No Country for White children

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17 Responses to No Country for White children

  1. marblenecltr says:

    Any political, social, or religious philosophy or movement that calls for overthrow of our government, including violence towards our citizens should be outlawed as was the Communist party of the 1950s. the death penalty should be the rule, not exception, in cases shown.

  2. Aester says:

    Its over… Will be necessary a epic spirit to defeat the jewish NWO.

  3. marblenecltr says:

    NWO is not Jewish, it is largely old money families of Europe, royals, eugenicists of UK and US, Rockefeller, and, yes, Rothschild. They could be at CEO level, the Jewish part of management (not a majority of Jewish population, anymore than commoners of UK have influence in NWO) in service to that CEO level as financial managers. When the financial managers are no longer needed, they will no longer be used. If financial skills were not among the many other abilities of the Jewish people, a small percentage of their population would not be reason for the blame laid on Jews for the troubles of society.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      There is nothing eugenic about promoting the breeding of the likes of Samir King Shabazz or Elijah Muhammad.

      Calculated, perhaps.  Eugenic, no.

    • pluto the dog says:

      I beg to differ marble neck go to the internet site ‘who controls america’ and look at the photos and read the names.
      Its the same story repeated in europe – for instance all five swedish mainstream newspapers are owned and controlled by you know who. The same story of ownership and control repeats itself over and over ad nauseum- and where you dont find you know who pulling the levers of power and control you will soon find the chinese, as in my country.
      Whites have gone soft – the best thing we can do for our children is harden them up for what us to come, and if l see one more person using the term ‘minos’ to describe non-whites l will scream – whites are now the ‘minos’ in many cities including mine.
      Describing non-whites as ‘minos’ plays in to our oppression – yes we are now the oppressed, what they will do to us will bear no resemblance to what we did to the non -white minorities when whites constituted the majority. They will pick us off one by one until none of us remain. Compared to what is occurring now and what is to come whites were positively benign to non-white minorities.

    • Stubbs says:

      Fresco novela, amigo.

  4. Henry H. Pinkham says:

    Pluto is right, Marbleneck.

    This is exactly what your Communist idol Mandela has brought to South Africa.
    At American (read Jewish) insistence, of course.

    No we are not, and never have been Africa. South Africa used to be something quite different, but under black, communist ANC rule, this country is (not so) slowly slipping into a typical African toilet-hole.
    Whites are a minority. White know-how is rejected. Inferior technology, planning, and training from/in Cuba is imported instead of using existing knowledge/skills that whites have. Whites do NOT get jobs. Good-bye standards, goodbye Western systems, goodbye Western norms. Cheerio civilization. Hello sewage flowing in the city streets. Hello hard-surfaced roads turning into dirt roads. Hello potholed highways. Hello robbery, murder, rape, aids, hijacks.

    Who is behind this? Who propagates this? Easy. Who control international business? The guys who are masters in advertising. Advertising = propaganda, whether it is commercial or political, and this is the business of the only international nation in the world. That is why they control all the international media, such as newspapers and TV, and the arts, and why they are trying to get control of the internet. So who are we talking about? The Cherokee Indians? Or the Jews, maybe? C’mon, get real!

    They also control governments and the major political parties. Why would they not aspire to control a Jew World order?

    So wake up, Marbleneck, wipe the sleep from your eyes, and start looking around you.

  5. Roy says:

    Hey Marble Neck…. (marble brains rather)

    How come Autumn Pasquale didn’t make it on CNN’s Nancy Grace show? Could it be that the media is controlled by the jews? Couldn’t be.

    Go troll the Alex Jones Forum. You will be a hero.

  6. marblenecltr says:

    Seriously, thanks for the opinions and advice given. In my first posting, 8:46 am, 4/26, I expressed support for our government, but I did not state, as I should have, OUR government as given us by the founding fathers, NOT the shadow government (read Shadow Masters, Daniel Estulin.) I do not support MSM, popular entertainment … Destruction of Sweden, the UK, the US, and civilization everywhere else being brought down, but who is behind our enemy? Royals of Europe, Rockefeller, Rothschild, etc., could end the downfall of nations if they wanted to, but they don’t. They want all those not at their level killed. QE II et al welcome Islamists to carry out all the death, destruction, and CHAOS possible that they may bring about their New World ORDER. People named Kissinger and Soros should be seen as part of the problem, but they work for Rockefeller-a family that loved Mandela. David R also admired Mao and his outstanding social experiment and his wife visited Castro every year. Rockefeller/Chase Bank has worked in Red Square from the early days of the USSR. He created the UN and Trilateral Commission, the family has tried to gain world power for generations …I am sure that you know much or all about this. When chaos is complete we will have done the work for them if we thoughtlessly fight each other. There are enemies and allies in all races, cultures, social status, and nationality. We will need all the friends we can get to oppose all the enemies we have. Pride in family and other categories mentioned are not objectionable, but the positive qualities of others should also be recognized.
    Roy, I do not know who Autumn Pasquale is and I don’t watch Nancy Grace. I don’t know what you mean by my gaining heroism by trolling the Alex Jones Forum, please explain.

