Canadian anti-racist educator berates cheerleaders

Regina cheerleaders undergo ‘anti-racism training’ – but the profs who lectured them are the real racists

By Kevin Hampson, QMI Agency
Saturday, April 19, 2014 2:05:01 MDT P

I particularly liked the part I quoted below — he’s being a kosher conservative, but what this paragraph shows is that the line that “you can’t be color blind any more, that’s the bad old way. The new way is to always recognize race.” Isn’t that what the bad old racists in the bad old days did?

So if race has to be front and center at all times, except instead of whites being “racist” about it, they are supposed to be extra special submissive and apologetic and deferential to all people of color.

Like that’s going to happen! Tell millions of white people to focus on race or they are bad racists, and moreover, you have to kiss ass until your lip muscles are the strongest muscles in your body. They will certainly focus on the racist part, but most won’t follow the kiss ass part and many will actively resist. Which is exactly what is happening.

That’s what this foolishness does to your mind. It causes its disciples develop an unseemly fixation on skin colour. This is reminiscent of the Puritan divines of olden times, who were obsessed with rooting out sexual deviance; it didn’t take long for their minds to become filthy, because they thought of nothing else. The mind of the anti-racist crusader is similarly puerile. He can’t set eyes on people without noting the colour of their skin and categorizing them accordingly.

Indeed, the purpose of “anti-racist” education is to turn people into racialists. As Pete remarked on CBC, U of R education students “often come to us with an idea that colour blindness is a good thing.”

But we can’t have that. Augie Fleras and Jean Leonard Elliott spell it out plainly in Engaging Diversity, a university textbook about multiculturalist education and policy:

“Traditionally, service providers were trained to work with different people by not taking differences into account. The point of this colour-blind approach was to ensure equal treatment for everyone. The mistaken belief was that it was fair and just to treat everyone the same.”

In the Orwellian world of identity politics, equality is inequality; anti-racism is racism.


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9 Responses to Canadian anti-racist educator berates cheerleaders

  1. Whites dressing up like Indians is racist.

    Browns dressing up like Cowboys is not.

    They are just anti-white.

    If whites adopt something from a foreign culture, that’s cultural appropriation and hipster racism. But the other way around is “progress.” Oh wait, was that racist?

  2. Anon says:

    “The new way is to always recognize race.” – nothing could be a more positive development than for them to shoot themselves in the foot like this.

    “the real racists” – they are, and thats why they are winning.

  3. eyeslevel says:

    Funny how ONLY white people must be told race doesn’t matter. Does Michael Cappello want all reservations set aside exclusively for aboriginals to be abolished?

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