Listen to Matt Taibbi and Peter Schiff for Cultural Anthropology lessons on talking about the economy, Banking as a Public Utility or be allowed to fail

Learn to talk about economics. We are at a moment in history when this is the most fascinating subject.

Quick fact – the government gave the top 5 banks 64 billion in bailout money. The profits of these banks? 64 billion, of which they gave out 28 billion in bonuses. So the bankers are huge huge welfare queens. They stole 28 billion in bailout money by holding the economy for ransom.

By the way, I urge you to talk to Jewish people, especially ones active in business, because they are the important people to talk to! They are the people doing the things we don’t like. Doesn’t it make sense to get to know them and talk to them?

Denise acts as though I’m going to become all buddy buddy, that it’s a binary between bosom buddies or pure hate. It might honestly be a woman’s perspective — that if you have friendly relations with someone, you are at risk of becoming a sympathizer or trusting them too much.

Men can have relationships with people that are all business, so to speak. We don’t lead with our hearts or our emotions, we lead with our brain, our rationality.

We can have a meeting of the minds with people, without a meeting of the hearts. Perhaps women are less able to do this. Spies and infiltrators can pretend to have a meeting of the hearts quite credibly, but at the same time get their mission accomplished and don’t betray their original cause.

Whom do we need to study? Pacific Islanders? Guatemalans? No! We need to study Jews and Chinese as Cultural Anthropologists so we can codify what they do that is effective and transmit it to our Folk.

You must not give any hint of hostility to your subject, and it wouldn’t be bad if you played the “I’m a Jew myself” game.

Matt Taibbi approaches it from the Left, but in this video he is basically saying that Jewish bankers are above the law and they are just stealing. He is using Jon Stewart (Leibowitz) as a vector, since he’s coming from the Left. Taibbi is an example of a Cultural Anthropologist studying and writing about Jewish banking.

Instead of approaching from the Left necessarily, approach from the “I’m your friend/acquaintance/fellow Jew,” and don’t act angry.

Act frightened.

Yes. And really do it, use the Stanislavsky Method so you imagine yourself in this character and you have a real fear reaction.

Why are “you” afraid? Because the people in charge of banking have broken this public utility, this public commons, and this is going to lead to a huge shake up. Don’t mention Jews unless your subject does first, but if he or she does, tell how afraid you are of anti-semitism as a result of the coming financial crash, and it’s going to be the fault of those bankers crashing the economy.

Plant that meme — the bankers are destroying the public utility of the economy. Rinse, repeat.

Peter Schiff is like a Howard Cosell of the financial world — he does play by play, so you understand what is happening NOW, what is interesting now, in the banking world. You listen to Schiff, you can talk about what’s happening in economics like you talked about the game last night.

THe people you talk to will realize you know more than them about what’s actually happening. They don’t follow the statements of Federal Reserve people like Janet Yellen.

What you want to project is that the people in charge don’t know waht they are doing, and they are sinking the ship. Schiff gives you the information to make that case:

The solution — banking as a boring old public utility. This, however, would reduce Jewish power. Peak Chutzpah isn’t going to voluntarily cut itself, so there will not be reform, there will be revolution.

The crash is coming, and when it does, it will be the beginning of the right side of the bell curve of Peak Chutzpah.


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16 Responses to Listen to Matt Taibbi and Peter Schiff for Cultural Anthropology lessons on talking about the economy, Banking as a Public Utility or be allowed to fail

  1. Denise says:

    So trying to humiliate me with your pervo pal Hipster is what White Nationalism is all about? Jew porn is Whit Nationalism?

    You are pathetic disgrace. And oh so very effective Really effective.

    • mindweapon says:


      You can dish it, but you can’t take it.

    • Man Denise, you can dish it out but you sure can’t take it. MW had nothing to do with that. Guess what? We are not actually dating either so you’re missing the point or just choosing to take offense. Basing a wholly fictional character in a completely fictional story around some internet poster you’ve never met is nothing to get upset about.

      In fact, that video you posted and your stories about Haughty Blonde and you were half the inspiration. Learn to take a joke.

      You see, Denise, I don’t know you, as a person. We’ve never met. We never will. You’re just words on a screen to me. That’s now number four in my little series. It’s funny. Learn to laugh at yourself as well as other people.

      Honestly I thought the story was kind of cute. It takes a great deal of affection to write something like that.

    • Frankly, Denise, you made yourself fair game when you called half a dozen posters “faggots” for disagreeing with you about something. That’s called “fighting words.” If you were a man and called another man a “faggot” you’d likely get punched.