  7. Erin says:

    marblenecltr-I’m afraid that invoking the Founding Fathers is not going to help.

    Regardless of the mouthing of platitudes by the powers that be in this country. The don’t give a rat’s ass about the Constitution or our (not their) Founding Fathers. Your pleas fall on deaf ears. That battle has already been lost, long ago. Obama’s founding father is from Kenya for God’s sake! You and he (and most of congress and the house of rep etc.) have NOTHING in common.

    Re your words “Pride in family and other categories mentioned are not objectionable”, you do realize that your race is your extended family right? If you know anything about history, you know that families who survived various calamities (ice ages, etc.) grew into tribes, who grew into nations. It is only a (failed) social engineering experiment that encourages (through welfare and other entitlement programs) large groups of very, very different people to live amonst each other and call each other brother. It’s retarded, if you think about it. But what it really means (if unabated) the end of the White race.

    When a White man goes to a college for instance, his dating pool usually becomes those he goes to school with. The chance of him marrying outside his race go way up. If he makes children with a non-White, the result will be another non-White. Times this by thousands of Whites and pretty soon we die out.

    Our society (White people, in fact) have had a long history of concern for birds and other animals that are going extinct. Certainly this concern could be extended to our very own racial family.

    You should learn more about Jewish influence before you run your mouth here. If you read up on it and can tell us why it is not the truth, present some plausible arguments rather than this “positive qualities of others should also be recognized” nonsense.

  8. wobbly says:

    It’s a stealth genocide and has been for at least 40 years.

    The people behind this use diversity to inflict violence on white people’s children in the schools while the media cover it up. The violence against their children drives white people who can afford to leave out of their homes one neighborhood at a time onto a smaller and smaller living space.

    If the violence inflicted on white children in the schools was reported honestly this process of stealth cleansing would be plain to see.

    The people responsible should be on trial for attempted genocide.

    • Henry H. Pinkham says:

      Marbleneck, you need to know who the Jews descended from to understand what they are doing and whose works they are carrying out. You also need to know that Jewishness need not refer to religion. Jews are a “non racial race”, that has infiltrated all nations, religions and royal houses and old money families except perhaps one or two. Some are secret Jews but Jews nevertheless. A large number of American presidents have been Jews, although most people are unaware of this. So are most of the present day European royals.

      And no, the Jews are not Israel. They are not the lost tribes, they are not even related to Judah, nor are they Semites, and definitely NOT Yahweh’s anointed people.

      You also need to know who the whites are. Not all “white” people are white Adamitic stock.
      The Adamic whites were forbidden to mix with non-Adamites, even with some people who look white.

      But to know this, you need to do a thorough and independent study of the Instruction Manual of the white man, together with a study of history, anthropological facts, etc.
      Get your Manual from your local printer TODAY, but make sure you get the original King James version.

    • Henry H. Pinkham says:

      Hey Wobbly,

      The people responsible should be on trial for ACTUAL AND DE FACTO genocide.
      In South Africa, a full-blown genocide is raging. But you don’t know about it, because the Jew-controlled media is NOT telling you that this GENOCIDE is is Mandela’s ACTUAL legacy.

      Do not delude yourself . You folks have fallen for Jew-Communist propaganda.
      Anti-apartheid actually means in favour of white genocide.

      White farmers belonging to the South African Boer Nation are being attacked and murdered, tortured, raped and mutilated on their farms every day, while the farms that have been in the possession of their families for centuries, are being confiscated by the Communist South African ANC government to be distributed to large unproductive groups of blacks, who destroy such farms and raze then to the ground within a year or two.

      Each farm murder (at least two or three per day) or dispossession wipes out at least one but maybe more white family including pets and other domestic animals, plus makes approximately five to 20 black families unemployed.
      These days, when a name is mentioned, in one out of ten cases, it is somebody I or somebody in my family knows.

      More Boer farmers have died in Farm Murders in peacetime under ANC (Mandela-ilegacy) government than All the Americans that were killed in Vietnam or in Afghanistan under war circumstances. Coincidence? you bet it ain’t.

      And nobody does anything. That is the position we are in. Shoot somebody or try to defend yourself, and YOU are accused of murder and taken to court. Yes, even for self defense or protecting your property!

      The police and the government are reluctant or flatly refuse to do anything about it. This in fact makes them perpetrators and accomplices. Silence by the Jewish media makes it a crime against humanity.

      WE ARE TALKING ABOUT ACTUAL GENOCIDE HERE FOLKS! The Boer nation is similar to the white folks from the deep South and the Bible Belt. We speak another language, but even the idioms you guys use are similar in Afrikaans. We have similar surnames, etc, Difference is, there is a genuine genocide going on against us, with the approval of the (not our) ANC government. And THAT is the Mandela legacy.

