Social Distrust Is Way Up Among Millennials

Within the millennial generation in particular, multicultural consumers have a much higher level of influence on their non-Hispanic white counterparts
That’s what people are to them, “consumers.” And my personal experience of a sample of hundreds of people, the whigger thing has come and gone. There are a remnant of whiggers and they are a permanent (for now) fixture among young whites, but blacks and acting black is no longer as mandatorily cool as they once were. Trends come and go, even trends designed and funded by the hostile elites.

Chateau Heartiste

As reported by NPR (I’m sure with gritted teeth), a Pew Study finds

that the milliennial generation has a low level of social trust. There are several possible causes for this distrust, including a skewed social media culture and a faltering economy. […]

One explanation for this, the study suggests, is growing racial diversity – 43 percent of millennial adults are non-white, making this the most diverse generation in America.

Holy macaroni! Is the SPWL stronghold of NPR about to grapple with the CH aphorism “diversity + proximity = war“?

She says, minority groups have long had low levels of social trust.

CAMILLE LEAK: I think that, ultimately, it stems from their history of having to deal with persecution and discrimination, whether in their personal lives or within the business setting. […]

Leak suggests that the Internet itself is another reason millennials are so distrustful.

LEAK: I mean…

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4 Responses to Social Distrust Is Way Up Among Millennials

  1. Wasn’t it Amy Chua’s World On Fire that first popularized the idea that multi-culturalism – really, multi-racialism – lowers social trust and engagement? That, in fact, racially homogenous societies are higher trust and more willing to contribute collectively to social welfare?

  2. thordaddy says:

    The growing “distrust” amongst millenials is in direct proportion to their growing embrace of self- annihilation as their “highest” value…

    Literally, when one believes in the “right” to self-annihilate, i.e., attain Final Liberation, then one literally cannot trust themselves about anything else.

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