      • attila says:

        She called me a “kike”—coming from a broad like her – it’s a compliment. So now self-appointed WN shiksa womyn get off on calling men faggots- and far-left SPLC-princess types get to call us Neanderthals. I am starting to think that the XXers are becoming a liability no matter where you stand.

    • Sam Barber says:

      Thank god she’s finally gone. Now back to grind men!

    • clytemnestra57 says:


      We [men] can have a meeting of the minds with people, without a meeting of the hearts. Perhaps women are less able to do this. Spies and infiltrators can pretend to have a meeting of the hearts quite credibly, but at the same time get their mission accomplished and don’t betray their original cause.

      Mindweapons, I could never get over how you guys could get into fist-fighting brawls, beat the shit out of each other and, regardless who won, they’d go to a bar and have a beer together. But then, throughout history, you have repeatedly beat swords into ploughshares and back again without skipping a beat.

      That’s definitely a guy phenomenon, because I know damned well that if WOMEN are pushed to the point of resorting to violence … well …. when we GET mad, we STAY mad.
      We’ll burn the damned place down … even if it is over our own heads … just on principle.

      Women are more likely to hold grudges. Even though I was not a Southerner, I could relate to the Confederate Women who hated Yankees until the day they died when I read Gone With The Wind. Yet, I knew that, before salt was rubbed into the wound with Reconstruction, the Confederates and the Yankee men ceased hostilities seconds after they had been killing each other!

      What happened to the Amazons? They are mentioned in Greek myth up to a certain amount of time and then they just disappear; like they were wiped out. And maybe they were, because, as women, they didn’t have it in them to hit a bar and share libations with the enemy after a dispute was settled.

      That’s why I don’t buy into this alpha wolf, beta-wolf bullshit paradigm that Roissy ascribes to where men are concerned. You guys are werewolves!

      • mindweapon says:

        I think that’s why Denise didn’t believe the Cultural Anthropology/Espionage approach was possible. There was a fear that we’d go native or become ideologically impure.

  2. I probably have personally known more Jewish people than most, just due to where I lived and the industry I worked in. Here’s my take on the “Jonathans.”

    First, they pretty much identify as “white” in the same way that Irish people identify as “white.” There’s a lot of leftover hostility to WASP types because gramps was not necessarily invited to the golf club. But generally they are SWPL all the way. They are far more interested in hanging out with their white hipster friends than some neo-con fanatic.

    Jonathans have no love lost for ghetto blacks, I can assure you of that. Plus, Jews are racist as hell against Arabs, except for the most liberal.

    However, the Jonathans are pretty much far left liberals of one kind or another. The are very much Democrats. In fact, the neo-con Jewish Republicans constantly complain about that, one famous article trying to explain it said that the Democratic party was their “spiritual home.”

    There’s just a world of difference between Jamie Dimond and Lloyd Blankfein vs. some accountant living in Cleveland Ohio. The accountant may well feel like he’s not a full fledged member of the white community, but he’s obviously not going to want to live in the ghetto. In NYC, especially, the hostility between Jews and Blacks is legendary. That movie “The People I Know” illustrates the dynamic.

    I knew two half Jewish women in California a long time ago. Their liberalism came from the same sort of place that the typical white woman’s SWPL-ness came from. Neither showed any sort of sympathy or connection to the shitty little country and would have very much taken the side of whites in California vs. Wall Street bankers. In fact, both would be of the OWS 99% vs. the 1% types.

    You know who is probably worse? The so-called “Christian” Zionists. They actually try to “out Jew the Jew.”

    • attila says:

      They want Jewish hu$band/provider.

    • wobbly says:

      “You know who is probably worse? The so-called “Christian” Zionists. They actually try to “out Jew the Jew.””

      Do Christian Zionists own the media that covers up the fact that the vast majority of racial violence in this country is inflicted on White children in and around the schools?

  3. Bad Mr. Frosty says:

    What Denise seems to miss is that we are trying to get them to shoot themselves in the foot. I love black Republicans and Tea Party types. It warms my heart when I hear them arguing in favor of the 1st Amendment and freedom of association. What they don’t seem to realize is “freedom of speech” means the truth about black dysfunction, low IQ and criminality go mainstream. Freedom of association always leads directly to legally enforced segregation. If Mr. conservative black man gets his wish, no more Affirmative Action jobs or access to White women.

  4. attila says:

    If this were my party- I would ask Madame Denise to leave. Sounds like she needs to be the center of attention -don’t fall for her SHTICK.

  5. wobbly says:

    “So the bankers are huge huge welfare queens.”


    “The solution — banking as a boring old public utility.”




    Keep on doing what you’re doing.

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