How fast things change

Think we’re stuck with the current model of society? Just wait five minutes.

Look how different the country was about 60 years ago, within the lifetime of plenty of people alive today:

This is not about nostalgia. It’s about how quickly things change. They won’t always change for the worse, and 2014 isn’t worse than 1950 in all ways. In some ways,things are much better now. The 1950’s couldn’t have been all good — they gave birth to the 1960’s, after all. So nostalgia and pessimism is a mistake.


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10 Responses to How fast things change

  1. fnn says:

    The 1950′s couldn’t have been all good — they gave birth to the 1960′s, after all.

    In the 1950s the culture (at all levels) was drenched in Freudianism. Blank-slatism was opposed by no one except for Carleton Putnam and a handful of others. The Frankfurt School’s anti-white Gentile “study,”The Authoritarian Personality” was almost universally praised:

  2. PA says:

    Similar with the 80s They seem like paradise compared to today — but understanding of race was at infantile levels, never rising above sentimentality and pity for blacks. Things that we now say on mildly conservative blogs and even hint to in everyday conversation would have made people think you’re in the Klan. While there wasn’t a pervasive culture of PC yet, there was a complacency about race; you could joke about blacks or even drop n-bombs in familiar company, but any serious opposition to, say, integration or race-mixing would have freaked people out.

    Meanwhile, about two years ago NYT published a much-circulated feature article about the fates of two white girls: one that married white, the other that shacked up with a black. Ostensibly this article was a pity party for single mothers, but reading between the lines, the message was “date blacks at your own risk.” Today, at least you have this vaguely communal bond with other whites, feeling like everyone around you understands the truth, even if we don’t say it.

  3. Firepower says:

    The 1960s brought Big Change because of the initial waves of migrating Coloreds displacing White American Culture.

    Today, the notable change is: Then, Murka was 15% colored and now, it’s 40% colored.
    THAT’S the “change” you’re experiencing.
    You’re seeing Murka go from pretty fucked-up to irredeemably fucked-up.

    It’s like looking at a house from the 1960s transform into a shack after coloreds lived in it.

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