How To Win At Divorce

Sever all emotional ballast. Take on all debt. File for divorce. Then file for bankruptcy. Start over a new man. That’s living the new American Dream.

The more men that do this, the closer this bernankefied debt scheme comes to total collapse. If single momhood, sluts, and gross obesity can be free from shame, then so can bankruptcy. Shamelessness is the lube that greases the asshole of a civilization about to get rammed into obliteration.


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13 Responses to How To Win At Divorce

  1. Contaminated NEET says:

    Feeling any shame at all about declaring bankruptcy is a mistake; it’s a vestigial relic from a time long past. You have no moral obligation to your creditors beyond the minimum the law requires. The era of handshake deals with members of your own community is over. The hypertrophied corporations loaning the money treat you as number in a spreadsheet, to be maximized as much as they legally can; honor does not enter into their dealings with you, so you have no obligation to treat them with honor in return.

    I’ve never personally declared bankruptcy, but I would in a heartbeat if I thought it served my interests. I used to sell mortgage refinances for a huge and amoral bank, and I was always astounded by the hard-working drones, tens of thousands of dollars under water on their mortgages, who wanted to keep paying. Just walk away. Or better yet stop paying, but stay in the house until the bank completes foreclosure and kicks you out – it could take months or years of free lodging. The bank is sure as hell not going to pay anybody more than something is worth just because they “gave their word” or “signed their name.”

    • Sam Barber says:

      Contaminated NEET… You sir, have your shit together.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        Yes, yes, I admit: your status is much much higher than mine, and you’re probably a better person too. I picked that name, don’t forget.

        Anyway, is it a good reason to dismiss or ignore what I say? If I posted under the name, “John Smith,” or “Comfortable Endocrinologist,” or “WerewolfSoldier1488,” would the words make any more or any less sense?

      • Sam Barber says:

        Have no clue what you’re talking about. Great first comment, weird second comment. Love ya either way.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        Heh, oops. I thought your comment was sarcastic, probably because my shit is nowhere near together.

      • Sam Barber says:

        Your mindset is spot on. I actually paraphrased it for an acquaintance who is in dire need of bankruptcy.

  2. Wyandotte says:

    If large numbers of men declare bankruptcy, especially as a result of domestic turmoil, the government will pass laws sending them to debtors’ prison.

    Not all of us women are dis-honorable. If I leave my husband, he can keep the house, the furniture – everything. I’ll not claim my half that I’m legally entitled to; I’ll take care of myself even if it means living in a rooming house with a bath down the hall. There’s things better than money, lots of them.

    • mindweapon says:


      If you have contributed to the marriage you are entitled to some of the assets, since you both worked and built wealth together. Even if you raised the kids and did housework, you contributed to the marriage.

      The thing is women will go overboard. Try not to divorce while there are still minor children in the marriage. That’s what I consider important.

    • Sam Barber says:

      I agree with Wyandotte 100%. All women are not dishonorable; very few are dishonorable at all. Women do what they are hardwired to do which is push the limits and get away with what they can. When men accept this and learn to manage it then the world returns to normalcy.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        There are not-so-nice men too who hide their assets before filing. I wish Whites would stop acting like Jews. Money is worthless if you don’t have love in your life.

  3. Sam Barber says:

    It’s good for a young man to have kids and a good woman who can raise them to his standards. Why the hell would he marry her though? He gets everything he needs and more by just living with her and keeping her on her toes. Her only tool against him is child support, but she has to jump through the hoops to prove that they’re his children. His greatest tool is leverage and game.

    Want a skinny good looking woman with a good attitude who is willing to toe the line? Don’t marry her and game her every day of your life. Gaming isn’t easy, but it’s a tool that works and any man can learn it.

    Is it good to have a cut-throat view of marriage and the family? Who cares. We’re men and we make the hard decisions to get the results we need.

    • Wyandotte says:

      Sam, the problem with your advice is that the woman will be kept on her toes, as you say – but she will be resentful and grow to hate her “mate”. This is no way to live, marriage document or not. It is not only the woman who would be suffering here. The man, the woman, the children – they are a unit. If one is distressed or has attitude, all become miserable one way or another.

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