The public likes us very much, if we let them

Commenter Hardscrabble Farmer made a very interesting point:

So now, despite most people knowing that I was once a political heretic- I never speak of politics to anyone these days- I simply serve as a daily living reminded that I have simply chosen to reject those things that represent the “progressive” future and embrace a traditional past. And do you know that as long as I have been doing this I have never had a single person leave this farm with a shrug and a “meh”, rather they are loathe to go. Their children have to be dragged back into the car, often crying because they have to leave. The customers who once bought a steak or a dozen eggs on a whim are standing customers for a side of beef and a whole hog every year. The city bound SWPL types who came for a visit are now spending several weekends a year up here helping us FOR FREE just to get the experience. I wish I could tell you how many offers have been made on this farm from serious buyers after spending an afternoon pressing apples or slaughtering chickens.

I experience the same thing in my service job — public popularity.

Neither HF or I lead with our ideology; both of us experience a very favorable response from the general public. That’s a foothold right there. That’s something WN’s generally do not get.

Now tell me, do you want to keep doing the same old, same old, same old? Or do you want to try things that begin to move in a positive direction?


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9 Responses to The public likes us very much, if we let them

  1. Denise says:

    HF noted that people know who he is – so they must know his beliefs.

    • mindweapon says:

      Sure, some of them know his views, but since he’s not putting them in their faces, it doesn’t matter. They fail to enforce political correctness in their personal lives. Right there, that’s a victory for our side.

      • Denise says:

        HF – please weigh in. Do your SWPL types have ANY idea that you are leading a traditional White life, built in the ancient values of our shared genetics? Or do they thing that “its all about education and opportunity, and the Darkies just need the right type of education”.

        I’m curious

  2. tteclod says:

    “I wish I could tell you how many offers have been made on this farm from serious buyers after spending an afternoon pressing apples or slaughtering chickens.”

    I always find these remarks the most depressing. People want what we have and think it can be bought or stolen when it must be built through generations of committed effort. When folks talk about “white nationalism,” they think it’s all about race. I suppose that for some fools, it is, and that explains how such folks get on the news: they do something worthy of a Darwin award. But for everybody else, it’s practicing and preserving ancestral wisdom or discovering that wisdom along with the wealth of social opportunities available to men who share profitable morals and ethics. What’s more, nothing prohibits any man from adopting so-called “white” ethics and morals – certainly not skin color. Wiser men (and women) save money, buy a plot of land, and ask such farmers for advice, building a social network along the way. Need an example?

  3. Stubbs says:

    But what about the misanthropes?

    • mindweapon says:


      Your mocking grossly misrepresents what I am saying, and the fact is I train at martial arts and am working towards a day when I can help White families get martial arts training for their kids.

      Also, the “nice” approach is about what you show to the world. It doesn’t mean becoming a cream puff inside. As I said, “Hide your fangs.”

      Lastly, I’ve been part of the WN movement since you were a liberal. I see the rage-aholics come and go. I advocate prioritizing niceness because it will help you succeed in the world. I advocate taqqiyah because it will keep you out of trouble. I want both for anyone who reads my blog.

      If people who read my blog stay out of trouble and succeed in the world, they will still be WN’s in 10 years, in 20 years, in 30 years, and they will make more impact on the world as a secret WN, than the preachers and proselytizers do, but that’s just my opinion.

      • pluto the dog says:

        MW Denises words are coming from a place of love Plus we need to argue in order to probe test and refine our ideas in order to improve them. Its called ‘battle hardened’ – that’s one of the things that happens here on your most excellent blog!!

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Straw-manning is not arguing.  It’s misrepresentation at best.

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