is a Jew. They will ALWAYS revert to type. ALWAYS. Even if it’s against their long-term, over all interest to try to preserve us.They never “fall away”. Their DNA is infinitely more important than any official religious doctrine. Their race literally IS their religion.

      We have literally thousands of year of consistent verifiable patterns of behavior, to prove this immutable fact.

      What are they doing now? Whites – the best Host they have ever had, have been all tamed down and compliant – no willingly subservient – for what? Overall, 100 years now? They’ve had the levers of power in the claws for roughly the same time frame, in the West. They could have lived beautifully off of White creativity, and wealth generation, for time eternal. No other Race provides the standard of living, and PROTECTION, that Whites do.

      They are still working diligently to replace us with their beloved Darklings, and get us killed off.


      • mindweapon says:


        So you strongly object to taking a Cultural Anthropological approach to Jews (and to everyone else for that matter)? The fact that I say don’t be unfriendly to Jews one meets,and probe them, and see if you can influence them, even if just for kicks, is so horrible?

        I have 800 daily readers on this site. Maybe not as many as Andrew Anglin, but I have about a 15 to 1 ratio of lurkers to commenters. This blog is for you lurkers as much as for anyone! You guys are awesome!

        800 people! There are high schools with less than 800 kids. This blog is the spy academy for those 800 or so lurkers.

        We (myself and my awesome commenters) are teaching those 800 readers to be personally successful and stay out of trouble and thereby be more effective in the world.

        Denise and Mosin think the only way we get anywhere is by preaching, proselytizing and converting, by standing like oak trees for tradition and truth, by flying our colors. I don’t bash that approach. Do it all you want. I don’t criticize it. But I got my way of doing things.

      • Trainspotter says:

        Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see a fundamental conflict here. You’re both right.

      • mindweapon says:

        I would tend to agree. I want everyone to try their own approach. I’m a big boy — I don’t need Denise’s warnings “that Jews will revert to type.” I’m not a missionary converting them and hoping they will stay converted. I’m an anthropologist observing what they do, and WHATEVER they do, is good for me because it’s interesting and it will teach me more.

        I don’t need Mosin’s warnings that my hate will be corrupted. Hate, or rage addiction, is the first level of WN. At the higher levels of WN, one gets higher motivations. But most people don’t stick around long enough to find these higher motivations.

  14. attila says:

    I’ve always said one must respect the real/perceived/potential enemy enough to learn as much as possible from them. Smart people learn from their enemies, while the dumb and lazy demonize, and then, do nothing.

  15. Enemies?

    Methinks we have to change our semantics a little bit. I think the biggest thing about WNism 1.0 is the terminology was a turnoff to your average Jane and Joe. Most people rightfully fear and detest war, so if you use war terminology, especially at a time when it doesn’t appear necessary, you alienate people you want to join the cause.

    My experience is that whoever controls the language controls the outcome. We have to use the right language at the right time.

    For that reason, we should make a habit of refraining from calling the others our enemies until/unless we are on an official war footing. It’s better to refer to them as our competitors even though, if you think about it, we are engaged in a Darwinian competition with the others for power, resources, and territory and the consequence of that competition can be war.

    But right now, too many Whites, including myself, are personally acquainted with individuals who are good neighbors and nice coworkers who happen to be Jewish or Asian or Black or Mestizo. And there’s the rub. The problem, in a nutshell is NOT that they are competitive with US, but WE aren’t competitive enough with THEM. OUR team has chosen to roll over and play dead all because our competition yells “racist” at us, like the opposing team in the field used to heckle the batter back in the day during baseball.

    So …. for now … when we encourage our people to pursue our racial interests, it’s best to talk of the others when we talk of the others as our competitors or the competition rather than our enemies … that is, IF we want a receptive audience.

  16. Francis the talking mule says:

    I don’t know how you can read Roissy and then suggest that we need to be nice, humble people who seek menial jobs in the service industry.

    Violent hate filled rednecks are low status. But so are nice guys who work menial service jobs.

    Shouldn’t we be projecting amused mastery, Hipster Racist style, rather than acting like Nice Guys? Nice guys really do finish last.

    P.S. Daily Stormer is at 34k world wide, 19k in the US. Straight-forward Jew naming National Socialism. But not low status.

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