The Ocean of Blood

The Ocean of Blood Awaits our Children. Firepower lays it out plain.


aa814-eric2bholder-reverse2bracism2ba-ok2bwith2bthe2bdepartment2bof2bjustice The dominant entitlement culture today – designed to always present MINOs* in favorable light – is also based on perpetual debasement of Men in general and the lesser category of “males.”

It is what White Males once did to Injuns, coloreds and females. It works; that’s why it was/is done.  Hittites did it to Egyptians, Greeks to Persians, Romans to Gauls, Redcoats to Colonials and Uncle Sam to Comanches and so on.

White males had this right of dominance because they earned it with all those conquering armies, frontier expansions and colonizations. But, about 55 years ago they suddenly gave it all away.

No other race in history gave their power away to such vile rabble, especially when this dominant group was also the majority. And never in Human History did conquerers stupidly give it all away to groups several steps below them when the minos did nothing to…

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2 Responses to The Ocean of Blood

  1. Firepower says:

    You and I (and others) discussed this in correspondence; you contributed some thoughtful ideas.

  2. TabuLa Raza says:

    Ocean of Mud.

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