Bolsheviks Weep About Golden Dawn’s Popularity In Workers Syndicates

The working class of Greece is going to Golden Dawn. “The Greek workers are becoming Golden Dawn’s base,” to quote a Communist newspaper.

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The Bolsheviks of Greece are struck by the fact that the working class is awakening to their lies and finding that only Golden Dawn can represent their ethnic and economic interests.

Greek syndicates in shipyards, taxi and bus driver unions, street market guilds, and recently ELFE and KAVALA Oil of Perissos have been making contact and coming close to Golden Dawn, welcoming our parliament members.  The workers praised Golden Dawn’s work fighting against illegal immigration, contraband merchants, and systematic corruption. The workers also identified with Golden Dawn’s national and social platform, which represent the labor classes interests better than the soft pink Communist party hands writing hysterical editorials against them.

The rage at being shut out by the workers could not be contained by the Communists. In the KKE’s newspaper Rizospastis, an article titled “The Workers Are Becoming The Base Of Golden Dawn” said:

“The Communist party of Greece has…

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3 Responses to Bolsheviks Weep About Golden Dawn’s Popularity In Workers Syndicates

  1. Ryu says:

    I’m not sure about what’s happening there. The system seems determined to win by hook or by crook. GD may take the vote but not the power. I don’t think the love of the workers is enough.

  2. countenance says:

    You saw the same thing in France, when JMLP came close to breaking through in 2002. White areas where Communists controlled for a long time flipped to FN overnight, and have stayed FN ever since. Commies think they own and deserve the white working classes, and they might get them ephemerally, but when given a better option, they’re gone.

    Then again, this isn’t any different from what happened during WWI, when the “workers” of various European countries didn’t rise up in a universalist revolt of the world’s workers, but instead rode to the sounds of their country’s guns.

  3. wobbly says:

    hehe excellent

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