Toby McCasker writes confused and meandering attempt at a hit piece on Kyle Hunt; Hunt gets several ideas downrange and published on

Kyle did a great job.

Toby McCasker irritatingly but ineffectually digresses throughout the piece how he is making Kyle “look stupid,” or attemping dime store psychologizing on Kyle, but Kyle gets our points downrange.

Many readers will not be persuaded by McCasker’s faggoty snark, and will find Kyle’s clear prose and determined attitude to be bracing and authentic.

Kyle Hunt is a reclusive man, paranoid enough to log my IP details when I contact him. He’s also the Massachusetts-based founder of the White Man March, which “involves coordinated pro-white activity around the world. The purpose is to spread information through activism, but also to make a statement that white people are united in their love for their race and in their opposition to its destruction.” Though its website claims it has no centralized leadership, it is obviously Kyle’s brainchild and seemingly his alone. Through it, he sells (white) T-shirts emblazoned with “Diversity is a codeword for white genocide.” The subtext of this is not too hard to work out, but I wanted to hear the sugar-coated sour press release.

“The anti-white ‘diversity’ agenda involves government-sponsored racism against white people in the form of affirmative action and ‘diversity’ quotas, which requires employers and colleges to give preference to less qualified non-whites,” Hunt said. “With fewer opportunities, white people are able to make less money and are now having much smaller families. The anti-white ‘diversity’ agenda also stipulates that there can be no all-white countries anywhere, and there can be no all-white areas within the confines of those formerly all-white countries. Massive immigration and forced assimilation, along with persistent race-mixing propaganda, will inevitably lead to the destruction of a racial group. This is genocide. The White Man March will continue,” he added, “on the third Saturday of every month until the anti-white genocidal system is destroyed.”

Kyle refuses to speak on the phone. It must be via electronic correspondence or not at all. This was not ideal, especially given someone who clearly thrives on uncontested rhetoric. I acquiesced because something unbidden told me to, on the condition we may go back and forth as much as I’d like. I did wonder why he won’t pick up the phone. I had seen him give a peer at Vice, David Schilling, the same line with a bizarrely different excuse.

“In addition to doing many interviews, I am busy running a variety of different Web properties, including a social network, a broadcasting network, an online publication, and a social movement. In addition to this, I have to scrounge together some money to keep me going and complete some of my paintings.”


When Kyle sent his initial answers back to me, he had pointedly emboldened my questions in what he described as “Commie Red.”

“Though you might not be a card-carrying communist,” he said, “your questions indicate to me that you are certainly a cultural Marxist.”

* * *

Masked ethnic nationalism had been enjoying a nice stay as a dot-point in the “dark enlightenment” of the so-called neo-reactionary movement, but bigotry is never content to be itemized. Say hi to nuwe racism, and the composite ire-ony of using the Afrikaans for “new” here seems so complexly black and white as to transcend meta. Hyper-aware there is less and less room on earth for old hate, nuwe racists dress their prejudice in conspiracy and pseudoscience and call it “pride.” Pride is a much more appealing sin than wrath, and allows them to, heinously, plead victimhood just as they pursue a policy of victimization. It is like punching someone and getting angry at them for hurting your fist.

Still this does not stop VDARE, Pioneer Fund and men like Kyle from becoming accidentally unified. When pressed on the admittance he is “a spiritual man” and not a religious one, he said, “I let no man or organization stand in between me and the divine. I strive toward sacred honor and glory in all that I do. I can only hope that one day, when my time here has come to an end, the Valkyries will find me worthy.”

Neo-paganism, check. Kyle imagines himself some kind of all-odds hero of the bad-odds white race, envisioning this article as a grandiose Portrait of a Man titled “Kyle Confronts Cultural Marxism.” He insisted as much. He insisted on a lot. He insisted I do not capitalize the “J” in “Jew,” and that I do capitalize the “w” in “whites.” Like many racists hiding behind a veneer of faux-intellectualism and the appropriated-unrelated (how I mourn the perversion of the Celtic cross), he does not want to tend to reality where it does not provide a soapbox. A milk crate in this instance, I guess. I wanted to know what he would do if all our skins were gray and he could not divide anyone with his eyes.

