Retired White Workers in Europe Treated Like $hit!

Ah, I’ve seen the betrayal of the elderly before — Russia in the 1990’s? What did the elderly do? A lot of them sold nationalist and even Nazi newspapers, books and music. Yes, the nice old babushka on Red Square has cassettes of SS marches for you, 5 flavors of contemporary Russian nationalism/fascism. Even the Communists over there are nationalists and fascists! Gennady Zyuganov kept the flame of the Communist Party alive, but he’s a hard core Russian nationalist and fascist.
The elderly also do a lot of vegetable gardening and canning/processing. Old White people in the street are an instant nationalist party. The government knows that better than we do. All it takes is helping them. They will sell newspapers and make speeches; what’s the $PLC going to do? Take away the pension they already don’t have? If the elderly are betrayed, they will have absolutely nothing to lose and every reason to fight.


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  1. So I was in Europe and wound up shooting the shit with this Spanish guy at some bar. He had lived in the UK for a few years and made this very interesting observation. He saw older English men in the UK working at McDonald’s, wearing the outfit. He compared this to his own family in Spain. He said his father never had much money, but his job – doing whatever it was that he did – had a certain dignity to it, and everyone in the community would have been embarrassed for themselves if they made some old man wear some sort of McDonald’s costume.

    Growing, preparing, and serving food to people is a useful, honorable, and incredibly important function. The skills needed run the gamut from primitive, to futuristic, to artistic, to just some sort of everyday thing.

    Of course, delivering Monsanto GMO Phood Units for the McDonald’s Corporation to Willing Consumers doesn’t quite have the dignity.

    Our Capitalist society has made the McDonald’s manager a relatively ranked man. McDonald’s uses the mass media to advertise their GMO Phood Units to the masses, and they are a Fortune 500 company because of it. McDonald’s is almost synonymous with the United States of America itself. The Golden Arches symbol is as or more recognizable than the American flag itself or ever Christian icons like Mary with Baby Jesus or the Crucifixion.

    “Workers” and “employees” are replaceable, interchangeable, and fungible. To a multinational corporation, race and community are inefficiencies, as are the older people in the community.

    We Are All Monsanto Employees Now.

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