      Check out “farm murders” and “white genocide” and “Genocide watch” on the Internet.

      Thank you



      • mindweapon says:


        Thanks for posting this.

        I corresponded with the Orania people for a while, but this could apply to you as well. Are you a farmer yourself, or do you know farmers?

        I told the Oranians to infiltrate Heifer and get in management positions and massively overcharge them. They said, “But I don’t want to help Black Africans.” I think maybe they didn’t understand the word “grift,” or they didn’t have it in them to do it.

        Boer farmers should start working with international aid groups like Heifer and UNICEF. Infiltrate them and pretend to be so liberal and doing such good work for the poor little darkies, get in a management position so you can be giving Boer Farmers 1000 dollars for a goat and 5000 for a milch cow, and 50,000 to help the blacks set up a farm and make a pretense of a working black farm.

        So you give the liberals their Potemkin Village propaganda picture of a working black farm with the whites hiding in the background, or even funnier, putting on blackface for the cameras, and you charge the liberals a gazillion bucks for it. Then you take the money and use it to help Boer farm families escape and have seed money for their new homes.

        The Republic of Georgia in the Caucasus is taking Boer farmers to work on their vineyards because Georgians are lazy.

        Think of it as G-d talking to you, Henry. He’s saying, “Grift money from Heifer and UNICEF and others so the children of Israel can escape the ANC Pharoah and go to the Promised Land in the Caucasus Mountains.” I’m certainly not claiming to be G-d, but I am speaking for Him to you, Henry.

      • Henry H. Pinkham says:

        Hi Mindweapon.

        Thanks for this post.

        Perhaps it would help if you appeal to God for us.
        We are doing that, but we need you-all to do it for us as well.
        If you check out Isaiah 18, and Zephaniah 3:10-20, you will notice a prophesy that can only have bearing on today’s Boer Nation. Standing in Palestine 3000 years ago, the prophet must have looked directly South (we are in the same time zone/on the same timeline as Palestine and Moscow)across East Africa and the great rivers directly to the north of us.
        God promises that some members of this tattered, ragged and numerically small Bible-punching nation (volk) will be a remnant .

        Yes we are a farmer nation. The very name Boer means farmer. No we are not all farmers. Many of us are city-dwellers of various occupations, such as doctors, attorneys, university professors, teachers, engineers, mechanics, electricians, shopkeepers, and experts of various specialities. But most of us have some knowledge of farming, or can pick it up fast.

        Yes, I know all about the farmers recruited by the Republic of Georgia in the Caucasus. I am a translator by profession and have actually translated most if not all documentsfor the recruitment into Afrikaans. And No, our people were not recruited to work in the vinyards, (we are NOT vineyard workers, we are vinyard owners) but to start vinyards and other large-scale farming enterprises, because Georgia only has subsistence farms and actually need a modern industrial farming industry. So our people are starting commercial dairy farms, commercial grain farms, commercial livestock stud farms, and other projects, and are teaching Geogians how to do it. Our farmers are experts in farming under the worst possible conditions, so what they are doing now is adapting proven methods to Georgian conditions. They are doing good so far.

        There are also projects in a number of Black African countries where Boer farmers are enabling the countries to feed themselves. But in South Africa itself, the government is preparing 1910 – Soviet-Union -type legislation to abolish private ownership of farms as well as ALL OTHER property, including homes and vehicles and everything else, ALL PROPERTY. Everything.

        “Help” black Africans?
        You do one of them a favour, you have an enemy for the rest of your life.

        International aid groups? Forget them. You do not come anywhere with them. International means Jew/communist-controlled.
        UNICEF? If you’re not black, yellow, or Jewish, don’t even try.
        UN organizations for Minos? Sure, the Afrikaner VF+ has representatives there. No progress in the last 10 years. It’s a farce.


        There is only one way.
        That way has been stated in the Manual of the White Man.
        Acknowlege that the God of Ancient Israel is the ONE and ONLY God.
        Bring HIM praise and honor, worship HIM, and seek the protection of HIS name.
        We take HIS word and trust in HIM and in HIS name.
        We will get our country back.

        We were here first. We will remain here, even when everybody else is gone.
        We have God’s word for it.



      • mindweapon says:

        I don’t think you guys have even tried to infiltrate Heifer and UNICEF. The espionage model is not one to which the White man is accustomed. We have done courage and hot lead and cold steel throughout our history. We need to try something new.

      • wobbly says:


        “The people responsible should be on trial for ACTUAL AND DE FACTO genocide.
        In South Africa, a full-blown genocide is raging. But you don’t know about it, because the Jew-controlled media is NOT telling you that this GENOCIDE is is Mandela’s ACTUAL legacy.”


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