“Stupid question. Are you a hipster or something?”

I decided to nudge his superiority complex into asserting itself in a way I suspected would work: This was silly. I am genuinely interested in what you think of the concept of “race” as a social construct. Please reconsider your answer.

“I find it ‘silly’ to even purport that race is a social construct or only skin-deep. An African man with white skin (which happens with albinism) would still have a very different skull shape, hair and eye color, nose structure, body type, intellectual abilities, and higher testosterone levels than a European man. Also, though an Asian man might naturally have a similar skin color as a European man, he will still likely have different hair, eye shape and color, nose structure, intellectual abilities, and a shorter body than a European man. I don’t even need to get into the cultural differences, which are the result of our unique histories and the innate biological and spiritual differences between the different peoples of the planet. Though humans are all of the same species,” he continued, “the different races (sub-species) exhibit distinct and important variations on a genetic level. Maybe you should try applying your arguments to dogs, wolves, and dingoes which are all the same species (Canis lupus). Compare a Chihuahua with a grey wolf and then you can tell me about how breed is just a social construct.”

Neopaganism, check, racial realism à la David Duke and Jared Taylor, also check. Much as I love dogs, Homo sapiens are not dogs.

* * *

“I am here to light an inferno in the minds of men.”

Kyle likes to pepper his salt with inflammatory but hollow rhetoric. All things considered, it started to make me think of Hitler. He was quick to profess an admiration for the man, though allegedly only for his capacity as a statesman.

“Adolf Hitler was a far greater man than Stalin, Churchill and FDR combined. Hands down. He stands head and shoulders above any of the so-called leaders of today. The main reason most people fear Adolf Hitler is because they have been inundated since birth with deceitful Holocaust propaganda and kosher Hollywood movies.”

Of course, no one “resisting white genocide” ever really admires Hitler solely as a statesman.

“Asians have fair skin, but no one in his or her right mind would call Asians white. When Jews are questioned about any of their atrocious actions, vicious anti-white quotes, or general criminal behavior, they scream ‘anti-Semite.’ Semites are not white! It is pretty confusing because one minute we are told that Judaism is a religion and then the next minute, it’s a race. Jews can pretend to be ‘white’ when it suits them and then turn back into a persecuted minority when shekels or security are at stake. For example, Jews dominated the transatlantic slave trade and then blamed the whole practice on white Europeans by using their control of the media and academia. Everyone loves to talk about white supremacists, but I never hear anything about the Jewish supremacists,” he’d raged, ready with another ill-gotten quote. “As the Israeli Sephardic leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef once said, ‘Goyim [non-Jews] were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi [master] and eat.’”

Continually and without pause, Kyle makes the classic mistake of the racist, nuwe or old: the convenient presumption that world and spiritual leaders speak for every person their station claims to represent. “German” does not equal “Nazi,” and this courtesy is not one with limits. Yosef was a far-right extremist. He died in October last year, and is not particularly missed by Jews or anyone. The irony is he had at least one thing in common with Kyle.

“John F. Kennedy remarked that, ‘Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived … he had in him the stuff of which legends are made.’”

Trying to reconfigure archaic historical quotes to apply to contemporary contexts is a favorite pastime of the modern bigot. Kyle’s trotting out of John F. Kennedy with Swiss timepiece reliability was hard to ignore. He does not parlay Thomas Jefferson’s “all men are created equal” speech with the same verve, for some reason. I mentioned that JFK seems a strange choice for Kyle’s lexicon given he granted amnesty to Mexican immigrants and advocated, in however small a way, for black civil rights.

“I do not support JFK’s policies whatsoever, but his words regarding Adolf Hitler should go to show that we are presented with a false and misleading narrative regarding World War II. Hitler did not despise non-whites at all, but simply wanted a nation free from oppression and dedicated to the furtherance of the Germanic people. Most people today do not realize that over 2 million non-German foreigners and other ethnic minorities served in Hitler’s armed forces, which created the most culturally, ethnically, and religiously diverse military in Western history.”

And children manned the Waffen SS’s guns because the Deutsches Heer’s dead had started to outweigh its living. Revisionist history, check. True conviction is purpose-built to stand up to extreme duress, but in times of said duress, these “convictions” are revealed for what they are: hate. Elements of the psyches that favor this thinking often point to personal and more repressed wellsprings, but that is about as speculative as the concept of white genocide itself. When asked what he might do if he discovered what constitutes, by his own rhetoric, non-white “racial impurity” in his bloodline, at first Kyle replied, “I would smoke a blunt, drink a 40, listen to Miley Cyrus, and twerk all night long.” I asked him to rethink this answer. Implying he was being childish worked well.

“Honestly, I would never allow a small percentage of non-white blood to stop me from advocating for white interests.”

* * *

When the White Man March did march for the first time on Saturday, March 15, 2014, it was not the cataclysmic worldwide event first envisioned. Contrary to Kyle’s assertion that “it went well,” it did not go well. At least, not for Kyle and the handful of other men who appeared to rattle their nuwe racist declarations at uninterested passersby. Fewer than 10 people reportedly showed up to stampede in Cincinnati. You could not hear them coming from miles away, let alone meters.

“The media outlets that disparaged our efforts are both implicitly and explicitly anti-white, so it would be ridiculous to think that they would paint us in a favorable light,” Kyle would later huff to me. “The fact that they covered the White Man March and helped spread our message is a huge victory, as we have been ignored for far too long.”

His any-publicity-is-good-publicity glee made me start to balk.

“I really wanted to piss off the anti-whites,” he went on. “I am resisting the ongoing genocide of my people. Why don’t you ask Jamie Foxx, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Barack Obama and all the big media bosses if they are willing to take responsibility for ‘the knockout game’ and the increasing black mob violence after they have continuously incited anti-white hatred? ‘I kill all the white people in the movie – how great is that?’ Oy vey, ‘Saturday Night Live’ has the funniest jokes! That Lorne Michaels is a real mensch.”

I had stopped balking. Better the subterranean bridge-dweller you know; better cultural Marxism than cultural hegemony.



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39 Responses to Toby McCasker writes confused and meandering attempt at a hit piece on Kyle Hunt; Hunt gets several ideas downrange and published on

  1. mindweapon says:

    Awesome trolling by 1st commenter!

    james18763 3 hours ago
    It’s 2014 – and there are STILL white people that dont understand that whites deserve genocide via immigration & assimilation?

    Only a White Supremacist Neo Naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews would think it’s wrong to genocide white children!

    These people need to get with the times and understand.

    We All Come from Africa <— good excuse for Genocide

    We All Bleed Red <—- good excuse for Genocide

    White countries are nations of immigrants! <—- good excuse for Genocide

    White children are a social construct <—- good excuse for Genocide

    White children should be punished for history! <—- good excuse for Genocide

  2. This was an interesting lesson in confirmation bias. The author literally went down his list of preconceptions, and checked them off as he fulfilled them with questions scripted to illicit the responses he desired. He even congratulates himself on his baiting, it “worked well”.

  3. thordaddy says:

    When you ask the “white” self-annihilator about his vision of Utopia, the trick is to simply ask him of the “race” of these Utopians? He will lay bare his desire for self-annihilation.

    And so…

    Self-annihilators shall get no seat at the Table of Civilization.

    Self-annihilators should be treated like lepers and scourges.

    Self-annihilators should be under relentless pressure to be cured from within or without.

    And “preachers” of white self-annihilation (our entire “default elite”) should be truly demonized, i.e., made into demons.

    • Dan Poole says:

      Yup. The greatest enemy of the White race is….the White race. My experience in the two short years I’ve been a White Advocate has showed me that self-annihilators like this McCasker POS are the norm and not the exception. And McCasker is at least a liberal. I knew from the start that white liberals were suicidal. But I still struggle with anger and rage over my discovery that conservatards/Tea Partiers (my former camp) are basically no different.

      This Denise vs. Mindweapon fight is tea and crumpets compared to the arguments I’ve gotten into with conservatards everywhere from Human Events to National Review to Breitbart. The commenters on those websites explicitly call out Mexican immigration and give every sign in the world that they have implicit WN views. But when I take the logical next step of saying to them that U.S. immigration law should keep the country majority-White, it descends into naziwhowantstokill6millionjews within two posts. Zeskin has got nothing to fear on a unification between WN’s and Patriotards. MSNBC will promote Sean Hannity for President before that happens.

      The lesson I take away from this is that missionary work/persuasion doesn’t work. Mindweapon is right that we shouldn’t slam through open doors, but quite frankly, I don’t think any of us have a moral duty to do this Paul Revere act of warning people who don’t WANT to be warned. Most White people in this country oppose anti-white double standards and freely call it out, but opposing discrimination against Whites does NOT equal standing up for White interests – an assumption that I think a lot of WN’s make. Is the White American public really on our side? No, they’re not. They see us as monsters and brutes no matter what we say. Even the Sailer strategy doesn’t pass their Moral Legitimacy sensors.

      What the hell ever. If a critical mass of our people naturally come to the point where they are willing to buy what we have to sell, then great. Until then, lets kick back and enjoy the show. Libtards, for example, will make you laugh when you stop taking them seriously. There’s this guy who’s been trolling Hunter’s blog, and half the shit he says makes me burst out in LOL’s over how absurd it is. I should probably train myself to do the same thing with conservatards, but that’s hard to do when you’ve spent most of the first two years thinking that the Tea Party (and Middle America in general) is where the ducks are at. Nope. The ducks will either find us themselves or they’ll get devoured by the big bad wolf. It is what it is.

      • mindweapon says:


        IRL (in real life) I hide my views. I don’t proselytize. If you proselytize, people take you with a grain of salt. I don’t want to be taken with a grain of salt.

        I don’t care so much about getting people to agree with WN views. I want to see what it takes to influence them, to do anything! To stand on one foot, to blink their eyes, I don’t care. I want to see what makes people tick, and only after I’ve gotten login to their root, to thier administrator, do I want to even begin to see about influencing them in a certain direction.

        I don’t want to persuade people; I want to create conditions where they think it was their own idea.

      • Bad Mr. Frosty says:

        People won’t take the last step until they and their children are going hungry and/or diversity is burning down their neighborhood. As long as people are comfortable, their media-conditioned “morality” will take precedent.

        Luckily, America’s fall will be much hard and faster than even Greece. So when your starving neighbors come to your house begging for food, make them repeat the mantra 100 times for each can of vegetables.

      • Dan Poole says:

        Bad Mr. Frosty.

        “As long as people are comfortable, their media-conditioned “morality” will take precedent.”

        I’d like to think you’re right about that, but recently there have been multiple examples of White victims who were savaged by DIEversity who not only REFUSED to blame it on diversity, but who attacked their own people over this delusion that an environment of “racism” or “patriarchy” somehow caused the crime to happen!

        Take Channon Christian’s parents, for example. When hundreds of WN’s rushed to her defense, and when thousands of Whites across the country called that that massacre for what it is (a HATE CRIME), here’s how her mommy and daddy responded:

        Some people have called the murders a hate crime because the suspects are all black and both the victims are white.

        But if you ask the Christians, the only color they see in all of this is the color of blood.

        “I believe in my heart that wild animals come in lots of different colors. The end result is they’re still wild animals,” Gary says.

        “I could care less if they were pink or purple or whatever color they were. They took our child. They took our daughter. They took Chris, took away from Newsom family,” Deena adds.

        To them, “racism” is worse than having their own daughter murdered. Here’s another doozy from them:

        Like investigators, Channon’s parents believe this was a crime of opportunity and that skin color wasn’t a factor.

        “We’re not racial people. That’s not what my daughter was about. She loved everybody she met,” Deena says

        And here’s the cherry on top:

        The parents of the victims wanted nothing to do with the rally and expressed anger at the out-of-town protesters for using the case to stoke racial tensions. “I think any kind of crime like that’s a hate crime,” said Gary Christian, Channon’s father. But he added: “Was it racial? No, I don’t think so.”

        On November 25, 2008, Dr. MacDonald asserted on VDARE:

        (T)he fact is that if explicit messages on race are repeated often enough, they start to become automatic and implicit. People can be brainwashed. This is the great hope of the cultural Marxists—that constant repetition and propaganda actually could produce what the Frankfurt School — the fons et origo of cultural Marxism in the West — called a “genuine liberal”: someone who in his heart of hearts really has the gut instincts of a cultural Marxist; a white person who prefers non-whites on an Implicit Association Test.

        They have a ways to go on that. But the election of Barack Obama will probably aid the cultural Marxist onslaught on the educational system. I can’t see any principles of human psychology that would prevent them from getting there eventually.

        I get that White people are too comfortable to want to change anything, but you can’t say that about Channon Christian’s parents. Whites are shocked into action all the time, hence why groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving exist. But savage attacks on white people by DIEversity not only does NOT shock them into action, it causes them to DOUBLE DOWN on their “anti-racism.” There’s nothing about Christians parents to suggest they are abnormal, and yet, look at the above quotes.

        I’m not saying all this to promote doom and gloom. I’m saying it because if we want to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children, then we’re gonna have to drop this belief that most White people are implicitly on our side, because they very clearly aren’t and probably haven’t been since Evola encouraged us to ride the Tiger. We’ve got to take our race as it is, not as we’d like it to be. If we operate on false presumptions about Whites being implicitly on our side, we’ll continue to make no progress even if we don’t proselytize or persuade. Joining a PLE and becoming an integral part of its local economy might be the most productive thing we can do at this point. It’s something I’ve often thought about since I started reading this blog last August and have been continually exposed to MW’s economic ideas.

        “So when your starving neighbors come to your house begging for food, make them repeat the mantra 100 times for each can of vegetables.”

        I’d be going Rorschach on them at that point:

      • mindweapon says:


        There is definitely progress among people. I see it at my service job — very ordinary White people who are fanatically pro-white and hating diversity. You have to see it with your own eyes to believe it, i know, but I can tell you I’ve seen it a LOT! I even had a conversation with a very blue collar group visiting from Auburn, Maine, next to Lewiston and they were screaming at me, “I HATE SOMALIS! I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE A FELLOW SOMALI HATER! EVERYBODY HATES THOSE MOOCHES!” It was an attractive female in her 20’s. I told her to have lots of White children to make up for it.

      • James Scott says:

        Dan, do you live somewhere where whites are a minority? I do and I have almost none of the white people thinking I am a bad guy when I espouse keeping America white. Mostly I get heads nodding in agreement.

        This is why we don’t have white privilege conferences here. Those only work in places that have not seen the “joys” of diversity first hand.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great point, James. At my service job, I can gauge the level of pro-white sentiment by how non-white the people come from.

      • Bad Mr. Frosty says:


        We haven’t changed genetically, we are the same people that used to riot if a negro touched a White woman. We have simply been brainwashed. The brainwashing will eventually be undone, but certain things must happen first. Do some research on brainwashing, this article is a good start.

      • ben tillman says:

        Yup. The greatest enemy of the White race is….the White race.

        Remember the four “i’s”, Dan.


        With enough of the first three, the fourth kicks in as all the successful people will support, or act like they support, the anti-White agenda. And people naturally imitate successful people. Of course, the first three “i’s” have a source, and it is not the White race.

      • mindweapon says:


        I never denied and never will deny the opportunistic attacks by Jews on Whites. To me, however, it is like a vegetable garden. Healthy crops with no mineral deficiencies don’t get attacked by pests. Pests attack crops that have mineral deficiencies.

        The old school was to immediately hit the pests with DDT or Aldrin or Rotenone and cause a lot of collateral damage. New school of thought — seaweed solution and sea salts to fix deficiencies. Still need some traditional pest control methods of of course, but it’s not the first thing in the arsenal.

        The Hostile Elites are using Integrated Pest Management on us — cartoons and video games to make children mentally zone out every day, day in, day out, and herbicide laced sugary “food” to make them obese and give them heaven knows what diseases and disorders.

        I want people to realize they are being IPM’d, and to take counter measures, especially for their children.

      • thordaddy says:

        And so the only way for true Christians to separate themselves from the self-annihilating tendencies of the liberal “Christians” and also speak in terms a secularist can know is to call oneself a white Supremacist.

        Christianity, by no means, calls for the annihilation of the self. In fact, it is the only “religion” that absolutely rejects said self-annihilation.

        And that is the schtick of the liberal “Christians.” They “exist” to present Christianity not as the Supremacist assertion that it is (Perfect God exists and Perfect Man walked earth… Ergo, empirical evidence for objective Supremacy), but to transform “it” into something self-annihilating.

        So in reality, a liberal “Christian” is JUST A radical liberationist desirous of self-annihilation and he hides behind Christianity BECAUSE he knows there are many who will help him annihilate Christianity in the process.

  4. Matthew says:

    “Faggoty” is the right word.

  5. thordaddy says:

    I think the genocide meme, although not without merit, ultimately plays the white man the wrong way. First, at least in America, we are mimicking the radical “black” collective’s (archetype racial self-annihilators) most diabolical indictment of the white man. It is this “genocidal” claim that makes the radical “black” collective so despicable. Now, the “progressive” timeline puts our race and the “black” race in two different positions on the “genocide” scale and so the embrace of the genocide meme is not entirely equal to that of the radical “black” collective which simply uses the genocide meme now as a smokescreen for the collective desire of the “black” individual to racially self-annihilate. Second though is to contemplate the true effect of the genocide meme on everyday white individuals? If we use historical examples like the Jewish holocaust and especially the radical “black” collective in America as our empirical guideline then a widespread adoption of a genocide meme seems to transform into an UNSPOKEN “right” of self-annihilation and all the mechanism of perpetuation that go along with it. I really think a good swath of “whites” desire self-annihilation and feeding them the genocide meme ONLY ultimately strengthens and emboldens that desire (as it is HELPFULLY hidden by the “enemy”) for we are not a land of healthy minded white men.

  6. thordaddy says:

    Mr. Hunt needs to realize that in our land of “equality,” that in “saving” the white man from genocide, he will largely be converting the “white” self-annihilator back to sanity.

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      The White genocide narrative is stating a truth. The trick is to get people on message without them becoming demoralizef by it where it would become a self fulfilling prophesy.

      • thordaddy says:

        Only to a certain extent and devoid of awareness for the unintended consequences of taking it as the whole truth.

        Many “whites” are self-annihilators…

        In fact, IMHO, any “white” that does not identify as a genuine white Supremacist is some degree of self-annihilator…

        So in reality, nearly all “whites” embrace some form of self-annihilation and the genocide meme is largely here to obscure this fact.

  7. OneMoreAnon says:

    Unfortunately, McCasker let Hunt frame that interview. This is a cardinal mistake of someone ill-versed at managing the press.

    The most important rule when dealing with the press is not to answer the question that was asked, but to answer the question you want asked.

    Why? Simply, all you give the press is quotes. Quotes are the currency the press trades in. Make sure you give only quotes you want to see published.

    When answer the question you want asked, you control the interview, and you therefore control the quotes.

    Some (hypothetical) examples to illustrate the point:

    Q: Why do you love Hitler so much?
    A: That’s insulting and irrelevant. I want to talk about the lack of reporting on an epidemic of anti-white hate crimes in this country known as The Knockout Game.” Mister XYZ was knocked unconscious on April 2nd by a sucker punch from a black youth, in Philadelphia, PA. The youth explicitly stated he wanted to knock out a white man. Why aren’t hate crimes charges being pressed by the prosecutor? Why aren’t our legislators passing a law to crack down on this reprehensible crime?

    Q: That’s nice, but tell me why you want to gas all non-whites.
    A: Ridiculous. Let’s talk about the misleading statements from the government about border security instead. They say border apprehensions are up by X%, but in fact they are down by Y% and government official Joe Shmoe was recently quoted as saying “We’ve stopped all removals.”

    Q: Why do you kill puppies?
    A: Absurd. Most people would be shocked to learn that DHS stopped screening immigrants for terror ties on March 7th. This places all Americans in grave danger of another terror attack n American soil.

    Anyone dealing with the press should come prepared with numerical facts and relevant quotes, typically from government officials, and should feel free to take over the discussion to make sure the quotes and facts that benefit one’s own side are all the press gets.

    • anonymous says:

      Good on Kyle for refusing all communication except written, he just needs to take the next step and do what you say here.

      Couple unrelated points, it seems like Kyle a. really wants the interviewer to like him and b. really believes in his own ability to get the interviewer to like him and agree with him.

      Clue to Kyle and all the other smart young white ‘intellectuals’ – they’re never going to like you. You aren’t THE ONE that can change their minds. They don’t secretly agree with you. They don’t find you charming like the way a girl in a movie finds the psycopathic killer charming. They’re trying to destroy you. Get real IRL friends. The press is the enemy.

  8. Marcus says:

    “Nuwe racism”?? What a faggot, at least it’s free publicity. I do dislike Hunt’s victim posturing, as well as the “white genocide” thing, but I wouldn’t disown them over tactical disagreements.

  9. thordaddy says:

    You have to see clowns like Toby for the self-annihilators they are in order TO UNDERSTAND why the genocide meme goes right over their heads. You also have to see how this young, dumb meathead is used by the established media as a hilariously impotent “attack dog.” Toby BELIEVES in the right to self-annihilation ESPECIALLY for “white” people. And in an instant all can see that the Toby-like characters HAVE NO STANDING on ANYTHING. So thoroughly corrupt are they with this one simple belief of theirs that hardly anyone actually notices and somehow the “journalist” still gets his story.

  10. hardscrabble farmer says:

    Another painful read, but worth the effort.
    I especially liked this quote-

    “Trying to reconfigure archaic historical quotes to apply to contemporary contexts is a favorite pastime of the modern bigot. Kyle’s trotting out of John F. Kennedy with Swiss timepiece reliability was hard to ignore. He does not parlay Thomas Jefferson’s “all men are created equal” speech with the same verve, for some reason.”

    There is so much there and not a hint of it ironic. JFK hardly constitutes “archaic” by any stretch of the definition. And there was no “reconfiguration” of the quote, there was simply the quote. And then he “reconfigures” the Jefferson quote by referring to it as a “speech”- it would be sad if it wasn’t funny.

    The simple lack of knowledge expressed in these types of interviews is what strikes me every single time. It isn’t as if a writer from Slate doesn’t have access to the Internet in order to fact check his own words, its that he/she/it doesn’t feel the need to.

    Irony- saying “”Trying to reconfigure archaic historical quotes to apply to contemporary contexts is a favorite pastime of the modern bigot.” and then quoting “All men are created equal” by Jefferson.

    I would have to agree that the author fits his own definition of a modern day bigot.

  11. PA says:

    The important part is as MW noted: “gets his ideas downrange.”

    Salon works on a click-bait business model, so I wouldn’t make too much of any articles that advance our ideas. Nonetheless, it makes one wonder: are they getting sloppy about vetting what gets presented as fit for circulation? Or is this a sign of a realignment away from anti-racism: advance certain ideas by cloaking them in a plausible deniability snarky tone?

  12. Wally says:

    Isn’t Salon really a jewish funded and jewish run site? When they want to attack a European-American, Salon chose a European-American guy to hide the fact that it is really jews who are doing the attack. And the European-American journalist working for Salon has accepting the leftism which jews have largely created and promoted. That current type of leftism that Jews promote in the USA just happens to align with almost everything that tribal Jews want. What a coincidence!

  13. ‘In approximately 3,000 settler violence events recorded, Hebron has become the locale of
    31 percent of the events,’ the website said. The Church, underneath
    the leadership of Joseph Smith, supervised the founding of more
    than a dozen settlements in Missouri, Illinois, and Eastern Iowa.
    This would put them in a very prime position in the Mediterranean given that they would control the routes between west and east,
    and so they can control the passage of goods.

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